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重庆市妇幼保健院周末上班吗重庆星辰医院什么时候建立重庆市星辰整形医院有做整形美容吗 Over the years, I have written articles about different features that can increase physical attraction, making an individual more handsome or beautiful. I have also discussed how personality can influence judgments of physical attractiveness. Further, I have even shared research demonstrating that the color of clothing, specifically red clothing, increases sex appeal.在过去的几年,我撰写了几篇文章,是关于可以提高身体吸引力,让个人更为英俊或者漂亮的不同特征。我也同样有讨论过人格是怎么影响到别人对于你的吸引力的判断。而且,我甚至分享了一份研究,它明了不同颜色的衣,尤其是红色衣,可以提高魅力。Today, I would like to continue that topic with the exploration of women#39;s footwear. Clearly, many women care about shoes and take great care to shop for them. Until recently, however, it was not known whether such shoe choices had any effect (beyond improving the woman#39;s own self-esteem perhaps). Fortunately, there is now some science to guide women#39;s shoe shopping in the future...今天,我想以对于女性的鞋类的探索继续那个话题。很显然,很多的女性都会在意鞋子,而且会花很多心思去购买合适的。然而,直到最近,对于特定的鞋子的选择是否会有影响才为人所熟知(也许除了提高女性本身的自尊心以外)。幸运的是,现在有一些知识去指导女性对于将来鞋子的购买……The Science of Sexy Shoes性感鞋子的科学奥秘Nicolas Gueguen (2014) explored the effects of women#39;s shoes in a series of four experiments. In all of these experiments, Gueguen dressed a few college-age women in matching outfits (black straight skirt, white long-sleeve shirt, and black suit jacket). He then varied the size of the heel on shoes they wore and had them participate in a series of tasks. For those interested in shoe specifics, here are the details below:尼古拉斯 盖冈(2014)用一系列的四个实验探索女性鞋子的影响。在这所有的实验当中,盖冈让一些女性大学生穿上合身的衣(黑色直裙、白色长袖裙还有黑色西装夹克)。然后,他根据这些女性所穿的鞋上不同尺寸的鞋跟进行分类,其后让她们参与了一系列的任务。对于那些对鞋子的具体情况感兴趣的,以下就是细节:;New, black leather shoes were used: one with flat heels (flat heels condition), a second with 5-cm heels (medium heels condition) and a third with 9-cm heels (high heels condition). They were in fashion and considered to be dress pumps that enveloped the sides of the foot, the heel, and the toes, leaving the ankles and the instep visible. The shoes had neither straps nor laces. In the two conditions with heels, except for the length, precaution was taken to use the same form of heels: the top of the heel was 4.595cm2 and tapered to 1.591.5 cm2 at the bottom.;“实验中用的是新的黑色皮鞋:一种是平底鞋(平底鞋),第二种是5厘米的鞋跟(中跟鞋),第三种是9厘米的鞋跟(高跟鞋)。它们都很时髦,被认为是可以遮盖住脚边、脚跟还有脚趾的礼鞋,仅让别人看见脚踝和脚背。这些鞋子都没有带子或者鞋带。符合这两种情况的鞋子,除了长度之外,也同时采取了特定的措施保持鞋子相同的样式:鞋跟的顶部为4.595平方厘米然后逐渐减少为1.591.5平方厘米的鞋跟底部。”Gueguen (2014) then sent these women out to perform various tasks on the street and measure reactions from random pedestrians. In the first two experiments, the women were asked to solicit participation for various surveys on equal rights and dining preferences. Results indicated that higher heels significantly increased male pedestrians#39; willingness to comply with the survey request (with high heels getting an 82-83% response rate versus flats 42-47%). Unfortunately, however, the shoes were not as persuasive for female pedestrians, who generally responded to the request at a 30-36% rate, regardless of the type of heel worn by the requester.盖冈(2014)随后把这些女性派到街上进行不同的任务,并测量来自于随机的行人的反应。在起初的两个实验中,这些女性被要求去征求一些关于平等权益和餐饮优惠调查的参与。结果指出:更高的鞋跟可以显著地提高男性行人从调查请求的意愿度(穿高跟鞋的得到了82-83%的回复率,相比之下,穿平底鞋的有42-47%)。