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三明市试管生男孩到哪家医院福州博爱医院检查不孕会很贵吗Only last month President Xi announced that China will take steps to halt the domestic trade in ivory,就在上个月习主席宣布中国会采取措施遏制国内象牙交易。adding to the ban on ivory carving imports he announced in February.他今年二月份也宣布禁止象牙雕刻的进口。But we know the illegal wildlife trade cannot be solved by governments alone.但是我们知道仅仅依靠政府是无法解决非法野生动物贸易的。The spotlight falls back on all of us, and on the choices we have to make to play our part in addressing this problem.焦点重新回到我们所有人身上。为了解决这个问题,我们应该做出选择贡献我们的力量。We have to accept the truth that consumers are driving the demand for animal body parts, for art, for trinkets, for medicine.我们必须承认是消费者驱动了对用动物身体制作的艺术品、装饰品和药品的需求。Only we as consumers can put the wildlife traffickers out of business, by ending our demand for their products.只有我们这些消费者可以通过不再购买他们的产品,而让野生动物走私者的生意倒闭。I know we can do this.我知道我们可以做到。The desire to possess animal trophies, or ornaments made from ivory, has been felt on every continent for centuries.对动物制品和象牙饰品的渴求已经在各个大洲上绵延了数个世纪。I know this topic is sensitive for many families.我知道对许多家庭来说这都是一个敏感的话题。For example, until 100 years ago my ancestors were among those who had little concern about acquiring ivory,例如直到100年前我的祖先还像其他人一样热衷于获取象牙,without the knowledge of the threats of extinction, corruption, and violence that the ivory trade would lead to.丝毫没有意识到象牙贸易会导致怎样的暴力、腐败和灭绝的威胁。My rejection of ivory today is not a judgement of past generations.我今天反对象牙贸易并不是对上几代人的妄加评断。It is an acceptance of the world as I find it today and the world I want my children, George and Charlotte, to inherit.它只是我对于当今世界的看法,也是一个我想让自己的孩子乔治与夏洛特想要继承的世界。Likewise, those doctors and medical practitioners in China that are speaking out against the use of endangered species in medicine,类似的那些在中国反对在药材中使用野生动物的医生和从医者,they are not judging previous generations who did not have the facts that you do today.他们不是在批评那些缺乏资讯的前辈。They are just accepting the truth that all credible evidence and scientific research shows,他们只是接受了可靠据和科学研究新发现的事实。for example, that rhino horn cannot cure cancer.例如犀牛角并不能治疗癌症。We have a responsibility to act on the facts we have today.我们有责任根据我们当下的事实而行动。By doing so we are honouring the generations that have come before us and we are protecting those that are yet to come.这是对付出努力的前辈的尊重,也是对后来人的保护。I do not think that any of us would stand and watch an elephant or rhino being killed—or a ranger being gunned down我不相信我们中的任何一个人会愿意眼睁睁地看着一头大象或犀牛被猎杀,或者一位护林员被戕害,because we wanted a bracelet or an ornament to impress someone else as a gift.仅仅为了一条讨好他人的手镯或者其他装饰品。But that is what the demand for wildlife products means in practice.但它们确实是野生动物制品需求的来源。201601/419598宁德哪里激素六项检查 Hello, everybody.Today marks an historic anniversary—70 years since the Allied victory in Europe during World War II.On V-E Day after the Nazi surrender, people swarmed the streets of London and Paris and Moscow, and the cloud of fear that had hung for so many years finally lifted.Here at home, from small towns to Times Square, crowds gathered in celebration, singing and dancing with joy.There would still be three more months of deadly fighting in the Pacific.But for a few hours, the world rejoiced in the hope of peace.