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Dealing With a Bad Boss对付坏老板Betty受了上司的气,找Gray抱怨。Betty: Thats it!! Ive had it! Im gonna start sending out my resume tomorrow.Gray: Wow...Ive never seen you this angry before. What gives?B: Pat just chewed me out for the third time this week! In public, no less! She hates me...Betty气哼哼地说,自己受够了Ive had it! Gray问Betty是怎么回事。Betty说,Pat chewed me out. 原来又被上司Pat骂了。G: What happened?B: I printed my quarterly report on both sides of the paper. Pat doesnt like that because she uses the blank side for notes...it shouldnt be a big deal, but...G: So she blew up at you?B: Yeah! Pat says, ;If you cant follow basic instructions, what use are you?; Then she launches into a 10-minute lecture while shaking her finger at me.G: Wow, thats not cool at all. Actually, Ive heard from a few people that Pats a bit of a hothead.B: You know, Gray, Im not a confrontational person. But no one should have to take this kind of abuse!原来是Betty把季度报告印在了纸的反正两面,不符合Pat的要求。 Betty觉得,这没什么大不了的。可是Pat却blow up at her. 对她大发雷霆。Gray对她深表同情,说不少人抱怨说Pat脾气急躁。;a bit of a hothead,; 容易头脑发热。 Betty说,自己不爱吵架, not confrontational, 但是没有人该受这种气,no one should take this kind of abuse.G: Excuse me, Betty. Hey, Terry...come over here for a second. Betty, this is my friend Terry. Terry works for our companys Human Resources Department. He might have some ideas for you.T: Hello Betty, nice to meet you. Hi, Gray. So whats up?G: Bettys boss, Pat Noonan, is giving her a hard time. Bettys thinking of quitting if she cant figure something out.T: Ah...the old nasty boss dilemma. Let me give it to you straight. Pat also supervises my department. So filing a complaint against her will probably get you nowhere.B: So Im doomed. I guess Ill start looking for a new job.在人事部Human Resources Department工作的Terry刚好路过,Gray向他征求意见。Gray说,Bettys boss is giving her a hard time. To give someone a hard time, 意思是跟某人过不去。Terry回答说,Let me give it to you straight. 意思说“直话直说”。因为人事部门也归Pat管,So filing a complaint against her will probably get you nowhere. 因此对她投诉恐怕没用。Get you nowhere是没用的意思。Betty听后很沮丧地说,So Im doomed, 那我没救了。Terry还有更好的建议吗?我们下次继续介绍。 /201211/208063职场社交英语 Lesson 71:他不生我的气?SCENE④ B 电话响起 戴夫与吉娜继续说话 【他不生我的气?】Dave: He's not mad at me?戴夫: 他不生我的气?Zina: 1) Not at all. He says your being a lying, cheating, 2) backstabbing spy really helped to 3) motivate him.吉娜: 完全没有。 他说你这个说谎、背叛、玩阴的间谍,大大地激励了他。 Dave: Is that what he says? [ 4) chuckling]戴夫: 他这样说?(咯咯笑)Zina: After he found out you were spying for WebTracker, he worked like a man 5) possessed.吉娜: 在发现你为“网路搜寻家”卧底之后,他就像着了魔似地疯狂工作。 Dave: So 6) in a way, I'm responsible for InfoKing's great success?戴夫: 那么就某方面而言,“资讯王”的大胜还是我的功劳?Zina: That's right. You should be proud.吉娜: 没错。你应该感到自豪的。Dave: Oh, I feel so much better.戴夫: 喔,我好过多了。 语言详解:A: I think that kid is possessed. 我觉得那孩子被附身了。B: No, he's just screaming because he's angry. 不,他只是因生气而大叫而已。【I feel so much better. 我好过多了。】 这句话也可以说I feel much better. 不过年轻人可能还是喜欢用对话中的那一个句型。A: The photos you took the other day came out really nice. Better than the last time. 前几天你拍的照片洗出来很漂亮,比上一次好。B: Oh, I'm glad you like them. I feel so much better. 喔,很高兴你喜欢。我好过多了。与so much better 很相近的短语是so much the better,意思是“这样就要好了。”Try to run a mile a day, and if you can do two so much the better.每天设法跑一英哩,如果你能跑两里,那就更好了。 1) Not at all 一点也不。这句话亦可用来回答别人的道谢。2) backstab (v.) 从背后偷袭,陷害3) motivate (v.) 激励4) chuckle (v.) 咯咯笑5) possessed (a.) 被鬼附身的,不由己的。6) in a way 就某方面而言 /200602/4287