然而,不幸的是,这些鞋子对于女性行人来说并不那么具有说力,她们回应请求的比率为30-36%,且不论请求者所穿的鞋子的款式。Experiment three measured the effects of high heels on helping behavior. The same group of women were asked to walk around in various shoes, accidentally drop a glove, and see whether someone would tell them. Here again, heel length had an effect on men#39;s helping behavior. Men informed a woman in heels that she dropped her glove 93% of the time, versus 62% for a woman in flats. Here too, the shoes had no effect on other women#39;s helping behavior – who only reported the dropped glove 43-52% of the time.第三个实验测量了高跟鞋对于帮助行为的影响。同一组女性被要求穿着不一样的鞋子,不小心地掉下一只手套,然后观察是否有人会告诉她们。再一次,鞋跟的长度对于男性的帮助行为起着影响。93%的男性告诉了穿鞋高跟鞋的女性掉了她的手套,与此相比,62%的男性告诉了穿平底鞋的女性。这里也亦然,鞋子对于其他女性的帮助行为也同样没有影响。这次仅有43-52%的女性告知掉了的手套。In the final and fourth experiment, the research assistant women were sent into a bar wearing different heel lengths. The experimenter measured how long it took for the women to be approached by men, depending on the shoes that they wore. Men again were swayed by a woman in high heels. The women wearing the highest heel was generally approached by a man around 8 minutes after entering a bar, as opposed to 14 minutes for a woman in flats. Overall then, not only does a woman in high heels appear to be more influential...she is more alluring too.在最终的第四个实验,这些研究助理的大学生女性穿着不同长度的鞋跟被派进了酒吧里。这项实验测量的是穿着不同鞋子的女性要用多长时间会被男性接近。男性再次被穿着高跟的女性所打动了。穿着最高鞋跟的女性一般在进入酒吧8分钟后就会被某个男性靠近,相反的,穿着平底鞋的女性则花费了14分钟。总体而言,穿着高跟鞋的女性不仅仅看起来更具影响力,同样也更迷人。Are High Heels Right for You?高跟鞋是否适合你?The choice of whether or not to wear a sexy, high heeled shoe will depend on your audience. Given the research above, if you want to attract a man, persuade a man, or get his help with something, then you may want to consider a high heel shoe to do the job. Even in a business setting, you may get the agreement of the men in the room with a high heel on.是否选择穿上一双性感的高跟鞋取决于你的拥戴者。鉴于以上的研究,如果你想要吸引、劝说男人、或者想要得到他的帮助,那么你就应该考虑一下以高跟鞋出任这份差事。即使是在商务环境当中,你也会可能因为穿上高跟鞋而获得房间里的男人的青睐。However, it is important to realize that the persuasive effect of high heels does seem to be related to their sex appeal. So, wearing high heels does not seem to influence other women (unless you bond with them over a shared taste in shoes).然而,要认清高跟鞋的具有说力的影响似乎是跟本身的美丽有关系是很重要的。所以,穿高跟鞋并不见得可以影响其他的女性(除非你跟她们拉上关系因为鞋子上共同的偏好)。Furthermore, if you would rather not use sex appeal to influence and get unwanted attention from men, then heels might not be the way to go. Overall though, there does not seem to be a negative effect for wearing high heels from other women, or an overly overt sexual response from men.与此同时,如果你宁可不用魅力变得有影响力,也不想得到男性的不必要的注意力,那么,高跟鞋也许不是解决方法。总的来说,穿着高跟鞋对于其他的女性来说并不存在消极的效果,或者来自于男性的太过于明显的性反应。Therefore, if you are in doubt, you might want some heel for that date, night out, or even business meeting...因此,如果你有疑问,你也许需要一些高跟鞋应付约会,晚出,甚至是商务会议。Conclusion结论No wonder why some women obsess about shoes... Who knew they could be so influential! Not only do they significantly increase the amount of attention a woman gets from men in a bar, but they also make men more complaint to her requests and helpful too. So, if a woman is looking to find love, or just get a man to do something, wearing heels can help!难怪一些女性迷恋于鞋子。她们深知它竟然如此具有影响力。它们不仅仅可以显著地提高一名女性在酒吧里得到男性的注意力程度,还可以让男性对于女性的请求的抱怨增多,令他们更乐意帮忙。因此,如果某位女性想要恋爱,或者仅仅想让一个男的帮忙办事,穿高跟鞋肯定能帮上忙! /201501/353863重庆市星宸整形医院收费标准

