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Ecuador offers political asylum to Assange厄瓜多尔为阿桑奇提供政治庇护QUITO - Ecuador#39;s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said Thursday his country has decided to grant asylum to WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange after finding merit to his claim of being politically persecuted.厄瓜多尔外交部长理查德·帕蒂诺周三表示,由于已经找到确切的政治迫害的据,厄瓜多尔将为维基百科的创始人朱利安·阿桑奇提供政治庇护。;Ecuador, faithful to its tradition of protecting those who seek a safe haven in its territory or its diplomatic missions, has decided to grant political asylum to the citizen Julian Assange,; said Patino at a morning press conference.帕蒂诺在周三的新闻发布会上说:“出于国家理念—在国土范围内保护一切公民—厄瓜多尔决定向公民阿桑奇提供政治庇护”The decision came only one day after the British government threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London to seize Assange and extradite him to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning in two sexual assault cases.此前有英国政府威胁说要遣散厄瓜多尔驻英大使并将阿桑奇引渡到瑞典。阿桑奇因为两起性骚扰案件而被瑞典政府通缉。Assange, who has not been charged of any crime and maintained that his relations with the two were consensual, on Thursday called the offer by Ecuador a ;significant victory.;阿桑奇声称自己没犯任何罪,而且坚持说他与这两位女性的关系都是在双方自愿的前提下发生的。阿桑奇称厄瓜多尔的举动是一次“重要意义的胜利”The 41-year-old Australian, who has taken refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy since June 19, claimed that Sweden intends to hand him over to the ed States, where he may face espionage charges for leaking thousands of secret US diplomatic cables and, if convicted, could be given the death penalty.这名41岁的澳大利亚人自自6月19日就在厄瓜多尔的大使馆避难,声称瑞典打算移交他给美国,在那里他可能面临间谍罪的指控,因为成千上万的美国外交电报秘密泄露,如果罪名成立,会受到死刑。Patino said ;The judicial evidence clearly shows that if extradited to the ed States, Mr. Assange would not have a fair trial, he could be tried by special or military courts,; adding that the Ecuador#39;s decision complied with the fundamental principles of international humanitarian.帕蒂诺说:“据表明,如果被引渡到美国,阿桑奇将会受到不公正的审判,甚至有可能受到特别法庭或者军事法庭的审判。”并补充说厄瓜多尔的决定符合世界人权的基本原则。 /201208/195547。

Beyond the Barriers跨越障碍Many of us have seen recent pictures on the Internet of an American named Jason Loose sharing French fries and drinking water with an old beggar woman on a street in Nanjing. This kind of action may have been rather shocking to many of us, making us question our own reaction to beggars on the street, and to poor people in general.我们许多人都看过最近网络上的一张图片,在南京街头一个来自美国的叫做Jason Loose的人同一个乞丐老婆婆一起分享薯条和水。这种善行让很多人震惊,也让我们扪心自问我们自己是如何对待街上乞丐以及贫苦人们对此的反应是怎样的。First, it seems some beggars are secretly wealthy, taking advantage of people’s generosity to live in luxury. Friends tell me that in Xiamen, where I now live, a fancy limousine picks up beggars at nightfall to take them home to their mansion. I have not seen this with my own eyes, but it gives me a reason to avoid giving to beggars here. How can we know which ones are truly needy?首先,有些乞丐似乎是隐藏的富人,他们从人们的慷慨中获利,住在豪宅。有朋友告诉我,在厦门,也就是我现在所住的地方,在傍晚的时候,会有豪华轿车来把乞丐接回他们的公寓。虽然我没有亲眼所见,但是它给了我在这里躲避施舍乞丐的理由。