大家好!今天是个历史性的日子,70年前的今天,盟军取得了第二次世界大战欧洲战场的胜利。在这一天,纳粹投降之后,人们涌上伦敦、巴黎和莫斯科的街头,压抑在心头多年的恐惧终于烟消云散。在国内,从中小城市到纽约的时代广场,人们蜂拥而至,载歌载舞,欢庆胜利。虽然太平洋战场的战斗还需要三个月后才彻底结束,但几个小时后,全世界都对和平充满了期待。General Eisenhower announced the news with little fanfare.“The Mission of this Allied Force,” he said, “was fulfilled.” But his simple message belied the extraordinary nature of the Allied victory—and the staggering human loss.For over five years, brutal fighting laid waste to an entire continent.Mothers, fathers, children were murdered in concentration camps.By the time the guns fell silent in Europe, some 40 million people on the continent had lost their lives.艾森豪威尔将军毫不夸张地宣布:“盟军的使命圆满完成了。”但这句简短信息的背后是盟军艰苦卓绝的战斗换来的胜利,以及大量的人员伤亡。在过去的那五年里,残酷的战斗遍及整个大陆。无数的人,他们当中有爸爸、妈妈、孩子在集中营被杀害。等到欧洲战场的声沉寂之时,已经有4000多万人在这片土地上失去了自己的生命。Today, we pay tribute to all who served.They were patriots, like my grandfather who served in Patton’s Army—soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guard, merchant marines—and the women of the WACs and the WAVES and every branch.They risked their lives, and gave their lives so that we, the people the world over, could live free.They were women who stepped up in unprecedented numbers, manning the home front, and—like my grandmother—building bombers on assembly lines.今天,我们要向所有为国役的人们致敬。他们是爱国的英雄,我外公曾在巴顿将军麾下役,与他一样还有很多士兵、水手、飞行员、海军陆战队员、海岸警卫队员、商船船员,还有陆军妇女队、海军妇女队和其它部队的众多女性。正是他们冒着生命危险,甚至牺牲了自己的生命,才让我们,全世界的人们才能自由地生活。她们当中还包括无数挺身而出、奋战的大后方的女性,像我外婆一样,在生产线上制造轰炸机。This was the generation that literally saved the world—that ended the war and laid a foundation for peace.正是这一代人,真正挽救了这个世界,结束了战争,为世界和平奠定了基础。This was the generation that traded in their uniforms for a college education so they could marry their sweethearts, buy homes, raise children and build the strongest middle class the world has ever known.正是这一代人,后来脱下军装走进学堂,并找到心爱的另一半,结婚买房,养儿育女,并成为享誉全球的最富足的中产阶级一代。This was the generation that included heroes like the Tuskegee Airmen, the Navajo Code Talkers and the Japanese-Americans of the 442nd Regiment—and who continued the fight for freedom here at home, expanding equality and opportunity and justice for minorities and women.正是这一代人,涌现出了像塔斯克基飞行队(红色机尾)、纳瓦霍密码通信员(风语者)、442团的日裔美籍战士们等等一批英雄,他们回国后还继续为自由而奋斗,为少数族裔和妇女争取平等权益和机会而奋斗。We will be forever grateful for what these remarkable men and women did, for the selfless grace they showed in one of our darkest hours.But as we mark this 70th anniversary, let’s not simply commemorate history.Let’s rededicate ourselves to the freedoms for which they fought.我们将永远牢记这些非凡的人们所做的一切,在最为黑暗的时代所表现出来最无私的精神。在70周年纪念日的这一天,我们不仅要缅怀历史,更要投身于他们为之奋斗的自由事业中去。Let’s make sure that we keep striving to fulfill our founding ideals—that we’re a country where no matter who we are or where we’re from or what we look like or who we love, if we work hard and take responsibility, every American will have the opportunity to make of our lives what we will.让我们继续为实现我们的立国理想而奋斗:在这个国家,无论我们是谁、来自哪里、长成什么样子、喜欢谁,只要我们努力工作,承担义务,每个美国人都有机会实现自己的梦想。Let’s stand united with our allies, in Europe and beyond, on behalf of our common values—freedom, security, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law around the world—and against bigotry and hatred in all their forms so that we give meaning to that pledge: “Never forget.Never again.”