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襄阳保康人民医院治疗附件炎怎么样襄州区人民医院贵吗Poets are sensitive, ethereal creatures, ineffectual dreamers obsessed with metaphors and finding the right rhythms and rhymes. They#39;re generally harmless, right? Not always. On this list, there are killers, crooks, plotters, rakes, a blackmailer, several revolutionaries, heartbreakers, duelists, drunkards, an opium fiend, a serious oddball, and even one fascist. To borrow the words of Lady Caroline Lamb, who played mistress to one of them, these men were mad, bad, and dangerous to know.人们印象中诗人是机智敏感,超凡脱俗,痴迷修辞和韵律的梦想家。他们通常应该不会惹什么麻烦,对不对?但事实并非如此。以下列出的十位诗人简直无恶不作,他们不是杀人放火,欺诈勒索就是决斗厮杀,策划阴谋,他们还造反,负心,酗酒,吸食鸦片,放荡不羁,行为古怪甚至还有一个法西斯主义者。借其中一人的情妇卡洛琳·兰姆的话来说这真是一群疯狂,恶劣又危险的人。10. Fran漀椀猀 Villon10. 弗朗索瓦·维庸Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.维庸可以说是干尽坏事,他不仅是小偷还是杀人犯。但也是十五世纪法国最优秀的抒情诗人。维庸1431年或1432年出生于巴黎,被一名教士收养。1452年离开大学之后,他的生活一落千丈,打架闹事,锒铛入狱,多次被驱逐流放。历史上对他的记载基本都与他入狱相关。Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.1455年,维庸在巴黎醉酒后,与人争执中捅死了一名律师。他本应被逐出巴黎,却得到了王室的赦免。1456年,他又带领着一帮强盗从纳瓦拉学院里偷了500顶金冠。因此再次遭到驱逐。1457年,他在布洛瓦刑,1461年,在穆兰刑。维庸最后出现在巴黎的记录是1462年的盗窃罪。刑满释放后,他又参与了一场打架,被判处死刑,后改为流放。1463年之后,他就彻底消失了。Despite his lifestyle, Villon was a master of the intricate poetic forms of the ballade, the rondeau, and the chanson. His longer works touch on cosmology, satire, and religious symbolism. His work is rife with themes of failed love, melancholia, human suffering, lost time, and the ubiquity of death, featuring a cast of princes and prostitutes mired in Parisian brothels and drinking dens. Rimbaud revived his work in the 19th century, while Rossetti translated it into English, giving us the magnificent line “Where are the snows of yesteryear?”虽然行径不端,但是维庸在叙事诗,回旋诗和香颂上造诣颇高。他的长诗涉及到宇宙学,讽刺和宗教象征等方面。作品中充满了对爱情失意,痛苦忧郁,时光逝去以及死亡不可避免的诉说,多以各种王子和沉溺在妓院和酒馆为主题。19世纪,兰波重整他的作品并由罗塞蒂译成英语,才使我们领略到了“Where are the snows of yesteryear”这样精的诗句。 /201505/372855襄樊腋臭检查专科医院 The palm-forward ;V; sign, formed by raising and sping the first two fingers, has three different meanings in American culture。掌心向外, 竖起食指和中指, 并向两边展开, 这样就构成了一个V形手势。V形手势在美国文化中有三个不同的含义。The most popular meaning of the ;V; sign was invented in 1941 by a Belgian, Victor De Lavalaye. Wanting a symbol for resistance to the Nazi occupation, he came up with the single letter ;V;, which stood not only for his own first name, but also for English victory, Flemish virijheid, and French victoire. The symbolism of the sign sp very quickly, and Winston Churchill used it constantly in public appearance. Thus throughout the 1940s and 1950s, the gesture meant simply ;victory;。V形手势最为普遍的一个意思是在1941年由比利时人维克托· 德· 拉维雷创造发明的。他用V形手势来表示他对纳粹占领比利时的反抗。这个V 不仅代表他的姓氏, 而且还象征英语中的victory ( 胜利) 、佛兰芒语virijheid( 胜利) 和法语victoire ( 胜利) 这三个单词。这一手势的象征意义迅速地传播开来, 温斯顿· 邱吉尔在公众场合就曾多次使用。因此, 在20世纪40年代和50 年代, 这个手势只是表示“ 胜利”的意思。