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春暖花开,是观赏野生海洋动物的最佳季节惊险刺激、风靡全球的赏鲸之旅便从这个季节开始了无论是在鲸鱼栖息水域静谧地邂逅,还是一路追踪逆戟鲸鱼跃而起、浪花飞溅的刹那,都将是这一季带给你的终生难忘的记忆!Whale watching is the practice of observing whales and other cetaceans in their natural habitat. Whales are watched most commonly recreation but the activity can also be scientific or educational reasons. While individuals do organize private trips, whale watching is primarily a commercial activity, estimated to be worth up to billion per annum worldwide to whale watching operations and their local commies. The size and rapid growth of the whale watching industry has led to complex and unconcluded debates with the whaling industry about the best use of whales as a natural resource.赏鲸是观察鲸鱼或其他海洋生物(如海豚)的自然栖息地即活动,大多数用于休闲,但有些活动也可用于科学研究或教育目的,也是海上生态旅游的一种与捕鲸不同之处,是该资源借由捕鲸仅有一次,捕完就没了,而赏鲸可由不同人多次欣赏,在不过分干预鲸鱼自然活动之前提下,是一个取之不尽、用之不竭的宝贵资源Whale watching as an organized activity dates back to 1950 when the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego was declared a public spot the observation of Gray Whales. In 1955 the first water-based whale watching commenced in the same area, charging customers per trip to view the whales at closer quarters. The spectacle proved popular, attracting ,000 visitors in its first year and many more in subsequent years. The industry sp throughout the western coast of the ed States over the following decade. 7

all the talk of China’s economic problems — and mounting evidence of a slowing consumer sector — the box office is booming. 尽管大家都在谈论中国的经济问题——以及越来越多的消费部门放缓的据——但中国的电影票房正呈现火爆之势 Hits such as Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid saw the country’s box office take in February surpass that of the North American market the first month on record, putting China on track to become the world’s biggest box office as soon as . 周星驰(Stephen Chow)导演的《美人鱼(The Mermaid)等卖座影片使中国月份票房收入自有记录以来首次超过北美市场,中国有望最早于年成为世界上最大票房市场 February’s record haul of Rmb6.9bn (.bn) was inflated by the week-long Chinese new year holiday, when some other entertainment venues tend to close. 为期一周的中国春节假期(其间一些其他的场所往往停业)带动了月创纪录的69亿元人民币(合.6亿美元)的票房收入 FT Confidential Research, a Financial Times research service, ecasts ’s total box office may grow 30 per cent to Rmb55bn, following ’s 8 per cent increase. 英国《金融时报旗下研究务部门《投资参考(FT Confidential Research)预计,继年增长8%之后,年中国票房总收入可能增长30%,至550亿元人民币 Comparisons with the popularity of cinema in the US during the Great Depression are fatuous. Rather than reflecting the need escape from harsh economic reality, the growth of the Chinese box office is a product of rising incomes and the expanding leisure pursuits of an urban consuming class. Besides, US cinema attendance actually dropped between 199 and 19, despite hefty admissions price cuts. 拿中国火爆的票房与美国大萧条(Great Depression)时期的电影风靡进行比较是愚蠢的中国电影票房增长是城市消费阶层收入不断提升以及休闲需求不断扩大的结果,而非反映人们逃避严酷经济现实的需要此外,199年至19年间,美国的观影人数实际上出现了下滑——尽管票价大幅下降 Barring economic calamity, FT Confidential Research expects the box office boom to continue, even ing reported fiddling of audience figures by distributors. Our survey of 1,000 households across China found robust appetite the movies, and a willingness to spend more on going to the cinema in the coming months. 除非出现经济灾难,《投资参考预计,中国的票房火爆现象将延续下去,即便考虑到有报道称发行方对观影人数造假我们对中国各地00个家庭的调查发现,中国民众对电影的需求强烈,而且愿意在未来几个月花更多钱去看电影 This trend is being driven by disposable incomes, which have grown in urban areas at a compound annual growth rate of about per cent over the past five years. It is helped along by the aggressive build-out of screens across all city tiers. 中国人的可配收入水平推动了这一趋势过去5年,城市居民可配收入的年均复合增长率为%左右中国各线城市电影屏幕的快速增加也带动了这一趋势 FTCR’s proprietary survey of urban residents found respondents made an average visits to the cinema over the past months. In the total population, Chinese people made 1. visits to the movies per person, according to the National Bureau of Statistics; the equivalent the US and Canada combined was 3.7 in , according to the Motion Picture Association of America. 