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河南中医药大学第一附属医院做隆鼻手术多少钱开封市耳部整形多少钱I was going after the big brass ring I was going after something where I could make a difference. 我正追求重要目标我正追求让我出人头地的东西This was so important And so I didnt have time to follow up on all the details because I was getting busy. 这太重要了因此 我不再有时间管细枝末节的问题了 因为我很忙Going after something so important Well ill tell you that I started coming home. 追求如此重要的东西我告诉你们 从此我回家时And even though I didnt have a chance to follow up on the connections I was trying to make. 虽然我再也没时间继续同这些小孩保持联系Or take them to the movies anymore, take them to diners The resiliency and the joy and the laughter of the kids was always there. 我不再带他们去看电影或是吃饭但这些孩子的韧性 欢乐和笑声却总在那里I remember in the heat of the election they would tease me and chat things when I came home. 我记得选举最激烈时 他们会来取笑我会在我回家时谈论一些事情One night I came home, and they all had my lawn signs up and they gave me a little parade as I walked into the building. 一天晚上我回家时 他们举着我的草坪标志在我进入大楼时 他们像在为我游行Shaking a dozen of two lawn signs at me I felt so proud and I did a funny walking. 挥舞着十几二十个草坪标志我感到很自豪 故意像这样走路Then I all of a sudden scratched my head and wondered to myself where did they get these lawn signs from?. 然后突然我抓了抓脑袋 心想这些草坪标志从哪来Somebodys lawn has cut naked now Well I got elected mayor. I won a big victory. 有人的草坪被剪秃了后来 我被选为市长 赢得了伟大胜利And now I was mayor elect getting calls from presidential candidates. 这时 我成为了民选市长收到总统候选人的贺电Getting calls from around the country I was important. 收到来自全国的贺电我很重要And I had an important mission I was running after that mission. 而且我有一个重要使命我正追随这一使命Violent crime in my city of the time was spiking up and I was on a mission to stop it. 当时我们市的暴力犯罪率正急速增长而我的使命就是制止暴力犯罪Every time there was a shooting in my city whether it was 2 in the afternoon or 2 oclock at night I was there. 每次市里发生击事件 不管是下午2点还是凌晨2点 我都会到现场Standing around with people I would charge to them and say this is not who we are. 同民众站在一起我会冲向他们 告诉他们 这不是我们应该做的Were Newark, New Jersey, were better than this were stronger than this. Like a pastor in a church. 我们是新泽西纽瓦克人 我们不该如此糟糕我们应该更强大 我就像教堂的牧师I was giving testimony to everybody of who we were and I was the mayor, so important. 我要求每个人认清 我们是谁我是市长 如此重要People wanted to hear what I had to say People will come out of their buildings and talk to me I would try to. 人民想要听我说些什么人们会从建筑中出来 跟我讲话Cater to them and encourage them Press would meet me on the corners and they would interview me because I was so important. 而我要满足他们 鼓励他们新闻媒体会对我围追堵截 希望采访我 因为我如此重要And ill never forget one month into my time as mayor. 我永远不会忘记我当了一个月市长的时候201611/476806郑州华山美容医院丰胸价钱费用 December 25th, 1848.1848年12月25日My dear Sir,尊敬的先生,I will write to you at more length when my heart can find a little rest— now I can only thank you very briefly for your letter.待我心绪稍宁后,我再写信与你详叙;现在我只能十分简短地谢谢你的来信。Emily is nowhere here now, her wasted mortal remains are taken out of the house.艾米莉现在已经不在了,她那憔悴的遗体已被抬出家门。We have laid her cherished head under the church aisle beside my mothers, my two sisters—dead long ago—and my poor, hapless brothers.我们已将亲爱的艾米莉安葬在教堂耳堂下的墓地里,让她依傍着我的母亲,两个早已去世的,和我那不幸的弟弟。Some sad comfort I take, as I hear the wind blow and feel the cutting keenness of the frost, in knowing that the elements bring her no more suffering.当我听到风声呼呼,感到严寒刺骨时,深知自然力不会再给她带来什么痛苦了,我在悲痛之余总算得到了些安慰。Her deep, hollow cough is hushed forever.她剧烈沉重的干咳声永远沉寂了;We do not hear it in the night nor listen for it in the morning.现在我们晚上已经听不到她的咳嗽声,早上也不会留神去听。My father says to me almost hourly, “Charlotte, you must bear up, I shall sink if you fail me.”