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Hello , Peter, very nice to meet you. Thank you for giving me this lesson in Chinese business etiquette.Not at all. Now I have to ask you, am I dressed for the part?Absolutely perfect for Chinese business meeting, conservative color, long skirt. All right, good to hear. Well let's start the meeting then. Let's go, this way. This is my business card.Thank you.Notice how I present it to you with the English side facing you.Oh, OK , then I should do the same for you.Here is my business card. Oh, wonderful.Should I have ... you get yourself a Chinese name . Notice how I spend a little bit of time paying attention to detail of the card as a sign of respect. A business meeting sometimes ends with a gift exchange. Here are some CNN branded gifts. Would these be appropriate to give in China?Er , some of them like the iPod might be too expensive, it could carry a bribery undertone. But the other side might feel uncomfortable, because we, he would have to reciprocate with something of equal value. Of this , this is a photo CD. Would this be a more appropriate choice?That is a perfect gift , that is , introduce your company, your city or your country.Ok, well, that wraps up the session here but our etiquette lesson will continue tonight over dinner?Ok, I'll see you then. So Peter, tell me, how important is dinning to building a business relationship in China ?It is a cultural way. Chinese people regard eating as one of the most important things in their lives as they say "民以食为天".What does that mean?That means eating is as important as the sky.Now this is the dish that maybe some overseas businessmen or women might find a little bit unpalatable----it’s sea slug. We also have a sautéed bullfrog . If, if you are a business person you are being offered these as a guest in China, and you don't want to eat it. What'd you do?I would just say "谢谢,这个我免了"."谢谢" like this, and then no one's feelings are hurt , (no one's feelings...) everything is fine (right) . And now we have the fish, I notice it's looking at me, it's pointing this direction. What does that mean? That means er, you would have to drink a glass of white liquor because the head of the fish is pointing toward you. Ok, then ...That's that's a custom from the North.If that is a custom, then I would have to drink a glass of white liquor, so please. Ok, now these white liquors are pretty serious stuff. When being served this, can the guest be in a position to decline at all?Yes, but the, the host would naturally prefer that you join him in drinking it. Well, I'm going to have to join the host then to a toast? That's right .Ok, now I've just struggled to get lower than your glass. That's right , and the host , try to lower his glass under yours to show his respect to you. Bottoms up!"干杯!" "干杯"Kristie Lu Stout, CNN shanghai 200809/48178国家地理:Gator in the Backyard 后院的不速之客"The lady, she has two small dogs and she was worried because the alligator finds the back of her house and just gets up there and he sounds itself and lays out there. She tries to chase him off and he don't move, because he opens his mouth. So she's a little bit worried, which she has plenty of reasons to be."Rick finds the distressed homeowner: Debra Whine Simon and her dogs. As they played on the shore, they had a lucky escape from the gator.''Look at the face, he and he was away, almost by the skin of your teeth.''The local residents have taken pictures of the alligator sitting on the shore.''This guy was (Oh, he's a big one.) at the other yard(Is it big? This is a big one) and that's from faraway. (That's a good sight one, isn't it? Yeah.) That's from, now look at the next picture, which was like three trees over, so was far-away.''And he's not done it to have fun.Is it really?See!You think so?Debra's worried about her pets.''My direct concern is that they are not food: alligator food. They... I mean, they're my, my, my babies. And I..., it freaks me out that there's a predator, that actually because they must sense that there are dogs that live here and that's why they do come and hang out here. ''Because of the urgency of the situation, Rick and Scott are prepared for an