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惠州市口腔医院治疗早泄多少钱河源龙川县妇幼保健人民男科中医院看前列腺炎好吗Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Korean kimchi, a traditional national food, has a peculiar taste and highly medicinal value.Containing much polysaccharide and lignin, the kimchi proves highly effective in the prevention and the treatment of hypertension, hyperlipemia, heart diseases and hypertrophy.The physiological activators of the red pepper and the garlic in kimchi plays the role of preventing cell aging, sterilizing noxious germ, killing pain, improving immunity and the like.In particular, the garlic kills the germ causing food poisoning and stomach ulcer and activates the energy metabolism, thus having good influence on relieving fatigue and increasing vigor.The kimchi which is seasoned with medicinal materials is called as medicinal kimchi.The kimchi with about 40g fruit of Crataegus pinnatifida per head of cabbage is efficacious for heart stimulation, depression of the blood pressure, extension of the blood vessel, prevention against the cholesterol absorption, promotion of animal fat foodstuff digestion and so on.The kimchi seasoned with Dioscorea batas is good for lowering blood sugar, preventing aging and curing diabetes and poor appetite. 朝中社平壤12月4日电——泡菜是朝鲜的传统民族食品,风味独特,医学价值较高。泡菜含有丰富的多糖和木质素,对于预防和治疗高血压,高血脂,心脏病和肥胖症具有很好的效果。泡菜中的红辣椒和大蒜作为生理催化剂,可以有效地延缓细胞衰老,杀灭有害微生物,止痛,提高人体免疫力等。尤其是泡菜中的大蒜,可以有效杀灭可能引起食物中毒和胃溃疡的微生物,刺激能量代谢;因此对于缓解疲劳,提高活力有很好的作用。加入了医学原料的泡菜被称为药用泡菜。在每棵大白菜中加入约40克山楂制成的泡菜可以有效地增强心脏功能,具有降低血压,软化血管,阻止胆固醇吸收,促进动物脂肪消化等作用。在泡菜中加入甘薯,则可以降低血糖,延缓衰老,治疗糖尿病和厌食症。 /200812/58246广东省惠州市妇幼保健人民中医院泌尿外科 不同的文化往往有着截然不同的风俗习惯,然而古今中外的人对一样东西的企盼却是相同的,那就是好运。在东方文化中,红色、数字8、貔貅等常被视为好运的象征。而在西方英语文化中,又有哪些代表好运的文化符号呢?   People in most cultures believe in superstitions. From earliest times, the English, for instance, have believed in certain symbols and customs which could bring good fortune as well as ward off evil spirits. Old customs seldom die, so don't be surprised because some of these customs are still practiced daily in today's society.   大多数文化背景下的人都信一些迷信。比如,从古代开始,英国人就一直认为某些符号和习俗会带来好运、驱除邪灵。旧习俗很少会消亡,因此,如果当今社会仍然日复一日地遵循着这其中的一些习俗,也没什么好大惊小怪的。 Horseshoe 马蹄铁    The horseshoe is considered a lucky symbol in English customs. It resembles the other symbols associated with good fortune in other cultures such as the crescent, half circle or "U". Crescent or "U" shapes are often said to be the symbol of fertility and also possesses power to ward off evil spirit. As it is made of iron and used for horses, horseshoes are also linked to strength and power. As such, combining all these signs of good luck, the horseshoe is regarded as a powerful device to bring fortune and keep evil spirits away. It is usually nailed to the front door to protect the household from uninvited visitors like witches and evils. However, the horseshoe must be placed in an upright "U" position so that the good fortune will be retained6) by the household.   