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重庆正规的整形医院重庆市激光治疗痤疮价格重庆星宸整形美容医院治疗粉刺怎么样 Make 2013 the best year ever for you and your pet by including him in your resolutions. In the new year, make sure both you and your pet are healthy, and spend as much quality time as you can with your best pal.在下新年决心时,顺便也给你的宠物制定一下吧,让2013年成为你和宠物过得最好的一年。在新的一年里,确保自己和宠物都非常健康,尽可能地花时间去和宠物相处。If you#39;re both aiming to shed a few pounds, then tackle that exercise and diet regimen together. Who knows? Maybe having a furry partner will allow you to finally stick to your resolutions.如果你和宠物都想减肥,可以一起运动和注意饮食。谁知道呢?也许有个毛茸茸的伙伴陪着你,你会坚持完成新年决心的。Get Active!动起来!I#39;m sure just about everyone has ;exercise more; on their list of new year#39;s resolutions, but don#39;t forget about your pet! If you#39;ve overindulged in the past year, then your best friend has probably followed suit (he looks up to you, after all). Take your dog along on your regular jogs, and incorporate him into recreational sports.我知道每个人在新年决心的清单上都会写着“多做运动”,但是也不要忘记了你的宠物!如果你去年过度宠爱你的宠物,它可能也会学你的样子(毕竟它以你马首是瞻)。平常慢跑时把带在身边,和它一起做休闲运动。Give your cat toys that encourage more active play, and carve out more time in your day to play with her. Including your pet in your resolution to work out more will be twice the fun, with twice the results.给你的猫咪准备一些玩具,让她更活跃,每天抽出更多的时间陪她一起玩。让你的宠物参与到“多做运动”的新年计划里,你会得到双倍的乐趣和双倍的收获。Veg Out健康饮食If you plan on cutting down on junk food and eating healthier in the new year, then put your pet on the same regimen. Exercise is only half the battle. A healthy diet is crucial for your pet#39;s well-being.如果你计划新的一年少吃垃圾食品、健康饮食,你可以让宠物也这样做。锻炼身体只是成功的一半,健康饮食对你宠物的发展而言非常关键。If that means shelling out a few extra bucks on quality food, it#39;s worth it knowing that that could mean a few extra years on your friend#39;s life.虽然说这样做,你可能就需要多花些钱来提供高质量的食物,但是这也意味着你的爱宠会多活几年,这样想想一切就很值得了。Check It体检Regular checkups keep you healthy and give you peace of mind, so do the same for your pet. In addition to a general physical, you can take care of everything from heartworm prevention to yearly vaccinations at the vet.定期检查身体会让你保持健康并且安心,所以也为你的宠物体检吧。除了普通的身体检查外,还可以每年去找兽医接种预防心丝虫。As your pet ages, new ailments and conditions may occur but stay under the radar, so that#39;s all the more reason to get him regular checkups. Make 2013 your pet#39;s healthiest year yet.宠物慢慢长大时,也许会出现新的疾病或情况,而你可能没有注意到,所以你需要带它定期做检查。让2013年宠物的身体最健康!Unplug and Cuddle离开电子设备,抱抱宠物吧!You#39;re a gadget addict, and you know it. It#39;s OK; we all are. But this year, make a conscious effort to plug in less and cuddle more. You know how your cat is always making herself comfortable right on your laptop and blocking your view? There#39;s a reason for that: she just wants your attention! So the next time your cat gets between you and your screen, prove that your screen isn#39;t getting between you and your cat. Close your laptop, and give her some snuggle time.你对电子设备上瘾,你也知道。这没什么,我们都是这样的。但是今年,让我们有意识地少用电子设备,多给它们一些拥抱吧。你的猫咪总是舒地坐在你的笔记本上,挡住你的视野。她这样做是有原因的:她想吸引你的注意力!所以下次当你的猫坐在你和屏幕中间时,去明一下给它看:你的屏幕并不能挑拨你和猫咪之间的关系。关上笔记本,给她一些依偎的瞬间吧。Give Him the Brush-Off给它刷牙Make 2013 the year to finally tend to your pet#39;s dental hygiene. Just like your own pearly whites, his teeth need to be brushed too. Not only does poor dental hygiene cause bad breath (what is that, a biscuit from 1982?), but it could also cause more serious problems like oral bacteria and gum disease.让2013年成为注意宠物口腔卫生之年吧。要想让宠物拥有像你那样洁白如珠的牙齿,得给它刷牙才行。不注意口腔卫生不仅会让口气差(是1982年的饼干味吗?),而且还会导致严重的问题,如引起口腔中的细菌和牙龈病。