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Dan Gilbert 向我们展示他探索快乐过程中的研究成果,分享了很多引人入胜的小实验(你也可以自己试一下)。他的演讲最后有问答环节,我们可以看到TED里面许多熟悉的面孔。201205/184186中国的80、90后和父辈有何不同?他们面临着怎样的社会生活环境?又有怎样的心理诉求?他们要如何重塑中国社会?杨澜说,微让我们更好地了解中国的年轻一代。郭美美风波、蚁族、裸婚……杨澜透过在社会媒体中的观察,把这些话题带上了TED演讲台。201206/187794

Great Gatsby Director: I Can Feel the HungerBaz Luhrmann discusses teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio to bring classic story to big screen.《了不起的盖茨比》导演巴兹·鲁曼专访,这是巴兹·鲁曼与莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥继1996年版《罗密欧与朱丽叶》后的再度合作。巴兹·鲁曼谈与莱昂纳多联手,给观众呈现经典故事的感受。巴兹·鲁曼(Baz Luhrmann),1962年9月17日出生在澳洲新南威尔士的一个乡村里。鲁曼导演生涯中最著名的作品是《红幕三部曲》(Red Curtain Trilogy),他精心设计的促使观众参与制片的方式自成一派。“三部曲”中《红磨坊》(Moulin Rouge)被认为是他最成功的电影作品。We’ve met most of the stars of Gatsby right here at GMA, theyre basically taking over our studio, Leo is next, but right now, time for the man behind the vision, I had the pleasure to sit down with director Baz Luhrmann at the F. Scott Fitzgerald suite at the Plaza, recently renovated by his wife Catherine Martin, and we talked about turning the great American novel into a 3D wonderland.3 steps back.Australian director Baz Luhrmann in Gibba strictly ballroom, transformed last at Paris the Moulin Rouge and directed a young Leo Decaprio in his version of Romeo and Juliet. Now the two team up again to take on an American classic.I can feel the hunger, you know, sometimes it’s not there, it’s there.For the film?It’s the book, it wakes everybody up,Yeah, it does.The Fitzgerald thing wakes everybody up.Who is this Gatsby?Perhaps it’s the glamour of the era or the legend of J. Gatsby,It turns into an extremely dark psychological journey, I mean, Gatsby is the Hamlet of America, that’s what attracted Leonardo.I’m glad to see you as well.He has natural screen glamour, he can’t help it. And early on, that made him very successful very quickly, and he could have cashed that check very easily and lived comfortably, but he’s only interested in complex, challenging acting.It is a part tailor-made for the 38-year-old Oscar nominee. But the role of Daisy Buchanan was up for grabs.That was a gone with the wind search. And everyone wanted to play that role,Luhumann said he and Decaprio knew it at her first audition, the part belong to Carey Mulligan.I’m paralyzed with happiness.Her chemistry with Leo impossible to deny. With an Oscar cast, costumes and sets as always created by his wife Catherine Martin, Baz’s Gatsby is sumptuous and vibrant, and his attention to detail, legendary. Act for the epic 3D party scenes, Baz just let it roll.A little party never kill nobody.There was a moment where people started jumping in the pool, and it went crazier and crazier, and the music stops, and the cameras were rolling, everybody stopped and they were all dripping and all exhausted and all laughing and crying, going, wasn’t that crazy? Wasn’t that grape? I mean, turn the music on again, then we turned it on and they all did it again for another 15 minutes, and we did it until they drop, so, you know, a little party nearly did damn kill everyone.But Baz said they sure did have fun making it and he also says there’s a lot being made about the 3D decision. He loves it, he believes it brings movie-goers in the action, Leo Decaprio joins us tomorrow, and the Great Gatsby is in theater this Friday. /201305/238962当今世界中,我们要在学校、工作、孩子及其他事项中保持平衡,我们中多数的人都无法达到推荐的八小时睡眠。杰莎;甘布尔检视了我们身体内生物钟背后的科学,揭示出我们应留意的令人惊讶的实质的休息方案。201202/171232中国品牌在英国:华丽并奢侈着201303/230760

