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With the U.S. consumer clearly having left the ;Crackberry; days behind, BlackBerry (BBRY) is looking to establish a stronger foothold in emerging markets, starting in Indonesia, according to reports.随着美国消费者的“疯狂黑莓”时代逝去,日前有报道称黑莓公司( BlackBerry)正在寻求从印尼等新兴市场获得更强的立足点。The embattled Canadian company announced the new low-cost BlackBerry Z3 at an event in Jakarta Tuesday. The New York Times reported that it was a flashy affair, with hip-hop dancing and, of course, a laser light show.上周,这家陷入困境的加拿大公司在雅加达推出了新的低成本黑莓Z3手机。《纽约时报》(New York Times)的报道称,这是一个时尚秀场,有新潮hip-hop街舞,当然也有激光红毯秀。The firm hasn#39;t had much to dance about lately, with the one-time cellphone king#39;s market share having dipped to just 3.1% in the U.S., according to data released earlier this year.这家公司最近没什么值得庆祝的事情。今年早些时候发布的数据显示,手机市场这位曾经的王者在美国市场的份额已经下降到了3.1%。The new low-cost touchscreen phone was designed especially for Indonesia, one of BlackBerry#39;s largest markets globally. It will sell for the equivalent of 0. BlackBerry plans to release it in other Asian countries as well, and plans to sell ;millions; of units, according to the Times story.这款新型低成本触屏手机专为印尼市场设计,而印尼也是黑莓全球最大的市场之一。这款手机售价约合190美元。据《纽约时报》报道,黑莓计划在亚洲其他国家也推出这款手机,目标销售“几百万”部。The phone includes a halal food directory -- a useful feature in a majority Muslim country like Indonesia.这款手机内置清真食物目录,这对于像印尼这样的以穆斯林为主的国家是非常有用的一项功能。 /201405/299863Brainstorm Tech 2014 kicked off with a conversation between Fortune’s Michal Lev-Ram and Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson. Ericsson, a supplier of networking and communications infrastructure, has made its mark in wireless by developing faster mobile data speeds. Ericsson has even had successful recent experiments in 5G speeds, but today Vestberg took a step back to talk about what might seem like ancient history: 2G speeds.《财富》专栏作家迈克尔·列弗·拉姆与爱立信(Ericsson)首席执行官卫翰思的对话拉开了“2014年科技头脑风暴大会”的帷幕。爱立信是网络和通讯基础设备供应商,它开发的快速无线移动通讯网络得到业界广泛认可。最近爱立信的试验成功达到了5G网速,但在这次对话中,卫翰思却后退一步,谈到了似乎早就已经成为历史的2G网速。As companies continue to update their mobile applications for faster data speeds, Ericsson has decided to partner with Internet companies to help applications stay accessible for non-4G speed customers in emerging markets. So far, Ericsson has held an innovation lab with Facebook FB 2.35% with the goal to get more than 1 billion new people from emerging markets online using Facebook’s services on connected devices.现在为了适应更快的数据传输速度,各家公司都在不断更新移动应用程序。爱立信公司决意与互联网企业携手,保障4G网络尚未覆盖的新兴市场客户也能使用这些应用程序。迄今为止,爱立信已经与Facebook合作创建了一所创新实验室,争取未来能有超过10亿的新兴市场用户可以在联网设备上使用Facebook应用程序。Ericsson has the incentive to slow things down.”We have the global scale,” said Vestberg, “but not everyone has 4G in the world. In fact, only about 200 million people have 4G.” Vestberg predicts that the next billion people will come online in mobile-centric emerging markets within the next five years, and they will need applications that can work in non-4G areas on Ericsson’s mobile networks. Ericsson is also facing major competition from Chinese company Huawei to get more people using mobile networks. Ericsson, which operates in more than 180 countries, is in a race to scale even larger.爱立信放慢节奏背后自然有它的动机。“虽然我们有全球化的规模,”卫翰思说。“但是并不是世界上所有地方都覆盖了4G网络。事实上,全球只有2亿4G用户。”卫翰思预测未来五年内,以移动为中心的新兴市场中会有10亿左右新用户入网。他们需要的是在没有4G网络的环境下也能够爱立信移动网络中运行的应用程序。爱立信现在正努力吸引更多用户使用移动网络,而它最大的竞争对手是中国企业华为。爱立信的业务遍布180多个国家,它仍然在争取更大的市场份额。“We need to understand what innovation will be built on top of our networks,” said Vestberg, who wants to continue to partner with Internet companies to make mobile technology accessible. “Enormous scale can transform a lot in our society.”“我们必须明白,以现有的网络为基础,我们还能有什么创新”,卫翰思计划继续携手互联网企业,让更多的用户使用移动技术。他说:“在我们的社会中,巨大的规模能改变很多。” /201407/312517