In the new year, get him a pet toothbrush and toothpaste (never human products), and make brushing part of his daily routine or at least two to three times a week. And make an appointment for a checkup with the pet dentist while you#39;re at it!在新的一年里,给它买个宠物牙刷和牙膏(别给它买人用的产品),让它每天都刷牙,或一周至少刷两到三次。还可以和宠物牙医预约,为宠物检查牙齿。Teach an Old Dog New Tricks教它们点新花样If you#39;ve had your dog for a while, then chances are he#39;s grown bored with his daily routine. Spice up his playtime and outdoor runs with a few new tricks. New tricks will stimulate your pooch#39;s brain and make him sharper, better behaved, and more engaged.如果你养已有了一段时间,它很可能已经厌倦了日常的活动。教几个新的把戏,让它在游戏时间和室外的活动时更加活跃。新的把戏会刺激宠物的大脑,让它更聪明、表现地更好、更积极地参与。If you have a new dog or one that just won#39;t behave, then sign up for a local training class. Going through a guided training course together will be quality bonding time, and it will give you a sense of accomplishment and your dog brand-new manners!如果你刚有了一条或你的不懂规矩,你可以在本地报一个培训班。一起去上引导性的培训课程是极好的交流机会,会让你有一种成就感,并让你的爱犬礼仪有加!Give Back向它们伸出援手Any pet owner knows that it feels great to be able to care for a pet, so why not maximize that rewarding feeling by helping homeless animals who may not get regular care?只要养过宠物的人都知道,能够照顾宠物的感觉有多棒。为什么不去帮助那些没有得到照顾的无家可归动物呢?这样会让那种感觉最强。Sign up at your local animal shelter or Humane Society to see how you can volunteer. Lending a hand to animals in need not only brightens their day, but it could also save a life.去当地的动物收容所或动物保护协会注册一下,看看你能帮上什么忙。向陷入困境中的动物伸出援手不仅能够让它们开心,有时甚至还会挽回它们的生命。 /201302/224747重庆美容院

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四川手臂激光脱毛多少钱 Despite safety warnings not to give sick toddlers cough and cold medications, almost half of parents in a recent survey are using the over-the-counter products anyway.尽管专家警告称给幼儿用止咳和感冒药不安全,但近期一项调查显示,仍有近半数的美国家长在使用这些非处方产品。A poll released last month by researchers at the University of Michigan found that 42% of parents with children under the age of 4 gave them cough medicine, and 44% said they used multi-symptom cough and cold medications. A quarter of the parents said they used decongestants. The survey, which echoed some earlier studies#39; findings, arrives five years after the drugs#39; packages started including directions warning against their use in very young children.密歇根大学(University of Michigan)的研究人员上月发布的一项调查结果显示,42%的家长给四岁以下的孩子用止咳药,44%的家长称,他们使用止咳和抗感冒的多疗效药,四分之一的家长称他们使用解充血药。此项调查(与早些时候一些研究的结果一致)是在这类药品的包装上开始标注低龄儿童慎用说明的五年之后展开的。Matthew Davis, a University of Michigan pediatrician who directed the survey, said he was surprised and concerned by the findings, which may show that parents aren#39;t aware of the labeling and the history of worries about the drugs#39; use in young children. #39;If you#39;re a parent who doesn#39;t know the story, you#39;re going to think this [medicine] is for your kids,#39; he says.主持此项调查的密歇根大学儿科医生戴维斯(Matthew Davis)说,他对调查结果感到惊讶和忧虑。这一结果可能显示出,家长并不了解药品标签信息以及以往幼儿用药中出现的问题。他说:“作为家长,如果你不了解情况,你就会认为这种(药物)适合给你的孩子用。”The medications came under close scrutiny in 2008, when the Food and Drug Administration advised that they shouldn#39;t be given to children under 2. That came after an agency advisory committee the previous year said children younger than 6 shouldn#39;t take the medications. The panel concluded there wasn#39;t evidence that the drugs helped young children, while FDA safety officials had suggested some of the drugs were associated with side effects and some deaths, mostly in very young patients and often involving overdoses.这些药品2008年开始受到严格审视,当时美国食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration, 简称FDA)建议,两岁以下儿童不应该用这些药物。在此之前一年,该机构一个顾问委员会称,六岁以下儿童不应该用这些药物。该委员会认为,没有据显示这些药对幼儿有效,而FDA药品安全官员曾表示,其中一些药物可能有副作用,并与部分死亡事故存在关联,这些情况主要发生在年纪很小的患者身上,而且通常是过量用。