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近日,上海地铁二运官方微贴出一张身着透视装的女性背影,呼吁女生注意夏日穿着防骚扰,此举引起部分网民,特别是女性网民的抗议。那么,我们先来看看;骚扰;的相关词汇吧。在拥挤的公共交通工具上,色狼(pervert)通常会趁着人流密集时偷摸(grope)女性,对女性构成性骚扰(sexual harassment)。目前,日本、巴西、墨西哥等国家都开设女士专用车厢(Women-only compartment),防止地铁上的猥亵行为。一般公共交通工具上发生的性骚扰可以称为molestation(猥亵),犯案的人被称为molester(猥亵者)。英语中有很多词可以表示;猥亵;,比如obscenity、indecency、 lewdness等,在语言或写作方面的淫秽被称为smuttiness或者dirtiness。更严重的性侵犯为sexual assault。2011年印尼妇女曾聚集雅加达中心地带,集体抗议市长发表的;provocatively dressed women are to blame for sexual assaults。;(衣着暴露导致性侵)。部分男性声称,女性的清凉着装,对他们也构成视觉骚扰(visual harassment)。Visual harassment describes a situation that men are embarrassed to be around with women who are wearing over-revealing clothes in summer. They don#39;t know where to look at, especially in a crowded place, and they might be considered as a pervert when they do look at those women.视觉骚扰指一些男士认为女性夏天穿着过于暴露会让周围的男士非常尴尬,身处拥挤环境时更加不知道眼睛该往哪儿看,稍有不慎就有可能背上;色狼;的骂名。除了用动词provocatively dressed表达装束清凉,还可以直接用名词over-revealing clothes表示暴露的衣着,更具体一些,比如露脐装 Midriff-baring top、低胸装 low-cut top、露背装 backless dress、迷你裙 miniskirts、热裤 tight pants、吊带 top with narrow straps、透视装 see-through dress。让我们回到本次事件中,地铁二运微此举引发两名女子游行抗议,她们的标语为:;要清凉不要色狼;、;我可以骚,你不能扰;。一些网友也认为地铁二运;穿成这样,不被骚扰,才怪;的言论欠妥,穿着是否暴露是女性的自我选择,任何人都不能以此为借口对其进行性骚扰。同时,也有人认为地铁二运的提醒很有必要,女性在公共场合需要注意自己的穿着,避免不必要的想入非非。 /201206/188132

Chinese Seals中国印章Seal cutting, though based on Chinese calligraphy, is a comparatively independent traditional art form.印章即玺印篆刻,是依附于书法而又具有相对独立性的一种传统艺术形式。It takes Chinese characters as its form of expression, using carving knives instead of the writing brushes, and stone instead of paper.它也是以文字为表现对象,而以刀为笔,以石作纸。Similar to inscriptions on ancient bronze and stone tablets, it can be viewed as a pocket edition of tablet inscription.与金石碑版相近,可以看作是袖珍的碑版。The seal has many names in history.在印章史上它的名称几经变更。It was called xiyin (literally meaning the imperial or royal seal) during the Warring States Period, the Qin and Han dynasties, and the Wei and Jin periods.战国、秦汉、魏晋的印章称为玺印。The Ming and the Qing dynasties were universally acknowledged to be the two golden periods in the history of seal cutting,and coincidentally the seal was known as seal cutting then.明清以后的印章称为篆刻,是印章史上公认的两个高峰。And the long period from the Tang Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty turned out to be a time when the royal seal was on the wane and seal cutting waiting to be rejuvenated.唐、宋、元三 代则处于玺印已衰、篆刻未兴的低谷。The use of the seal also varied.在用印方法上,前后也不相同。Clay impression was used before the Sui and Tang dynasties and inkpad or red ink paste has been used since the Tang and the Song dynasties.隋唐以前封泥,唐宋以来使用印泥。Xiyin can be classified into official seals and private seals.玺印一般分为官印和私印两类。Official seals refer to those of emperors and officials.官印称官方的用印,包括帝王的宝玺和官员的印章;私家的用印统称为私印。The making materials used in ancient times mainly include gold, silver, copper, jade, amber, agate, stone, bamboo and wood.And copper seals constituted an overwhelming majority.古玺印以坚实的物质为材料,大体上有金、银、铜、玉、琥珀、玛瑙、瓦石、竹木等,尤以铜质为多。Most of the seals were cast, and some were carved.制作方法多用铸造法,但也有凿刻法。“Chinese Seal,Dancing Beijing”,the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games officially unveiled on August 3, 2003, is acombination of the five rings, a Chinese seal character of Beijing and “Beijing 2008” in English.2003年8月3日晚,北京奥组委举行隆重的2008年奥运会会徽“中国印#8226;舞动的北京”发布仪式,将中国特色、北京特点和奥林匹克运动元素巧妙结合。 /201508/394006