让我们与欧洲和世界各地的盟友坚定地站在一起,牢记我们共同的价值观:自由、安全、民主、人权、法治,反对一切形式的偏激与仇恨,正如我们在誓言中所说的:“永远铭记,永不重演。” 201505/375169Hi,everybody.Yesterday,we learned that our businesses created another 118,000 new jobs in September.That makes 67 straight months of job creation,and 13.2 million new jobs in all.大家好!昨天,有消息显示9月份我们的企业共创造11.8万个就业岗位。这是第67个月就业连续增长,新增的就业岗位总数达到1320万个。But we would be doing even better if we didnt have to keep dealing with crises in Congress every few months.And especially at a time when the global economy is softening,our own growth could slow if Congress doesnt do away with harmful austerity measures.但如果我们不用每隔几个月就要处理国会制造的危机和问题的话,我们取得的成就要比这些大得多。尤其是在全球经济发展疲软的当下,如果国会不能摒弃有害的出缩减措施,我们的经济增长就会放缓。Now,on Wednesday,more than half of Republicans in Congress voted to shut down the government for the second time in two years.Fortunately,there were enough votes in both parties to pass a last-minute bill to keep the government open for another ten weeks.Unfortunately,that gimmick only sets up another shutdown threat two weeks before Christmas.上周三,一多半的共和党议员投票同意让政府在两年内第二次关门。幸运的是,国会两党还是有足够的票数在最后时刻通过一份法案,让政府继续维持运转10个星期。不幸的是,这种伎俩还是会让政府在圣诞节前两周面临又一次的关门威胁。Look,thats not the way America should operate.It just kicks the can down the road without solving any problems or doing any long-term planning for the future.And thats why I will not sign another shortsighted,short-term spending bill like the one Congress sent me this week.这可不是美国应该有的处事方式。这是破罐子破摔的行为,根本不解决任何问题,也没有为未来做任何长远的打算。因此,未来我绝对不会签署像国会本周送来的这种短视的、只着眼短期出的预算方案。Heres why.A few years ago,both parties agreed to put in place harmful,automatic cuts that make no distinction between spending we dont need and spending we do.Those cuts have actually kept our economy from growing faster.Even worse,theyre actually undermining the middle class.为什么会出现这种情况呢。几年前,两党同意实施这种伤害性的自动减计划,完全不区分哪些钱是不必要出的,哪些是必须要出的。这种削减政策让我们的经济发展速度受限。更严重的是,这种政策侵害了中产阶级的地位。Heres one example.If we dont undo these mindless cuts,then next year,well be funding our kids education at the same levels per pupil we did in the year 2000.Compared to my budget,that would be like cutting federal funding for 4,500 schools,17,500 teachers and aides,1.9 million students.打个比方来说。如果我们非得采取这种毫无差别的出削减计划,那么明年,我们在儿童教育上进行资金投入,对每个学生的投入仅相当于2000年的水平。而与我提出的预算方案相比,这相当于砍掉了4500所学校,1.75万名教职员工以及190万名学生的联邦预算投入。Thats not good for our kids or our economy.Its a prescription for American decline.And it shouldnt happen.We should invest in things like education today,or well pay the price tomorrow.这对孩子们的未来和经济发展都没有好处。这剂药方将导致美国衰退。这种情况不能出现。我们今天应该在教育等领域加大投入,否则明天我们将为此付出代价。Congress should do its job,stop kicking the can down the road,and pass a serious budget rather than flirt with another shutdown.A serious budget is one that keeps America strong through our military,our law enforcement; that keeps America generous through caring for our veterans and our seniors; that keeps America competitive by educating our kids and our workers.国会应该做好自己的工作,停止破罐子破摔的行为,通过一份严谨的预算方案,而不是挑起另一次的政府关门事件。这份严谨的预算要为我们的军队、执法人员提供资金,让美国保持强大;要为我们的退伍军人和老人提供照料,让美国慷慨如往;为我们的孩子和工人提供教育培训,让美国保持竞争力。Thats what I want to work with serious people in both parties to achieve.Because thats how well build on the progress of 13 million new jobs,and help the middle class get ahead.这是我希望与国会两党有责任的议员们一起完成的任务。因为只有这样,我们才能在取得1300万就业岗位的基础上再创佳绩,帮助中产阶级取得成功。Thanks everybody,and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝大家周末愉快! 201510/402004福州备孕体检正规医院