我们如何知道哪些人才是真正需要帮助的人?But, rich or poor, local or foreigner, we all need friendship and acceptance. I must admit that when I see a beggar in any country, my impulse is to turn away, but then my conscience hurts, and I think, “How would I feel if I were in his situation?”但是,无论穷人还是富人,本地人还是外国人,我们都需要友情和认可。我必须承认我在任何国家见到乞丐,都会有转身离开的冲动,但是之后我的良心便会受到伤害,因为我会想:“如果我处在他的境地我会有怎样的感受?”As fellow human beings, fellow travelers on planet Earth, this spaceship of ours, hurtling around the Sun, is becoming smaller and smaller. The barriers are falling; travel and communications are becoming easier. We find we have more in common with peoples all over the world than the differences that divide us. That simple photo of a foreigner sharing food and drink with a local beggar should make headlines is a sad statement which shows we have not fully recognized our common humanity. Jason had to show us how, by cutting through the prejudices of social class, gender and nationality, to share a simple meal on a human level. We, too, can pause in our busy day to give a kind word or lend a helping hand to someone in need.作为人类同胞,同生活在地球这个宇宙飞船上,绕着太阳急速飞驰,现在大家的距离变得越来越小了。各种障碍正在下降,旅行和通信都变得更容易了。我们发现与世界各国人们的共同点比区分我们的不同点来得更多。这张简单的照片,一个外国人和当地的乞丐分享食物和水,却成为了头条这是一件悲哀的事,这说明我们并不完全承认人性的共同点。Jason向我们展示了怎样消除社会阶级、性别和国籍的偏见,人性化的与人共享一顿便饭。我们也能暂停我们忙碌的日子,向需要帮助的人说一句善良的话,或伸出援助之手。Such an act of friendship can help to pave the way for a world without war, suspicion and prejudice, to bring a new era of peace to the human family.这种友好的行为可以帮助我们铺一条让世界上没有战争,怀疑和偏见的道路,给人类这个大家庭带来和平的新时代。 /201212/211745。

CHINESE Internet users are vigorously discussing their unfulfilled dreams and reflecting on the meaning of life as ;the end of the world; draws near.随着“世界末日”的临近中国的互联网用户正积极讨论着他们未能实现的梦想并反思着生命的意义。December 21 marks the conclusion of a 5,125-year-long Mayan calendar, a point associated with the apocalypse.12月21日标志着5125年长的玛雅日历的终结,与世界末日相关的一点。A post by ;Sao Congcong; which simply said ;1999.05.28-2012.12.21,; indicating the dates of his birth and predicted death was immediately popular, with millions of others copying the format on their microblogs.一篇由“骚聪聪”发布的微, 简单地写着“1999.05.28-2012.12.21”,暗示了他的出生日和预测死亡日,立即流行起来,数百万人在他们的微上复制着这种格式。Most of the posts also include an epitaph, a wish list, or a sentence expressing their thoughts about life.大部分的微还包括墓志铭、愿望列表或表达他们对生命思考的一个句子。The wishes range from making breakfast for parents to becoming a superman to save the world. But most are everyday matters to do with family and friends, and are full of love, faith and hope.愿望从为父母做早餐到成为超人拯救世界。但最多的是每天与家人朋友要做的事,充满爱、信心和希望。;Red Sun; said he plans to quit his job and find employment in his hometown so he can spend more time with his 70-year-old father. He said the ;apocalypse; forecast had helped him make up his mind.“红太阳”说他打算辞去工作,在他的家乡就业,这样他就可以花更多的时间和他70岁的老父亲在一起。他说“末日”预测帮助他下定了决心。;In the past, I thought I still had plenty of time to weigh pros and cons; now I know time waits for no man,; he said.“在过去我以为我仍然有足够的时间来权衡利弊;现在我知道时间不等人,”他说。Others are taking positive actions to make their dreams come true. ;Brown sugar; and her five friends plan to spend the winter solstice in Tibet, like the survivors of Hollywood disaster movie ;2012.;其他人正在积极行动使他们的梦想成真。