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莆田检查胎停医院福州那个医院治疗男性精子好Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee so, what does that portend for Republicans further down the ballot?For Donald Trump to win the presidency, hell have to change the Electoral College map to win states Republicans dont usually win. And, based on Trumps apparent appeal to blue collar voters in old Rust Belt states, Michigan is high on that list.Michigan Republican Congresswoman Candice Miller endorsed Trump last week.;In this case, with Donald Trump, I think Michigan is very much in play. I think the entire electoral map is going to be changing as evidenced by the recent poll that showed that he was neck and neck in three critical states, uh, literally, a dead-heat in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and if that is happening in Pennsylvania, I believe it is going to be happening in Michigan, as well. And, certainly in Macomb County, home of the Reagan Democrats,; Miller said last week.But, at the same time, Democrats are hoping a lightning rod candidate like Trump will hand them opportunities.In Michigan, were specifically talking about some congressional seats and control of the state House of Representatives.Thats a big deal when you consider its been six years since Democrats controlled the state House. Control would put Dems at the table for the final two years of Governor Rick Snyders administration and it would break the complete GOP hegemony in Lansing.So, the question is: what is the net effect of Donald Trump at the top of the ballot? The definitive answer is: we dont know.This election year has been a wild, unpredictable ride and theres no reason to believe thats going to change. But, that wont keep us from sorting through the possibilities.First off, Bernie Sanders won the Michigan Democratic primary, at least partially, because of opposition to free trade deals that he says have outsourced U.S. jobs overseas. Well, Donald Trump won Michigans Republican primary also slamming trade deals. Might there be some crossover appeal?Meantime, this election, of course, wont be decided just by who turns out, but by who doesnt. And that means something in 2016 when both top candidates—Trump and Clinton—have high negative ratings in most polls.Trumps got the bigger problem in the aggregate, but Republicans say in most of the state House and congressional districts theyre competing in, Clintons got the higher negatives. Democrats say they expect the Trump effect will mostly turn in their favor. So will voter distrust of either or both candidates suppress turnout? And, if so, which side loses more?201605/444367闽清县检查精液到哪里好 Aviation capacity航空动力Limited skies领空限制Expanding airport capacity in the south-east is a bet on the future of travel扩大东南地区的航空能力对旅行的未来至关重要EVEN before Sir Howard Davies, an economist mulling where to put extra airport capacity in Britain, rejected the idea of building a big new hub in the Thames Estuary, the backlash had begun. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London and an enthusiastic supporter of the Thames plan, spluttered in advance, then branded the decision “myopic”. NIMBYs opposing the expansion of Heathrow and Gatwick groaned, knowing that the remaining options all involve building or extending runways at one of those airports. Sir Howards final recommendation, due in 2015, is sure to run into heavy fire. To make matters worse, he and his team must hazard a guess about the future of air travel.甚至在经济学家霍华德·达维斯反对在泰晤士河口建造一座转移英国多余的航空能力的时候,反对的声音就已经出现了。伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊和泰晤士计划的一位积极的持者对此气急败坏,并认为这种决定是“目光短浅”的表现。得知当前都需要扩建两个机场或是扩建其中一个机场的跑道时,邻避主义者反对扩建希思罗机场和盖特威克机场。霍华德最终的建议将于2015年到期,的确引起了人们极大的愤怒。为了让人们更加反对,他和他的团队必须实行一个关于乘机航行的危险的猜想。