The second meaning came in the 1960s. Because of its military implication, American antiwar protestors used the sign sarcastically against the arms, so that it became known as the ;peace sign;. In the 1970s, the ;V; sign, which had lost its military implication, was a common greeting among freedom lovers, acid heads, political radicals, and ultimately, young people in general. So by about the middle of the 1970s, it ceased to give clue to the user#39;s philosophy。V形手势的第二个意思出现在20世纪60年代。由于这个手势含有军事方面的意思,美国反战者就讽刺性地用这个手势来反对战争, 于是, 这个手势开始被称为“ 和平的标志”。20世纪70年代, V 形手势失去了军事方面的含义, 成为热爱自由的人、嗜用迷幻药的人、政治激进主义者们见面问候时常用的手势, 并最终在广大年轻人当中流传开来。也就是说, 大约到20世纪70年代中期, 这个手势就不再表示使用者的人生观了。The third meaning is the oldest and least common. American children jokingly put ;V;, which resembles ;horns;, behind friends#39; heads in group snapshot. They are unknowingly reproducing something that southern Europeans would find highly offensive. This mischief, called ;horns of the Devil;, is a variant of the European ;horns; gesture, which is obscene. Here the ;V; sign means ;Your wife has been cheating on you; or, when placed behind another#39;s head, ;His wife has been cheating on him。V 形手势的第三个意思最为古老, 也少为人用。在集体照相的时候, 美国孩子常开玩笑地在朋友的脑袋后面摆出手势V, 样子就像动物的角一样。 他们无意中做出了一个被南欧人视为相当无礼的动作。这种被称作“魔鬼之角”的恶作剧是欧洲“ 角形”手势的变体,这种手势被认为具有淫秽的意味。在南欧, 手势V 表示“ 你的老婆对你不忠”。在别人脑袋后面做出这种手势, 如同在说“ 他的老婆对他不忠”。In the ed States, the gesture is typically given with the palm facing the viewer. The British use both this version and an older, palm-backward version; the latter is obscene in American culture, and corresponds to the American ;finger;. Churchill got some surprised stares in 1941 when, evidently unaware of the vulgar usage, he gave the palm-backward ;V; to British troops. In England today you could have to be a social hermit not to understand the distinction. Astonishingly, however, Margaret Thatcher repeated Churchill#39;s error after her victory in the 1979 election。在美国, 人们通常将掌心向外, 面向对方做出这个手势。而英国人有时将掌心向外, 有时则掌心向内。掌心向内的V 形手势在美国文化里被看成是下流动作, 与美国人竖起中指一样具有淫秽的含义。1941年, 邱吉尔掌心朝内, 向英国军队摆出了V 形手势。一些士兵吃惊地盯着他看, 显然他对这个手势的下流含义还全然不知。如今, 在英国, 如果你还不知道掌心向内和向外的差别的话, 你一定是个不问世事的隐士。然而, 令人惊讶的是, 玛格丽特· 撒切尔在赢得1979年的选举之后, 又重蹈邱吉尔的覆辙, 做了一个掌心向内的V 形手势。 /201504/369055Nowadays, people like to go to the cinema to watch movies. They think the big screen and the incredible sound is a treat. Somehow, I think go to the theater to watch films has a lot of disadvantages. Sometimes, these shortcomings even overwhelm the pleasure of watching movies.现如今,人们都很喜欢去电影院看电影。他们认为大屏幕和震撼的音效是一种享受。然而,我认为去电影院看电影存在很多弊端。有时候,这些弊端甚至超过了看电影所带来的享受。First, when you on your way to the cinema, you may stick in traffic jam and cannot arrive on time. If you make it, you may have problem of finding a parking spot. As you know, not every cinema has enough places for you to park. The time you have wasted on the road can do different kinds of things. If you choose to stay at home to watch movies, you don#39;t need to worry about these problems. You#39;re not only saving your precious time but also parking fees and gas.首先,你去电影院的路上很有可能会碰到交通堵塞,不能按时到常就算你按时到了,你也很有可能找不到停车位,并不是每个电影院都有足够的地方给你停车的。