“红糖”和她的五个朋友计划冬至那天在西藏,就像好莱坞灾难电影《2012》中的幸存者那样。;Why don#39;t we just do it instead of sighing in regret that we had not lived life fully?; she asked“为什么我们不行动,而不是叹息遗憾我们没有充实地生活?”她问Several companies are giving employers extra days off on December 20 and 21.几个公司正在给员工12月20日和21日的额外休假日。;Few people believe the world will end, but we can take advantage of it to spend time with our loved ones,; said a Wuhan IT firm CEO surnamed Du, who considers ;doomsday; a chance for revelry.“很少人认为世界会终结,但我们可以利用它来花时间与我们爱的人在一起,”一位武汉IT公司姓杜的CEO,他认为“世界末日”的一个狂欢的机会。However, others are taking the prophecy more seriously.然而,其他人则更严肃地对待预言。Panic buying of candles has swept two counties in Sichuan Province, while a man named Lu Zhenghai in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region spent his life savings to build an ark for 20 people in order to survive flooding on the day.购买蜡烛的恐慌席卷四川的两个农村,在新疆维吾尔自治区一个名叫陆正海的男人花了毕生的积蓄去造了一个容纳20人的柜子,为了那天在洪水中生存下来。People across the country have been scammed, with swindlers encouraging them to buy good-luck tokens at sky-high prices or to give away their savings.全国各地都有人被骗,骗子怂恿他们以天价购买好运令牌或放弃他们的积蓄。Shanghai police issued a public warning on Weibo.com after handling 25 cases relating to the apocalypse within 24 hours. They said: ;The end of the world is pure rumor, do not believe it.;在24小时内处理了与末日有关的25件案子后,上海警方在微上发布了公告。他们说:“世界末日是纯粹的谣言,不要相信。”As the paranoia intensifies, institutions including the Beijing Planetarium and the Astronomical Society of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have used the media to try to scotch the rumor, sending the message: ;December 21 is a normal day.;随着偏执加剧,机构包括北京天文馆以及新疆维吾尔自治区的天文学会已经使用媒体试图辟谣,发送消息:“12月21日是普通的一天”。Xia Xueluan, professor of sociology at Peking University, said: ;We#39;ve lived through several so-called doomsdays in the past decade ... people take satisfaction in talking about them.;夏学銮,北京大学的社会学教授,说:“在过去的十年里我们已经度过了几个所谓的世界末日……人们通过谈论它们以获得满足感。” /201212/213901。

THE greatest wave of voluntary migration in human history transformed China#39;s cities, and the global economy, in a single generation. It has also created a huge task for those cities, by raising the expectations of the next generation of migrants from the countryside, and of second-generation migrant children. They have grown up in cities in which neither the jobs nor the education offered them have improved much.This matters because the next generation of migrants has aly arrived in staggering numbers. Shanghai#39;s migrant population almost trebled between 2000 and 2010, to 9m of the municipality#39;s 23m people. Nearly 60% of Shanghai#39;s 7.5m or so 20-to-34-year-olds are migrants.人类史上最大规模的自愿迁徙波在一代人之间,改变了中国城市,改变了世界经济,同时也为那些被改变的城带来巨大的负担。因为他们提高了来自农村的下一代农民工的期望,提高了农民工子女们(新生代农民工)的期望。农民工的孩子成长在城市,而城市给他们提供的工作或者教育却丝毫没有改进。改进与否关系重大,因为下一代农民工数量激增。2000年至2012年间,上海农民工数量增长了近两倍,市区2300万人中的900万人是农民工。上海20到34岁之间大约共有750万人,近60%都是农民工。