南平B超监测卵泡需要多少钱In 2008 I stepped into the chairman role of Twitter.2008年我成为推特的老板There was an interesting thing that was happening.发生了一件很有趣的事情The entire market was crushing.整个市场都开始下滑So, all of these financial obstructions that we所以我们所有的金融障碍had built up were suddenly being swept away.都忽然消失了There is no better time to start a new company or a金融衰退和大萧条是new idea than a depression or recession because a lot建立一个公司或是发展一个新想法的最好时机of the management teams were being asked to leave.因为很多管理团队都被辞退了There is a lot of people很多人都需要who need to get really creative变得有创造力to create something new and there was an opening.来创造新的东西,而且出现了一个契机There was an opening particularly in payments.不用花多少钱就能雇到牛人At this time, I also reconnected with这个时候,我也再次联系到了我15岁my first boss when I was 15 years old.时第一个老板His name is Jim McKelvey. He is a glass artist.他叫做吉姆·麦凯尔维,是个玻璃艺术家He makes these beautiful pieces of glass.他制作出很多美丽的玻璃艺术品We reconnected over Christmas.我们是在圣诞节的时候联系上的I normally go home for Christmas and visit my family.圣诞节时我一般都会回家看家人We got to talking.我们两个开始聊天He wanted to build an electronic car company.他想建立一个电子汽车公司I said, ;I have no idea how to do that but its我说:;我不爱懂这一行an interesting idea. But lets keep talking.不过这个想法不错,我们接着聊吧We should definitely work together on something.;我们的确应该一起合作什么 ;Then, one day he called me up on his iPhone.之后一天他用他的iPhone给我打电话I picked up my iPhone.我用我的iPhone接了他的电话He was frustrated他很沮丧because he just lost a sale of a 00 piece of因为他刚刚失去一次将玻璃艺术品glass that he had just made以2000美元卖出的机会because the woman who wanted to pay有位女士想要买他的艺术品him only had a credit card and但是只用信用卡付账he couldnt accept credit card.但他不愿意用信用卡交易We were both wondering,我们都在想you have this general purpose computer next to your ear你手边就有一台电脑why were you not able to make that sale?为什么你不能完成这次买卖We decided that he would come out.我们决定让他入伙We would take a month.我们打算花一个月的时间We would hire one other programmer to work on我们计划雇佣另一个程序设计师来做the clients site and build a hardware out,客户网站,再准备好硬件I would build the server software我还会编出一个务器软件and then answer that question.一个月后,我们就会回答那个问题In a month we built a very early prototype一个月后我们建立起了最初的模型of what is now known as Square,就是现在大家知道的Squarewhich is a credit card er that plugs into the就是一个信用卡读卡器audio jack of your iPhone or your android or your可以插入你的iPhone或是android或是你的iPad or anything that has an audio jack.iPad或是任何带音频插孔的设备上We just need to write software for it.我们只需要编写一个软件The software and the hardware was really easy.软件和硬件都很容易We got that done in about a month.我们一个月左右就做完了I could actually swipe a card and generate electronic这下,我真的能刷刷卡,发一封邮件,把电子回执receipt via email and then send it out to a person.发给对方I love this because我喜欢这个成果I would go around to all these angel investors因为这样我就能四处拜访天使投资者and VCs and charge them or 和风险资本家,收取他们5或50美元的费用to show them my new idea.向他们展示我的新想法I made 0 from that, by the way.