而你在路上所浪费的时间可以用来做很多其他的事情了。如果你选择在家看电影,你就不必担心这些问题了。你不仅仅节约了你的宝贵时间,也省下了停车费和油钱。Second, you may have to stand in line for hours just to buy yourself a ticket. It is annoying. If the tickets have sold out, you will wait another day. Sometimes you succeed in buying a ticket, but it was not the best seat. You might seat just in front of the screen or in the last row. When you#39;re watching the movie uncomfortably, you will be regret that you have made the wrong choice. Maybe you should seat in your own sofa to watch.其次,你可能会为了买张电影票花上好几个小时来排队。这真的很烦人。如果票卖完了,你就得改天再来了。有时候你成功买了张票,但是位置却不够好——你很可能离屏幕太近或是太远。当你看电影时,就会感觉到不舒,这个时候你就会后悔你的选择了,你应该躺在自己的沙发上看电影。Last, the atmosphere of the theater is not always as good as you think. People around you allow eating anything they want, which means they will make a lot of noise while they#39;re chewing. What#39;s worse, you may seat next to the person who talks on the phone while you try really hard to listen to what the actress says, or a young couple who seat behind you happily discuss about how the movie will end. This is annoying, isn#39;t it?最后,电影院的气氛并不会像你想象中的那么好。你周围的人会不停地吃东西,当他们嚼东西的时候就会发出声响。而坐在你旁边的人可能会在你听主演说什么的时候,电话说个不停;而在你身后一对年轻的情侣会积极的讨论电影如何结局。这很烦人,不是吗?Due to these reasons, I think people should reconsider whether it worth to go outside to watch a movie, while we have the condition to watch at home. The problems and the hazards can be avoided if we choose to stay at home. Thus, it#39;s more convenient and comfortable to stay at home to watch movies.因为这些原因,我认为人们应该考虑去电影院看电影是否值得,特别是我们有条件可以在家看的时候。如果选择在家看电影,那么以上提到的问题都可以避免。因此,在家中看电影会更为舒适和方便。 /201507/388071枣阳市第一人民医院治疗膀胱炎多少钱

枣阳市康复医院农保能报销吗Avengers: Age Of Ultron Inspired Iron Man Glove Shoots Real Laser Beams带激光特效的钢铁侠手套If Stark Industries were a real company, chances are Patrick Priebe would be Tony Stark#39;s go-to man for all new gizmos. In fact, this young man#39;s creations are so impressive that any superhero would be proud to be seen with them.如果Stark工厂真实存在,那么他们所有装置的制作现在都可以托付给Patrick Priebe了。事实上,这些发明既逼真又炫酷,超级英雄们会为自己佩戴上他的发明而感到自豪的。In anticipation of the recently released Avengers: Age of Ultron, the young inventor created an ;Iron Man; glove. In keeping with the Stark Industries theme, the aluminum exterior of the glove is spray-painted with metallic and candy red primer. While that is indeed cool, what#39;s even more impressive is the laser-firing mechanism fitted inside. Made from brass, it can shoot a high-powered beam from the palm when the wearer merely flexes his/her hand. Another, slightly weaker laser that shoots from the knuckles can be deployed using a controller. Both are accompanied by exciting sound effects.在《复联2》即将上映之际,这个年轻的发明家创造出了一款“钢铁侠”手套。为了与Stark工厂的主题搭调,手套铝制的外皮喷上了金属色,而雷管是糖果红的,这很酷吧?但更赞的是手套内置的镭射装置。镭射管由黄铜制成,只要轻轻弯曲下手掌,就会从掌部射出高能光束。关节处也可用调控装置射出弱一点的激光,而且射出时都伴有很酷的音效。