Many have ended up in the same jobs and dormitory beds as their parents did. A survey by the National Bureau of Statistics found that 44% of young migrants worked in manufacturing and another 10% in construction. This and another recent survey suggest that young migrants are dissatisfied with their lot and, despite large pay rises for factory work in recent years, with their salaries, too. Those who grew up partly in the cities with their parents have expectations of a comfortable life that are more difficult to satisfy. Their ambitions frustrated, many do something their parents did not: they leave one job, and find another. And then leave again.很多年轻的农民工干着父辈们干过的活儿,睡着父辈们睡过的集体床铺。国家统计局一项调查显示,44%的年轻农民工在制造业工作,另10%则在建筑工地。这项调差和另一项近期调查表明,尽管近年来工厂工作大幅加薪,工人工资也大幅增长,年轻的农民工们仍然不满意自己的处境。在城市里跟随父母一起长大的年轻人们向往的舒适生活就更难实现了。他们的美好愿望受到挫折,其中很多人做出一些父辈人不会做出来的事:他们辞掉一份工作,找到另一份;然后再辞掉。The Centre for Child-Rights and Corporate Social Responsibility, a partner in Beijing of Save the Children Sweden, conducted a survey of young textile workers in five provinces in 2011. A majority had changed jobs at least twice since starting work in the previous two or three years. Nearly half worried about the monotony of their work and despaired of their career prospects. Only 8.6% reported being “comfortable” at work. One worker told researchers: “We have become robots, and I don#39;t want to be a robot who only works with machines.”北京的一家瑞典拯救儿童机构的合伙人——儿童权利和企业社会责任中心在2011年对全国五个省的纺织工人做过一项调查。在开始工作的两年或三年时间里,大部分人至少换过两次工作。近一半人厌烦工作的千篇一律,对自己的职业前景感到失望。只有8.6%的人称工作“舒适”。一位工人告诉调查者:“我们都成机器人了,可我不想当只能跟机器工作的机器人。”Tied to the land牢牢地束缚到土地上One obstacle to a better job is their parents. In China#39;s system of household registration (known as hukou), children born to rurally registered parents count as rural, even if their parents have migrated to the city, and regardless of where they themselves were born. In 2010 Shanghai was home to 390,000 children under the age of six who were officially classified as “migrants”.找不到好工作的一个原因来源于他们父母。在中国的户籍登记制度(户口)里,父母是农村户口的,孩子也被看成农村户口,即便父母早已迁往城里,孩子出生在城市。2010年,上海有39万六岁以下的儿童被官方认定为“移民”。They are fated to grow up on a separate path from children of Shanghainese parents. Migrant children are eligible to attend local primary and middle schools, but barred from Shanghai#39;s high schools. They receive better schooling and social benefits than their parents did, and some pursue different types of work (see next story), but their status and their education are still more likely to lead to an assembly line than a university classroom.他们注定要走一条跟土生土长上海人孩子不一样的路。农民工子女可以进当地小学初中,不过不能进上海的高中。他们比他们的父母接受更好的教育和社会福利,有一些人能追求不同类型的工作,但是他们的身份和所受教育更有利于他们进流水线而不是大学课堂。For years reformers have called for changes in the hukou system. Children with a rural hukou want to lead a better life than their parents did. Many have never worked on the farm, but the system denies them a fair chance to move up the ladder.好多年以来,改革者一直呼吁改革户口制度。有农村户口的孩子想过上比父母好的生活,他们其中很多人没有下过地,但是受制度限制,他们没有公平的机会往上爬。