The Chinese iron ore and steel industry has painted a gloomy outlook for the sector with officials revealing that roughly 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines have shut down because of low prices.中国铁矿石及钢铁业为自己描绘了一幅黯淡的前景,官员们透露,由于价格偏低,中国大约40%的铁矿已经停产。The bearish tone at the annual gathering backed by the China Iron and Steel Association was reinforced yesterday by Baosteel, China#39;s biggest listed steelmaker, which announced more production cuts amid weak demand.中国最大上市炼钢企业宝钢(Baosteel)昨日宣布,面对疲弱需求,将进一步减产,这个消息强化了中国钢铁工业协会(CISA)主办的年度会议上的悲观基调。The cutbacks suggest that the industry has little faith that the 0bn programme in infrastructure projects that Beijing approved this month would provide more than temporary relief.宝钢的减产计划似乎表明,行业对北京方面本月批准的1500亿美元基建项目计划没有什么信心,认为其最多只能提供暂时的缓解。Iron ore and steel prices rose after the spending boost was approved but have since fallen again.铁矿石和钢材价格在上述出增加计划获得批准后一度上升,但自那以来已经回落。Over the past decade, China#39;s steel demand has seen double-digit growth but this has dropped to the low single-digits this year.过去10年期间,中国的钢材需求以两位数增幅不断增长,但今年已降至个位数增幅。As a result, overall profits at Chinese steel companies – which include names such as Baosteel, Ansteeland Wuhan Iron and Steel– fell 50 per cent in the first half of this year compared with last year, according to official statistics.其结果是,官方统计数据显示,今年上半年中国炼钢企业(包括宝钢、鞍钢和武钢)的总利润同比下降50%。The drop in steel demand in China has, in turn, triggered a drop in iron ore and coking coal consumption, which is hurting some of the world#39;s largest mining groups, including Valeof Brazil, Rio Tinto, BHP Billitonand Anglo American.中国钢材需求下降,已进而引发铁矿石和炼焦煤消费量下降,从而打击一些全球最大的矿业集团,包括巴西的淡水河谷(Vale)、力拓(Rio Tinto)、必和必拓(BHP Billiton)以及英美资源(Anglo American)。Iron ore prices, which hit an all-time high of nearly 0 a tonne in early 2011, fell recently to a three-year low of a tonne.曾在2011年初达到每吨近200美元史上最高位的铁矿石价格,近期跌至每吨89美元的三年低位。The drop has prompted some miners to cancel multi-billion dollar investment projects in Australia, the biggest producer.价格下跌已促使一些矿商叫停澳大利亚(全球最大铁矿石出产国)的一些巨额投资项目。But some relief could be under way as Chinese iron ore miners start to close pits as prices drop below their cost of production.但是,一些利好因素可能即将显现。随着铁矿石价格跌至低于生产成本的水平,中国铁矿石企业开始让一些矿山停产。Liu Xiaoliang, executive deputy secretary-general of the Metallurgical Mines Association of China, told the conference that low prices had forced about 40 per cent of the country#39;s iron mines to suspend operations.中国冶金矿山企业协会(Metallurgical Mines Association of China)执行副秘书长刘效良在上述会议上表示,价格滑坡已迫使中国约40%的铁矿石矿山暂停生产。Scarlett Chan, analyst at Citi in Hong Kong, said that the production cuts reflected weak demand for iron ore.花旗(Citi)香港分析师Scarlett Chan表示,减产反映了铁矿石需求疲弱。Benchmark iron ore with a 62 per cent iron content changed hands in the spot market yesterday at 6 a tonne, according to Platts.普氏能源资讯(Platts)的数据显示,含铁量62%的基准铁矿石昨日现货市场价格为每吨106美元。Additional reporting by Javier Blas in London and Reuters in Dalian哈维尔#8226;布拉斯(Javier Blas)伦敦、路透社(Reuters)大连补充报道 /201209/202252Five years ago: A Palestinian, Eyad Ismoil, was flown to the ed States from Jordan to face charges he'd driven a bomb-laden van into New York's World Trade Center. (The 1993 explosion killed six people and injured more than one-thousand; Ismoil is serving a life sentence.) 五年前:一名来自巴勒斯坦的Eyad Ismoil ,从约旦被空运到美国,迫使他驾驶装有炸弹拉登面包车到纽约世界贸易中心。 ( 1993年爆炸造成6人死亡和多人受伤1000 ; Ismoil正在无期徒刑。 )

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