all-nighter.''I, I have eggs for breakfast. Don't worry about it. (What time do you want me to be here?) There it goes. You are staying right here until that thing is gone.''The lake at the back of the property is massive. The gator could be anywhere.Simon was out on her bank, and she's got a couple of toy poodles that the gator will enter and harass them. Said she's sick and tired of living like this. Welcome to south Florida.''''Dogs are on the food chain for the alligator, there's no doubt about it.''At night, alligators are difficult to see, but their eyes gleam orange from reflected light. As Rick sweeps his spotlight across the lake, there's no sign of the deadly predator.''Plan is we're gonna go up around the band and see if we see this guy. It's perfect night, perfect for hunting, but not seeing the alligator. So either he's moved on looking for a female, or he's in thick grass around the band up here.'' Rick drives around the lake. He's concerned that it's getting late and that his flashlight might be scaring local residents.''He started to shine a light like this and the back at these old people's house like what we've been doing. You get the law call every time. ''It's why you use that low light.''''Well, we've checked every inch of body of water out here in this community, haven't seen the alligator. So er, he was just for tonight.''alligator or gator: An alligator is a large reptile with short legs, a long tail and very powerful jaws. 【动】(产于美国及中国的)短吻鳄200708/17060UN Announces Food Crisis Task Force潘基文挂帅解决全球粮食危机   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he will head a new task force to tackle the global food crisis that is plunging tens of millions of people into poverty and hunger. He is calling for international donors to urgently fund a three-quarter-billion-dollar shortfall by the World Food Program. The appeal follows a two-day U.N.-sponsored meeting in the Swiss capital, Bern, aimed at finding measures to deal with soaring food prices. 联合国秘书长潘基文星期二表示,他将领导一个新的特别工作组来处理全球粮食危机。这场全球性的粮食危机正在使数千万人陷入贫困和饥饿。潘基文还呼吁国际社会增加捐款,以满足世界粮食计划署迫切需要的援助资金。潘基文是在瑞士首都伯尔尼主持召开两天的紧急会议之后发表这番讲话的。联合国举行这次紧急会议就是为了解决粮食价格飙升引起的严重问题。U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says participants at the emergency meeting discussed concrete measures to feed the hungry. He says the dramatic escalation in food prices worldwide has evolved into an unprecedented challenge of global proportions. He says it has become a crisis for the world's most vulnerable, including the urban poor.  联合国秘书长潘基文说,这次紧急会议的与会者讨论了防止饥饿的具体办法。他指出,世界范围内的粮食价格扶摇直上给全球带来了一场前所未有的挑战。对于世界上最弱势的群体来说,尤其是城市贫民,粮价上涨已经变成了一场致命的危机。Mr. Ban says governments must urgently contribute 5 million to the World Food Program. 潘基文表示,各国政府必须立即行动起来,为世界粮食计划署筹措7.55亿美元的紧急资金。"Without full funding of these emergency requirements, we risk again the specter of widesp hunger, malnutrition and social unrest on an unprecedented scale," he said. "We anticipate that additional funding will be required."  他说:“如果这些紧急需求不能完全满足,我们面临的风险将是:饥饿、营养不良和社会动乱将以前所未有的规模再次蔓延。我们预期,更多的救援资金将是必不可少的。”U.N. officials believe 100 million people have been driven into poverty and hunger because of skyrocketing food prices. The World Food Program says it cannot afford to buy food with the money it has. For example, it notes the price of a metric ton of rice has more than doubled since March. 联合国官员相信,由于粮食价格暴涨,目前已经有一亿人陷入贫困和饥饿。世界粮食计划署说,现有的资金根本不够给这些急需救济的人们购买粮食,因为从3月份到现在,每公吨大米的价格已经上涨了两倍多。WFP director Josette Sheeran says the agency has received 1 million in pledges. 世界粮食计划署执行主任约瑟特.施林说,该机构已经得到4.71亿美元的捐款承诺,相当于所需资金的62%。"We only have 18 million of that cash in hand," said Sheeran. "And, so this becomes urgent because we cannot procure the food until we have the cash in hand and so we are bumping into a real urgent time frame of needing to get these commitments in as soon as possible so that we can keep these programs whole and we are getting stretched across the globe where we cannot do so." 施林说:“我们手里现在只有1千8百万美元的现金。所以,情况变得非常紧急,因为拿不到现金就买不到粮食。我们正处于一个危急时刻,迫切需要得到捐款,以使我们的援助计划全面展开。可是我们目前在全球范围完全是心有余而力不足。”World Bank President Robert Zoellick says this crisis will not be over once the emergency needs are addressed. 世界行长佐利克说,即使目前的紧急需求得到满足,这场危机的深远影响也难以消失。"