Heathrow and Gatwick are both full, or close to it, and want to expand. But the two airports presently serve quite different parts of the market. Some 37% of passengers at Heathrow transfer between flights. Nearly a third of its customers are on business. By contrast, only 13% of Gatwicks customers are business travellers. Most are going on holiday. Just 7% transfer there—a proportion that has fallen by half over the past decade.希思罗机场和盖特威克机场的承载量已经接近饱和,都需要扩建。但是这两个机场目前的市场务内容并不同。希思罗机场37%的乘客都是乘飞机转车。几乎三分之一的客户都是工作出行。相反,盖特威克机场的客户只有13%是工作出差。大多数都是游客。只有7%的人是转机的—— 在过去的10年里,这个比例下降了一半。Heathrows shiny new Terminal 2, which opened in June, is full of expensive shops and restaurants run by Michelin-starred cooks to entice rich passengers. At Gatwick, recent improvements reflect its popularity with holidaygoers: a wider lane at a spruced-up security gate has been set aside for families, while an area in the southern terminal is now reserved for elderly passengers, with comfy seats and a small duty-free shop.希思罗新建的富丽堂皇的2号航站楼,于6月投入使用,里面有许多昂贵的商店和米其林名厨运营的餐馆以满足富有乘客的需求。盖特威克机场做了一些措施,以满足众多度假游客的需求:一排安检口前稍宽的区域划为家人区,南边航站楼属于老年乘客区,配备了舒适的沙发和一个不大的免税店。The airports managers also hold entirely different views about the way the airline industry will develop, and its place in the broader economy. Much of the argument for expanding Heathrow rests on the idea that hub airports are, and will remain, vital. Without further expansion, boosters argue, fewer flights to far-flung places such as Wuhan and Xiamen will be available to businessmen. If the capacity crunch persists, domestic flights are more likely to be delayed or cancelled. European airports will pick up those passengers instead. “Thats our GDP leaking out,” says Jon Proudlove, the general manager of air-traffic control at Heathrow.机场经理对飞机行业的发展方式及其在更广阔的经济领域的地位也是各执己见。扩建希思罗机场的主要观点是枢纽机场现在很重要,将来也很重要。持者们反驳,如果不扩建的话,几乎没有多少飞机能前往武汉、厦门等地,这对商业人士来说是非常不方便的。如果要开启前往这些地方的航班,国内航班很可能会延误或取消。欧洲的机场将接受这批游客。希思罗机场的空管经理Jon Proudlove 说:“我们的GDP就这样溜走了”Not surprisingly, Gatwick takes a different view. Over the past ten years the growth of low-cost airlines has been explosive, points out Sir Roy McNulty, chairman of the Gatwick group. People are travelling in different ways, with more “self-connecting” to keep costs down. Although connections with emerging markets are important, Europe and North America will remain Britains largest trading partners, he argues. London will be a destination in its own right, but a British hub may not be able to compete with the mega-hubs emerging in the Middle East.毫不意外,盖特威克却持有不同的观点。盖特威克集团的主席Roy McNulty指出,在过去的十年里,低价航线呈井喷式发展。人们旅游的方式各不相同,通过越来越多的“个人关系”降低费用。他表示,尽管新兴市场之间的关系非常重要,欧洲和北美仍是英国最大的合作伙伴。伦敦将凭借自身能力成为航班目的地,但是英国的枢纽机场无法与中东崛起的特大枢纽机场相抗衡。Boosters for a second runway at Gatwick point to the rising number of orders for aircraft which could offer “hub-bypass” services, flying people directly from one city to another. British Airways (BA), the largest British carrier, has ordered 18 Airbus A350s and 36 Boeing 787s, which efficiently ferry a smaller number of people over longer distances, making some secondary markets more viable. But betting on orders is tough: BA also has six huge A380s on order, each of which flies around 500 passengers between congested hubs, to add to six aly in stock.持盖特威克机场修建第二道飞机跑道的人们表明,飞机数量过多,人们可以通过“机场通道”将人们从一个城市直接运到另一个城市。英国最大的客运航空,英国航空公司(BA),订购了18架A350s空中客车,36架787s波音,能有效地运送少量的远距离乘客,使得二级市场的存活能力更强。但是用订单打赌很难决定输赢:英国汗孔也有6架大型A380s,每架可承载500乘客Sir Howard and his team will have to base their final recommendation on a good deal of guesswork about future trends that perplex people in the airline industry. That will make it easier for politicians to argue over their decision—particularly the ones who answer to the residents of west London, rattled by jets arriving at and leaving Heathrow. And as Sir Howard considers his options, both Heathrow and Gatwick grow ever busier.霍华德及其团队将不得不在大量猜测未来的飞机行业对人们影响的基础上得出最终的建议。这能帮助决策者更容易地讨论自己的决定——尤其是那些需要向西伦敦市民作出答复的政客,市民们对希思罗机场起飞、降落的飞机抱怨极大。在霍华德考虑如何抉择的时候,希思罗机场和盖特威克机场越来越忙了。译者:毛慧 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201506/383137福州绝育复扎那间医院好