在英语文化中,马蹄铁被看做是一种幸运符。它类似于其他文化中与幸运有关的标志,诸如新月、半圆或者是“U”形。新月或者“U”形往往被认为是丰饶肥沃的象征,并且还具有驱除邪灵的魔力。而马蹄铁由于是用在马身上的铁制品,因而又被人们看作与力量和权力有关。因此,集所有幸运象征于一身的马蹄铁就被人们看做是能招福辟邪的利器。人们通常将马蹄铁钉在房子的大门上,保护家人免受诸如巫师或者邪灵等不速之客的打扰。不过,钉的时候马蹄铁的U形口一定要朝上,只有这样,这家人才能留得住好运。  Rabbit's Foot 兔脚    In the old English custom, the hare (not rabbit) was said to have an evil eye), whose glance can only be countered by people who own a hare's hind foot. In the olden days, it was said that the warrior Queen Boadicea of Norfolk, East Britain, brought a hare with her to ensure luck in battle against the Roman Empire who had invaded her kingdom. This brought people to believe that the hare had miraculous) powers. However, the pagan) practice of worshiping the hare eventually stopped after most Britons were converted) to Christianity in the 6th century by the first Archbishop) of Canterbury. Nevertheless, many Britons carried hare's feet in their pocket or purse. Later, rabbits were introduced in Britain from the other European countries, and since rabbits can be caught more easily than hares, the rabbit's foot replaced the hare's foot as a lucky charm).   在古代的英语文化习俗中,据说野兔(不是家兔)长着一只邪眼,只有拥有一只野兔的后脚的人才能正视它的目光。据说,很久以前,来自英国东部诺福克的勇士阿迪西亚女王在与入侵其王国的罗马帝国军队打仗时,就随身带着一只野兔来确保逢战必胜。这个传说令人们相信野兔具有不可思议的魔力。然而,到了公元6世纪,随着大多数不列颠人在坎特伯雷大主教的教化下改信基督教,这种异教徒对野兔的膜拜行为最终停止了。尽管如此,还是有很多英国人的口袋或者钱包中放着兔脚。后来,家兔从别的欧洲国家被引进到英国,由于家兔比野兔更容易获取,所以家兔的脚便取代野兔的脚成了幸运符。 Wishbone 如愿骨    Wishing upon a wishbone is an ancient custom. It involves two people who would break the wishbone and the one with a bigger piece makes a wish. The wishbone is actually the forked bone from a fowl's breast, better known as the "furcula". In many cultures, fowls are regarded as special creatures which can bring luck and good fortune. The wishbone shape itself is good luck symbol of life and fertility.  向如愿骨许愿是一项古老的习俗。这个习俗是指两个人各执如愿骨的一端将其折断,得到较大块骨头的那个人就可以许个愿。其实,如愿骨就是取自家禽胸部的分叉状骨头,也就是人们所熟知的叉骨。在许多文化中,家禽被看做是能够带来吉祥与好运的特殊生灵。如愿骨的形状本身也是表示生命和多产的幸运符号。 Old Boot 旧靴子     In ancient days, old boots or shoes were said to hold the good spirit and courage of their owners. Therefore, it was a common belief that an old boot was a good luck charm. For instance, if a fisherman caught himself an old boot instead of fish, it is believed that at the end of the day he would be able to catch and take home a huge amount of fish. In north England for instance, the wives of sailors would usually toss old boots or shoes at the departing ships to ensure their husbands' safe journey. Old boots were also left on the roofs of old houses to fend off evil spirits.   很久以前,据说旧的靴子或鞋子能够留存住其主人的美德和勇气。因此,过去人们通常认为旧靴子是一种幸运符。比如,如果一个渔夫钓上来的不是鱼而是一只旧靴子,人们就会认为,过完这一天的时候,这个渔夫将会捕获大量的鱼,满载而归。再比如,在英格兰北部,水手的妻子们通常会朝离港的船只扔旧靴子或者旧鞋子,以保佑自己的丈夫平平安安。