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Buddha once said: the trouble is, you think you have time.佛祖曾经说过这样一句话:我们最大的麻烦就是,总是认为还有时间可以作想做的事。Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201508/395608河南打美白针效果怎样Subject:Don’t shoot the breeze. 迷你对话A: Don’t shoot the breeze in class.上课的时候不要闲聊。B: I’m sorry, teacher. I won’t do that again.对不起老师,我以后不会这样做了。 地道表达shoot the breeze 1. 解词释义美国人把无目的的闲聊比作“向微风射击”。Shoot的意思是“发射,开,开炮”,breeze的意思是“阵阵微风”。Shoot the breeze描述的就是几个朋友在一起随便聊天,或者一两位知己清清静静地坐着闲聊的情景,这种感觉就如享受在受着微风吹拂一样的惬意。该习语是第二次世界大战时期的用语。当时候在微风中闲聊往事成为军人上船后或现在留在基地时最喜爱的消遣,尤其是指感伤地思索或述说。对话中“Don’t shoot the breeze.”的意思就是“叫别人不要闲聊。” 2. 拓展例句e.g. Why do not you come over to my place? We can listen to some records and shoot the breeze.你何不来我这儿?我们可以边听唱片边侃侃。e.g. Say, Bill, how about coming back to my room after class? Ill get a couple of cold sodas and well shoot the breeze for a while.喂,比尔,上完课你到我宿舍去吧。我去买两瓶汽水,咱们聊回儿天,你看怎么样?e.g. They chew the fat,shoot the breeze and swap anecdotes about random subjects:work,family,news,weather,hobbies,etc.人们就工作、家庭、新闻、天气、爱好等聊聊天,侃侃大山,交换一些奇闻轶事。e.g. I just stayed in the dorm to sit around and shoot the breeze with a couple of friends.我就只是呆在宿舍里做着和几个朋友闲谈。 /201403/279764郑州市中心医院做双眼皮价钱费用Middle East and Africa中东及非洲Syrias Peace Talk: Time for someone else to have a go.叙利亚和谈:该有人做出尝试了Russia and Turkey take over from America.俄罗斯和土耳其代替美国挑起大梁Kazakhstan is an odd place to seek a fresh start for Syria.哈萨克斯坦会成为叙利亚问题的一个新的突破点是有点奇怪。Its strongman, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has been in charge since Soviet times.哈萨克斯坦的最强者——努尔苏丹.纳扎尔巴耶夫—从在苏联时期开始就一直掌握该国的大权。In 2015 he won 97.7% of the vote—an even better tally than Syria’s despot, Bashar al-Assad, can command.在2015年,他赢得了97.7%的选票,比叙利亚的总统巴沙尔阿萨德更得民心。But as a Russian-speaking capital of a Turkic nation sharing the Caspian Sea with Iran, there was some symbolism in selecting its capital, Astana, as a place to unveil the new tripartite protectorate over Syria.哈萨克斯坦是土耳其语系国家,与邻国伊朗共分里海,但首都阿斯塔纳却是俄语区,选取这样一个城市来揭开新型三边保护叙利亚行动的序幕,多多少少有一些象征意义。And as peace talks go, the ones in Astana, on January 23rd-24th, marked a new realism.随着和平谈判的到来,1月23日至24日在阿斯塔纳的谈判标志着一个新的现实主义。The hosts were the three outside powers who are doing the bulk of the fighting in Syria.东道主是在叙利亚进行大规模战斗的三个外部大国。Along with Russia and Turkey, they included Iran, which was pointedly kept out of the last round of talks in Geneva.俄罗斯、土耳其和伊朗,他们被有意地安排与在日内瓦举行的最后一轮会谈保持些距离。The Americans, Europeans and Arabs who steered those negotiations were this time either reduced to observer status, or absent altogether.控制谈判的美方,欧方以及阿拉伯人现在是作为观察员,或者呈缺席状态。Saudi Arabia, once the rebels’ prime backer, is too preoccupied with its war in Yemen these days to have time for the one in Syria.曾经的叛军主要持者——沙特阿拉伯,正专注于其在也门的战争,无暇顾及叙利亚的问题。“The uprising began as an Arab awakening and ended in a carve-up among non-Arab powers,” says a Syrian analyst.叙利亚分析家说:“起义开始于阿拉伯觉醒,结束于非阿拉伯国家之间的割裂。”Also reflecting events on the ground, Syria’s opposition was represented by fighters, not by the politicians in exile who led the previous talks.当然这也在引起了一系列事件,叙利亚的叛军主要是由军方控制而不是之前在和谈中被流放的政治家们。In the past Russia would have dismissed some of the delegates as jihadists, fit only for thermobaric bombing.在过去,俄罗斯使用温压炸弹,可能已经击退了伊斯兰圣战者。But, perhaps under Turkey’s nudging, it now sees the benefits of engagement if the process is to get anywhere.