连江县医院看卵巢多囊福州省人民医院看男科 These are the glamor shots,a lot of people took these in the 80s,You go to a mall or some place这就是传说中的艺术照 在80年代时曾风靡一时 你去超市或者哪儿啊都能看到Megan Holfmen from New Orleans Louisiana.My grandmother got me this glamor shot when I was in 7th gradeMegan Holfmen来自路易斯安那州新奥尔良市 我奶奶带我去拍了这张艺术照 当时我只有七年级She was in the 7th grade,but shed aly been divorced twice她真的只有七年级 但她看着像是已离过两次婚的Derek Gibbleheart in Aurora Colorado.This is a photo of my mother and sisterDerek Gibbleheart 来自科罗拉多州奥罗拉市 这是一张老妈和老的照片I cant tell where one starts and the other one ends我想我看不见两个人的分界线了They look stuck together,they really do like that was an accident some他们看起来好像粘在一起了 她们真的看起来好像出了什么意外什么的Marrian Jacobson Staunton Virginia.I though this pose was silly too,but the photographer insisted men love itMJ来自弗吉尼亚州斯汤顿市 我觉得这个姿势太蠢了 但是我的摄影师坚称这个姿势很勾男人Yeah,I think,we must had the same photographer,he told me the same thing and look where I ended up我想 我们肯定遇到同一个摄影师了 他也是这么跟我说的 于是Sharron Livinsten in Toronto Ontario.I had this taken when I was 25,I thought I was a stunnin unitSharron Livinsten来自安大略省多伦多市 这是我25岁时拍的 我觉得我是超靓型的Well firts of all,you are a stunning unit.Sounds like shes describing a condo好吧 首先呢 你确实是个超靓户型的 怎么觉得她在形容一户公寓Although her hair look like,it can sleep a family of four I dont know虽然从她的发型看来 这个超靓户型能睡得下一家四口I think Im gonna call her right now,she wins the priz for the most hair I have ever seen in one photo.That is the largest hair.Congratulations.You win我觉得我得给她打个电话 她获得了“在一张照片中见过的最多头发”奖 真的是超多头发 恭喜你 你赢了I would send you a crown,but I dont know if I can find one big enough to fit on我会给你发个桂冠的 只要我能找到个够大的Its an enoumous amount and,but the pink behind her is like she is in a sea of pink这个头发真的是好多啊 我得忍不住再说一遍 但是她后面的这个粉红色 看起来 好像是她正畅游在一片粉红色海洋里面I dont know how big the dress it but anyway if you have a glamor shot you think I should see,please sent it to me不知道她穿的裙子有多大 好吧 如果你有什么艺术照想展示 请一定要寄给我When we come back the first lady Michelle Obama would be sitting right there广告之后 美国第一夫人Michelle Obama将坐在那张椅子上 /201609/466333三明市第三代试管哪家医院好

三明市那里可以做结扎恢复手术Amos Ziegler has developed a smartphone app that could make it a lot tougher for invasive plants and critters to sneak into our state and get a foothold before theyre detected.The MISIN app is one component of the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network, a regional effort to develop and provide an early detection and rapid response resource for invasive species in the Midwest.Like their website, found here, the app depends on user interaction to assist in the identification and reporting of invasive species in the Midwest.Amos says the app also provides resources to educate users about how to identify hundreds of invasive species and allow them to report species sightings.Amos app relies on the phones built-in GPS and encourages users to take a picture of the species sighted, and asks a few simple questions to describe the density and approximate size of the infestation.The report is then sent to the website, where it is added to the database.The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and download links can be found here.201505/373522 World economy世界经济Past and future tense过去和未来时The world economy in 2015 will carry troubling echoes of the late 1990s世界经济在2015年将出现20世纪90年代晚期令人烦恼的相似困境A FINANCIAL crash in Russia; falling oil prices and a strong dollar; a new gold rush in Silicon Valley and a resurgent American economy; weakness in Germany and Japan; tumbling currencies in emerging markets from Brazil to Indonesia; an embattled Democrat in the White House. Is that a forecast of the world in 2015 or a portrait of the late 1990s?俄罗斯发生了金融危机;油价和强势美元下跌;硅谷出现了新的淘金热,并且美国实现经济复苏;德国和日本则经济疲软;从巴西到印度尼西亚的新兴市场货币呈动荡;民主党在白宫四面楚歌。