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重庆和平医院是公办的吗重庆新桥医院地址This creates steam in oasis and a profusion of life. Today, these warm springs are a refuge for one of Floridas most tropical inhabitants. The West Indian Manatee wasnt present during the last ice age, but returned here as the waters warmed up. 这使得绿洲之中产生了小溪也同时育了大量的生命。如今,这些温泉成为了佛罗里达一种最具热带特色的生物的避难所。西印度海牛在冰河时代末期并不存在,但是当这里的温度升到后来到了这里。Even now, it is only found around this subtropical tip of the continent. But these springs arent just a haven for modern day wildlife. Theyve also yielded many secrets of the distant past. 即使现在,我们也仅仅能在这块大陆的亚热带地区发现他们的踪影,但是这些温泉并不只是现代野生动物们的天堂,他们还蕴含着遥远过去的秘密。When these pools were first explored, they would have looked like this, strewn with astonishing fossil remains from ice age beasts. 当这些温泉最初被探索的时候,他们应该是这幅模样,到处都是存在于冰河时代的动物们惊人的化石和骨骼。Florida has one of the richest fossil records of the ice age anywhere on earth. So what kind of creatures did such bones and skulls belong to? And how did these springs become their graveyards? 佛罗里达是在世界上拥有冰河时代化石记录最多的地区之一。那么这些骨骼和头骨们有属于那些动物呢?而这些动物又怎么葬身于此?Many of the fossils are from animals that you can still see today. Indeed, weve recognized the vast majority of Floridas ice age wildlife. Nevertheless, the most spectacular ice age beast did become extinct. And remarkably, some of them share a common ancestor with modern manatees.很多的化石都属于那些今天我们还能看到的动物。确实,我们能够识别出佛罗里达大部分的冰河时代动物化石。然而,那些最为壮丽的冰河时代动物已经灭绝。让人吃惊的是,他们之中的一些动物和现代的海牛属于同一祖先的后裔。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属.201307/248685重庆星宸医院费用 Neuroscientists opinions about the brains of birds have changed.神经系统科学家关于鸟类大脑的传统观念发生了转变。In humans and other mammals,the roof of the forebrain has evolved into the cerebral cortex, a structure responsible for flexiblelearning and reasoning.人类和其他哺乳动物的前脑顶层已经进化为大脑皮层,这一结构主管弹性学习和推理能力。Early neuroanatomists thought that the forebrain roof was small and simple in birds, with itsforebrain instead being dominated by structures in its base, called the basal ganglia.早期的神经系统科学家认为鸟类的前脑顶层在大脑中面积小,构造简单,且并非由大脑基底部名为基底神经节的结构组成。Without anelaborate forebrain roof, it seemed that birds couldnt be very smart.因此,鸟类并不拥有复杂精妙的前脑顶层,这似乎决定了鸟类智商有限。Recent research shows that birds are a lot smarter than scientists once thought.最近的研究表明鸟类要比科学家想象的聪明得多。To give just afew examples, the New Caledonian crow can manufacture and use tools.例如,新喀里多尼亚乌鸦会制作和使用工具。The African grey parrotcan learn to classify objects into categories, and the Florida scrub jay stores food in dozens ofcaches and can remember their locations for future use.非洲灰鹦鹉能学会对东西进行分类,佛罗里达灌丛鸦会将食物存储在不同的地方,并且能记住位置,以备将来之需。It turns out that neuroanatomists had it all wrong about bird forebrains.结果是神经解剖学家 对鸟类前脑的研究完全错误。During more than 300 million years of separate evolution, the forebrain roofs of birds and of mammals each grew largerand more elaborate, but in different ways.在3亿多年各自的进化过程中,鸟类和哺乳动物的前脑顶层分别以不同的方式变大变精。The roof of a birds forebrain is so different from thecerebral cortex of a mammal that the neuroanatomists had confused most of it with enlargedbasal ganglia.鸟类的大脑顶层与哺乳动物的大脑皮层差别如此之大以至于神经解剖学家 将其与增大的基底神经节基本都弄混了。201408/322222重庆市新桥就诊怎么样

重庆市星辰医院做整形Today on Congressional Moment During the first 30 years of the 20th century, America became a safer and healthier place. 20世纪头30年的今天,美国成为了一个更安全、更健康的地方。Living conditions improved, causing many diseases to almost disappear. 住房条件得到改善,同时很多疾病也在消失。One exception to this pattern was cancer, and in 1937 Congress established the National Cancer Institute. 这种模式下的一个例外就是癌症。1937年国会成立了国家癌症研究院。By 1970, cancer had become the nations second leading cause of death. 直到1970年,癌症已经成了美国第二主要的致死因素。Texas Senator Ralph Yarborough sought to make its conquest a national priority. 德克萨斯州参议员Ralph Yarborough试图去征国家的这一大难题。He led a group of medical experts, cancer advocates, and business leaders who explored the issue. 他带领着很多医疗专家,癌症提倡者和商业领袖共同探讨这个问题。They became commonly known as the ;Yarborough Commission.; 他们成为众所周知的“Yarborough委员会”。The Yarborough Report became the blueprint for the National Cancer Act, which was signed into law in 1971 by President Richard Nixon. 《Yarborough报告》成了国家癌症法案的蓝图,1971年由理查德·尼克松总统签署成为法律。