重庆妇幼保健医院是私立的吗?重庆市星宸美容属于公立还是私立 Gabriel García Márquez, who died in April at 87, was a strong critic of American imperialism who was banned from entry to the ed States for decades, even after “One Hundred Years of Solitude” vaulted him to international celebrity and, in 1982, the Nobel Prize in Literature.加夫列尔·加西亚·马尔克斯(Gabriel García Márquez)今年4月去世,享年87岁。他曾猛烈抨击美帝国主义,曾有几十年被禁止进入美国,甚至在《百年孤独》(One Hundred Years of Solitude)让他成为世界名人,并在1982年获得诺贝尔文学奖之后也是如此。But now García Márquez, who was born in Colombia and lived much of his adult life in Mexico City, has “gone to Texas,” as they say.但现在,在哥伦比亚出生、在墨西哥城度过大部分成年时光的加西亚·马尔克斯,就像他们说的,要在“德克萨斯州落户了”。The Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas in Austin will announce on Monday that it has acquired García Márquez’s archive, which contains manuscripts, notebooks, photo albums, correspondence and personal artifacts, including two Smith Corona typewriters and five Apple computers.周一,德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校的哈里·兰塞姆中心(Harry Ransom Center)将宣布它获得了加西亚·马尔克斯的档案,包括手稿、笔记、影集、信件和私人物品——两部史密斯·科罗纳打字机(Smith Corona)和五台苹果电脑。At the Ransom Center, one of the nation’s leading literary archives — and the only one “in the country’s borderlands with Latin America,” noted Steve Enniss, its director — García Márquez’s literary remains will be preserved alongside those of James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Jorge Luis Borges and other global figures.兰塞姆中心的主管史蒂夫·恩尼斯(Steve Enniss)指出,该中心是美国首屈一指的文学档案馆,也是唯一一个“位于美国与拉美交界地区”的文学档案馆。这里不仅拥有加西亚·马尔克斯的文学遗产,还有詹姆斯·乔伊斯(James Joyce)、欧内斯特·海明威(Ernest Hemingway)、威廉·福克纳(William Faulkner)和豪尔赫·路易斯·尔赫斯(Jorge Luis Borges)等其他世界文学大师的档案。“It’s almost as if James Joyce meets Gabriel García Márquez, whose influence on the 20th-century novel in some way mirrored his own,” Mr. Enniss said of the acquisition. “It’s very fitting that García Márquez is joining our collections. It’s hard to think of a novelist who has had as wide-ranging an impact.”“这几乎等于詹姆斯·乔伊斯与加夫列尔·加西亚·马尔克斯的相会,两人对于20世纪小说的影响力从某种程度上说旗鼓相当。”恩尼斯对获得马尔克斯档案一事说,“加西亚·马尔克斯加入我们的收藏非常合适。你很难想出还有哪位小说家有如此广泛的影响力。”The archive, purchased from his family, includes material relating to all of García Márquez’s important books, from the landmark “One Hundred Years of Solitude” — represented by the finished typescript sent to his publisher, bearing a hand-lettered title page and only a few corrections — to “We’ll See Each Other in August,” his final, unfinished novel, which exists in as many as 10 versions. Both the Ransom Center and the family declined to provide the price of the deal.这份档案是从他的家人手中购得的,包括与加西亚·马尔克斯所有重要作品相关的材料,从标志性作品《百年孤独》到最后一部尚未完成的小说《我们八月份再见》(We’ll See Each Other in August)——前者包括他发给出版社的最终打印稿,扉页上有他手写的书名,稿件中仅有几处改动;后者有十个版本。兰塞姆中心和他的家人都拒绝透露交易价格。“Solitude,” published in Spanish in 1967 and in English in 1970, may have transformed world literature and turned García Márquez into a global celebrity, but it is the messier drafts of subsequent books that may be of most interest to scholars.《百年孤独》的西班牙语版1967年出版,英文版1970年出版。它改变了世界文坛,让加西亚·马尔克斯成为世界名人,但是学者们最感兴趣的可能是之后几本书更混乱的草稿。