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PayPal is on the hunt for international acquisitions to drive growth and fend off predators, as it prepares to separate from eBay and become an independent company in the first of several big technology split-ups this year.PayPal正在物色国际收购目标以推动增长并防止自己被收购。该公司眼下正准备脱离eBay成为一家独立的公司——这将拉开今年数家大型科技公司分拆的序幕。Chief executive Dan Schulmantold the Financial Times that acquisitions would be a priority, as PayPal uses the bn war chest that is a legacy of the split.PayPal首席执行官丹#8226;舒尔曼(Dan Schulman)向英国《金融时报》表示,收购将会是公司的优先考虑事项,因为此次分拆给它带来60亿美元的现金储备。“The balance sheet affords us the opportunity to look opportunistically where it makes sense to acquire,” he said. “I think there is a tremendous opportunity to look across the world.”他说:“当前的财务状况给我们带来了物色有价值的收购标的的机会。纵观全球,我们有着巨大的收购机遇。”The strong balance sheet would also support PayPal’s lending programmes, he noted.舒尔曼指出,强劲的资产负债表也将持PayPal的贷款项目。PayPal will pass a milestone towards independence today as pricing begins for its shares. Shareholders of eBay will get one share in PayPal per share they hold when the formal split takes place on July 17.今日PayPal将会启动股票定价,从而向成为一家独立公司跨出里程碑意义的一步。7月17日正式分拆时,eBay的股东每持有1股eBay股票将获得1股PayPal股票。The company’s enterprise value could be about bn, roughly two-thirds of eBay’s valuation, analysts at Wedbush estimated.Wedbush的分析师估计,PayPal的企业价值大约为400亿美元,大约是eBay估值的三分之二。PayPal’s rapid growth — revenues were up 19 per cent last year, with customers rising 13 per cent — has come increasingly from outside the eBay empire.PayPal的迅速增长——去年收入增长19%,客户增长13%——越来越来自eBay帝国的外部。Last week PayPal announced it would spend nearly bn to purchase Xoom, a growing international remittances company, which will leave about bn in net cash on its balance sheet.PayPal上周宣布,将斥资近10亿美元收购Xoom,这将让公司资产负债表上剩下约50亿美元现金。Xoom是一家正在成长中的国际汇兑公司。Other recent acquisitions include Braintree, which bolstered PayPal’s presence in processing software used in mobile apps. That deal included Venmo, a money transfer app for splitting the cost of meals or paying rent, which has seen total payment volumes quadruple in the past year.PayPal最近的收购还包括Braintree公司,后者让PayPal加大进军移动应用中的处理软件。该交易包括了Braintree旗下转账应用Venmo,该应用可用于分担餐费或者付租金。Venmo在过去一年里的付总额增长了3倍。Even as PayPal looks for acquisitions, it is considered a takeover target itself, particularly when cashed-up companies such as Apple and Google are trying to bolster their own payments businesses.就在PayPal寻求收购目标之际,它本身也被视为收购目标,尤其是在苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)等资金充沛的公司努力提升自己的付业务之际。 /201507/384363Samsung is no longer the biggest smartphone maker in India by sales. The Korean group was ousted from the top spot by budget local brand, Micromax, for the first time in the fourth quarter in 2014.三星(Samsung)失去了印度市场最大智能手机制造商(按销量计)的宝座。2014年第四季度,这家韩国手机生产商在印度的销量首次被当地廉价品牌Micromax超过。Where Samsung accounted for 20 per cent of smartphone shipments in the three-month period, Micromax accounted for 22 per cent, according to data from Canalys, the market research group.根据市场研究集团Canalys的数据,去年第四季度,三星智能手机出货量占印度市场份额为20%,Micromax的份额则为22%。India#39;s smartphone market is growing rapidly with 21.6m devices shipped in the quarter, up 90 per cent year-on-year, and local brands such as Micromax appeal to the first time smartphone user by offering basic and affordable handsets.去年第四季度,印度智能手机市场增速很快,总出货量达2160万部,同比增长90%。Micromax等当地品牌由于提供具有基本功能、价格便宜的手机,对初次购买智能手机者很有吸引力。Canalys estimates that 23 per cent of shipments in the three-month period cost under 0.据Canalys估计,售价低于100美元的手机占到去年四季度印度智能手机出货量的23%。The two popular phone makers have long jostled for prime position in the Indian market with differing estimates from various research groups. Samsung lost the top spot back in the second quarter of 2014, according to Couterpoint research.长期以来,三星和Micromax这两家热门手机生产商一直在激烈争夺印度市场销量冠军之位。它们使用来自不同研究集团的不同估值。Counterpoint的研究结果显示,三星早在2014年二季度便失去了印度市场第一的位置。 /201502/358710

