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谷城县人民医院月经不调多少钱Business this week本周经济要闻General Electric won its battle to buy Alstoms energy businesses, but only after it substantially altered its bid and gave a commitment to keep Alstoms base and workforce in France. The French government is taking a 20% stake in Alstom as part of the rejigged 17 billion acquisition, GEs biggest. GEs initial proposal was accepted by Alstoms board but rejected by Fran?ois Hollandes government as a threat to the national interest. A potential spoiler offer for Alstom had also emerged from Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.通用电气赢得了争购阿尔斯通能源业务的战斗,但前提是通用电气需大大改变其报价,并承诺保留阿尔斯通在法国的基地和就业岗位。作为重新调整的高达170亿美元并购案的一部分,法国政府占有阿尔斯通20%的股份,而通用电气是其最大股东。阿尔斯通公司董事会接受了通用电气的初始投标,但弗朗索瓦·奥朗德政府以威胁国家利益为由反对该项交易。西门子公司和三菱重工则是潜在的阿尔斯通收购案搅局者。Demolition job自毁工作Dubais stockmarket fell by almost 7% on June 24th, extending a six-week slump. Property companies account for 31% of the index and investors are nervous about the management and direction of Dubais biggest construction firm, Arabtec, which built the Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Arabtecs share price has plunged this month, though it was lifted on June 25th by reassurances that its restructuring would cut costs, prompting a rally in the stockmarket.迪拜股市在6月24日重挫7%,延续长达了6周的不景气。房地产公司占该指数31%,投资者们担心迪拜最大建筑公司,阿拉伯特科的管理和方向问题。该公司建造了哈里发塔天大楼。本月阿拉伯特科公司股票暴跌,虽然该公司股价曾因其再三保公司改组以降低成本而在6月25号上升,促使其股市反弹。Etihad, a global airline based in Abu Dhabi, came to the rescue of Alitalia, Italys loss-making national carrier, which was facing bankruptcy, by agreeing to buy a 49% holding. The deal is Etihads eighth stake in a foreign airline.总部位于阿布扎比的阿提哈德航空公司,来拯救亏损的意大利国有航空公司,后者正面临破产。阿提哈德公司同意购买49%股份。该项交易是提哈德公司第八次入股外国航空公司。New York states attorney-general brought charges against Barclays for allegedly lying to investors about its safeguards to protect them from “predatory high-frequency traders” in the banks dark-pool investments. These allow portfolio managers to shift sizeable positions in shares anonymously. New York has warned of a clampdown on high-speed trading.纽约州总检察官指控巴克莱涉嫌在安全措施上欺骗投资者,这些安全措施是为了保护投资者避免“掠夺性高频投资者”在暗池投资方面的侵害。这些运行股票经理以匿名方式在股票中转变相当大的位置。纽约已经警告要取缔高速交易。Americas economy shrank by 2.9% at an annual rate in the first three months of the year, according to a final official estimate, the biggest contraction in GDP since the first quarter of . A notably harsh winter is said to have depressed spending and investment, but exports also suffered.根据最终的官方统计,按年利率计算,美国经济萎缩了2.9%。这是自年一季度以来最大的GDP萎缩。据称,这个显著严酷的冬天抑制了出和投资,出口也受其影响。Turkeys central bank cut its main interest rate by three-quarters of a percentage point, to 8.75%. This followed a half-point cut last month that was described as “a joke” by the prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has put pressure on the bank to do more to boost economic growth.土耳其中央下调主要利率0.75%,至8.75%。紧随着上个月被总理雷杰普·塔伊普·埃尔多安称之为“一个笑话”的降息0.5%。总理埃尔多安向施压,要求其采取措施促进经济增长。There was some scratching of heads in the City after Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, sought to dampen expectations of an interest-rate rise by pointing out the weak spots in the growing British economy. Mr Carney had earlier given a strong signal that the central bank would raise rates this year for the first time since . Markets are still betting on that happening, though a senior Conservative MP has remarked that Mr Carney likes to give “quite a lot of guidance, not all of it seeming to point in the same direction”.