人们还将旧靴子放在老房子的屋顶上来驱除邪灵。 /201108/150483Stork An old belief is that the stork is a sign of good luck, because it foretells the birth of a child. Parents often explain the mystery of birth to their young children by saying that they were brought by the stork.Swallow It is considered a sign of good luck if a swallow builds its nest under the eaves of one's house. Dryden says in his poem, "Swallows are unlucky birds to kill."Swan Stories say that before a swan dies, it sings beautiful songs. Many great ancient writers, including Plato, Aristotle, Euripides, Cicero, Seneca and others had this false belief. In Othello, Emilia, just before his death, says:I will play the swan,And die in music.In English, the last work produced by an artist, writer, or composer, or the last performance of an actor or singer it often called his or her swan song. For example, Schubert's last and greatest collection of songs is called Swan song, which was written in 1828 before his death.According to a Greek legend, the soul of Apollo, the god of music and poetry, passed into a swan. So some people say the souls of all good poets passed into swans. For this reason, Shakespeare is called the Swan of Avon; Virgil, the Swan of Mantua; Homer, the Swan of Meander. /200906/73458惠州市第一人民医院泌尿系统在线咨询

惠城区医院医生有哪些一项最新的全球调查显示,男人因金钱而快乐,而女人的快乐感更多地源于友情以及与孩子、同事和老板的关系。这项由尼尔森全球营销信息公司开展的在线调查共有来自超过51个国家的28153人参加。调查结果显示,面临目前的全球经济衰退和金融市场的动荡,很多人开始提醒自己金钱并不能买到快乐。这项于今年四月开展的“尼尔森快乐感大调查”表明,在参与调查的51个国家中,有48个国家的女性比该国的男性快乐,只有巴西、南非和越南例外。尼尔森公司消费者调查部副经理布鲁斯#8226;保罗在声明中称:“由于女性的快乐感更多地取决于非经济因素,所以她们的快乐感不易受到经济危机的影响。这或许可以解释为什么从全球范围来看女性的快乐感总体高于男性。”日本女性的快乐感比男性高15%,在被调查国家中差距最大。同时女性对未来更加乐观,对未来六个月快乐感的预期也超过男性。此外,调查发现,女性对性生活的满意度更高。日本和新西兰的男性和女性对性生活的满意度差距最大。健康给男性带来的快乐感总体高于女性,这在南非尤其突出。而在埃及正好相反,女性从健康中获得的快乐感大大高于男性。从全球范围来看,男性从心理健康中获得的快乐更多。比利时、韩国、墨西哥、挪威、西班牙、埃及和以色列的调查结果都反映了这一趋势。调查表明,从全球范围来看,个人经济状况、心理健康和工作/事业是三大主要的快乐之源。而与伴侣的关系是否和睦对于快乐感也至关重要。Vocabulary: grapple with:抓住;扭打(例句:He has been grappling with the problem for a long time. 长期以来他一直努力解决这个问题.)volatile: Tending to vary often or widely, as in price(易波动的,不稳定的:易于经常或大幅度变化的,如价格) /200812/58539淡水不孕不育科 本周一公布的一项调查显示,近一半的女性宁愿两周不做爱也要上网。然而能够忍受两周不做爱的男性却要少得多。这项调查由全球最大的计算机芯片制造商英特尔集团委托哈里斯互动在线调查公司开展,共有2119名成年人参加。该项名为“当代互联网依赖度”的调查显示,其中46%的受访女性称他们宁愿两周不做爱,也不能两周不上网。仅有30%的男性称他们愿意做出这样的牺牲。95%的受访者认为“能上网十分重要、重要或比较重要。”65%的受访者认为在个人可配的出项目中,开通网络最重要,其次是有线电视(39%)、出去吃饭(20%)、买衣(18%)和办健身卡(10%)。61%的受访女性称她们宁愿两周不看电视,也不能忍受一周不上网。据哈里斯互动公司和英特尔集团介绍,该调查于上月18日至20日开展,但未提供调查结果的误差幅度。 Vocabulary: discretionary spending:可配出 /200812/59100惠州友好医院包茎手术好吗

惠州市友好医院有治疗前列腺炎吗 在美国,“常春藤学府”一般隐喻著和高等学习院校有关,但只有一些学校被公认为“常春藤联盟”。常春藤联盟由美国东北部之八所学校组合而成:布朗大学、哥伦比亚大学、康奈尔大学、达特茅斯学院、哈佛大学、宾夕法尼亚大学、普林斯顿大学、及耶鲁大学。除康奈尔大学外,所有这些学校均在北美独立战争前创设,每所院校的入学标准均非常严格。这些学校之间的学术与运动竞争性纪录始于十九世纪末。 /200907/78946惠州做包茎手术一般需要多少钱惠州前列腺炎的治疗的费用



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