Charter Communications is near a deal to buy Time Warner Cable for about billion, people with direct knowledge of the talks said on Monday, a takeover that would create a new powerhouse in the rapidly consolidating American cable industry.查特通信公司(Charter Communications)以550亿美元左右的价格收购时代华纳有线(Time Warner Cable)的交易已接近达成,对谈判有直接了解的人士周一表示。此番收购将让正在经历快速整合的美国有线电视行业新增一家强大企业。Under the proposed terms of the deal, Charter will pay about 5 a share in cash and stock. That is roughly 14 percent higher than Time Warner Cable’s closing stock price on Friday — and 47 percent higher than Charter’s original bid for its rival from early last year.按照拟议的交易条件,查特公司将选择现金加股票的付方式,每股收购价约为195美元。该价格比时代华纳有线周五的收盘价高14%,比查特去年初最早的出价高47%。A deal could be announced as soon as Tuesday, though these people, who were not authorized to speak publicly about private negotiations, cautioned that talks were continuing and might still fall apart.双方最快可能在周二公布达成交易的消息,但上述人士并未获得公开谈论秘密谈判的授权,他们提醒说,谈判还在继续,并且仍有可能破裂。The potential acquisition of Time Warner Cable completes a lengthy quest by Charter and its main backer, the billionaire John C. Malone, to break into the top tier of the American broadband industry.查特公司及其大股东亿万富豪约翰·J·马龙(John Malone)长期以来一直寻求跻身美国宽带行业的顶级阵营,收购时代华纳有线将让他们得偿所愿。If completed, the transaction would be the latest in a series of mergers remaking the market for broadband Internet and cable television in the ed States. Just last week, the European telecommunications company Altice agreed to buy Suddenlink for about billion.美国宽带互联网和有线电视市场上最近涌现出一系列重塑格局的并购案,这项交易如果能够达成,便会成为其中最新的一桩。And Charter is also nearing an agreement to acquire another cable operator, Bright House Networks, in a transaction that could also be announced soon.此外,查特公司收购另一家有线电视运营商Bright House Networks的交易也已接近达成,达成交易的消息同样可能很快获得公布。Last year, Mr. Malone tried to penetrate the American broadband industry, but Charter was foiled by its larger rival, Comcast, which bid billion for Time Warner Cable. Comcast, the country’s biggest cable operator, ultimately failed in its effort, with federal antitrust regulators believing that the merger would have been untenable.去年,马龙曾试图进入美国宽带行业,但查特公司在对时代华纳有线的竞价中败给了规模比它大的竞争对手康卡斯特(Comcast),后者的出价是450亿美元。作为美国最大的有线电视运营商,康卡斯特的努力最终功亏一篑,因为联邦反垄断监管机构认为这项并购案不合规。Government regulators are also expected to closely scrutinize a combination of Charter and Time Warner Cable, according to analysts, though as a smaller transaction it may face less opposition.分析人士称,政府监管部门也会对查特公司和时代华纳有线的合并进行严格的审查,尽管规模较小的交易面临的阻力可能少一些。Since the collapse of the Comcast agreement, Charter has worked to win over its onetime reluctant target, focusing on a friendly deal and acknowledging that it would have to pay a much higher price tag.康卡斯特的收购计划泡汤后,为了抱得美人归,查特公司一直在跟一度将它拒之门外的时代华纳有线接触,想要进行友善收购,并且接受了不得不开出高得多的价码的事实。Yet the company may still face competition for Time Warner Cable in the form of Altice, which has ambitions to extend its telecom empire across the Atlantic, beginning with the acquisition of Suddenlink.不过,查特公司可能还要跟Altice竞购时代华纳有线。Altice想要以收购Suddenlink为开端,把自己的电信帝国拓展到大西洋这一边。News of the proposed terms of a Charter deal for Time Warner Cable were reported earlier by Bloomberg News.彭新闻社(Bloomberg News)早些时候已就拟议中的查特公司收购时代华纳有线的交易条款进行过报道。 /201505/377413

A new flexible smartphone design could change the way users interact with their devices. ReFlex, developed by researchers at Queen#39;s University, uses #39;bend sensors#39; to control app interactions, and simulates physical forces through detailed vibrations.一款柔性智能机能改变用户与设备的交互方式。由加拿大皇后大学研究人员开发的ReFlex柔性手机就是采用弯曲传感器来控制应用程序,并通过不同的振动级别来模拟物理力度。According to its creators, consumers might be able to get their hands on the bendy smartphone within the next five years.据该手机开发者称,消费者有望在未来五年内接触到这款可弯曲的智能手机。If you hold a book open and bend it in the middle, the pages will begin to turn. A deeper bend will flip the pages more quickly. ReFlex works on a similar principle, explains Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab at Queen#39;s University, where the phone was created.如果你手中拿着一本打开的书,从中间弯曲,页面就开始翻动,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度就越快。皇后大学人类媒体实验室主管洛尔·维特加尔解释道,ReFlex的运行原理与之相似。The design combines multitouch with bend input, allowing a user to control actions on the phone by bending it. This means that a person can flip through pages on a virtual book just by bending the phone, and it will produce feedback that mimics the real sensation.该手机设计结合了多点触摸与弯曲输入功能,允许用户通过弯曲手机屏幕实现手机的操作控制。这意味着一个人可以通过弯曲手机来实现虚拟书本翻页,而手机能产生仿真的反馈。#39;This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones,#39; said Vertegaal. #39;When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document.#39;“这代表了柔性智能手机与物理互动的全新结合方式,”维特加尔说道,“当智能手机从右边向下弯曲时,页面将从右至左从手指间划过,就像我们看书那样,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度越快。用户可以通过手机振动感受到页面在指尖划过的感觉,这样用户在看文档时就允许眼睛自由游览,看到哪里只需弯曲屏幕翻动即可。”The phone has a high definition 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touchscreen, and uses an Android 4.4 KitKat board mounted on the side. In the back, bend sensors detect the forces applied to the screen, and a voice coil produces tactile feedback through vibrations.该款手机采用了720p高清分辨率LG柔性OLED触摸屏,操作系统是安卓4.4,主板被安装在屏幕的两侧。而在手机的背部,弯曲传感器负责监测施加在屏幕上的力度,还有一个音圈能通过振动产生触觉反馈。When a user plays the #39;Angry Birds,#39; game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot.当使用者玩儿《愤怒的小鸟》的时候,他们可以通过弯曲屏幕来完成弹射。 /201602/428126

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