Although not powerful enough to defeat Ultron, the glove can do enough damage to impress your friends. The bright blue 700-milliwatt laser that emanates from the palm can burn patterns in wood. The 300-milliwatt red laser that blasts from the top is weaker, with just enough strength to burst balloons. However, according to Priebe, that#39;s just a distraction to enable the release of a slug capable of causing serious damage. What#39;s stunning is that this impressive gadget took the young inventor just three weeks to build.手套的威力虽不足以对付奥创,但足以让我伙呆。掌部700豪特的蓝色激光能烧着木头,顶部300豪特较弱的红色激光只能打爆气球。据Priebe讲,这些只是为了发出破坏性较大的散弹而分散别人注意力用的。更令人震惊的是,制造这么赞的道具只花了Priebe三周时间。But then this is not the first superhero gizmo Priebe has created. His past masterpieces include an Iron Man-like gauntlet that launches real rockets and a laser watch inspired by the James Bond franchise. Similar to the Iron Man glove, the laser shooting from the watch is powerful enough to burn through objects.这并不是Priebe发明的第一款超级英雄道具。他还发明过钢铁侠可以发射的火箭的镭射手臂,James Bond式的镭射手表,和这款钢铁侠手套一样,也能发射破坏性的激光。Priebe#39;s movie-inspired inventions don#39;t stop there. His repertoire also includes a Spiderman web shooter, Wolverine claws, wrist bows, laser rifles, and numerous other cool gadgets! 然而上述只是九牛一毛,他还发明过蛛网发射器、金刚狼爪、腕带弓箭、镭射步和其他炫酷的道具。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/382389襄阳宜城市妇幼保健院中医院早孕检查怎么样 There are plenty of foods that are either named after places or are assumed to come from certain places. The following is a list of certain food origins that we#39;re frequently wrong about.很多食物都以它的诞生地命名,或者从其名字上就能知道它来自某个确切的地方。然而,以下10种食物的原产地却因为它的命名而产生了误解。也就是说,从名字上看,你以为它来源于这个地方,但事实上根本不是这么一回事儿。10.German Chocolate Cake10.德式巧克力蛋糕German chocolate cake is delicious, but its name is lying to you; it#39;s not German at all. It was named after a German, though: a man named Sam German. He didn#39;t invent the cake itself, but back in 1852, he created a chocolate bar. It was different from normal chocolate (at the time) because it was made for cooking, and it came to be called Baker#39;s German Sweet Chocolate. The first time the recipe for this cake was published was way back in the late #39;50s. It was advertised in a Dallas newspaper and became popular almost immediately. The demand for German#39;s baking chocolate skyrocketed, and his name became synonymous with the dessert.德式巧克力蛋糕的美味总是令人难以忘怀,但它的名字却很可能会误导你。这种蛋糕并不源自德国,而是由一位名叫山姆·格尔曼(Sam German,German一词另有“德国的”之意)的人发明的。他最初并没有直接发明这种蛋糕,而是在1852年发明了在当时颇为与众不同的巧克力棒,使得巧克力可以更好地在烹饪中使用。这种巧克力棒因此被命名为“格尔曼的甜巧克力”。19世纪50年代末期,这种蛋糕的制作方法首次刊登在达拉斯的一家报纸上,并迅速流传开来。格尔曼烘焙的这款蛋糕一时间销量大增,并以他的名字命名为“German Chocolate Cake”——也就是今天的德式巧克力蛋糕。9.Baked Alaska9.火焰冰激凌The Baked Alaska dessert was actually invented in New York City, most likely in 1868—the same year the US purchased Alaska from Russia. Charles Ranhofer, the chef who named it, called it Baked Alaska to cash in on the fame of the recently completed deal. It was considered a luxury at the time, since making ice cream in the 1860s was a laborious process and wasn#39;t yet mechanized.事实上,火焰冰激凌(英译Baked Alaska,Alaska意为阿拉斯加,美国州名)源自纽约,据说产生于1868年,也就是美国政府向俄罗斯购买阿拉斯加州的那一年。