在国央行行长马克·卡尼试图通过指出正不断增长的英国经济的弱点来寻求抑制提升利率期望后,伦敦就有点摸不着头脑了。较早前,卡尼先生发出强烈信号,即自年以来,中央将在今年首次提高利率。市场仍在这件事上押宝,虽然一位资深保守党议员,卡尼先生喜欢给“许许多多的指示,看起来并不是所有的指示都朝一个方向”。Meanwhile, the banks Financial Policy Commitee introduced new guidelines to curb excessive mortgage lending in Britains housing market. It said household debt did not pose an immediate threat to economic stability, but it was taking action to stop it from rising much further.与此同时,的金融政策委员会出台了新指导措施,以遏制英国房地产市场过度的按揭贷款。它说,家庭债务并没有立即威胁经济稳定,但金融政策委员会正采取措施,以防止其进一步恶化。Inversion method反演方法Shire, a British drug company, rejected a ?27 billion bid from AbbVie, an American rival, in the latest instance of an unsolicited takeover approach from a cash-rich American company seeking to establish business in a country with a lower corporate-tax rate. Shire itself is domiciled in Ireland.一家英国制药公司,夏尔,拒绝了美国竞争对手艾伯维公司高达270亿英镑的投标。这是这家资金充裕的美国公司寻求在企业税率较低国家建立商业的最新的不请自来的并购方式。夏尔公司总部位于爱尔兰。A crippling five-month strike by platinum miners in South Africa was declared to be over when the biggest union signed a wage deal with the mining companies. It was the most expensive strike to hit South Africa, resulting in a combined 2 billion in lost revenues for the biggest firms.在南非,当最大的工会和矿业公司签订工资协议后,由铂矿工发起的长达五个月的严重罢工宣布结束。这是发生在南非最昂贵的罢工,导致了最大的公司总计20亿美元的收入损失。The war of words continued between Dov Charney, the ousted boss of American Apparel, and the board that sacked him. Mr Charney has faced allegations from female employees of inappropriate conduct. The company has also run up a pile of debt and sales have slackened. But Mr Charney has pledged to fight his dismissal, accusing the board of being “hateful”. He owns 27% of the company.被赶下台的美国饰老板多夫·查尼和赶他下台的董事会之间的口水战在继续上演。查尼先生面临女性员工指控其不当行为。该公司还积欠着一堆债务并且销售放缓。但是查尼先生发誓为免职维权,指责董事会行为“可恶”。他拥有该公司股权的27%。In a victory for television and cable networks, Americas Supreme Court ruled that a streaming service run by Aereo that uses tiny antennae to divert TV programmes to computers and phones violates copyright laws.在这次传统电视和有限网络的胜利中,美国最高法院裁定由天空公司运营的使用微型天线转变电视节目到电脑和手机的流媒体务违反了版权法。The Yo rider哟,新骑手Yo, a messaging app through which people can send only a one-word text—“Yo”—was downloaded 1m times in just a few days on the back of publicity about it being hacked. Investors have reportedly stumped up 1m in startup funding for the business.哟,一个消息应用程序,通过它人们可以传递仅有一个字的信息—“哟”—紧随着被曝遭黑客攻击后的几天内,下载了一百万次。据说,投资者为该项生意拿出1百万美元起始资金。 201407/309899 Science and technology科学技术Military camouflage军事伪装That old razzle dazzle旧式迷魂战术How to confuse the enemy about how quickly you are travelling如何让敌方无法判断己方的前行速度Go-faster stripes?船身高速伪装线?IN THE second world war, many Allied ships were painted with dark and light stripes,and other contrasting shapes, making them look a bit like zebra.二战期间,许多盟军军舰船身都被喷涂了黑白条纹及其它迷图案,这让它们看上去有些象斑马。The idea was to distort an enemy submarine commanders perception of the ships size, shape, range, heading and speed, so as to make it harder to hit with the non-homing torpedoes of the period.这样做的目的是为了迷惑敌军潜水艇指挥官,使其无法判断盟军船舰的尺寸,形状,距离,航向和速度。由于当时的鱼雷还不具备制导系统,因此想要击中目标愈加困难。These had to be pointed not at the target directly but, rather, at the place where the commander thought the target would be when the torpedo arrived.因此敌军指挥官不再让鱼雷直接对准目标发射,而是将它们发射到他认为盟军军舰可能会驶向的位置。