This is unlikely to change soon. First, China#39;s factories still need large numbers of migrants, and the system now in place ensures that many of them will seek work there. Second, Chinese cities have welcomed migrants without a coherent plan to educate them. Shanghai had 170,000 students enrolled in high school in 2010, but there were 570,000 migrant children aged 15 to 19 living in the city who were unable to attend those schools. “The Shanghai government needs to provide its educational resources to the locals first,” says Xu Benliang, deputy director of the Shanghai Charity Education and Training Centre, which teaches young migrants how to get on in life. Mr Xu says the centre tries to tell migrants: “Don#39;t complain about things that you can#39;t change.”这种状况不大可能短期内得到改善。首先,中国的工厂仍大量需要农民工,这套制度目前能够保大部分农民工在城里找工作;第二,中国的城市欢迎农民工,却没有配套的教育计划。2010年,上海高中录取17万学生,而57万15到19岁之间居住在上海的农民工子女不能进上海的高中上学。上海慈善教育培训中心副主任徐本良说,“上海政府要首先给本地人提供教育资源。”而该中心教育农民工如何出人头地。徐先生声称,该中心试图告诉农民工兄弟们,“不要抱怨你不能改变的事情”“不能改变事情时,就不能抱怨。”One educational option that is left to the brightest young migrants is vocational school, where students are taught a trade. At a suburban campus of the Shanghai Vocational School of Technology and Business, half the students are migrants and half are local Shanghainese (five years ago, only one student in seven was a migrant). Because the locals tend to be those who failed to secure the prized slots in formal Shanghai high schools, the migrant students here are the stars.留给最聪明的年轻农民工们的一条出路,就是进职业学校,在那里学技术。上海商业职业技术学院的一所郊外校区里,一半的学生是农民工,一半是上海本地人(五年前,7个人里才有1个是农民工)。因为当地学生一般是那些混不上正式的上海高中的,农民工学生在这里就是明星。Zhang Xiaohan is 16. She moved to Shanghai five years ago from Henan province in central China in order to be with her migrant parents. Her father is a furniture salesman and her mother works in a shop. She studies computing. Ms Zhang would prefer a diploma from a Shanghai high school and the better chance at a university education that would bring, but she admits, “I need to accept reality. I need to adapt.”赵小涵16岁,5年前跟父母从中部的河南省来到上海。她的父亲卖家具,母亲在一家店里打工。她学的是计算机。赵小涵更想有一张上海高中的文凭,和大学教育带来的更好的机会,不过她承认,“我得接受现实,我要适应现实。” /201206/185922。

The fallout from a costly copper deal in Africa last year by Canada#39;s Barrick Gold Corp. is giving China a chance to strengthen its gold mining footprint in the continent. 加拿大巴里克黄金公司(Barrick Gold Corp)去年在非洲的一宗巨额铜矿交易令其背上了沉重的负担,但这却将给中国提供了一个加强在非洲大陆黄金开采业务的机会。 Barrick said Thursday it is in talks to sell all or part of its Tanzania-focused gold operation, African Barrick Gold PLC for as much as .9 billion to China National Gold Group Corp., a state-owned miner and refiner. 加拿大巴里克周四说,该公司正在与国有采矿及精炼企业中国黄金集团公司(China National Gold Group Corp.)进行谈判,向后者出售其主要位于坦桑尼亚的非洲巴里克黄金公司的全部或部分业务,合同金额最高可达39亿美元。 The deal is meant to raise cash, after Barrick found itself saddled with an Africa copper operation that it bought in 2011, a deal that looks pricey in retrospect, with Barrick#39;s investors clamoring for better returns and a more disciplined financial approach. New chief executive Jamie Sokalsky, appointed in June after the resignation of Aaron Regent, is demonstrating his resolve and the rigor of a former chief financial officer by putting up one of the company#39;s most valuable assets for sale. 这一交易意在筹集现金,因为此前巴里克发现2011年收购的一项非洲铜矿业务给自己带来了沉重负担,巴里克的投资者纷纷要求获得更高的回报,同时要求公司在财务出上更加规范。