厨师查尔斯·瑞奥弗(Charles Ranhofer)给冰激凌起名为火焰冰激凌(Baked Alaska),目的就在于利用人们对这一事件的关注来获利。在19世纪60年代,冰激凌的制作还尚未实现机械化,其过程耗时而费力,因而这款甜品在当时被人们看作是奢侈品。8.French Dip8.法式蘸汁三明治The French dip sandwich, perhaps unsurprisingly, isn#39;t from France. It was invented at Phillipe#39;s in Los Angeles, in 1918. The first sandwich of its kind came about by accident. The restaurant#39;s namesake, Phillipe Mathieu, was making a sandwich for a police officer when he accidentally dropped the roll into hot oil. The officer (supposedly named French) bought it anyway. He loved it so much that he returned the next day with his friends and they all ordered their rolls dipped in oil. Another restaurant in the area, Cole#39;s Pacific Electric Buffet, also claim the invention of the French dip. In their version, they dipped the b in jus (like au jus) to make it softer for a customer that was on her way back from a dentist#39;s appointment.经过前面的介绍,你或许已经猜到了,法式蘸汁三明治并非源自法国,而是在1918年,由位于美国洛杉矶的菲利普餐厅最先发明的。与餐厅同名的菲利普·马蒂厄(Philippe Mathieu)在为一位警官制作三明治时,不小心将面包条掉入滚烫的油锅中。不过,这位警官(据说名为弗伦奇,英French,另有“法国的”之意)还是照常买下了它。不料,在品尝过后,弗伦奇非常喜欢这种三明治。第二天,他带着一帮好友又来到这里,大家纷纷点了这种“新做法”制作而成的三明治。同样位于洛杉矶的另一家餐厅——科尔的太平洋电动自助餐,也声称是他们发明了法式蘸汁三明治。据他们所说,一次,为了能让一位刚刚看完牙医的顾客吃到更加松软的面包,餐厅的厨师将面包蘸上酱汁,因而发明了法式蘸汁三明治。7.Coney Dog7.科尼热The Coney dog may be attributed to Coney Island, but its true origins lie a few states west: Michigan. Much like the French dip, the exact origin is unknown, as there are three different eateries that claim they invented the iconic dog. All three restaurants are located in Michigan. So there you have it. While we can#39;t be sure of the exact origin, we know it#39;s definitely not from New York.通常,科尼热会被认为源自科尼岛(位于纽约的小岛),事实上它的真正产地是密歇根州。与法式蘸汁三明治的情况相似,科尼热的确切来源已无从考。目前有三家餐馆均声称自己发明了科尼热,有趣的是,这三家餐馆都位于密歇根州。所以,尽管我们难以确定其确切来源,然而至少有一点可以肯定的是,科尼热绝对不产自于纽约。6.Curry Powder6.咖喱粉The curry powder we know today is nothing like the original spice it was supposed to mimic. It was heavily influenced by the British, and in India it isn#39;t even referred to as curry. They call it masala, and there are many different varieties. The curry powder we know best is what the British produced when they tried to replicate the flavors they encountered in traditional Indian cooking. True Indian curry powder is custom-made to accompany whatever food is being prepared.我们今天所熟知的咖喱粉,通常被认为是模仿而来的,但事实上它与最原始的香料截然不同,它在很大程度上受到英国的影响。在印度,人们甚至不将其称作“咖喱”,而管它叫香料粉,并且有许多不同的品种。现如今最广为人知的咖喱粉是英国人制作的,他们试图复制传统印度菜肴中咖喱的味道。正宗的印度咖喱粉是可以搭配任何现成的食物的。翻译:冯璐 前十网 /201507/384457襄阳医院专家微信

枣阳市一医院医院男科;This story about Jack and the Giant...it#39;s really about you and your boss,isn#39;t it?;这个故事写的是关于杰克和镇特的事情,...实际上说的是你和你的老板,对吗? /201507/384543 Chinese women whoare entering South Korea seeking skilled plastic surgeons are undergoing suchtransformative procedures that they are struggling to get past airport securityon their way home.The extensivesurgeries, which can include reducing excess skin in the uppereyelid to make the eyes appear bigger and more #39;Western#39;, are transforming someChinese women#39;s entire faces, rendering them almost unrecognizable.To combat theissue, some hospitals have resorted to handing out #39;plastic surgery certificates#39;- which include the patient#39;s passport number, the name of the hospital theywere treated at and the length of their visit to South Korea - to enable thewomen to re-enter China.