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社交网络正把人与人之间的关系变得更为密切或更为疏远,TED演讲者们对网络革命的影响各抒己见。201504/367584Dear Food,Dear Food,I know you aly know this,but I need you,You bring my family together,you sweeten my celebrations,you make my deals,you satisfy my senses,and you keep me alive.亲爱的食物,亲爱的食物,我知道你明白,我需要你。你团聚了我的家庭,你甜蜜了我的庆典,你成就了我的事业,你满足了我的感官,你守护了我的生命。You work so hard to make all of this possible,spending your life growing in the field,the factory or the sea.I try to be good to you.I give you half of my land,two thirds of the water I consume,a tenth of my energy and one-sixth of my workforce.But I want to apologize.Because after all that,you deserve to be eaten.But instead,I throw away almost half of you enough calories to feed 150 million people.你拼命让一切成为可能,将一生倾注于生长在田间。工厂或是海洋。我试着对你好些,我给予你一半的土地,所消耗三分之二的水,十分之一的能量,以及六分之一的劳动力。但是,我想向你致歉。因为此后,你本应被吃掉。但是,我扔掉了将近一半的你,其能量足够喂养1.5亿人。From harvest to home,I waste half of all fruits,vegetables,seafood,and a third of all grains.Im better to meat and dairy,wwasting only 20 percent,but this is a double waste,because essentially Im also dumping the grain or grass the animals ate to make the muscle or milk.And I waste you in many ways:For example,sometimes I leave you in the field to die because it costs more to harvest you than youre worth.从收获到购买回家,我浪费了一半的水果,蔬菜,海鲜,以及三分之一的谷物。我更适于肉类和奶类,只浪费20%,但这又是双重浪费,本质上说,我排泄的是动物们吃下的谷物或草来产生肌肉或奶。我浪费的方式很多:比如,有时弃你于田中,任你死去,因为收割的花销大于你的价值。Other times,I mistakenly damage,contaminate,or spill you.Or,I reject you when youre imperfect,because I judge by appearance.But mostly I squander you in supermarkes,restaurants and homes,when you are so close to being eaten.I offer too much of you,so I take too much and I cant finish you,or I cant sell all of you before you go bad.At home I forget about you or I cook too much and dont know how to store you.有时,我不小心伤害,污染,或者落下你。或者,因不完美而抛弃你,因为我以貌取物。更多地,我在超市餐厅和家里将你浪费,而你离被消耗如此之近。我提供得太多,因此,我索取过多却无法吃完,或者,我没法在变质前将你卖尽。在家中,我将你抛之脑后或者做了太多却不知如何将你储藏。Or maybe I just dont like leftovers.Part of the problem is that on average,I spend a smaller fraction of my household budget on you than in any other country or any time in history,and my spending is sp out over days and weeks,so I dont notice the cost of wasting you.But my lack of noticing adds up:I devote four Californias worth of land and more water than all non-agricultural water consumption combined just do grow food that doesnt get eaten.也可能,我只是讨厌残羹剩饭。部分问题在于,平均而言,我在你身上的开销并不高相较于任何国家或任何时期,我的花销被平摊在数天数周内,因此,我并未留意浪费你的代价。而将我的忽视相加:我将四倍于加利福尼亚的土地以及超过所有非农业用水的总和用于种植不被吃下的食物。This is not your fault-its time.Only I can buy less of you and eat more of what I do buy.Only I can accept your imperfections,realize that ;best-before; doesnt mean ;use-by,;and store you better.这不是你的错,而是我的。我需买得更少,吃下更多自己所买的。我需接受你的不完美,明白“保持期”并非“可食用期,”并更好地将你储藏。In general,I need to learn more about you because this is about us and our relationship.I help you grow,and then I eat you.Anything else is a waste.总而言之,我需要更了解你,因为这关乎我们,以及我们的关系。我助你生长,之后将你吃下。除此之外的都属浪费。201503/364738

Every year, they proliferate into huge brumes每年,他们繁衍增生形成巨大的雾霭that color the ocean green.海洋为之变绿The ocean absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere海洋从大气层中吸收二氧化碳and the plankton use this carbon for both photosynthesis and to make their shells.浮游生物的生长消耗二氧化碳When the plankton died,浮游生物死亡后they fall to the sea floor. And here, over thousands of years,掉落海底。经过数千年they are slowly transformed into rocks.他们逐渐转化成岩石。In this way, huge amount of carbon dioxide,巨量的二氧化碳the very gas that keeps our planet warm,这种为地球保暖的气体are removed from the atmosphere.以这种方式从大气中被移除So if that was the end of the story,那么,如果故事到此为止our planet would have run out of carbon dioxide.我们的行星将...and steadily got colder and colder.逐渐变得越来越冷But fortunately,a special type of volcanoes doesnt allow that to happen.幸运的是 一些特殊类型的火山 不允许这种状况发生。Theyre called subduction volcanoes.他们叫做俯冲火山201509/396717