Manufacturers agreed to put warnings on the products#39; boxes that they shouldn#39;t be given to children under 4 years old. These appear today on medications that include dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant, the expectorant guaifenesin and the decongestants phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine. Medications with antihistamines warn against use in kids younger than 6. The children#39;s cough and cold products are sold under brand names including Novartis #39;s Triaminic and Pfizer Inc.#39;s Dimetapp and Robitussin.制药公司同意在药品包装盒上标注四岁以下儿童禁用的警告。如今,镇咳药右美沙芬、祛痰药愈创甘油醚以及解充血药苯福林和伪麻黄硷的包装盒上就标注了警告。含有抗组织胺的药物对六岁以下儿童禁用。针对儿童的止咳和感冒药包括诺华制药公司(Novartis )的Triaminic以及辉瑞制药有限公司(Pfizer Inc.)的Dimetapp和Robitussi。The Consumer Healthcare Products Association, which represents makers of the over-the-counter medications, says research it sponsors shows the rate of safety issues with the drugs has been dropping. Most cases involve children taking them without parental supervision, it says. The #39;drug facts#39; summary panel, often found on the back of a medication box, which includes dosing and other information, is the best place for the age warnings, rather than breaking them out on the front of the package, said David Spangler, a senior vice president with the association.代表非处方药生产商的美国消费者保健用品协会(Consumer Healthcare Products Association)称,该协会赞助的研究显示,这些药品安全问题的发生率已经有所下降。该行业协会称,多数问题都与儿童在无父母监督时药有关。该协会高级副总裁斯潘格勒(David Spangler)表示,年龄警告最好写在“药品说明”总结栏内(通常在药盒背面,其中有剂量和其他信息),而不要单独写在包装盒正面。The association has sponsored a campaign to alert parents on how best to use the medications, including public-service announcements, social-media efforts and brochures for family physicians to distribute to parents. Representatives of the industry group also said it can be challenging to design, and enroll participants for, studies testing medicines for children#39;s colds.该协会赞助了一项通过公益广告、社交媒体和发放宣传册(让家庭医生将宣传册发放给家长)等方式提醒家长如何更好地用药的活动。该协会代表还表示,检验儿童感冒药安全性的研究设计起来有难度,招募实验对象也有难度。Pfizer said it #39;encourages all parents to and follow the label of any children#39;s medication to determine appropriate use and dose.#39; A spokeswoman for Novartis said it declined to comment.辉瑞公司称,该公司“鼓励所有家长阅读每一种儿童药品的标签,并遵照标签说明确定合适的用法和剂量”。诺华公司一名发言人称,该公司就此不予置评。An FDA spokeswoman said the agency #39;supports efforts. . .to better inform consumers about the safe and effective use of these products#39; and has worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the issue.FDA一名发言人称,该机构“持相关方面为此做出的努力……以使消费者更好地了解如何安全有效地使用这些产品”,并与美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)就此进行了合作。Still, a study published in 2010 in the journal Child: Care, Health and Development, found that about a third of parents hadn#39;t heard of the FDA recommendations, and of those who had, a third intended to keep using the medications. An earlier University of Michigan poll from 2011 found 61% of parents with children 2 and younger had given them cough and cold medications.不过,学术期刊《儿童:护理、保健及发育》(Child: Care, Health and Development) 2010年刊登的一篇研究论文指出,有三分之一左右的家长未听说过FDA的建议,而在听说过FDA建议的家长中,又有三分之一的人想继续使用这些药品。密歇根大学2011年展开的一项调查发现,61%的家长曾给两岁及以下的孩子用止咳和感冒药。Another study, published recently in Clinical Pediatrics showed even higher numbers: 82% of 65 parents of children younger than 6 said they would use the medications, and nearly three-quarters of those indicated they would administer the wrong dose.近期在《临床儿科学》(Clinical Pediatrics)上刊登的另一项研究结果所显示的比例更高:接受调查的65名六岁以下儿童家长中,有82%的人表示会使用这些药品,其中近四分之三的人表示,他们的给药剂量会有错误。