为了美丽,中国女性源源不断地涌向韩国,寻找技艺高超的整容医师。在回国的归途中,由于容貌与入境前反差巨大,致使他们无法通过机场安检。手术五花八门,包括能去掉上眼皮多出的皮肤,让眼睛变得更大更“西方化”,能改变一些中国女性整个面容,让他们变得几乎让人认不出来。为解决这一问题,一些医院采取发放“整容明”—— 明里标注着病人的护照号码,他们就医的医院名称,以及在韩国逗留时间长短,这才使得这些女士回到中国。Xu Yan, a21-year-old kindergarten teacher, pictured before (left) and after surgery(right). Xu underwent the V-line surgery, nose reconstructionsurgery and received Botox injections徐岩(音译),一名幼儿园老师,21岁。许进行了瘦脸手术,整鼻手术和肉毒杆菌注射,如图手术前和术后Yan Xu, a22-year-old broker, pictured before (left) and after surgery (right). She hadeyelid surgery, a nose job, and chin implants闫旭(音译),一名经纪人,22岁,她进行了双眼皮,鼻整形,下颌植入手术,如图手术前及术后。Liu Yisong, a26-year-old dance teacher, before (left) and after (right) her plastic surgery刘宜松(音译),一位舞蹈教师,26岁,整形前整形后.A 26-year-oldWuhan woman named Yumei Xie, who works as a jazz instructor, before (left) andafter (right) her extensive surgery一名叫于梅榭的26岁武汉爵士乐女教师,整形前整形后.Huang Silan, a20-year-old lounge singer, before (left) and after surgery (right)黄思兰,一名酒吧歌手,20岁,整形前整形后.Liu Yi, a 25-year-oldoffice manager for real estate sales, before (left) and after (right) surgery.Liu had double eyelid surgery and eyelash extensions刘毅,一个名房产销售经理25岁,他进行了双眼皮手术和睫毛延展,整形前整形后.Plastic surgery isnow such big business in South Korea that it is attracting thousands of clientsdaily from across the border in China.And the mostlyfemale clients return to China as#39;live adverts#39;for the South Korean surgeons.Before and afterphotos, which feature women who have undergone sometimes numerous procedures,have been drawing attention since they were posted on Chinese news sites.整形手术如今成了韩国一大产业,每日吸引着大批中国顾客前往。大多回到中国的女性变成了韩国整容界的“活广告”。经过数次整容后,整容前后对比照片在中国新闻网站上一经发布,就吸引了众多眼球。Zhang Cher, a27-year-old aspiring singer, pictured before (left) and after surgery (right)张彻,他的理想是想成为一名歌手,27岁,整形前(左)整形后(右).Yang Jiayi, a21-year-old clerk, before (left) and after (right) surgery. Yang had her eyeshape altered and received eyelash extensions杨佳怡,一名售货员,21岁,杨进行了割双眼皮和睫毛延展手术Wang Pingping, a24-year-old tour guide, pictured before (left) and after surgery (right). Sheunderwent surgery to change the shape of her face, as well as a nose job andeye reconstruction surgery王平平,一名导游,24岁。她接受了脸部整形,鼻整形和眼部整形手术,如图,手术前(左)和术后(右)。The photos, whichlist the type of procedures each woman has had - ranging fromBotox to rhinoplasty to jaw contorting - are accompanied by candid captionsdetailing the features each woman disliked about herself.For, example, LiuYisong, 26, a dance teacher from Chengdu, said she disliked her eye shape, herflat nose, her round face shape and narrow forehead. So she underwent a doubleeyelid operation, V-line surgery, nose reconstruction surgery and had collageninjections as well as a skin rejuvenation treatment.Meanwhile, WangPingping, a 24-year-old tour guide, underwent surgery to change her pear-shapedface. She had a nose job and eye reconstruction surgery.