“It’s like an open window into the lab of a renowned alchemist who didn’t always love the idea of having the recipes of his potions be known,” said Jose Montelongo, a Latin American literature specialist at the University of Texas who visited the García Márquez home in Mexico City with Mr. Enniss in July to evaluate the material. “They show you the weaknesses, the discarded versions, the eliminated words. You really see the struggle of creation.”“它就像打开了一位不爱透露魔水配方的著名炼金士的实验室窗户,”德克萨斯大学拉美文学专家约瑟·蒙特隆戈(Jose Montelongo)说。今年7月,他和恩尼斯一同前往墨西哥城加西亚·马尔克斯家中评估这份档案的价值。“它们展示出作品的缺点、舍弃的版本以及遭到删除的文字。你真的能从中看出创作的艰辛。”García Márquez certainly expressed wariness at the prospect of scholars picking over his traces. “It’s like being caught in your underwear,” he told Playboy in 1983.加西亚·马尔克斯当然表达出对学者们可能研究自己踪迹的警惕。“那就像你只穿条内裤被人看见,”1983年他对《》(Playboy)说。He destroyed his daily working notes and family trees for “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” according to Gerald Martin’s 2009 biography.据杰拉尔德·马丁(Gerald Martin)2009年的传记,马尔克斯销毁了《百年孤独》的每天工作笔记和人物家谱图。“My father was a perfectionist, and a perfectionist doesn’t show work in progress,” Rodrigo García, one of the author’s two sons, said in an interview. “He would always tell anecdotes about characters in the book he was writing, but would only show it when it was about 90 percent there.”“我父亲是个完美主义者,完美主义者是不会展示工作过程的,”加西亚·马尔克斯的长子罗德里戈·加西亚(Rodrigo García)在采访中说。“他经常谈论正在创作的人物的趣事,但只在差不多完成90%时才谈论。”The author did not object that his wife, Mercedes, saved manuscripts of later books, Mr. García said, but was “adamant” about more private material. On their engagement, family legend has it, he offered to buy back the love letters he wrote to Mercedes so he could destroy them.这位作家不反对妻子梅塞德斯(Mercedes)保留以往作品的手稿,但是罗德里戈·加西亚说,父亲对私密文件的态度“很强硬”。据他家里人说,订婚时,他要求买回写给梅塞德斯的情书,以便销毁。“I don’t think he wanted to leave a personal paper trail,” Mr. García said, calling his father a “phone person” who wrote few family letters. “What he would say was, ‘Everything I’ve lived, everything I’ve thought, is in my books.’ ”“我觉得他不想留下私人文件记录,”罗德里戈·加西亚说。他说父亲“爱打电话”,很少写家信。“他会说,‘我的生活和思想都在我的书里。’”García Márquez, who kept few copies of outgoing letters, did correspond with other writers. The estimated 2,000 pieces of correspondence in the archive include letters from Graham Greene, Milan Kundera, Julio Cortázar, Günter Grass and Carlos Fuentes, who in 1979 discussed preparing a letter with Mr. Cortázar “to publicly address the issue of U.S. blacklists.” (The travel ban against García Márquez, ostensibly stemming from his involvement with the Colombian Communist Party in the 1950s, was lifted by President Bill Clinton in 1995.)加西亚·马尔克斯确实与其他作家通过信,但只保留了少量信件。档案中的约2000封信包括格雷厄姆·格林(Graham Greene)、米兰·昆德拉(Milan Kundera)、胡里奥·科塔萨尔(Julio Cortázar)、君特·格拉斯(Günter Grass)和卡洛斯·富恩特斯(Carlos Fuentes)的来信。1979年,卡洛斯·富恩特斯在信中说他打算和科塔萨尔写一封“批评美国黑名单问题的公开信”(针对加西亚·马尔克斯的旅行禁令表面上是因为他在20世纪50年代与哥伦比亚共产党有牵连,1995年比尔·克林顿总统[President Bill Clinton]取消了这项禁令)。The archive contains little material relating to his friendship with Fidel Castro or to his political activities, not because anything was held back by the family, his son said, but because García Márquez preferred to conduct such business in person or on the phone.档案中几乎没有关于马尔克斯和菲德尔·卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)的友谊或者他的政治活动的材料。他儿子说,这不是因为家人隐藏了这些材料,而是因为加西亚·马尔克斯喜欢当面或者通过电话处理这些事务。