The National Cancer Act provided additional funding for the National Cancer Institute, establishing 15 new cancer research centers, local cancer control programs, and an international cancer data research bank. Its passage received a boost when popular columnist Ann Landers encouraged a flood of mail from her ers, urging representatives to vote for the bill. 国家癌症法案向国家癌症研究所提供额外的资助,帮助其建立15家新的癌症研究中心,癌症控制项目和一个国际癌症数据研究。流行专栏作家Ann Landers鼓励读者大量来信,力劝众议院投票持该法案,从而推动了这项法案的通过进程。The goal for a simple cure for cancer remains elusive. 癌症的简单治疗法仍然具有不确定性。But scientific knowledge about cancer continues to grow. 但是有关癌症的科学知识正在不断增长。New techniques for detection, diagnosis, and treatment are constantly emerging, as a result of efforts of Congress and the American people.由于国会和美国民众的努力,检测,诊断和治疗的新技术都在不断地涌现。201307/249041重庆市星宸美容医院什么时候建立 Its summertime, and youre on vacation.时值夏季,你正在享受假期。You sit beside a quiet pond, fishing, trying to relax, trying to think about nothing at all.你稳坐在一个安静的池塘旁钓鱼,想放松自己,试图让脑子放空一切。You watch the leaves stirring, the water rippling in the sunshine, and the water bugs standing on the surface of the water. 你看到树叶随水波荡漾,湖水在阳光下泛起涟漪,还有水虫恣意站在水面上。How do they--Rats! Now your brains working again, wondering how those bugs do that.它们是如何!现在你的大脑再次被拉回工作状态,想知道虫子是如何做到的。Well relax, its Moment of Science to the rescue.好了,放松,又到了科学出马的时候。Today well explain Standing on Water.今天我们将解释水上漂。There are two things involved in this trick:这一所谓的“魔术”涉及两个环节:one is a property of the water, and the other has to do with the bugs feet.一是水的性质,另一点是这种虫子的脚。Lets start with the water.让我们先从水开始。Water molecules naturally stick to each other, due to a strong chemical attraction between the individual molecules.由于单个分子之间的强烈化学吸引力,水分子自然而然的互相紧密连接。At the ponds surface, the uppermost water molecules experience this attraction as a strong pull toward each other, and downward from the water beneath them.在池塘表面, 当强大的引力以及水内部的吸引力互相作用最上层的水分子经历这一吸引力。This creates whats called ;surface tension;-a somewhat compressed layer of water molecules right at the ponds surface.这就产生了所谓的“表面张力”,一种水分子在池塘表面的压缩层。You can think of this layer as being like a tight film over the surface of the pond.你可以将这一层想象成池塘水面一种非常紧密的膜。How does this help the water bug?这对水虫起到什么作用?If the surface water stuck to its feet as well as it stuck to the water below, the bug would be pulled under.如果撑它脚部表面的水撑水面以下,虫子就会被拉入水中。As it turns out, the bugs feet are covered with waxy hairs that are ;hydrophobic;--which means they chemically resist contact with water.事实明,脚部覆盖着蜡状毛的这种昆虫是恐水的—这意味着它们会化学抵抗与水接触。This combination of strong surface tension and water-resistant feet is what lets our bug stand on the water, without even getting wet!这种结合强大的表面张力及防水的脚部让我们的虫子站在水上,甚至没有淋湿!On our next program, well learn how water bugs move across this surface.在我们下一期节目中,我们将了解水虫如何跨越这一表面。Meanwhile, get back to your fishing!与此同时,继续享受你的钓鱼吧! 201309/255038重庆市人民医院整形多钱

重庆三军医大好不好Business商业报道American tech companies in China美国科技公司在中国A question of trust诚信危机Edward Snowden is not the only cause of American firms Chinese troubles斯诺登事件并非美企在华陷入危机的唯一原因WHEN Hewlett-Packard reported quarterly results on November 26th, Meg Whitman, the chief executive, noted that the performance of many of its businesses in China had weakened.惠普公司在26号做季度总结时时,主管Meg Whitman注意到其在中国的多项业务表现得较为疲软。HP thus joined a growing list of American technology companies which have given recent warnings of harder times for their Chinese operations.因此惠普进入了美国科技公司的增长名单这一名单给他们处于艰难时期的中国分公司以提醒。Some commentators—and the odd executive—have mused that Edward Snowden may have something to answer for.一些者和执行官认为也许斯诺登是一部分原因。His revelations about Americas technological spying, it is thought, are leading Chinese customers to shun American gear.有认为斯诺登曝光美国的科技监视使中国顾客避免购买美国设备。Fears of a backlash had been reinforced on November 25th when Qualcomm, an American semiconductor designer, said it was under investigation by an agency responsible for enforcing Chinas anti-monopoly law.11月25号Qualcomm,一个半导体设计公司称一负责执行中国反垄断法的机构调查此事,这导致人们更加担心中国抵制美货。Qualcomm says that it is not aware of doing anything that might break the law and that it is co-operating with the agency.Qualcomm说他没有意识到所做的事可能违法中国法律,也没有意识到到正在与该机构合作。