现在看来,当时的那宗铜矿交易代价太高了。该公司新任首席执行长索卡尔斯基(Jamie Sokalsky)将展示自己的决心和作为前首席财务长的严厉作风,将该公司最有价值的资产之一挂牌出售。今年6月,在前首席执行长瑞金特(Aaron Regent)辞职后,索卡尔斯基接替了他的职务。 Mr. Regent#39;s sudden departure in June was seen as a response to the copper deal turning sour, as investors bemoaned that the move away from being a pure play on gold was weakening Barrick#39;s valuation. Copper prices have plunged 20% since that deal was struck. 瑞金特今年6月突然离职,外界认为他是因铜矿交易表现不及预期而引咎辞职。投资者不满地说,脱离纯粹的金矿业务正在削弱巴里克的估值。自上述铜矿交易达成以来,铜价已经累计跌了20%。 Barrick, the world#39;s largest gold producer, got into trouble in Africa when it went head to head against the Chinese in a bidding war over Equinox Minerals Ltd., in April 2011, a Canadian miner with big copper mines in Africa. State-backed Minmetals Resources Ltd. stepped away from that deal, despite its deep government pockets, leaving Barrick to fork out 7.3 billion Canadian dollars for the Zambia-focused copper producer. Barrick#39;s bid was 16% richer than Minmetals#39;s offer. 巴里克是全球最大的黄金生产商。2011年4月,该公司在竞购在非洲拥有大型铜矿的加拿大铜矿企业伊奎诺克斯矿业公司(Equinox Minerals Ltd.)的大战中与一家中国企业短兵相接,那之后就在非洲陷入了困境。有政府背景的五矿资源有限公司(Minmetals Resources Ltd.)尽管有着雄厚政府资金的持,却退出了竞购。巴里克于是斥资73亿加元收购了这家业务主要集中在赞比亚的铜矿企业。巴里克的出价比五矿资源高出了16%。 Minmetals#39;s Chief Executive Andrew Michelmore told The Wall Street Journal later in an interview: #39;We were very disappointed we lost Equinox, but we#39;d be shooting ourselves in the foot now if we had paid that much.#39; 五矿资源首席执行长米安卓(Andrew Michelmore)后来在接受《华尔街日报》采访时说,我们当时对没能竞购成功很失望,但如果当时真出了那么多钱买下伊奎诺克斯,那现在我们的结果就是搬起石头砸自己的脚。 The interest in Barrick#39;s Africa gold operations come after a flurry of gold deals in Australia, as cash-rich miners seek consolidation in the sector. Anglo American PLC is about to announce a tie-up with Australian gold explorer Beadell Resources, Deal Journal Australia reported this month. 随着资金雄厚的矿业公司寻求在采矿行业进行整合,各大企业在澳大利亚达成了一系列金矿交易后,对巴里克在非洲的金矿业务又产生了兴趣。Deal Journal Australia 栏目本月报道说,英美资源集团(Anglo American PLC)将宣布与澳大利亚黄金勘探企业Beadell Resources进行合作。 Another Chinese miner, Zijin Mining Group Co., closed a deal to buy a majority stake Australia#39;s Norton Gold Fields this month, after making an offer of A0.3 million (0 million) in May. 另外一家中国矿业公司紫金矿业集团股份有限公司(Zijin Mining Group Co.)本月与澳大利亚诺顿金田有限公司(Norton Gold Fields)就收购后者的多数股权达成了一项交易。此前这家中国公司在今年5月发出了1.803亿澳元(合1.90亿美元)的收购要约。 /201208/195706。

Australian mining companies are slashing spending as the country#39;s economic outlook dims. 随着本国经济前景变暗,澳大利亚矿业公司纷纷开始削减开。 The world#39;s fourth-largest producer of iron ore, Fortescue Metals Group Ltd., said Tuesday it will slice operating costs by 0 million and save a further .6 billion by delaying the development of a large iron mine in Western Australia#39;s Pilbara region. The company will also cut several hundred jobs. 世界第四大铁矿石生产企业Fortescue Metals Group Ltd.(简称:FMG)周二表示,将削减3亿美元的营业成本,并将推迟西澳大利亚州皮尔巴拉(Pilbara)地区一座大型铁矿的开发,从而进一步节省16亿美元。另外,FMG还将裁撤数百个岗位。 Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are also planning cutbacks amid darkening economic outlooks around Asia, slumping prices for industrial commodities and rising production costs. 