公司高层开会,老板Frank建议,严格员工的着装标准,穿得不能太随便。公司主管Penny说,P: Im inclined to agree with Frank. You know that old saying: ;Dont judge a book by its cover?; Well, almost everyone DOES judge by what they see on the outside. I think we do need to present a more professional image.F: Some of the ladies may also have to tone down their attire as well. Clothes that are too revealing are not appropriate either.G: What exactly is acceptable and what is not?俗话说,Dont judge a book by its cover,人不可貌相,可实际上,Penny表示,几乎所有人都难免以貌取人judge by what they see on the outside, 因此公司需要树立专业形象。Frank又说,女员工穿着也要tone down收敛,不能过于暴露,revealing, r-e-v-e-a-l-i-n-g, revealing,是暴露的意思。 那到底什么样儿才符合要求呢?F: Well, for the men its pretty simple. They should wear a button-down shirt with a collar and preferably a tie as well. Jeans are not acceptable.P: For the women Id say professional looking skirts or dresses that go down to at least the knee are acceptable. And blouses or shirts should not show too much skin.F: And of course, no sandals or flip-flops. Shorts are NEVER acceptable.P: Do you think members of the board should try to dress especially well?F: Yes I do. We are representatives of the company and we need to be a good example. Id say the men should try to wear a full business suit when possible.男人简单,无非是衬衫领带,不穿牛仔。女人则要穿职业女装,裙子过膝,上衣不能太露,一个字,professional looking,看上去要职业化。此外,凉鞋、拖鞋和短裤是万万不能穿的。Frank还说,理事会成员代表公司,要以身作则,穿得更正式。G: Can we still have ;Casual Fridays;?F: (Chuckle) Sure, Gary... lets keep that tradition. But ;casual; cant be too casual. Id say jeans are OK on Fridays, but no T-shirts. Polo shirts or short-sleeved sports shirts are OK.G: So I guess we are going to need to send out a memo with these new guidelines. Some people arent going to be very happy about this.F: Well, we in management can lead by example.P: Actually, I kind of enjoy getting dressed up! Its fun!G: And I guess Ill get used to the new rules. I do look pretty good in a suit.Famp;P: (Chuckle)Frank同意保留星期五随意着装的传统,但不能太过份,牛仔裤可以穿,带领子的马球衫Polo shirts和短袖衬衣可以穿,但是没领子的T恤衫还是不行。Gary最后无可奈何地说,I guess Ill get used to the new rules,我想我会慢慢习惯新规矩的。 /201201/168513

  A:Do you have the day off today?How come you're not at work now?B:I don't have the day off. Our labor union is staging a nationwide strike today,all of the workers in our department are supporting the labor union by participating and not going in to work this week.A:Are you serious? Why would they have to go to such extreme measures like a strike? Doesn't your company have a pretty good corporate image? I'll bet the folks at headquarters are going nuts over something as serious as a strike....B:It happens quite often,actually.Whenever there arises a dispute between the union and the executive group,the first thing they do is to call a strike. Usually it only lasts a day or two before both sides can come to an agreement and we start work again. Anyhow,it's a nice,unanticipated holiday... /12/92274

  to zero in on something 关注英文释义 To focus attention on something (such as a particular problem)例句 While our business has many difficulties, we need to zero in on the lack of effective employee training and solve this problem first.我们的业务面临许多困难,我们需要关注的是缺乏有效的员工培训,并首先解决这一问题。 /201208/196101。