但是,也许是在土耳其的助力下,如果这样的措施任意实行,其中的利益得失是显而易见的。Muhammad Alloush, who heads an Islamist armed group, Jaish al-Islam, showed his appreciation by praising Russia, which only a month ago was crushing rebels in Aleppo, for its “neutrality”.Jaish al-Islam,一只伊斯兰的武装军队,它的首领Muhammad Alloush对俄方充满了感激之情,——俄方在一个月之前在阿勒颇粉碎了反叛者,以示其“中立”的立场。To mollify the politicians in exile, the fighters insisted they were there to talk only about ceasefires.为了安抚被放逐的政治家,这些参战者坚持称他们仅仅是为了停止战火才会那样做的。But the Russians also proffered a draft constitution, and issued invitations for follow-up talks in Moscow, set for January 27th.然而俄罗斯依然提出起草宪法法案并发行了将要于1月27日在莫斯科做后续会谈的邀请函。The exiles would prefer to rely on America to promote the political process in a fresh round of talks in Geneva, pencilled in for February 8th.流放的政治家们更愿意在2月8日的日内瓦进行新一轮会谈时依靠美国来促进政治进程。By then, however, Russia may aly have written the terms.然而,到那时,俄罗斯或许已经签订了条款。An even more striking example of America’s new irrelevance is the mechanism devised for policing a ceasefire that has been in place for almost a month.一个关于美国不想参与此事的更明显的例子就是,美国推出无关紧要的停火机制已有近一个月了。Out went the old arrangements agreed on with John Kerry, America’s former secretary of state, last September.而之前美国前国务卿John Kerry持的停火歇息已经是去年九月的事了。Russia’s new partners were Turkey and Iran, who together would “observe and ensure full compliance with the ceasefire, prevent any provocation and determine all modalities”.俄罗斯将会与新搭档土耳其,伊朗,一起“遵守与确保停火的承诺,用一切方式阻止一切挑衅。”Can this work?这个能有效吗?Tellingly, the final communiqué, seeking to bolster the ceasefire, was issued by the external powers, while Syria’s belligerents registered protests and reservations.值得关注的是,当叙利亚的交战双方显示出要反抗和保留意见时,最后公报由外界力量发表,表示要停火。However, the rebels probably have little choice but to comply.然而,这些造反的人除了顺从之外没什么选择。Chased out of their last major urban redoubt in Aleppo and doubtful of their support from the new American administration, many want to grab what they can.在阿勒坡,(造反者)从他们最后的主要城市堡垒被赶出去,以及(造反者)对美国新政府持的怀疑,这些都使他们想要抓住他们能抓住的东西。Even so, the war continues undiminished against some of the most powerful militias left off Astana’s guest list—Islamic State, the YPG Kurdish forces, and particularly an al-Qaeda offshoot, Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (JFS) .即便是这样,战争也不会继续削弱一些最强盛的民兵,然后从阿斯塔纳的客人名单中除去——伊斯兰国,库尔德民主联盟党库的部队,以及特别是一个叫征沙姆阵线的基地组织的分。JFS has launched its own offensive, pitting its 6,000 hardened fighters against the 15,000 of more moderate groups.JFS已经开始了它的进攻,派遣6000个精锐将士去攻打有15000个士兵却相对温和的部队。That intra-rebel battle is again cutting roads across Idlib, the poor rural province the rebels still hold, and closing crossings to Turkey as they fight over bases.内战再一次切断了(他们)跨越那个仍由造反者控制的穷困乡下省份伊德利普的路,并且在基础战时快要越过土耳其了。Judging by its record, Mr Assad’s regime will be as recalcitrant.根据记录判断,阿萨德政府将继续顽抗。Talks may bring him benefits, such as dividing the opposition. (Mr Assad’s representative, Bashar al-Jaafari, quipped that he hoped the terrorists would help defeat the terrorists. )谈判或许会给他带来利益,例如,能够分化反对党。(阿萨德的发言人Bashar al-Jaafari讽刺道这是以毒攻毒。)But even when weaker, the regime preferred military options.但是即便反对派削弱了,阿萨德政府还是偏向于军事主义政策。Having won the whip hand, it is in no mood to discuss a transition to a broader government.既然已经在政府中取得了配地位,那么阿萨德政府也没有闲情逸致来讨论如何转变为一个更加民主的联合政府。Should Russia try to bring him to heel, Mr Assad is signalling he has other friends to turn to.