随着亚洲各地经济前景越来越黯淡、工业用大宗商品价格大幅下跌、生产成本不断上升,力拓(Rio Tinto)和必和必拓(BHP Billiton)也在做瘦身规划。 Mining companies in Australia are moving quickly to protect profits as the price prospects for major industrial commodities worsen-posing a risk for the resource-rich nation#39;s economy. Australia recovered quickly from the financial crisis in 2008 and grabbed a place among the world#39;s fastest-growing developed countries largely due to mining. That status is now at risk as companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue aggressively rein back their investments. 澳大利亚矿业公司迅速采取措施保护利润,是因为主要工业用大宗商品价格前景恶化,给这个资源大国的经济带来了风险。澳大利亚之所以迅速摆脱2008年的金融危机,成为世界上增长最快的发达国家之一,主要原因就在于矿业。现在随着必和必拓、力拓和FMG等公司大幅削减投资,这一地位已面临风险。 The mining companies#39; sudden change in strategy is sparking concerns that Australia#39;s mining boom has ended. As 2012 began, Australia#39;s miners were complaining of a shortage of manpower and scouring the world for skilled labor-paying some specialist truck drivers around 0,000 a year to work in Western Australia. Now the industry is shedding jobs. 矿企战略突然发生改变使人担心澳大利亚的矿业繁荣期已经结束。2012年开年之初,澳大利亚矿商还在抱怨人力短缺,从世界各地寻找熟练工人。在西澳大利亚,一些专门的卡车司机年薪达25万美元左右。现在这个行业正在裁人。 The price of iron ore, Australia#39;s largest single export, has dropped by a third in the past two months. Tuesday it fell to US.90 a dry metric ton, its lowest level since October 2009. The price of coal, Australia#39;s second-largest export and a major contributor to the profits of the country#39;s biggest mining companies, has also plummeted, with thermal coal-used to generate electricity-down 20% this year. 铁矿石是澳大利亚出口额最高的单一产品,其价格在过去两个月下跌三分之一,周二跌至每干吨86.90美元,为2009年10月以来的最低水平。煤炭是澳大利亚第二大出口产品,也是该国大型矿企的重要利润来源。煤炭价格也已经大幅下跌,今年以来电煤价格跌了20%。 The iron-ore decline #39;has been much sharper than anyone anticipated,#39; said Fortescue Chief Executive Nev Power, and now there#39;s concern a recovery will take a little longer than first thought. Government forecasters are warning there#39;s further to fall for industrial commodities such as iron ore, coal and copper. FMG首席执行长鲍尔(Nev Power)说,铁矿石价格的下跌幅度远远超出了所有人的预料,而现在大家又担心反弹的时间将比原来预想的来得更晚。政府预测人士警告说,铁矿石、煤炭和铜等工业用大宗商品都还有进一步降价的空间。 #39;If prices continue to decline-and they declined substantially in the last six to eight weeks-then that clearly will have a negative outlook in terms of what companies are prepared to invest over the long term in projects,#39; Quentin Grafton, chief economist at the Bureau of Resources amp; Energy Economics, said in an interview Tuesday. 资源能源经济局(Bureau of Resources amp; Energy Economics)的首席经济学家格拉夫顿(Quentin Grafton)周二接受采访时说,过去六到八个星期价格已经大幅下跌,如果进一步下跌的话,肯定会对企业计划中的长期项目投资产生不利影响。 For Fortescue, based in Perth, that means backing off plans to raise the annual iron-ore output rate at its Pilbara operations to 155 million metric tons by next June. Instead it will aim to produce at a rate of 115 million tons by March, and then assess its growth plans based on market conditions. 对于总部位于珀斯(Perth)的FMG来说,这意味着要放弃在明年6月之前将皮尔巴拉地区的铁矿石年产量提高到15,500万吨的计划。相反,FMG将致力于在3月之前以年均11,500万吨的速度进行生产,然后根据市场状况评估增长计划。 