The International Community needs to come in to working together to respond with policy initiatives so that this year's crisis does not become a generation's fact of life," he said. "Aly, hunger and malnutrition are the underlying causes of death of over 3.5 million children every year, robbing the future potential of many millions more." 他说:“国际社会需要齐心协力,通过政策规划来做出回应,防止今年的危机演变成为一代人的命运。我们已经看到,饥饿和营养不良每年都使350多万儿童死亡,并且使另外数以百万计的人丧失了创造未来的潜力。”Increasing food prices are not the only problem afflicting the poor. The ed Nations says farmers in developing countries are planting less and producing less because of the escalating cost of fertilizer and energy. It says efforts must be made to support these farmers. 粮食价格暴涨并不是折磨穷人的唯一问题。联合国说,由于化肥和能源成本飙升,发展中国家的农民不得不减少种植和生产。联合国提出,必须做出努力来持这些农民。The task force chaired by Secretary-General Ban will be made up of various heads of U.N. and international agencies, including the Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF and the World Bank. The group will explore ways to bring down the cost of food and increase agricultural production in poor countries.  由联合国秘书长潘基文挂帅的特别工作组将由联合国和其他国际机构的领导人组成,其中包括联合国粮农组织、联合国儿童基金会和世界。这个特别工作组将探讨各种途经来降低贫穷国家的粮食成本,增加农业生产。 200804/37044

Iraqi Government, Al-Sadr Movement Agree to Cease-Fire in Sadr City伊拉克政府与萨德尔民兵同意停火   Spokesmen for the Iraqi government and the movement of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr say the two sides agreed to a truce Saturday to end weeks of fighting in Baghdad's Sadr City. Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes between militants and government forces there since fighting intensified in late March.  伊拉克政府发言人和什叶派激进教士萨德尔领导的民兵组织的发言人都表示,双方星期六同意停战,结束几个星期以来在巴格达萨德尔城的战斗。自从3月底激进分子和政府军在萨德尔城的冲突升级以来,已经有几百人丧生。An aide to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, says the cease-fire in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City will go into effect on Sunday.  什叶派教士萨德尔的助手奥贝迪说,在巴格达东部的萨德尔城停火的协议将于星期天生效。According to the deal struck between the government's ed Iraqi Alliance and the Sadrist movement, militants belonging to the Mahdi Army will not engage in further fighting with Iraqi and coalition troops in Sadr City.  根据伊拉克政府的“伊拉克团结联盟”和萨德尔民兵组织之间达成的协议,马赫迪军的激进分子将不再与萨德尔城内的伊拉克军队以及联军部队作战。In an interview on Iraqi news, Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said this cease-fire applies only to Sadr City. He says militants there must put away their weapons for their own safety and that of the area's citizens.  伊拉克政府的发言人达巴格在接受伊拉克新闻媒体采访时说,这次停火只适用于萨德尔城。他说,萨德尔城的激进分子必须放下武器,以确保自己和当地人民的安全。He says the first thing will be to stop any shooting and to remove bombs on the roads. He says if any person holds a weapon, he will be targeted by the security forces. 他说,首先要停止一切射击,拆除路上的炸弹。他说,任何持有武器的人都会成为安全部队打击的目标。Dabbagh said that private courts operating in Sadr City outside of the Ministry of Justice must immediately stop their operations. He emphasized that only the government has the authority to provide protection or to enforce laws. 达巴格说,在萨德尔城内的、不属于司法部的私设的法庭必须立即停止运作。他强调说,只有伊拉克政府有权提供保护或者执行法律。Dabbagh added that the military will go through official channels to detain people he deemed to be "outlaws." 他还补充说,伊拉克政府军将通过官方渠道拘捕那些被认为是“罪犯”的人。He said the government will control checkpoints around Sadr City, but the area will not be cordoned off entirely.  他说,伊拉克政府将控制萨德尔城周围的检查站,但是该地区不会完全被封锁。Sadr's movement had called on the government to stop random raids against al-Sadr's followers and to open roads that lead to the city. 萨德尔领导的民兵组织一直呼吁伊拉克政府停止任意搜捕萨德尔的追随者,并呼吁伊拉克政府开放通往萨德尔城的道路。Dabbagh is also calling on all groups to cooperate to improve security for the sake of Iraqi citizens.  达巴格还呼吁所有组织进行合作,为伊拉克人民的利益改善安全状况。He says providing people with security and a suitable calm is the Iraqi government's main aim, and he says he is certain that members of al-Sadr's group feel the responsibility for this belongs to them, as well. 他说,伊拉克政府的主要目标是为伊拉克人民提供安全和适宜的宁静。他说,他肯定萨德尔民兵组织的成员也同样感到他们有这样的责任。He added that militants loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr now acknowledge that they cannot be permitted to act outside of the government.  他还说,效忠于萨德尔教士的激进分子现在承认,他们不能在伊拉克政府以外擅自行动。