就算俄罗斯准备逼迫阿萨德政府就范,他也暗示了自己还有其他可以寻求帮助的盟友。While Iran sat at the table talking ceasefires, Mr Assad and its forces were making common cause fighting in the valleys of Wadi Barrada above Damascus.当伊朗政府在谈判桌上寻求停火之际,阿萨德及其军队正在准备在大马士革之上的WadiBarrada山谷发动进攻。By delegating responsibility for the ceasefire to three outside powers, the tripartite mechanism may well have the effect of creating zones of influence.通过授权同意外部三方势力停火,这三方会谈应该会对这片区域造成深刻影响。Untroubled by the Iranians and Russians, the Turks are fighting to expand their enclave (against IS and the Kurds) in the north.由于没有受到伊朗人和俄罗斯人的妨碍,土耳其人正在北部扩张他们的飞地(来对抗IS以及库尔德武装)。The Iranians are doing much the same around Damascus.伊朗人也在大马士革周边做着相似的事情。Russia is firmly entrenched on the coast.而俄罗斯人封锁了海岸线。The conflict, it seems, will continue; as will yet another of the Middle East’s sad, interminable peace processes.冲突似乎还会继续;与此同时中东之殇仍然存在,和平之路任重而道远。译文来源考研英语时事阅读201703/500410河南附属医院治疗腋臭价钱费用

郑州那里脱毛好些郑州/快速祛色斑哪家医院好第一, 迷你对话A: I remember Jim was warm-hearted in the past, but he shows indifference to anything now.我记得过去吉姆新人文的,但是现在他对一切都漠不关心。B: Because three years ago when he was out of work and had some trouble in his life, nobody seemed to be lifting a finger to help him.因为三年前,他失业了,生活中遇到了麻烦,似乎没有人向他伸出援助之手。A: He doesn’t believe in friendship anymore, does he?他不再相信友谊了,是吗?B: No.是的。第二, 地道表达lift a finger1. 解词释义Lift a finger的意思是“伸出援助之手”。2. 拓展范例e.g. We all worked hard, but Jim didnt lift a finger.我们都努力地干,可吉姆一点都不帮忙。e.g. The king did not lift a finger when his people were hungry.当他的百姓挨饿时,那位国王一点也不管。e.g. He is the only one who lift a finger to save the children .他是唯一出力帮助孩子们的人。第三, 咬文嚼字show indifference to:对……漠不关心e.g. The mean teacher seemed to show indifference to his failing students.这可鄙的老师似乎对那些成绩不及格的学生漠不关心。e.g. He is the man who shows indifference to personal affairs.他是一个不计较个人得失的人。out of work:失业e.g. He must square up to the reality of being out of work.他必须正视失业这一现实。e.g. If Americans didnt get a new car every year thousands of our workpeople would be out of work.假如美国人不每年买一辆新车,那么千千万万的工人们就会失业。have some trouble:遇到困难e.g. I have some trouble in English listening.我英语听力不好。e.g. If you have some trouble, you could ask us to help you.如果有困难,你可以叫我们帮你。 /201702/492959关键词:scratch the surface 对事物只做肤浅的研究短语释义:今天我们要学的短语是scratch the surface。这里有两个生词,第一个是scratch,长得和catch捕捉比较相像,而实际意思也差不太多,scratch表示“抓;刮”;Surface是“表面”的意思。词根sur常有“超过,在上面”的意思,比如surpass指“超越,胜过”。 Surface(在脸面的上面)就是表面。Scratch the surface这个习语来自于农活,在农田如果想得到好收成,就必须深耕细作,而不能刨去一层表土scratch the surface就完事。这个习语应用到日常生活的各种场合,指流于表面、不深入的工作,对事物只做肤浅的研究,不深刻,不周详。情景领悟:1. This essay is so short that it can only scratch the surface of the topic.这篇文章很短,只能对这一问题作肤浅的探讨。2. We havent even begun to scratch the surface in researching this story.我们在调查这件事中还没有抓住一点点头绪。本节目属 /201403/282662郑州/华山整形美容医院去除眉间纹手术怎么样keep one's nose clean行为检点,守规矩If you don't learn how to keep your nose clean, you're going to end up in jail. 如果你不学会守法, 你会进监狱的After he came out of prison, he was determined to keep his nose clean. 出狱以后,他下决心要安分守己。They have to keep their noses clean or they might be expelled from school学生们必须守规矩,不然就可能被学校开除take over接管, 接替May I take over the driving?"需要我替换一下你吗?He will take over the company after his father retired.他的父亲退休后,他将接管公司歌曲:orianthi唱的believe /201007/108457登封市做激光去毛多少钱

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