我父亲几乎时时刻刻都在对我说:“夏洛蒂,你一定要挺住,如果你挺不住,我也就倒下了。”So I will not now ask why Emily was torn from us in the fulness of our attachment, rooted up in the prime of her own days, in the promise of her powers.因此我现在不会再追问为什么在我们相依为命的时候,艾米莉被夺走了生命;为什么正当她年轻有为,才华初露的时候,英年早逝;Why her existence now lies like a tree in full bearing struck at the root.为什么她此刻的境遇就像是一棵果实累累的大树被连根砍断。I will only say, sweet is rest after labour and calm after tempest, and repeat again and again that Emily knows that now.我只能说,劳动后的休息,暴风雨后的宁静是甜美怡人的;而我要反复地说,艾米莉现在能懂得这一点。Yours sincerely,谨启,C. Bront夏洛蒂·勃朗特201705/508715点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候, good day, everyone !今天我们来学习的两个俚语是He is as rich as Croesus和It is over the top.(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句俚语He is as rich as Croesus . Croesus是公元前六世纪小亚细亚吕底亚国极富的国王,rich是;富有;, as rich as Croesus,像Croesus一样富有,那就 是;极富有的;。 He is as rich as Croesus,就是;他极其富有;。阿蕊总想嫁个有钱人,她向往那种挥金如土的生活,正巧一次晚宴上她结识了一位公认的 ;钻石王老五;,大家都说:;He is as rich as Croesus。(他极其富有。);阿蕊开始接近他,并成了他的情人,可过了一段时间,她向朋友诉苦说:;I thought he was as rich as Croesus, but later I found that was not the case.(我以为他很有钱,但后来发现情况并非如此。);(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话It is over the top .Top是;顶端,顶部;,over the top,在顶端上面,那就是过了头了,它的意思就是;过火或过头;。 It is over the top,就是 ;这太过分了。;阿华和阿波一起去看电影,看完后两个人都觉得拍得不好。阿华说:;The filmrsquo;s violent ending is completely over the top.(影片结尾的暴力场面太过分了。); 阿波也认为很过分,并说:;And I think the hero tends to go over the top.(而且我认为主角的表演很过火。);大家做事一定要掌握一个度,过犹不及嘛。(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语He is as rich as Croesus和It is over the top. 大家都会用了吗? 我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7290郑州人民医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

商丘市治疗粉刺多少钱点击此处下载音频大家好,广播学口语又和大家见面了。这里是Andy老师,献上最真挚的问候。前段日子大家争着看;蓝血人;。今天Andy老师要给大家讲的是一个;绿色的人;的故事,这是怎么回事呢。别着急,音乐之后,让我们开始今天的节目。(音乐)你是否见过绿色的人呢?这里就有一个;greedhand;,amp;;handamp;;:amp;;手amp;;,手是人身体的一部分,这里代指人.amp;;greehandamp;;可不真的是绿色的人,而是amp;;新手amp;;.绿色给人以新鲜的感觉.怪不得英语中说amp;;新手amp;;是amp;;greenhandamp;;呢.Andy刚进公司的时候,一点不知道这一天的工作是怎么开始,又是怎么结束的.毕竟是新手嘛.还不适应.不过幸好Andy是一个好学好问的人.遇到不懂的事情就向别人请教.amp;;Can you tell me how I can do it .I am not familiar with it for Irsquo;m a greenhand.amp;;(你可以告诉我应该怎么做这件事情吗?我是新来的).不过幸运的是,Andy遇到了一个好老板.他说:amp;;Although Andy is a greenhand, he is clever, I hope everyone can help him a lotamp;;(Andy是一个新手,但是他很聪明.我希望大家可以多帮助他.)(音乐)我知道了amp;;greenhandamp;;原来是新手的意思,那么amp;;brownamp;;,棕色.在俚语中有没有什么新意呢.今天我们就要学习一个关于amp;;brownamp;;的词.amp;;brownamp;;棕色,实在是没有绿色那么招人喜欢.这里amp;;browned offamp;;就是amp;;厌烦,忍受够了amp;;的意思.单调的工作很容易让人厌烦.amp;;Itrsquo;s natural that man will be browned off with the boring work.amp;;(人们会对枯燥的工作感到很厌烦.这是很自然的事情.)怪不得,有一位公司同事瞅了一眼干劲十足的Andy,说:amp;;Yoursquo;ll be browned off with the job if you work for a long time.amp;;(如果你在这里工作很长的时间.你肯定会对工作感到厌烦.(音乐)今天咱们学习了两种颜色的新用法,现在再来复习一下:(1)He is a greenhand.(他是一个新手)(2)He is browned off with his job.(他厌烦了他的工作.)OK. See you next time! /200605/7216郑州大学第五附属医院打美白针多少钱 如果问你,这个世界上最好的消遣是什么,你可能会说是书。因为读书有很多乐趣。【口语要素1】We did have a good laugh ing the books.也有很多人是不愿意看书的,让他读完一本书,那要一辈子。【口语要素2】It takes forever to finish the book.不过喜欢不喜欢看,也要分什么书了,比如有些人喜欢读原版,而另外有些人就爱看绝版。【口语要素3】Who’s who, original edition, and out of circulation.要看绝版,估计你要到图书馆去借了,选好了一本书之后,你就可以说:【口语要素4】I would like to take out this book.但也不是每次都能找到自己需要的书籍,也有可能你想借的书被人预定了,这时候图书管理员便会说:【口语要素5】You cannot check this out. It is on reserve. /200604/6706郑州大学第五附属医院做双眼皮价钱费用

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