顺便说一句,我从中获得了600美元It was awesome.非常棒201503/365665福州检测精子哪家最好 And it seems to me that the first question我的看法是,is entirely a biology question,第一个问题完全是生物学的问题,and its extremely hard to answer.这是非常难回答。One has to be very speculative,一个人必须非常投机,and many of my colleagues would say that we should not do this speculation,和我的许多同事会说,我们不应该做这种推测,that we should simply keep our counsel until we know more.我们应该简单地保持沉默,直到我们了解更多。I say thats nonsense.我觉得这是一派胡言。I say we absolutely are irresponsible if we stay silent on this.保持沉默,绝对是不负责任的。We need to give our best guess as to the time frame,我们需要给我们最好的猜测有时间框架,in order to give people a sense of proportion以便使人们有个概念,so that they can assess their priorities.使他们能够评估他们的优先事项。So, I say that we have a 50/50 chance所以,我说,从我们应用强健老鼠再生的科技of reaching this RHR milestone,的十五年内,我们有百分之五十的机会robust human rejuvenation, within 15 years from the point实现强健人类再生科技that we get to robust mouse rejuvenation.这个重要的里程碑。15 years from the robust mouse.强健老鼠再生的科技应用的十五年内,The publics perception will probably be somewhat better than that.人们的看法可能会变好。The public tends to underestimate how difficult scientific things are.因为人们往往低估的科学进步的困难性。So theyll probably think its five years away.因此,他们很可能会认为只需五年。Theyll be wrong, but that actually wont matter too much.他们可能是错误的,但实际上这不太重要。And finally, of course, I think its fair to say最后,当然,我认为公众对于老龄化that a large part of the reason why the public is so ambivalent about aging now的看法这么的矛盾的主要原因,is the global trance I spoke about earlier, the coping strategy.是我刚才谈到的全球恍惚的应对策略。That will be history at this point,这将是历史性的一刻,because it will no longer be possible to believe that aging is inevitable in humans,因为公众将不再认为老化是人类不可避免的,since its been postponed so very effectively in mice.因为它已经非常有效地在小老鼠体内被推迟。So were likely to end up with a very strong change in peoples attitudes,因此,我们很可能会看到人们的观念有了巨大变化,and of course that has enormous implications.而这将会具有极大的影响。So in order to tell you now how were going to get these mice,为了现在要告诉你我们要如何得到这些老鼠,Im going to add a little bit to my description of aging.我要补充一点我对老化的描述。Im going to use this word ;damage;我会用“损害”这个词来表示to denote these intermediate things that are caused by metabolism所有由新陈代谢中阶段造成的东西,and that eventually cause pathology.而最终导致不可避免的死亡。Because the critical thing about this因为这个关键的是,is that even though the damage only eventually causes pathology,尽管这些损害只有在最终才会造成不可避免的死亡,the damage itself is caused ongoing-ly throughout life, starting before were born.它们是从我们出生之前就开始累积的东西,我们整个人生它们都不断累积。But it is not part of metabolism itself.但是这些损害不是新陈代谢的一部分,And this turns out to be useful.这一点对我们来说是有益的。Because we can re-draw our original diagram this way.因为这样我们可以重新绘制我们的原始图。We can say that, fundamentally, the difference between gerontology and geriatrics我们可以说,老年学和老年病学之间根本区别就是,is that gerontology tries to inhibit the rate老年学试图抑制新陈代谢,at which metabolism lays down this damage.这些“损害”累积的速度。And Im going to explain exactly what damage is我等一下会准确地解释我所谓in concrete biological terms in a moment.的“损害”在生物学里指的是什么。And geriatricians try to hold back the sands of time老年病学呢,就试图阻止by stopping the damage converting into pathology.这些“损害”所带来的的后果,And the reason its a losing battle比如说死亡。