The miner, whose credit rating from Moody#39;s Investors Service-aly at junk level, Ba3-was put on review for possible downgrade last week, lowered its fiscal year 2013 capital-expenditure guidance by US.6 billion, or 26%, to US.6 billion. It will defer not just a major project at the Solomon Hub iron-ore site but also a new export berth at Herb Elliott Port. Mr. Power also said the company would cut #39;several hundred staff and several hundred contractors,#39; and reduce operating costs in a bid to secure immediate savings. A spokesman for the company declined to give details on the job cuts. 穆迪投资者务公司(Moody#39;s Investors Service Inc.)对这家矿业公司的信用评级已经是Ba3的垃圾级,上周又将其列入“可能下调”的评议名单中。该公司已经把2013财年的资本开预期下调了16亿美元,至46亿美元,降幅26%。该公司不仅将推迟Solomon Hub铁矿区的一个主要项目,还会推迟在Herb Elliott Port港口新建一个出口泊位项目。鲍尔还说,公司将裁掉几百名员工,并解除与几百名承包商的合作关系,降低运营成本,以尽快节省资金。该公司的一名发言人拒绝提供裁员细节。 #39;This is exactly what happens when commodity prices get savaged,#39; said Prasad Patkar, a Sydney-based fund manager at Platypus Asset Management. #39;High-cost and marginal projects get deferred as miners look to conserve cash, and producers that can#39;t remain cash-flow positive cut production and the market balances.#39; 悉尼鸭嘴兽资产管理公司(Platypus Asset Management Ltd.)的基金经理帕特卡(Prasad Patkar)说,大宗商品价格受到打击时就会发生这样的事,成本高和不重要的项目被推迟,矿企寻求留住现金,不能保持现金流为正的矿商削减产量,从而使市场达到平衡。 BHP Billiton led the industry-wide reassessment when it announced last week that it was indefinitely delaying a billion plan to expand its Olympic Dam copper, gold and uranium mine in South Australia. 必和必拓引领了行业范围内的重新评估潮。上周,该公司宣布将无限期推迟斥资3,000亿美元扩大南澳大利亚州Olympic Dam 铜矿、金矿和铀矿的计划。 Western Australian Mines Minister Norman Moore said Tuesday that more iron-ore projects in the state, which holds the country#39;s largest reserves, face being delayed. 西澳大利亚州矿产与石油部部长穆尔(Norman Moore)周二说,该州更多的铁矿石项目面临着延期的命运。西澳大利亚是澳大利亚矿产储量最大的一个州。 Rio Tinto meanwhile said it will trim jobs and cut costs at its Argyle mine, famed for its rare pink diamonds. The company aly is looking to shed a number of jobs at its coal operations in eastern Australia as well, and has said it will close one mine there before the end of the year rather than find ways to extend its operating life. 此外,力拓还表示,它将在Argyle钻石矿裁撤岗位,削减成本。Argyle因出产稀有的粉钻闻名。力拓已经寻求在东澳大利亚的煤矿业务上裁掉一些员工,该公司表示,将在年底之前关掉东澳大利亚的一个矿,而不会设法延长这个矿的运营寿命。 #39;Like others in the industry, Argyle is facing increasing costs,#39; said Bruce Tobin, a spokesman for Rio Tinto. #39;We cannot do this effectively without reducing employee costs.#39; 力拓的发言人托宾(Bruce Tobin)说,就像业内其他矿场一样,Argyle正面临成本日益上升的压力,如果不降低雇佣员工的成本,我们没办法有效地运营下去。 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, behind in opinion polls and counting on mining-industry taxes to meet budget pledges, has downplayed the pullback in investment by BHP, Rio and Fortescue. On Tuesday she called reports of the end of Australia#39;s mining boom #39;exaggerated,#39; saying that the industry instead is entering a new phase of growth. 澳大利亚总理吉拉德(Julia Gillard)目前在民调中的持率处于落后的位置,她正指望来自矿业的税收能够帮助其履行预算方面的承诺。吉拉德有意弱化了必和必拓、力拓和FMG撤出投资的影响。吉拉德周二表示,有关澳大利亚矿业繁荣期行将结束的报道夸大其词。她说,恰恰相反,矿业即将进入一个新的增长阶段。 /201209/198529。