  Dialog 2Jack and Mary are now grown up and dating.Their friendship is as strong as ever there's strong bond between them,so their dialog is relaxed and flows pretty freely.It's more like a married coupls than young dating to get to know each other.Mary:Let's have seafood tonight and then go see the new movie at Mall Cinema.Betsy told me it's a beautiful love story and I shouldn't miss it.Jack:Oh,Goodness, please not again.That's what we did last week.Mary:No,we didn't.Last week we went to see that movie about a man's struggle against mental illness.Jack:Right,it was a chick flick,just like this one,so what's the difference?没错,那是你们女生看的电影,这部也一样.哪里不同?Besides,this is the last week for the third movie in Destroyer series and I want to see that on a big screen.再说,《毁灭者》第三集这礼拜就要下档了,我希望能在大银幕上看这部电影。Action movies need to be seen in a theater on a big screen.Mary:Oh,yeah,and I did promise to see it with you if we went to that movie last week.But you liked that movie,didn't you?Jack:Oh,sure,it was great.I had popcorn for dinner and paid the price of a movie ticket to get a two-hour nap.喔,当然,真是棒透了。我的晚餐是爆米花,买了电影票却睡了2个小时。Mary:It wasn't that bad,and you're the one that insisted on skipping dinner.We went to an excellent restaurant.Jack:That place doesn't have a single meat dish.Just fish and shellfish and you know I don't like fish that much.Mary:And I don't like meat that much.The only meat I eat is chicken.Jack:But when I pick the restaurant,we go to a place that has both chicken and fish.I always repect your food preferences.Mary:Well,I suppose that,to be fair,you should get to pick the movie and we can go to a restaurant that serves meat.好吧,为了公平起见,还是你选电影,然后我们去有肉食料理的餐厅吃饭。Jack:Now you're talking,we can see that love story next time.这才象话,我们可以下次再看那部爱情片。 /200812/59504

  Making early reservationsA: Mark, when are you going to give me those brochures?B: What’s the rush? You’re not leaving for another week.A: I know, but I want to make reservations this week.B: Okay. I’ll bring them in tomorrow for sure. 提前预定A:马克,你打算什么时候给我那些简介?B:急什么?你还有一个星期才走呢。A:知道,但我想这星期做预定。 B:那行。我明天肯定带来。 /01/60167职场社交英语 Lesson 47:我有预感你会过来SCENE③ A 吉娜到了文斯的隔间 【我有预感你会过来】Vince: Hi, Zina. I had a feeling you'd be 1) stopping by.文斯: 嗨,吉娜。我就有预感你会过来。Zina: Then you've heard from Vikam?吉娜: 那么你跟“维康”通过电话了?Vince: Yes.文斯: 对。Zina: Look, Vince. I didn't mean to step on your toes, but we need to be 2) decisive.吉娜: 听着,文斯。我不是想要站在你头上,但是我们得要果断。Vince: I know it. WebTracker is playing for keeps. They'll go for our 3) jugular if we give them the chance.文斯: 我知道。“网路搜寻家”这次想要独霸。若我们给他们机会,只怕我们连命都保不住。Zina: This is 4) awkward, I know. I know you're 5) upset. But in two weeks you'll be thanking me.吉娜: 我知道这很令人难堪。我知道你很生气。但是两星期之内你就会感谢我。Vince: Maybe. Maybe I will.文斯: 或许吧。或许我会感谢你。 语言详解:A: Why are you so upset? 你怎么这么不爽?B: I got fired today. 我今天被炒鱿鱼了。 【step on someone's toe 功高震主】step on one's toes 这个表达法,当然可以表达字面上的意思“踩到(某人的)脚趾”,不过在使用上,step on someone's toes 更常用来表达员工很尽力表现,甚至逾越到了本该是主管或老板的工作,掠人之美而让在上位者面子不保,意思就犹如中文里的“功高震主”。A: You'd better watch out, or you'll step on your boss's toes. 你最好注意一点,否则你会把老板的面子都抢光了。B: I'm just trying to do a good job and get everything finished on time. 我只是努力把工作做好,让所有的事情如期完成而已。 【play for keeps 争出你死我活】 这个表达法是从玩“弹珠”marbler 的游戏衍生而来的,游戏可能只是玩好玩的,但有的人是本着认真的心情,赢了弹珠就是要自己留着,没有儿戏的成分。运用在竞争激烈的商场或是有输赢胜负的情况,play for keeps 就是指“争出个你死我活”。 1) stop by 顺道停留,顺道拜访2) decisive (a.) (人)有决断力的;(事)具有决定性的3) jugular (n.) 颈静脉4) awkward (a.) 令人尴尬的,感到尴尬的5) upset (a.) 不爽的,生气 /200602/4263

  ones old stamping ground 老地方英文释义 A location where one formerly spent a lot of time.例句 I like to revisit the café near my university which was my old stamping ground when I was a student.我喜欢去我的大学附近的这家咖啡馆,我上学时常去那里。 /201208/193565/200704/11910