这是一个败仗,is because the damage is continuing to accumulate.因为损害只会继续积累。So theres a third approach, if we look at it this way.如果我们这样看的话,有第三种办法。We can call it the ;engineering approach,;我们可以把它叫做工程方法,and I claim that the engineering approach is within range.我声称工程方法是在人类的科技,技术范围之内。The engineering approach does not intervene in any processes.该工程方法不会干预任何过程。It does not intervene in this process or this one.它不会干预这个过程,也不干预这一个。And thats good because it means that its not a losing battle,这很好,因为这意味着这不是一个败仗,and its something that we are within range of being able to do,并且它是在我们现在的范围之内能够做到的事情,because it doesnt involve improving on evolution.因为它不涉及对人类进化改善。The engineering approach simply says,该工程方法只是表示,;Lets go and periodically repair all of these various types of damage --“我们定期修复所有的这些不同类型的损害 –not necessarily repair them completely, but repair them quite a lot,他们不一定完全修复,so that we keep the level of damage down below the threshold但修复的足以让我们继续避免that must exist, that causes it to be pathogenic.;一个会造成导致死亡或生病的程度。”We know that this threshold exists,我们知道这个门槛程度的存在,because we dont get age-related diseases until were in middle age,因为我们只有当我们在中年时才会得到与年龄有关的疾病,even though the damage has been accumulating since before we were born.即使损害已经从我们诞生时就开始累积了。Why do I say that were in range? Well, this is basically it.为什么我说,在人类近期的技术范围内呢?这基本上就是原因。The point about this slide is actually the bottom.这图片的重点在底部。If we try to say which bits of metabolism are important for aging,如果我们试图说新陈代谢的那个部分才是对老化过程有着重要的影响,we will be here all night, because basically all of metabolism那我们可能要在这里呆一整晚,is important for aging in one way or another.因为基本上新陈代谢的每个组件都对老化有影响。201508/392920福州看卵巢多囊多少钱

龙岩市第二医院做人授手术好不好费用多少The third one I want to talk about quickly is the progression dynamic,第三个我想快速讲一下的是进步动机,where you have to sort of make progress,当你不得不进步的时候,you have to move through different steps in a very granular fashion.你很规律地一步一步前进。This is used all over the place, including LinkedIn, where I am an un-whole individual.这种动机在各地都适用,包括Linkedln,我并没有全部完成。I am only 85 percent complete on LinkedIn, and that bothers me.只完成了85%,我很在意这个。And this is so deep-seated in our psyche这种进步的动机在每个人身上如此根深蒂固that when were presented with a progress bar以至于当我们面对一个有进度条的任务,and presented with easy, granular steps to take to try and complete that progress bar, we will do it.它会细分成很多小的步骤,让你会愿意尝试完成这个进度条,We will find a way to move that blue line all the way to the right edge of the screen.我们会尽力移动那条蓝线,一直移到屏幕的最右边。This is used in conventional games as well.这一动机在传统的游戏中也有所体现。I mean, you see this is a paladin level 10, and thats a paladin level 20,我的意思是,你看这是圣骑士10级,那是圣骑士20级,and if you were going to fight, you know, orcs on the fields of Mordor against the Raz al Ghul,当各位将士准备前往多攻击半兽人,youd probably want to be the bigger one, right.你或许想用那个大块头,对吧。I would.我会想要右边的。And so people work very hard to level-up.所以人们拼了命想升级。;World of Warcraft; is one of the most successful games of all time.“魔兽世界”是一款卖的很好的游戏。The average player spends something like six, six-and-a-half hours a day on it.平均每个玩家每天花大概6到6.5个小时玩这个游戏。Their most dedicated players, its like a full-time job.最专注的玩家,恐怕是全职的。Its insane. And they have these systems where you can level-up.这简直是疯了。游戏系统规定可以升级。