At the time, though, it was only an educated guess that this so-called dazzle camouflage would work.当时, 对于这种所谓的迷伪装术的有效性判断还只是基于经验上的考量。Now someone has actually tested it and the short answer is that it does work—but not in the way that Allied navies thought it did.而如今已经有人对此进行了真实测试,结果验这种迷伪装的确有效—但并不是按照盟军海军所设想的那种方式发挥作用。Ships move too slowly for dazzle camouflage to be effective.迷伪装无法保护航行速度过慢的船艇。However, it might well have a role in protecting faster-moving vehicles, such as military Land Rovers.但它对于军用路虎这样快速行驶的车辆却能起到很好的保护作用。Nicholas Scott-Samuel, of the University of Bristol, and his colleagues, came to this conclusion by asking volunteers to watch patterned rectangles cross a computer screen.以上结论是由布里斯托尔大学的Nicholas Scott-Samuel和他的同事通过实验得出的。Some of the rectangles had horizontal stripes inside them.他们让志愿者观察在电脑屏幕内横向移动的长方形物体,这些物体内部被喷涂了不同图案,Some had vertical stripes.图案形式有横纹,Some had zigzags.竖纹,And some had checks.锯齿纹和方格纹。Others, acting as controls, had no internal patterns.而作为参照的物体则未喷涂任何图案。Each test involved a jazzy rectangle crossing the screen either before or after a plain one.每次实验志愿者在观看了迷图案的长方形横过电脑屏幕之前或之后,还被要求观看一个没有条纹图案的物体横过屏幕,Volunteers had to estimate which of the two was travelling faster.之后志愿者需要估计这两个物体哪个移动速度较快。In fact, in all cases, the two rectangles travelled at the same speed.实际上,在所有实验中,这两个长方形物体移动的速度都相同。But the researchers varied the conditions in other ways, without telling the participants.但研究人员通过其它方式改变了实验条件,志愿者对此却一无所知。Sometimes both rectangles travelled slowly, at just over 3o of arc a second from the observers point of view, as a ship might.有时两个长方形物体移动速度都很慢,从志愿者的观察角度看,就象一艘船以每秒驶过3度的距离在航行,Sometimes they travelled much faster, at 20o a second, mimicking the way a land vehicle moves.有时它们都模仿陆地车辆行驶方式以每秒走过20度的距离快速移动。The jazzy rectangles also came in different flavours. Some were low-contrast and some high-contrast.长方形物体的迷图案也不尽相同,有些图案对比度不强烈,有些图案的对比度则很强。The upshot, as Dr Scott-Samuel reports in the Public Library of Science, was that participants were not fooled by slow-moving rectangles, nor by low-contrast ones.实验结果如同Scott-Samuel 士在公共科学图书馆报告所说,志愿者对慢速移动或图案对比度不强的物体移动速度判断较准确。Fast-moving, high-contrast shapes, however, did befuddle them.而对于快速移动和图案对比度强烈的物体,他们的判断常常出错。On average, an observer reckoned that such a fast, jazzy rectangle was going 7% slower than was actually the case.志愿者对于有迷图案和快速移动的正方形物体的速度估计要比它们的实际速度平均低了7%。Ships, therefore, travel too slowly for dazzle camouflage to work.因此喷涂迷伪装的军舰航行速度过于缓慢是起不到迷惑敌军作用的。In any case, modern torpedoes and missiles are guided to their target electronically.在任何情况下,现代的鱼雷和导弹都采用了电子制导来跟踪目标。But 20o a second corresponds to the perceived movement of a vehicle 70 metres away that is travelling at 90kph.但是从视觉角度看,每秒20度的移动速度相当于在70米外看到一部车辆在以90公里/小时行驶。That is precisely the sort of distance from which an unguided rocket-propelled grenade might be fired at a lightly armoured military vehicle, and just the sort of speed such a vehicle might be travelling at.在与此相同的距离和速度条件下,一个非制导火箭推进榴弹能够击中一辆轻型装甲军车。Perhaps the answer, then, is for modern armies to buy their Land Rovers second-hand from game parks, which often paint them in zebra stripes for effect.如果果真如此,那么现代军队可以考虑在狩猎公园买个涂有斑马条纹的二手路虎车了。Whether real zebra got their own jazzy stripes to confuse predators has yet to be determined.至于斑马身上的条纹能否让其躲过掠食动物的捕杀则还有待实。 /201304/235805谷城县妇幼保健中医院在哪襄阳市四医院做割包皮怎么样贴吧



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