《投资参考对中国城市居民所做的专项调查发现,过去个月,受访者到影院观影次数为人均次中国国家统计局的数据显示,总人口算,中国民众到影院观影的次数为人均1.次;而根据美国电影协会(Motion Picture Association of America)数据,年,美国与加拿大合计人均到影院观影次数为3.7次 Chinese movie-goers spend an average Rmb65 at the cinema, including Rmb35 on the ticket itself. 中国电影观众在影院的平均出为65元人民币,其中包括35元人民币的票价 Respondents told FTCR that they would be willing to increase their per-visit spend by as much as 5 per cent in the coming months, implying a greater appetite to buy the heavily-marked-up popcorn and soft drinks that are the hallmarks of cinema-going in more developed markets. 受访者对《投资参考表示,他们愿意在未来个月将单次观影消费增加多达5%,这意味着他们将购买更多价格不菲的爆米花和软饮料,这些都是更发达市场看电影时的标配 Reports of “ghost screenings” — screenings through the night in empty cinemas to inflate the reported box office take — have circulated months, and the government may finally be taking action. Industry insiders acknowledge these fraudulent activities, and that some of the reported audiences simply don’t exist. But they also say the sheer size of China’s box office, with its extraordinary growth rates, is very real. 关于“幽灵场次”——在没有观众的电影院彻夜放映电影以虚增票房收入——的报道已经发酵了数月,政府最终可能会采取行动业内人士承认存在这些欺骗性活动,一些所谓的观众其实根本不存在但是他们也表示,增速惊人的中国票房规模千真万确 86

5.Doggie Bags5.打包袋Asking a doggie bag on a date may make a person appear cheap. The waiter may even give an annoyed look as he makes his way through the busy restaurant, filled with hungry customers waiting him to take their order, all so he can retrieve a bag or box some customer whose eyes were bigger than their stomach. In ancient Rome, however, doggie bags were a way of life.在约会的时候要打包袋会让你显得小气务员甚至会显得很恼怒的样子,因为他们好不容易穿过满是饥饿的顾客的大厅,等着他拿他们的订单,同时还要取打包袋或打包盒给一些顾客,这些顾客的眼比胃大然而在古罗马,打包袋却是一种生活方式Whenever someone had friends over dinner, he or she gave the guests a fine cloth napkin in which to take home fruit. This was more of a demand than a suggestion, as the decision to not take home food was interpreted as an insult to the host. Furthermore, such a guest would quickly gain a reputation being impolite and ungrateful. Doggie bags can trace their origins back to ancient China as well. It was polite a host to give guests white boxes to take food home in.每当有朋友过来吃饭,主人都会给客人精美的细布餐巾用来带水果回家相较于建议来说不如说这是要求,因为你不把食物带回家会被认为是对主人的侮辱此外,这样的客人将很快获得失礼和忘恩负义的坏名声打包袋在中国也可以追溯到起源主人们给客人提供白盒以带食物回家才是有礼貌的.Tipping.给小费To tip or not to tip, that has long been the question. Usually, it comes down to whether we want to appear cheap or not. Not tipping has been the cause of many dirty looks. It is also a common reason why many first dates never lead to second ones. Some restaurants have even banned the custom in order to save their diners from being stressed out at the end of their meal.给小费或者不给小费,这一直是个问题通常,它取决于我们是不是想显得小气没有给小费会招来许多白眼这也是为什么许多约会有第一次却再也没有第二次的原因有些餐馆甚至禁止给小费的习俗以挽留他们的顾客,使他们在用餐结束时不用有压力Japan is light-years ahead. The Japanese are so unaccustomed to tipping that doing so tends to result in confusion. The server wonders why he or she was given extra money, and this may lead to a long awkward attempt to give it back. More importantly, tipping can be seen as an insult. It is sometimes seen as a charity that implies pity. In the event that a customer wants to express their gratitude, it is best to do so with a small gift. Or, if money is given, it is best to place it in an envelope first, and then give it to the server.日本领先在世界前沿日本人都不习惯给小费,因为这样做往往会导致混乱务员会想知道为什么他或她被给予额外的钱,而这可能会导致务员陷入长长的尴尬并且试图把小费还回去更重要的是,小费会被看作是一种侮辱它有时被看作是一个表示同情的慈善施舍当顾客想要表达自己的感激之情时,最好是送小礼物或者,如果非要给钱的话,最好是把它放在一个信封,然后再送给务员3.Eating With Your Hands3.用手吃饭Eating with your hands has always been the quickest way to upset parents at the dinner table. However, some countries would be insulted by your use of silverware. Eating a taco or burrito in Mexico with a knife and k in generally frowned upon. It isnt necessarily impolite, but it makes a person look like a snob. Using a knife to cut a boiled potato in Germany is frowned upon similar reasons. Furthermore, using a knife to cut a potato may insult the cook. They see it as a way of saying that they didnt cook the potato until it was tender enough.