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河南眼袋吸脂手术南阳市中心医院割双眼皮多少钱河南自体脂肪填充价格 Yep, There#39;s a Makeup Line Made Specifically for Working Out是的,这是专门为健身打造的化妆品Many of us have applied makeup pre-workout, or at least kept our makeup on before hitting the gym at the end of the day. After all, it can feel like a hassle to take it off when you just want to get your workout on. And while we#39;ve been told not to wear color cosmetics when we#39;re doing our thing in the gym, sometimes it#39;s nice to have a little coverage while you#39;re sweating it out. Ya know? However, the inherent problem is that, well, makeup tends to melt and run in the presence of excessive sweat.我们很多人在锻炼前都会化妆,或至少在一天工作结束去健身房前,仍然化着妆。毕竟,当你只是想健身时,就会觉得卸妆麻烦。有人告诉我们在健身房锻炼时,不要化妆,但有时候在流汗时,有一点遮盖也是好的。你知道吗?然而,固有的问题是,额,化妆品往往会在出汗过多时融化流走。Well, a group of female professional-level and Olympic athletes came up with a solution to that problem by developing a makeup line that was specifically formulated for people who lead an active lifestyle. They named the brand, naturally, Sweat Cosmetics. The co-founder and chief operating officer, Taryn Hemmings, is a professional soccer player who played for the Boston Breakers and the Chicago Red Stairs, and the brand#39;s other co-founder and CFO, Emily Hines, played division 1 college soccer. The other corporate team members sweat it out regularly, as well, by chasing babies, doing hot yoga, and indoor cycling.一群专业水平的奥运会女运动员通过专门为有着积极生活方式的人们设计了一类化妆品,对这一问题提出了解决方案。她们将这份品牌自然命名为Sweat化妆品。联合创始人和首席运营官泰伦#8226;海明斯是专业的足球运动员,她为波士顿破冰船队和芝加哥红梯队效命,该品牌的另一位联合创始人和首席财政官艾米丽#8226;海因斯为一师学院足球效力。公司另一位团队成员通过追逐婴儿,做热瑜伽和室内自行车运动也经常出汗。Sweat Cosmetics was founded about a year ago, and the brand has garnered attention from athletes, everyday women, and celebrities (like Jodie Sweetin) alike. Right now, their merchandise is limited to a 30 SPF mineral foundation available in five shades (, sephora.com) and a translucent mineral powder (, sephora.com). Both come with twist brushes and you can buy powder refills for each. The powder reportedly stays sweat-proof for nearly an hour and a half, which sounds like the perfect amount of time. That#39;s basically like a barre class + a few reps of weights, no?Sweat化妆品约一年前创立,该品牌已获得了运动员,每日女性和名人(如裘迪#8226;斯文汀)的关注。现在,他们的商品被限制到了防晒级别为30的矿物粉底,5色可选(42美元,sephora.com)和一个半透明的矿物粉(42美元,sephora.com)。这两种化妆品都有旋转刷,你也可以购买粉芯替换妆,每个24美元。据称,这种粉防汗时长接近一个半小时,这听起来像是完美的时间量。这基本上就等于上一节巴利课和几次举重的时间,难道不是吗?译文属 /201606/451085商丘市激光脱腋毛多少钱

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周口市治疗狐臭多少钱Online shopping sounds like a good idea… until you get boots that would better fit your Barbie than yourself. As easy as shopping online may look like, sometimes it might be just as frustrating, so Bored Panda compiled a list of the ultimate fails when people got nothing like they expected to get.网购听起来像是一个好主意,直到你收到一双靴子,它更适合你的芭比娃娃而不是你自己……网购可能看上去很容易,但有时候可能也会让人很失望,所以熊猫无聊艺术客收集了一系列最终失败的网购经历。在这些网购经历中,人们收到的物品与他们期待中的一点也不一样。I Bought This Cup For My Wife Expecting It To Change From A Black Cup To A Christmas…我为妻子买了这个杯子,希望它从黑色图案变成圣诞节的图案……3 Years Ago I Bought A 2 Person Child#39;s Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival...3年前,我买了2个孩子尺寸的帐篷,以为这样就是成年人的尺寸,而且我还带着它去参加活动了……My Mum Ordered My Nephew A Converse Rucksack For School Online And This Is What Came...妈妈从网上为我的侄子订购了一个上学用的匡威帆布背包,而这是我们收到的背包……I Don#39;t Know About This, You Guys. I Don#39;t Think This Is What I Ordered...各位,我是不知道了。我认为这不是我订购的那个……My Roomate Ordered A TV Stand Off Amazon. This Is What Came...我室友从亚马逊上订购了一个电视柜。这是收到的……Worst Purchase Ever有史以来最差的一次购物Online Shopping Probs网购的问题What I Ordered VS What I Got我订购的VS我收到的What Size Is This?这个是多大号的?Never Again Will I Order A Dress From China. Never Again!!!我再也不会从中国订购连衣裙了。再也不会!!!Costume装What I Ordered And What I Got. 我订购的,以及我收到的。????Expectations Vs Reality ;)期望VS现实;) /201607/452133 The UK has voted by 52% to 48% to leave the European Union after 43 years in an historic referendum, a B forecast suggests.B预测暗示:英国以52%比48%的公投结果脱离已经加入了43年的欧盟。The pound fell to its lowest level against the dollar since 1985 as the markets reacted to the results.结果直接影响到市场动荡,与美元相比,英镑跌至1985年以来的最低水平。The referendum turnout was 71.8% - with more than 30 million people voting - the highest turnout since 1992.公投参与人数为71.8%,也就是有超过3000万公民参与了投票,达到了自1992年以来的历史最高。Britain would be the first country to leave the EU since its formation - but a leave vote will not immediately mean Britain ceases to be a member of the 28-nation bloc.自欧盟建立以来,英国将会是第一个离开欧盟的国家。但是有关于是否脱欧的投票并不意味着英国将立即离开这个有着28个成员国的组织。That process could take a minimum of two years, with Leave campaigners suggesting during the referendum campaign that it should not be completed until 2020 - the date of the next scheduled general election.整个过程至少要耗费两年,在公投期间“脱欧运动”仍将持续到2020年——下一届大选的日子。The Leave campaign argued during a bitter four-month referendum campaign that the only way Britain could ;take back control; of its own affairs would be to leave the EU.“脱欧派”认为在为期四个月的艰苦公投运动中英国能够“夺回其内务控制权”的唯一途径便是离开欧盟。 /201606/450930郑州市第一人民医院减肥手术多少钱郑州/隆胸多少钱



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