The main goal during pregnancy is期的主要目标是to eat a variety of foods especially fruits,饮食多样化,特别是多吃各种水果vegetables, and meats.蔬菜以及肉类Different foods contain different amounts of nutrients不同的食物含有不同量的营养such as proteins, carbohydrates,例如蛋白质,糖类vitamins, and minerals.维生素以及矿物质The website www.mypyramid.gov provides在www.mypyramid.gov上much information on specific foods有很多信息是关于食用哪些食物for healthy pregnancy.以保期健康的This website provides links这个网站提供了连接to create individualized plans that are based on age,教大家如何创建一个个人计划height, and weight to track and record food intake.基于年龄,身高和体重来跟踪记录食物摄取Because of the special needs during pregnancy,由于怀期间需求很特殊using a website such as mypyramid.gov用一个mypyramid.gov类的网站can be beneficial to ensure healthy eating.可以保饮食健康So how much is 340 calories?比如340卡路里相当于多少食物呢?Examples of 340 calories would include340卡路里热量相当于an eight ounce low-fat plain yogurt8盎司低脂肪的酸奶mixed with half cup raspberries酸奶中还混有半杯覆盆子and one tablespoon honey plus one hard-boiled egg再加一大匙蜂蜜和一个水煮蛋with a slice of whole grain toast.及一片全麦吐司面包And example of 452 calories is a two ounce452卡路里热量相当于2盎司turkey burger with one fourth cup chopped avocado,火鸡汉堡,四分之一杯鳄梨碎one fourth cup grilled onions四分之一杯烤洋葱on a slice of whole grain b及一片全麦吐司面包plus one half whole grain English muffin再加半片全麦的英式松饼which is toasted and has two tablespoons pizza sauce松饼是烤过的,加了两大匙披萨酱and two ounces low-fat mozzarella cheese.和两盎司低脂马苏里拉奶酪So these two snacks added to a healthy diet这两种小吃加到饮食中would be sufficient to meet the extra calorie needs便足矣满足中期和晚期妊娠阶段during the second and third trimester.额外的热量需求了This slide lists the dietary guidelines这页列出了膳食指南for non-pregnant individuals.主要是为没有怀的人设计的These recommendations are the same这儿列出的建议for pregnant individuals with the exception of与对怀妇女的建议是一样的the small increase in calories除了要在中期和晚期妊娠阶段for the second and third trimesters.稍微多摄入些热量外During pregnancy, there will also be an increase在怀期间,应当增加in certain nutrients necessary for growth一些必要营养素的摄入and development of the baby以促进胎儿的生长which will be discussed later.这点之后会详细讲述These guidelines were published in 2005膳食指南在2005年已被美国农业部出版by the U.S.D.A., but the updated version但是新版的指南will be released later this year.会在今年出版The recommendations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.这些建议都基于2000卡路里热量的饮食For fruits,对水果而言two cups or four servings of fruits a day are required.每天应当喝2杯果汁或吃4份水果Five servings or 2.5 cups of vegetables are required5份蔬菜或者2.5杯蔬菜汁也是必需的while six ounces of grains are needed.还需要6盎司谷类食物For meat and beans, 5.5 ounces are required肉类和豆类的话,应摄入5.5盎司and three cups of milk.再喝三杯牛奶The dietary guidelines for oil states that与食用油相关的建议是24 grams or roughly six teaspoons are required.必须食用24克或者大概6茶匙油Fats and sweets should be limited in the diet.脂肪和甜食应当加以控制Some general recommendations for healthy diet这儿有一些笼统的建议,是关于期during pregnancy include trying whole grain健康饮食的,包括多食用全麦食物instead of items made from white flour;而不是白面粉做的食物these include bs, cereals, pasta, and brown rice.这些食物包括面包,杂粮食物,意大利面和糙米Whole fruits are advised but frozen or canned建议吃完整的水果,但是冷冻或者罐装的can just be as nutritious.也一样有营养If you opt for canned fruits,如果选择吃罐装水果avoid those canned in heavy syrup不要买那些浓缩的罐装果汁because they contain extra sugar.因为它们含糖量更高Fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, nectarines,例如苹果,梨,桃子,油桃and melons are excellent choices.和西瓜等水果都是不错的选择Because acid can cause heart burn, you may want to因为酸可以引发胃灼热,所以应当注意be cautious with the amount of acidic fruits you eat,少吃些酸水果like oranges, pineapples, lemons and limes.如桔子,菠萝,柠檬和酸橙等However, if these do not affect you,然而,如果这些水果对你没什么影响there is no reason to avoid them in the diet.就不用在饮食中避免它们了Consume vegetables such as leafy greens,多吃些蔬菜,例如绿叶菜bell peppers, eggplants, squash, and mushrooms.灯笼椒,茄子,南瓜类,还有蘑菇Lean protein from both plant-based来源于植物and animal-based sources is recommended.和动物的精蛋白质也要食用201503/363455

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