在饭桌上用手吃饭一直是使父母抓狂的最快方法然而,在某些国家使用镀银餐具则是一种侮辱在墨西哥用刀叉吃墨西哥煎玉米卷一般会引起不悦它不一定是不礼貌的,但它会让你看起来像一个假内行同样在德国用刀切煮熟的土豆会引起不悦也出于同样的原因此外,用刀切熟的土豆也被视为对厨师的侮辱因为他们会认为这是在说他们的土豆没有煮熟In many countries, like India, eating food by hand is the only way to go. They see this as the most natural way to eat, and the least violent. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, was said to have once joked, ;Eating with a k and knife is like making love through an interpreter.;而在许多国家,比如印度,用手吃食物是唯一的方法他们认为这是吃的最自然的方式,最不暴力的方式印度的第一任总理贾瓦哈拉尔·尼赫鲁,据说曾经开玩笑说,;用刀叉吃饭就像做爱还需要别人在一旁解释一样;.Being On Time.准时Weve all had older relatives or teachers who scolded us and said something to the effect of, ;If youre on time, youre late. Youre only on time if youre minutes early.; While this is good advice going on a job interview or a date, in some parts of the world this would make us the rudest person in the room.我们都被长辈或者老师骂过,他们还说过一些类似于这样的话,;如果你准时到,那你就迟到了只有提前十分钟到才算是准时到;虽然这对参加工作面试或者约会来说是好的建议,但是在世界的某些地方这会让我们成为房间里最粗鲁的人In Tanzania, arriving to a function on time is disrespectful. All of the polite, well-mannered guests show up around to 30 minutes late. This is partly due to the fact that not all citizens have cars or even access to public transportation. Insisting that guests show up on time is seen as rude. In Mexico, it is polite to be fashionably late to a meeting or party as well. If one were to show up on time, the host may not be prepared. They may feel rushed and insulted that they were caught unprepared.在坦桑尼亚,准时到达是大不敬的迟到约至30分钟才是有礼貌彬彬有礼的客人们会做的这大概是因为并不是所有的公民都有车,甚至还没有公共交通工具坚持要嘉宾准时出席会被视为失礼在墨西哥,参加会议或派对的时候迟到一会儿是一种有礼貌的时尚做法如果有人准时到场了的话,那个时候主人很可能还没有准备好他们可能会因为被发现还没准备充足而感到措手不及和受到侮辱1.Compliments1.赞扬It isnt always easy to break the ice when meeting a new person or visiting someone home the first time. Our most common tactic is to search something we can compliment. ;I like your shoes.; ;That is a nice tie.; ;I simply love what youve done with this place; what a beautiful sofa.; In most countries, such praise usually causes the complimented party to smile or blush and say thank you, and thus the ice is harmlessly broken.在遇见新朋友的时候或者第一次去朋友家的时候我们通常很难打破隔阂最常见的破冰手法就是寻找我们可以赞扬的东西;我喜欢你的鞋;;这领带很好看;;我喜欢你家的装饰,多么美丽的沙发啊;在大多数国家,这样的赞美通常会使受称赞的那方微笑或脸红,并且说谢谢你,无害打破隔阂However, such compliments would be unwise in the Middle East as well as in African countries like Nigeria and Senegal. In such countries, complimenting an item is easily interpreted as a wistful desire said item. Due to their customs of hospitality, the host would feel obligated to give the guest the item he or she complimented. Furthermore, according to tradition, when given a gift the recipient must reply by giving the giver an even larger gift. We can only hope that the custom does not extend to complimenting someone spouse or children.然而,这样的赞美在中东以及非洲国家,如尼日利亚和塞内加尔却是不明智的在这些国家中,称赞一个东西是很容易被理解为你想要得到这个东西由于他们的热情好客的习俗,主人会觉得有义务把客人赞美的东西送给他们此外,根据传统,在收到礼物的时候通常需要给主人更大的礼物作为回礼我们只能庆幸这样的习俗不包括赞扬主人的配偶或者孩子啦翻译:瓜瓜 来源:前十网 39

The London Eye is 5 meters high, which makes it one the world tallest observation wheels. It has 3 capsules and carries around ,000 visitors every day. The London Eye has become the most popular paid- UK visitor attraction, visited by over 3.5 million people a year. While traveling in complete safety you can see up to 0 kilometers away in all directions from each capsule.伦敦眼有5米高,是世界上最高的天轮之一它有3个座舱,每天能承载一万人次的游客伦敦眼是英国最受欢迎的付费旅游项目,每年有350万人次的游客坐在座舱中,你可以360度无死角的观看远到0千米开外的景色The London Eye really has to be included in a trip to London. Because of the way the capsules are suspended it allows a full 360-degree panorama when youre at the top of the wheel. Tickets can be booked online, which really is the right thing to do as it saves a lot of time. The queues look long when you arrive, but they move quickly as everyone is issued with a timed ticket. Dont get your camera!伦敦眼是必游之地由于座舱的悬挂方式,当你运行到最高处的时候,你可以看到360度全景票可以网上预订,这样省时不少到伦敦眼的时候,你会看到很长的队,但是队伍移动的很快,因为大家都是提前预定好了的别忘了带上相机哦! 88

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