  澳洲广播电台商业英语教程 06:初次见面First Contact(2)澳洲广播电台商业英语教程全套文本 /200706/14570。

  This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on the work of administrative assistants. We’ll be looking at vocabulary and collocations related to office duties and daily routines.这是2节英语商务播客中的第1节,将学习到行政助理。我们将看下与电脑责任和日常例行公事有关的词汇和搭配。Before we start, let’s talk a bit about collocations. Collocations are groups of words that are commonly used together. Native speakers are so used to using them, they know what sounds “right” and what sounds “wrong.” For example, in English the phrase “go online” is a natural way to refer to using the internet. But it wouldn’t be natural to say something like “proceed online” or “travel online”, even though “proceed” and “travel” are other ways to express “go.” You’ll hear lots of collocations related to office life in today’s dialog. Listen out for them and we’ll explain what they mean and how to use them in the debrief. 在开始前,我们先来说下 搭配,搭配就是能使用在一起的许多词。母语的说话人已经习惯使用搭配了,他们知道如何用是对的,如何用是错的,比如在英语短语“go online”就是使用网络的一种自然表达法。但是即使proceed” 和“travel” 都能表示go的意思,“proceed online”和“travel online”也不是很自然的说法。在今天的对话中,你会听到许多鱼办公室生活相关的许多搭配。要仔细听,我们会解释他们的意思和用法。Now, on to the role of an administrative assistant. The job title of “administrative assistant”, or “admin assistant” for short, can cover quite a broad range of responsibilities. Admin assistants typically spend a lot of time handling data – whether it’s timesheets recording the working hours of other employees, or rosters used for scheduling meeting rooms. Much of what they do involves making sure that other employees are working as efficiently as possible.现在,看下行政助理的角色。“administrative assistant”简称为“admin assistant”,会涉及很多职责。行政助理会花很多时间来处理数据——无论是用来记录员工工作时间的时间表还是开会人员的花名册。很多工作都要确保其他员工能有效率地工作。In this episode we’ll talk with Christina, who works as an admin assistant in the human resources department of an auto parts manufacturer. Christina’s going to tell us about some of the responsibilities of her position.在这节课中,我们会和一家汽车制造厂人力资源部门的行政助理Christina谈谈。 Christina会告诉我们她职位的一些职责。Listening Questions1. What is Christina’s first task every day?2. How many employees are on the sales team?3. When is the deadline for personal leave day requests? /201103/128145


  Welcome back to Business English Pod. My name’s Edwin and I’ll be your host for this episode, the last of a three-part series on interviewing for your first job.欢迎回到商务英语播客,我是主持人Edwin,这是关于第1份工作面试系列课程的最后一节。When you’re in an interview, everything is focused on you – your education, your skills, and the qualities that make you the best candidate for the job. But it’s also important for you to focus on the company you’re interviewing with. After all, you’re interviewing for more than a job. You’re interviewing for a spot on the company team. Employers want to know how you’ll fit in with the office culture and see if your values are consistent with theirs.当你面试时,一切都聚焦在你身上——你的教育,技能和让你成为工作候选人的品质。毕竟,你面试的不仅是一份工作。你面试的是要在公司团队中争取自己的位置。雇佣者想知道你如何融入进公司文化,并看你的价值观和其他人是否一致。In this episode, we’ll talk about ways to show you’ve researched the company. We’ll also cover language to show you’re a good fit and for discussing your long-term career goals. Finally, we’ll look at ways the company might explain next steps in the hiring process. 在这节课中,我们会学习表明你已经研究过公司的方法。也会学到表明你是何时人选和谈论长期事业目标的语言。最后,来看下公司在雇人进程中可能会解释下一步骤行动的方法。Once again, we’ll join Owen, who is interviewing for a test engineer position at a company called IBH. He’s in the middle of a panel interview with Erica and Cindy, two HR reps, and George, who’s the head of engineering. Today, the interview wraps up.Owen正在面试IBH测试工程师职位。他和两位同事Erica和Cindy以及IBH的工程经理George一起进行小组面试。Listening Questions:1. Why is Owen interested in working for IBH?2. What does Owen say about collaborative spirit?3. What is one of Owen’s long-term career objectives? /201103/128840

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