And thats a very powerful thing. Progression is powerful.这个很强大。进步的驱动力是巨大的。It can also be used in very compelling ways for good.这也可以被用来做好事。One of the things that we work on at SCVNGR我们在SCVNGR做的一件事情就是is how do you use games to drive traffic and drive business to local businesses,想出利用游戏的手法,对当地企业进行操作,to sort of something that is very key to the economy.这对经济发展非常重要。And here we have a game that people play.这里我们给大家设计了这样一个游戏,They go places, they do challenges, they earn points.他们到一个地方,完成挑战,赢得经验值。And weve introduced a progression dynamic into it,我们已经把进步动力的方式引入游戏之中,where, by going to the same place over and over,人们通过一次次到相同的地方,by doing challenges, by engaging with the business,不断地完成挑战,参与经济活动,you move a green bar from the left edge of the screen to the right edge of the screen,会使的一根绿色的进度条从屏幕的左边不断向右边推移,and you eventually unlock rewards.最终你能得到奖赏。And this is powerful enough that we can see that it hooks people into these dynamics,这种方法也很有效,它能够激起人们的进步动机,pulls them back to the same local businesses, creates huge loyalty, creates engagement,不断把他们拉回到同一个当地企业,建立巨大的客户忠诚和亲密关系,and is able to drive meaningful revenue and fun and engagement to businesses.这给企业带来了可观的收入,和承诺。These progression dynamics are powerful and can be used in the real world.这种进步的动机很强,可以在现实生活中使用。201601/423454 Over the past couple weeks Ive been talking with folks across the country about how were going to rebuild an economy where if you work hard, you and your family can get ahead.在过去两个星期中我一直与全美国的民众们一起谈论我们将要如何重建一种经济体制,即只要努力工作,你和你的家庭就一定可以成功的经济体。And right now, theres a big debate going on in Washington over two fundamentally different paths we can take as a country to do that.而现在,一场就我们国家将要采取的两条完全不同路线的激烈的辩论正在华盛顿上演。One path—pushed by Republicans in Congress and their nominee for President—says that the best way to create prosperity is to let it trickle down from the top. 其中一条路线是由国会的共和党人以及他们的总统提名候选人所提出:创造繁荣的最佳途径是采取自上而下的滴流式经济政策。They believe that if we spend trillions more on tax cuts for the wealthy,他们认为只要我们花费上万亿富豪们的减税资金,itll somehow create jobs – even if we have to pay for it by gutting education and training and by raising middle-class taxes.从某种角度而言这会创造就业,即使我们要为破坏教育、培训,提高中产阶级赋税买单也未尝不可。I think theyre wrong. 我认为他们是错误的。We aly tried it that way for most of the last decade, and it didnt work. 在过去十多年里我们就一直在这条路上摸爬滚打,但事实上根本行不通。Were still paying for trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefitted the wealthiest Americans more than anyone else;我们依然为减税花着上万亿的资金,而那些最富有的美国人们比其他任何人获利都要多;tax cuts that didnt lead to the rise in wages and middle class jobs that we were promised;减税并没有像我们承诺的那样提高工资,为中产阶级带来就业机会,and that helped take us from record surpluses to record deficits.那只是使我们从创纪录的盈余走进创纪录的财政赤字当中。The last thing we need right now is more top-down economics. 现在我们根本最需要的东西就是自上而下的经济。What we need are policies that will grow and strengthen the middle class;我们需要的政策是壮大和巩固中产阶级,that will help create jobs, make education and training more affordable,带来就业机会,并使教育和培训的负担更易承受,and encourage businesses to start up and stay right here in the ed States.以及鼓励企业在美国本土生根发芽并在这里长久发展。Soon, well face a choice between these two different approaches. 不久我们就将面临这两种道路的选择。On January 1st, taxes are set to go up for tens of millions of Americans. 