Today in History: Friday, May 10, 2013历史上的今天:2013年5月10日,星期五May 10th, 1869 they place them up by that without the flowers and mile a track...At Promontory, Utah --- a golden spike is driven into the ground, completing the first transcontinental railroad in the ed States.1933,Months after taking power in Germany, the Nazis stage massive public burnings of books considered to have “un-German” ideas.1941,During World War Two, Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitlers deputy in Nazi Germany, parachutes into Scotland. Hess claims hes on a peace mission. But hes treated as a prisoner of war and spends the rest of his life behind bars.1994,Nelson Mandela takes the oath of office to become South Africas first black president after the end of apartheid. Also that same year: In Illinois, serial killer John Wayne Gacy is executed by lethal injection for murdering 33 young men and boys during the 1970s.And, 1960“I can live, with or without you.” Rock musician Bono, frontman of the group U-2 and an anti-poverty activist, is born in Dublin, Ireland.Today in History, May 10th, Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press. /201305/239183Louis restless pursuit of glory and magnificence路易对荣耀与宏伟的无尽追求found expression in the gardens of Versailles.体现在凡尔赛宫的花园里But even the King could notchange但即使是国王the geography of a region也无法改变that was critically short of running water一个地区缺少活水的事实to power the hundreds of new fountains由此勒诺特尔建造的数百喷泉that Le Notre had installed.无法真正使用And so, when the King took a stroll,所以当国王散步时his gardeners had to turn the fountains on as he approached.园丁便在他接近时打开喷泉And then off again once he had walked past.再在他离开时关闭The problem of getting supplies寻找湍急高压的水源of fast running, high-pressure water非常困难were never adequately solved.这个问题从未被真正解决Variousattemptswere made to find alternative sources人们屡次尝试在远处from quite far away from Versailles.寻找水源The celebrated Machine of Marly著名的马利水机was a series of vast water wheels由一系列大水轮组成which were intended to bring water up from the Seine能将塞纳河水and deliver it to the Palace of Versailles.运送至凡尔赛宫This provided water but not enough...但水量远远不够The great and final scheme involved building最终的宏大计划包括a full scale Roman-style aqueduct.建造一道完整的罗马式渡槽This was abandoned as being too expensive and the result,但计划后来夭折 因为花销巨大of course, was that the great gardens of Versailles never结果凡尔赛的花园从未had enough water to drive all the fountains simultaneously.获得足够水源来同时开启喷泉201204/177052

How To Be Sexy In The MorningStaying over at a date's house is a big step. When the sun rises, will you have morning breath? Bed head? What will you sleep in? Here's how to keep the sexy factor, even at the crack of dawn.Step 1: Early Bird(早点起来)The instant you wake up, roll over and realize you're not in your own bed, get up and get to the bathroom ASAP without waking Prince Charming. The object is to freshen up and get back into bed without him knowing.Step 2: Bed Head(不要蓬头垢面)For a quick fix, wet your mop down with some water and tie it up in a bun or messy ponytail. A headband works wonders for out-of-control flyways.Step 3: Breath Control(口气清洁)If you don't have your toothbrush on you, steal some mouthwash or toothpaste and use your finger. It's not ideal, but it beats having dragon breath.Step 4: Best Face Forward(洗脸)If you didn't wash your face the night before, do it now. Don't worry about getting every goop and glob, you don't want to look too perfect or he'll know you were primping. Apply some lotion and concealer or powder if needed. Refresh your underarms and other delicate areas with a refresher cloth.Step 5: Play Dress Up(穿衣打扮)Grab one of his tees or button downs and then sprits it with your perfume so he can smell you all day long, even after you leave. Guys love to see a woman wearing his clothes.Step 6: Back To Bed(回到床上)After you're feeling fresh, tiptoe back to his room and slip under the sheets. When he stirs, fake a yawn and a sexy stretch. Let him look at you. There's no need to hide now.201105/137231How To Be Single And HappyLearn to appreciate your single status. Here are five things that singles sometimes take for granted.Step 1: Sleep(睡觉)Sleep is a beautiful thing. When you're single, no one's nagging at you to get up or counting the hours that you've spent in bed. You are left in peace with your box fan and body pillow. Sleep all day guilt-free!Step 2: Money(随心所欲地花钱)When you're single, there's no joint account. You can do whatever you want with your money. There's none of that "what's yours is mine, what's mine is yours" foolishness. No household budget. Go ahead and buy that hideous, life-size statue of Wayne Newton. Put it in the middle of the living room. No one is the boss of you!Step 3: Career(全身心地投入工作)Work all night, all weekend if you want to. Then socialize with the boss until 2:00AM or later. Your married co-workers can't compete. They've got "commitments". You win by default! And when that headhunter calls, there's no one holding you back. Pack up and move wherever the fattest paycheck is waiting.Step 4: Rejection(可以找很多拒绝的借口)When you're single, rejection is your friend. If you're on a bad date, make up some excuse and get the heck out of there. You don't have to ever see her again.Step 5: Amuse Yourself(自娱自乐)Host a poker tournament complete with back up dancers. See how much laundry you can fit into the washer. Create a new dish out of the few things you have left in the cupboard and eat it in the middle of the night. Become a pro at belching the alphabet. The possibilities are endless.201004/101419

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