那是对2015年世界的预测或上世纪90年代末的景象描绘?Recent economic history has been so dominated by the credit crunch of 2008-09 that it is easy to forget what happened in the decades before. But looking back 15 years or so is instructive—in terms of both what to do and what to avoid.近期的经济已经由2008-09年的信贷紧缩所主导,很容易忘记在十年前所发生的事情。但回过头来看15年前的经济会发现有所启发—反观两者可以知道该做之事以及应避免什么问题。Then, as now, the ed States was in the vanguard of a disruptive digital revolution. The advent of the internet spawned a burst of innovation and euphoria about Americas prospects. By 1999 GDP was rising by more than 4% a year, almost twice the rich-country average. Unemployment fell to 4%, a 30-year low. Foreign investors piled in, boosting both the dollar and share prices. The Samp;P 500 index rose to almost 30 times earnings; tech stocks went wild.当时和现在一样,美国当年是颠覆性的数字革命的先锋。互联网的出现催生了一阵对美国的前景创新和兴高采烈的乐观情绪。到1999年为止,美国国内生产总值每年增长率超过4%,几乎两倍于富裕国家的平均水平。美国失业率下降至4%,为30年最低点。外国投资者主要集中于提升美元和股票价格。标准普尔500指数升至市盈率的近30倍;科技股疯狂飙升。The optimism in America stood in stark contrast to gloom elsewhere, as it does today. Japans economy had slipped into deflation in 1997. Germany was “the sick man of Europe”, its firms held back by rigid labour markets and other high costs. Emerging markets, having soared ahead, were in crisis: between 1997 and 1999 countries from Thailand to Brazil saw their currencies crash as foreign capital fled and dollar-denominated debts proved unpayable.正如现今一样,在美国的乐观情绪和其他地方的悲观状态形成鲜明对比。日本经济已经在1997年陷入通货紧缩。德国是那时的“欧洲病夫”,德国公司由劳动力市场僵化以及其他高成本阻碍了经济。已经提前高速发展的新兴市场也陷入危机:1997年至1999年之间,从泰国到巴西等国家货币出现崩溃,并伴随着外资外泄,而且以美元计价的债务被明是无法偿还的。Eventually, America ran into trouble too. The tech-stock bubble burst in early 2000, prompting a broader share price slump. Business investment, particularly in technology, sank; and as share prices fell, consumers cut back. By early 2001 America, along with most of the rich world, had slipped into recession, albeit a mild one.最终,美国也遇到了麻烦。早在2000年科技股泡沫破灭,促使更广泛的股价暴跌。商业投资,尤其是在技术方面的投资也在下降;而且随着股票价格下跌,消费者也在减少。到2001年初,美国与大多数发达国家一样,已经陷入经济衰退,尽管是温和的下降。America the powerful壮哉美国Inevitably the parallels are not perfect. The biggest difference is China, a bit-part player in 1999 and now the worlds second-biggest economy, contributing disproportionately to global growth. But there are three trends at work that destabilised the world economy then and could do the same now.不可避免的相似之处并不全然完美。最大的区别就是中国,一个在1999年经济中扮演跑龙套的配角的中国,目前已经是世界上第二大经济体,对全球经济增长作出巨大贡献。但也有使得当时世界经济不稳定三个趋势,也会对现在经济产生影响。The first is the gap between America, where growth is accelerating, and almost everywhere else, where it is slowing. In the late 1990s Larry Summers, then the US deputy treasury secretary, warned that the world economy was “flying on one engine”. For 2015 The Economists panel of forecasters expects 3% growth in America, compared with 1.1% in Japan and the euro area. Chinas growth rate may fall to around 7%.第一个趋势是美国,经济增长加快,而几乎其他任何地方经济正出现放缓。在20世纪90年代后期美国财政部副部长拉里·萨默斯警告说,世界经济是“依靠单台引擎在飞驰”。《经济学家》预测专家对于2015年进行预测:美国经济增长3%,在日本和欧元区为1.1%。中国的经济增长速度可能回落至7%左右。Americans can comfort themselves that, as in the late 1990s, the optimism gap is partially warranted. Jobs are being created in their country faster than at any time since 1999, cheap petrol has buoyed consumer spending and business investment has picked up. But the news is not all good: cheaper oil could tip plenty of Americas shale producers into bankruptcy in 2015, while a stronger dollar and weakness abroad will hurt exporters—just as they did 15 years ago. Britain, the other Anglosphere champion, may also be clobbered by the euro zones woes.美国人可以安慰自己的是,在上世纪90年代后期,乐观缺口部分得到了填补和保障。1999年以来美国创造了比以往任何时候都要快的就业率,价格便宜的汽油提升了消费者出,并且商业投资回升。但并非全是喜讯:便宜的油可能会使得许多美国的页岩生产商在2015年破产,当美元走强和外币出现疲软时会伤害出口商—和他们15年前如出一辙。英国,其他盎格鲁势力范围的捍卫者,也可能被欧元区的危机重挫。