这些照片展现了每位女性都经历了哪些类型手术:有注射肉毒杆菌(注射)到鼻部整形、下颌整形,通过直白的说明,详细描绘出每位女性她自己不喜欢的部位。比如,这位26岁的刘宜松,一名来自成都的舞蹈老师,说,她不喜欢她的眼形,扁鼻子,圆脸蛋和窄额头。所以她接受了割双眼皮,瘦脸,鼻整形手术,以及肉毒杆菌注射和皮肤再生疗法。(再把脑袋里的缺口补上就完美了)同时还有名叫王平平的24岁导游,通过手术变成了梨形脸。她还进行了鼻型和眼型整形手术。Gao Shanshan, a28-year-old cosmetics agent, pictured before (left) and after surgery (right).She underwent a nose job, eyelid surgery, and had Botox face lift injections高珊珊,美容师,28岁,她接受了鼻、眼整形手术,并注射肉毒杆提升脸颊。如图,手术前(左)和术后(右)Julie, a29-year-old full-time mother, before surgery (left) and after (right)S heunderwent breast reconstruction, waist and abdomen liposuction and IPL skintreatment朱莉,一名29岁的全职妈妈,他接受乳房塑形,腰腹吸脂、光子嫩肤。如图,手术前(左)和术后(右)Zhou, a21-year-old student, pictured before (left) and after (right) surgery. She haddouble eyelid surgery and is wearing colored contacts周,一名21岁的学生,如图前(左)和术后(右)。她割了双眼皮并戴上了美瞳。Lin Wen, a21-year-old senior student, pictured before (left) and after (right) surgery.She had a nose job, Botox injections, double eyelid surgery, and receivedeyelash extensions and colored contacts林文,一名21岁的大四学生,如图前(左)和术后(右)。她进行了鼻整形,肉毒杆菌毒素注射,双眼皮手术,接受睫毛延展并带上了美瞳。South Korea israpidly becoming world#39;s plastic surgery leader, with more cosmetic proceduresper head of population than any other nation, according to global figuresreleased last year by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.One in every 77people in South Korea now goes under the knife or needle in a bid to improvetheir looks.Shockingly, some20 per cent of women aged 19 to 49 in the capital, Seoul, admit to undergoingcosmetic surgery. One of the most popular procedures involves reducing excessskin in the upper eyelid to make the eyes appear bigger and more #39;Western#39;.韩国正迅速成为世界整形外科的领军者,人均整容人数世界领先,据去年国际美容整形外科学会发布的全球(统计)数据。每77个韩国人当中就有一个,通过手术或注射让他们自己变得更漂亮。让人不可思议的是,1/20的19到49岁的女性承认接受过整容手术。其中最流行的步骤,包括割眼皮,让眼睛显得更大更有“西方”味。This unidentifiedwoman is pictured before (left) and after (right) cosmetic surgery这是一位身份未知的女士整容手术前、后的照片A 56-year-oldwoman (pictured before surgery, left, and after, right), sought treatment forthe sagging skin on her face and neck, wrinkles, eye aging and age spots. Shealso had work done on her nose一位56岁的女士(图左,在手术前,后,右),为治疗她脸部和颈部皮肤松弛,皱纹,眼袋和老年斑而进行了美容手术。同时也对他的鼻子做了调整。It is believedthat the rise of the country#39;s music industry is behind the boom, and manypatients visit clinics with photos of celebrities, asking surgeons to emulateAmerican noses or eyes.Some women forexample also undergo Intense Pulsed Light treatment, a procedure which can,among other things, be employed to lighten the skin.相信随着该国音乐产业的兴起,不少人参照一些社会名流照片,通过外科医师就可以把眼型或鼻型变得像他们一样。在某些事情上,只需一个步骤,例如,有些女士通过光子嫩肤,就可以达到改善皮肤光泽作用。 /201411/342747枣阳人民医院痛经多少钱襄阳谷城县人民中心医院泌尿系统在线咨询



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