Paul Jacobs, its boss, told the Wall Street Journal that all US tech companies are seeing pressure in China right now.它的老板,Paul Jacobs,告诉华尔街日报称:现在在中国的所有的美国科技企业都有感受到了压力。Many are, but the reasons for this are more numerous and complex than Chinese suspicion of American snooping.这是大部分原因,但真正的原因远比中国怀疑美国监视要来得复杂。Take IBM. Its revenue from China plummeted by 22% in its latest quarter, compared with the same period of 2012.以IBM为例,与2012年同期相比,最近的一个季度IBM在中国的盈利大幅跳水22%。Big Blue admitted that internal execution problems were partly to blame. Less convincingly, it also cited a delay in the completion of Chinas latest economic plan and hence the tech spending associated with it.IBM承认内部执行问题需要付一部分责任。而它决定延期中国的最新经济计划和限制科技投入也是其在中国失宠的一部分原因。Cisco is also feeling a chill.思科也感到了寒意。In its latest quarter the Chinese revenues of the American maker of computer-networking equipment were 18% lower than a year before.较一年前相比,在前一季度中美国电脑网络设备在中过的盈利下降了18%。Cisco also forecast that its worldwide sales would fall by up to 10% in the current quarter, partly because of weakness in China.同时思科也预感到在临近季度中其在全球范围中的销售会下降超过10%。这一部分是因为中国市场表现疲软。Asked on an earnings conference call whether the Snowden affair was hurting business, Cisco executives said it was causing some Chinese customers to pause before making purchases.当在一个电话收益会议中被问到斯诺登事件是否会影响其业务,Cisco高层表示这会使一部分中国顾客暂停购买。But Ciscos share of sales of routers and switches to internet-service providers such as China Telecom and China Unicom, and to other providers of web-based communications and internet-connectivity services, had been falling well before the spying imbroglio.但是思科的路由器销售股票和为诸如中国移动和中国联通等网络务提供商以及其他网络通讯务提供商提供的转换器早在监视门之前就有所回落。David Krozier of Ovum, a research firm, says Cisco left itself vulnerable in China by failing to respond quickly enough to advances by rivals such as Alcatel-Lucent, of France, and Huawei, a Chinese company.一家研究公司Ovum的David Krozier称由于不能及时从竞争中获利比如Alcatel-Lucent和华维间的竞争,Cisco使自己在中国处于不利地位。Another American supplier, Juniper Networks, has managed to increase its share.但是另一家美国供应商uniper Networks已成功使股票增值。As for the Qualcomm investigation, it is tempting to see this as a further consequence of Mr Snowdens mischief.至于对Qualcomm的调查,人们很容易认为这是斯诺登事件的后续。But Qualcomm is not the only foreign company under the microscope.但其实Qualcomm并不是唯一一家在接受调查的外国公司。Recently others, including Danone, a French food firm, and Starbucks, an American coffee-shop chain, have been scrutinised for allegedly fixing prices or charging too much.最近,其他公司包括达能和星巴克也因为涉及调整价格或是收费太高等原因面临调查。The Chinese government could instead be trying to send an unsubtle signal to Qualcomm.中国政府不应该尝试着给Qualcomm一个不明智的信号。Qualcomm主导芯片市场,The company dominates the market for chips that let mobile devices use super-fast, 4G mobile networks, which Chinese telecoms firms are rolling out.使得电话设备用上极速4G手机网络,这一技术已被中国移动广泛铺开。The sudden scrutiny may thus be intended to ensure that Qualcomm asks only modest royalties of Chinese handset-makers.而这突然的监视有可能是打算确保Qualcomm只向中国手机制造商收取适度版税。All of this suggests the cost of Mr Snowdens revelations has been modest.所有的一切都表明斯诺登事件的代价是适度的。American firms are having difficulties in China partly because of their own missteps, but also because Chinese firms such as Huawei and ZTE have grown into powerful competitors.美国企业在中国面临危机一部分原是他们自己的失策,但也是因为华为中兴等中国企业已成长为强有力对手。The American government has, however, made matters worse by seeking to deter firms in the ed States from using Chinese telecoms-networking technology, on the ground that it could threaten national security.然而美国政府却因为试图以威胁国家安全为由阻止美国企业用中国电信网络技术而将事情变得更糟。That is fuelling what Ed Maguire of CLSA, an investment bank, calls tech mercantilism.这促进了CLSA的Ed Maguire所说的科技重商主义。China had policies favouring local suppliers of tech equipment many months before Mr Snowdens leaks.在斯诺登事件几个月之前中国有一些保护当地科技设备供应商的政策。A tit-for-tat trade battle will do far more damage to American tech firms fortunes in China than reports of the shenanigans of their countrys spooks.一场争锋相对的贸易战给美国企业在中国资产带来的损失远远大于对他们国家间谍诡计的报道。 /201312/267412 重庆新桥医院哪年成立重庆星辰美容医院在线咨询



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