Some parents in that study would the instruction not to give the medications to children younger than 4 and simply make up their own dose. They often extrapolated from doses recommended for older children, said Sarah G. Lazarus, a pediatrician at Children#39;s Healthcare of Atlanta who was the lead author. She suggests the medications#39; age warnings, often found only in small print, may not be prominent enough on the packaging.在该研究中,一些受访家长看过四岁以下儿童不宜用的说明后会自行判断给药剂量。研究论文的第一作者、亚特兰大儿童医院(Children#39;s Healthcare of Atlanta)的儿科医生拉扎勒斯(Sarah G. Lazarus)称,家长通常会根据针对年长一些的儿童的推荐剂量来进行推断。她指出,药品包装上的年龄警告(通常只用小字标注)可能不够醒目。Doctors say they sometimes struggle to convince parents.医生们表示,有时候他们很难说家长。#39;They#39;re using them because their children are sick, and they want to do something,#39; says Daniel Frattarelli, who chairs the American Academy of Pediatrics#39; committee on drugs. He advises against the drugs. But if a mom hears from a friend who has used them and believes they work, he said he expects sometimes to be ignored.美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)药品委员会主席弗拉塔雷利(Daniel Frattarelli)称:“家长用这些药是因为他们的孩子病了,他们想做点什么。”他建议不要用药。但他说,如果一个妈妈听说有朋友用过这些药,并且相信这些药有效的话,他估计他的建议有时会被置之脑后。Parents who avoid the over-the-counter medications are instead branching out with other treatments. Margaret Willis of Dearborn, Mich., whose 16-month-old daughter is a patient of Dr. Frattarelli#39;s, says she is #39;frustrated#39; that there aren#39;t any medicines for her toddler#39;s frequent colds and coughs.不使用非处方药的家长会转向其他疗法。密歇根州迪尔伯恩(Dearborn)的威利斯(Margaret Willis)说,她女儿经常感冒咳嗽,却没有任何药可以用,让她颇为“失望”。她女儿16个月大,在弗拉塔雷利医生那儿看病。#39;There#39;s nothing out there for a baby,#39; she says. After trying a number of alternatives, Ms. Willis, a preschool teacher, finally settled on a treatment available on drugstore shelves that includes honey but no drugs, as well as a saline wash for the girl#39;s nose. She believes the treatments helped somewhat, she says.她说:“根本没有给婴儿用的药。”身为幼儿园老师的威利斯说,她尝试了许多替代方法,最终选定了一种在药店里卖的制剂,这种制剂含有蜂蜜,但不含药物成分,她还选择了一种洗鼻盐。她说,她觉得这些疗法有一定效果。Doctors say they tell parents to try elevating their children#39;s heads at night -- with babies, who aren#39;t supposed to have objects in their cribs, parents can put towels under one end of the mattress or even use the car seat. Steam from a hot shower can also help, though some doctors warn that parents need to be careful with humidifiers, since they can develop mold.医生们称,他们让家长试试夜间把孩子的头垫高──如果是婴儿的话(婴儿床里不应该放任何东西),家长可以在床垫的一头塞入毛巾,甚至可以使用汽车安全座椅。热水淋浴喷头的蒸汽也管用,但一些医生警告称,家长应该慎用加湿器,因为会产生霉菌。Suctioning the nose is another option, as well as acetaminophen for fever, and another old standby: #39;Lots of fluids,#39; says Alanna Levine, a pediatrician in Tappan, N.Y. For children older than 1 suffering from a cough, she also recommends a spoonful of honey, she says. Honey isn#39;t recommended for babies because of the possibility it carries spores that could lead to botulism. One key goal in trying to soothe coughs is to help toddlers get adequate sleep, doctors said.纽约州塔潘(Tappan)的儿科医生莱文(Alanna Levine)说,另一种选择方案是吸鼻涕,还可以用对乙口胺基酚来退烧,另外还有老话所说的“多喝水”。她说,一岁以上儿童咳嗽时,她建议可以喝一勺蜂蜜。但不建议婴儿喝蜂蜜,因为蜂蜜里可能会含有孢子,会导致肉毒杆菌中毒。医生说,镇咳的主要目的是帮助幼儿获得充足的睡眠。Jennifer Chang, the mother of a 9-month-old and a 3-year-old who see Dr. Levine, has tried a honey-based preparation, as well as steamy showers and hydration.住在纽约州奈阿克(Nyack)的Jennifer Chang有两个孩子,一个九个月大,一个三岁,他们在莱文医生那里看病。Jennifer Chang试过蜂蜜配方制剂,还试过淋浴蒸汽和让孩子多喝水。#39;It seems like there#39;s not a whole lot you can do,#39; says Ms. Chang, of Nyack, N.Y. #39;I want to make it feel better.#39;Jennifer Chang说:“你似乎没有太多可做的。但我很想让孩子舒一点。” /201305/242248重庆疤痕修复多少钱重庆市星辰医院玻尿酸多少钱



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