In announcing Facebook#39;s deal to acquire the mobile-messaging app WhatsApp for billion, Mark Zuckerberg said he#39;s #39;known Jan for a long time.#39; The rest of us, particularly people in the U.S., aren#39;t as familiar.在宣布Facebook以190亿美元收购移动消息应用公司WhatsApp的交易时,扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)说他很久以前就认识简#8226;库姆(Jan Koum)。但其他人,尤其是美国人,对简#8226;库姆可能不是那么熟悉。Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp along with Brian Acton, a former colleague at Yahoo, and is the mobile-messaging company#39;s chief executive. He is taking on another big role: a Facebook board member.简#8226;库姆和他当年在雅虎(Yahoo)的同事布莱恩#8226;埃克顿(Brian Acton)共同创建了WhatsApp,并担任这家移动消息应用公司的首席执行长。库姆即将担任另一个重要职务:Facebook的董事。But on his LinkedIn page, the 37-year-old Koum flies more under-the-radar. He lists himself as a QA tester and a senior tweet manager. If you want to know much more, he suggests, go see Brian#39;s profile. During his decade at Yahoo, he worked in infrastructure and security engineering. By his own admission in listing his education -- barely graduating from MVHS in 1995 and dropping out of San Jose State University -- he had other things on his mind.但在LinkedIn的个人主页上,现年37岁的库姆有着更多不引人注目头衔和经历。资料显示他说自己是一名质量保检测员以及资深推特管理员。他建议,如果想了解他的更多情况,不妨去看看布莱恩的资料。库姆在雅虎的10年任职于基础设施和安全工程部门。他在介绍自己学历时承认,在学校就读的时候满脑子里装的都是其他事。他1995年勉强从山景城高中(MVHS)毕业,后来从圣何塞州立大学(San Jose State University)辍学。Like its founder, WhatsApp is a quiet company. Sequoia says WhatsApp didn#39;t spend a single penny on marketing and is a veritable stranger in the U.S. -- there is #39;no other home grown technology company that#39;s so widely loved overseas and so under appreciated at home,#39; the venture-capital firm said.和其创立者一样,WhatsApp也是个不事声张的公司。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital )称,WhatsApp没有在营销上花一分钱,在美国是个十足的生面孔。这家风投公司称,还没有其他一家本土科技公司在海外广受青睐却在自己的国家默默无闻。Not that WhatsApp didn#39;t toot its horn: Every two months the company announced its latest leap in monthly active users, usually to the tune of another 50 million. At last count, it had about 450 million active users.但并不是说WhatsApp自己取得的成就不显赫:每两个月该公司就会发布每月的新增活跃用户数,通常的增量为5,000万。最新数据显示,目前WhatsApp的活跃用户已经达到约4.5亿。In a December update, Koum said his company#39;s focus was on messaging and only messaging -- no games, no advertising, no gimmicks. WhatsApp wants #39;to get out of the way. We want to let people have a conversation.#39;在去年12月公布最新数据时,库姆说,他的公司关注的是消息,也只有消息,不是游戏,不是广告,不是华而不实的东西。他说,WhatsApp希望放弃不必要的东西,让人们顺利交流。In a Tumblr post on the deal Wednesday, WhatsApp investor Sequoia Capital talked about how Koum#39;s experience emigrating to the U.S. as a 16-year-old, and desire to keep in touch with family back in Russia and Ukraine, helped shape his focus on conversations.WhatsApp的投资者红杉资本周三在Tumblr上发文宣布上述交易时,提及了库姆以前的一段经历,说他16岁移民到美国时,非常渴望与远在俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人保持联络,这使他非常重视对话和交流。Last May, Koum spent 30 minutes onstage at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York. He talked through why the company was averse to advertising and selling the company (he said as much again months later), and why the app means so much to different people.去年5月,库姆在纽约D: Dive Into Mobile大会上发表了30分钟的演讲。当时他讲到了为什么WhatsApp对广告和把公司出售非常反感(几个月之后他又说了这样的话),以及为什么这个应用对于各类人群都有非常重要的意义。 /201402/276704

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