Dabbagh says everyone agrees that the security responsibility belongs to the government and the government only, not to militia or armed groups. 达巴格说,所有人都同意,维持安全的责任是伊拉克政府的责任,而不属于激进分子或武装组织。Dabbagh says if the truce is successful in Sadr City, the government will attempt to extend it to other regions where fighting rages. 他说,如果萨德尔城的停火成功,伊拉克政府会争取把停战扩大到其它正在发生冲突的地区。Elsewhere, in the northern city of Mosul, Iraqi military forces, backed by Coalition troops, are beginning a new phase of their campaign against al-Qaida in Iraq there. 另外,在北部城市苏尔,伊拉克军队在联军援下打击伊拉克基地组织的战役进入新阶段。The military has closed off main roads leading to Mosul to prevent militants from smuggling weapons and car bombs into the city. 伊拉克军队已经切断通往苏尔的主要道路,防止激进分子把武器和汽车炸弹运进苏尔。200805/38517

Clinton Challenges Obama to Debate克林顿挑战奥巴马要一对一辩论   Senator Hillary Clinton is challenging her Democratic Party presidential rival, Senator Barack Obama, to a debate. The call is part of the escalating rhetoric between the two as they campaign in the central state of Indiana.  美国民主党总统参选人希拉里.克林顿参议员向党内竞选对手巴拉克.奥巴马参议员提出进行辩论的挑战。目前双方正在美国中部的印第安纳州全力竞选,言词交锋日益激烈。Clinton is trailing Obama in delegates and in the popular vote, and she has been putting pressure on him to hold more debates before the May 6 primary elections in Indiana and the Southern state of North Carolina. On Saturday, Clinton called for a 90-minute debate without a moderator. "I hope we will be able to have a good old-fashioned Lincoln-Douglas debate right here in Indiana, so that you can see for yourself to make the decision about who our next President should be," she said. 克林顿参议员的代表票和选民票都落后于奥巴马参议员。克林顿一直在向奥巴马施加压力,要求他在5月6号印第安州以及北卡罗来纳州举行初选之前进行更多的辩论。星期六,克林顿参议员呼吁进行一场没有主持人的90分钟的辩论。她说:“我希望我们能够在印第安纳州进行一场林肯-道格拉斯式的老派辩论,以便选民们亲眼看看并决定应该选谁担任下一届总统。”The style of debating where each side presents an argument gets its name from the 1858 debates in Illinois between U.S. Senate candidates Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. 1858年,美国联邦参议院候选人林肯和道格拉斯在伊利诺伊州进行了多次辩论,双方在辩论中各自提出自己的观点。后来,人们把这种辩论方式称为林肯-道格拉斯式的辩论。Obama's campaign aides say they are studying the debate request. Obama has complained that in the last debate, on April 16th, the moderators focused too much on political trivia and too little on real issues.  奥巴马竞选助手表示,他们正在研究这个辩论请求。奥巴马抱怨说,上一次在4月16号举行的辩论中,主持人过于注重鸡毛蒜皮的小事,而对真正的议题几乎没有触及。Clinton told a crowd in South Bend, Indiana Saturday she is focusing on the substance of the issues, while Obama is relying on style. "I have been very specific across Indiana and America to talk about solutions, because my campaign is about solutions, not speeches. It is about working to make the changes that we know we must have," she said. 星期六,克林顿参议员在印第安纳州的南本德市对集会人群表示,她注重问题的实质,而奥巴马却依赖形式。她说:“我在全美和印第安纳州一直在详细论述解决问题的办法,因为我的竞选就是要找到解决问题的办法,而不是夸夸其谈,我们要努力实现变革,我们知道,这些变革是必须进行的。”At a rally in Anderson, Indiana, Obama responded to critics who say he has not been tough enough in responding to Clinton's verbal jabs. "I am not interested in fighting people just for the sake of scoring political points or getting on the cable news shows. If I am going to fight somebody, it is going to be fighting over the American people and what they need. I will fight for health care. I will fight for a good education system. I will fight to make sure that people have good jobs and good wages. I will fight to the death to make sure that America is safe. Those things I will fight for. That is what I will fight about," he said. 在印第安纳州安德生市的一个集会上,当有人批评奥巴马对待克林顿的口舌箭反应不够强硬时,奥巴马回答说:“我不希望仅仅是为了赢得政治得分或攀上有线电视新闻节目而与某人作战。如果我要和某人作战,我就要为美国人民以及他们的需要而战,就要为改善医疗保健、争取好的教育体制,确保人民有好的工作和收入而战。我会为确保美国的安全而奋战至死。这些才是我要为之而战的事情。”Polls show that Obama has a substantial lead in North Carolina, and that in Indiana, the two Democrats are either even or Obama has a slight lead. 民意调查显示,奥巴马在北卡罗来纳州遥遥领先,而在印第安纳州,两位民主党总统竞选人要么不相上下,要么奥巴马略微领先。The presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, did not make any campaign appearances Saturday, after appearing in the Southern state of Arkansas Friday with former Governor Mike Huckabee, a one-time rival for the Republican presidential nomination.  基本获得共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员星期六没有在竞选活动中亮相。星期五,他和前阿肯色州州长哈克比一起出现在阿肯色州。哈克比一度是共和党总统竞选人之一。 200804/36785

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