“My father believed in behind-the-scenes political work,” Mr. García said. “Like with his books, he was interested in the results, not necessarily in people knowing what had been done to achieve what.”“我父亲喜欢幕后政治活动,”罗德里戈·加西亚说,“跟写书一样,他只对结果感兴趣,而不一定想让人们知道他是如何实现的。”The archive, which was prepared for sale by the dealer Glenn Horowitz but has yet to be fully cataloged, does show García Márquez’s political side “in oblique ways,” Mr. Montelongo said.这份档案是经商人格伦·霍罗威茨(Glenn Horowitz)整理后出售的,不过仍需彻底整理。蒙特隆戈说,这份档案的确“隐晦地”展现出加西亚·马尔克斯的政治倾向。He cited correspondence with the Spanish-language edition of Life, in which García Márquez declined to be interviewed for that magazine because he felt it would create a false sense of Life’s openness to left-wing ideas.他引用了马尔克斯与《生活》(Life)杂志西班牙语编辑的通信。加西亚·马尔克斯在信中说,他拒绝接受该杂志采访是因为他觉得那会造成一种《生活》杂志包容左翼思想的虚假印象。The archive also contains notes on a 1998 visit to the White House, when García Márquez asked Mr. Clinton if he had any advisers who weren’t “fanatically anti-Castro,” Mr. Montelongo said.蒙泰隆戈说,档案中还有加西亚·马尔克斯1998年访问白宫的笔记,马尔克斯问克林顿他的顾问中有没有不是“疯狂反对卡斯特罗的人”。The more than 40 photo albums in the collection contain some images of Mr. Castro, as well as a visual chronicle of the private Gabo, as García Márquez was affectionately known throughout Latin America, beginning with his early life in rural Colombia, Mr. Montelongo said.蒙泰隆戈说,档案中的40多本相册生动记录了加(Gabo,拉美人对加西亚·马尔克斯的爱称)的私人生活,从他早年在哥伦比亚农村时起。相册中还有卡斯特罗的一些照片。There is also the matter of the unfinished novel. Mr. García, a director and screenwriter living in California, said he, his mother and his brother had not decided whether to publish that book, about a middle-aged married woman having an affair on a tropical island. It has been excerpted in The New Yorker and the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.还有未竟小说的问题。罗德里戈·加西亚目前生活在加州,是一名导演和剧作家。他说,他和妈妈、弟弟还没决定是否出版该书。它讲述的是一个热带小岛上一个已婚中年妇女发生婚外情的故事。《纽约客》和西班牙语报纸《先锋报》(La Vanguardia)已经刊登了它的节选。But that story was certainly not the last tale his father wanted to tell, Mr. García said.罗德里戈·加西亚说,那一定不是父亲最后想讲述的故事。He recalled a comment his father made not long before his death: “One of the saddest things about dying is that it’s the only event in my life I won’t be able to write about.”他回忆起父亲去世前不久说的一句话:“死亡最可悲的一点是,它是我生命中唯一不能用笔来讲述的故事。” /201412/346203重庆市星辰医学美容医院好吗

重庆中山医院治疗好不好Midu Pork Roll弥渡卷蹄Legend has it that in the Qing Dynasty, a student from Midu(a county in Yunnan Province) went to Beijing for the national examination, bringing with him a small jar of Midu Pork Roll, which was highly praised by some scholars after tasting. At the news, the owner of a local restaurant inquired the student of the recipe and succeeded in cooking the dish after many failures. Mesmerized by the delicate food, scholars and chancellors in the capital soon became the frequent of this restaurant. One day the emperor overheard the conversation between two chancellors about the food and decided to visit the restaurant. After enjoying the pork roll, he was deeply impressed by its unique flavor—sour but with a slight trace of sweet taste. Hearing of this, people flooded to this restaurant, even willing to wait in line for hours, just for a bite of the legendary food.相传在清朝年间,弥渡一位赴京赶考的学子,带了一罐卷蹄到京城,被一些学者有幸品尝后倍加赞赏,后来竟惊动了皇上,并降旨御口亲尝弥渡卷蹄,从此弥渡卷蹄就名声大振,传扬四方。 /201504/372196 重庆市星宸医学美容医院在周日有上班吗重庆星辰整形可以吗



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