在1月1日,数千万美国人民将面临税负上涨。I think that would be a huge financial hit for middle-class families. 我想这对中产阶级来说是重大的打击。Thats why Ive cut middle-class taxes every year that Ive been President – by ,600 for the typical family. 这就是为什么自我担任总统以来每年都会为中产阶级减税,因为一个普通家庭就已经达到3600美元。And thats why, this week, I called on Congress to immediately stop the January 1st tax hike from hitting any American on the first 0,000 of their income. 这就是为什么本周我敦促国会尽快行动,其目的在于避免1月1日第一次的税负上涨冲击到任何一位收入达到25万美元的美国人。Under my plan, 98% of American families wont see their income taxes go up at all. 按照我的计划,98%的美国家庭的收入所得税将不会上涨。But the other 2% of Americans will have to pay a little more in taxes on anything they make over 0,000. 但另外2%的美国人则必须对他们收入超过25万美元的部分多缴些税。In other words, the wealthiest few Americans will go back to the income tax rates they were paying under Bill Clinton. 换言之,极少数最富裕的美国人的所得税税率将回到克林顿时期的水平。And if you remember, that was when our economy created nearly 23 million new jobs, the biggest budget surplus in history, and millionaires were doing pretty well.如果你们还有印象,那是我们的经济创造了将近2300万个新的工作岗位,以及历史上最多的财政盈余,而百万富翁们也非常成功的时代。The folks in Congress and on the campaign trail who oppose this plan warn that it would somehow hurt small businesses and job creators. 在国会中而且将参与竞选演说的人们会反对这一计划,并警告说这将在一定程度上损害中小企业利益和影响创造就业机会。Well, theyre completely ignoring the facts.他们这完全是置事实于不顾。Under my plan, 97% of small business owners would avoid getting hit with any income tax hike whatsoever. 按照我的计划,97%的小企业主不会受到所得税上涨的冲击。In fact, Ive cut taxes for small businesses eighteen times since Ive been President. 事实上,自担任总统以来我已经18次为中小企业减税。And just this week, I ordered a series of new steps to help our small businesses grow and hire.而且就在本周,我签署了一系列措施来帮助我们的小企业成长并招聘到员工。The only place we disagree is whether we keep giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 2% of Americans. 我们现在存在的唯一分歧是是否要继续为全美2%的最富裕的人减税。Republicans in Washington want more of those tax cuts. 在华盛顿的共和党人希望这些减税更大些。With the deficit we have, I dont think we can afford them.按照我们现在的赤字水平,我认为我们不能承受这样的负担。But even if we disagree on the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, we all agree that no American should pay more taxes on the first 0,000 of their income. 尽管我们在最富裕的美国人是否减税上存在分歧,但我们都认为任何收入第一次达到25万美元的人都不应该多缴税。So lets at least agree to do what we all agree on. 所以,让我们至少同意去做大家都认同的事情。Thats what compromise is all about. 这就是妥协的意义所在。Lets not hold the vast majority of Americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy. 在为另外一项为富人减税的好处争辩的时候,让我们不要把大多数美国人民和我们的整个经济作为人质。Lets skip the unnecessary drama, the needless delays and all the partisan posturing and lets just do the right thing for the people who sent us here to serve.让我们舍弃那些不必要的繁文缛节,根本不需要的拖延以及各党派之间的争斗,做好对人民有益的事情,不辱自己的使命,不辜负其希望。And Im going to keep fighting to make sure we rebuild an economy that rewards work, grows the middle class, and gives new opportunity to those trying to earn their way into the middle class.让我们重建一个这样的经济体,有付出就有回报,中产阶级将不断增长,希望靠自己的努力加入到产阶级的人们将获得新的机会,我将继续为实现这一目标而不懈努力。Thanks, and have a great weekend. 谢谢,祝周末愉快!201207/190537福州看男科去哪比较好福州市检查不育大约多少钱



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