The second worrying parallel with the late 1990s is the dismal outlook for the rich worlds two other big economies. Germanys growth rate has tumbled to around 1% and there is a deeper malaise caused by years of underinvestment, a disastrous energy policy and a government that is too obsessed by its fiscal targets to spend money and too frightened of its voters to push through the sort of structural reforms that Gerhard Schr?der implemented in 2003. Meanwhile Japan has repeated the error it made in 1997—thwarting its escape from stagnation with a premature rise in consumption tax.上世纪90年代末的第二个令人担忧的是世界上其他两大经济体惨淡前景。德国的增长率已经下降到1%左右,多年投资不足导致更深的萎靡现象,灾难性的能源政策和政府过于迷恋其财政目标来花费金钱,太害怕选民对推动政府进行如格哈德·施罗德于2003年实施的结构性改革,同时日本已经出现了1997年所犯的错误—挫败了其逃离经济停滞与过早增加消费税。The third echo of the 1990s is the danger in emerging markets. Back then the problem was fixed exchange rates and hefty foreign debt. Now the debts are lower, the exchange rates float and most governments have built up reserves. Still, there are growing signs of trouble, especially in Russia (see article). But other commodity exporters also look vulnerable, especially in Africa. Oil accounts for 95% of Nigerias exports and 75% of its government revenue. Ghana has aly gone to the IMF for support. In other countries the danger lies in the corporate sector. Many Brazilian firms are heavily indebted in dollars. A rash of corporate defaults may prove less spectacular than Asias sovereign-debt crises in the 1990s, but they will make investors nervous and push up the dollar.上世纪90年代的第三波回音是新兴市场的危险。当时的问题是固定汇率和巨额外债。现在,债务较低,汇率浮动,大多数国家的政府都建立了储备。不过,也有麻烦越来越多的迹象,尤其是在俄罗斯(见文章)。但其他大宗商品出口国也很脆弱,尤其是在非洲。石油占95%,尼日利亚的出口和政府财政收入的75%。加纳已经申请国际货币经济组织的持。在其他国家的危险存在于企业部门。许多巴西公司都对美元负债累累。一连串企业违约可能比亚洲的主权债务危机在20世纪90年代不那么引人注目,但他们会让投资者紧张,推升美元。Fear the hangover心有余悸Add all this up and 2015 seems likely to be bumpy. Bears will bet that a surging dollar coupled with euro-zone torpor and a few emerging-market crises will eventually prompt a downturn in America. On the plus side, stockmarkets do not look as frothy as they did in the 1990s: the price/earnings ratio of the Samp;P 500 is 18, not far above its historical average. Although many big tech firms are investing recklessly, most have decent balance-sheets. And the global financial system is less leveraged and hence less vulnerable to contagion. In 1998 Russias default felled LTCM, a big American hedge fund. Such knock-on effects are less likely today.把所有这一切添加起来思考可以想见2015年很可能是崎岖不平的。大咖们会打赌,一个美元升值加上欧元区迟钝和一些新兴市场的危机最终会促使美国进入经济低迷时期。从有利的一面看,股市不会像他们在上世纪90年代那样看起来像泡沫:在标准普尔500指数的价格收益比是18,而不是远高于历史平均水平。尽管许多大型科技公司正在投资硬拼,最有体面的资产负债表。与全球金融体系的杠杆率较低,因此不容易受到传染。 1998年,俄罗斯对美国长期资本管理公司(LTCM)发生了债务违约,这是一家大型美国对冲基金,结果致使该公司垮台。这样连锁反应是不太可能出现在今天。But if the world economy does stumble, restoring stability will be harder this time round because policymakers have so little room for manoeuvre. Back in 1999 the Federal Reserves policy rate was around 5%, leaving plenty of scope for cutting when the economy slowed. Nowadays interest rates all over the rich world are close to zero.但是,如果世界经济不摔跟头,恢复稳定将在这一次变得更为困难,因为政策制定者有那么一点回旋的余地。早在1999年,美联储的政策利率是5%左右,经济放缓时留出足够的余地去削减利率。现在的利率都在富裕国家接近于零。The political scene is also different, and not in a good way. At the end of the 1990s most people in the rich world had enjoyed the fruits of the boom: median American wages rose by 7.7% in real terms in 1995-2000. Since 2007, by contrast, they have been flat in America, and have fallen in Britain and much of the euro zone. All over the rich world voters are aly grumpy with their governments, as polling numbers and their willingness to vote for protest parties show. If they are squeezed next year discontent will turn to anger. The economics of 2015 may look similar to the late 1990s, but the politics will probably be rather worse.政坛出现了不利的变化。在20世纪90年代,大多数人在富裕世界的尽头尽享繁荣的成果:美国中产阶级工资在1995-2000年实际上涨了7.7%。自2007年以来,相比之下,美国工资增长持平,英国和大部分欧元区工资甚至出现下降。各地富国选民已经对他们的政府持不满态度,正如民意测验记录以及他们愿意把票投给抗议党即可看出。如果他们被打压,明年的不满会变成愤怒。 2015年的经济可能类似于20世纪90年代末,但政治形势可能会相当糟糕。译者:肖登怡 译文属译生译世 /201501/351794福州哪间医院造影比较好三明市哪里可以输卵管造影



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