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2019年08月22日 14:55:08 | 作者:QQ大全 | 来源:新华社
TEXT:Leading them, Daniel Morgan.Hard drinker, gambler, brawler. And now the colonel of an elite corps of 500 riflemen. He was a self -made man and he was a -- although not educated at a great school -- was a smart guy, was a tough guy, and was y and willing to step up when the time call ed. He was the perfect guy to show up at the perfect time. Burgoyne#39;s route takes him through dense forest over five times larger than all of England. Trees once intended to build British ships...now become Rebel roadblocks. The British are sitting ducks. Their advance slows to just a mile a day. The march south becomes a six-week nightmare. The sharpshooters know the land...and have technology on their side. Morgan#39;s men are armed with American long rifles. They#39;re light weight, with a slender barrel at le ast 40 inches long and fire a 50-caliber shot a half -inch wide. Based on a German hunting weapon, the guns have a unique American innovation...grooves inside the barrel that spin the shot, stabilizing it, giving it deadly accuracy. Armed with this rifle, P atriot marksman can hit a target 250 yards away, more than three times the average distance of a modern FBI sniper shot, and twice the range of the British muskets. The tide of the war is about to change.译文:统领他们的是丹尼尔·根。十足的酒鬼,赌棍,拳击手。如今却是一五百名步手精锐部队的上校。理查德·麦克·马克威茨[军事专家 前海豹突击队队员]:“他是一个白手起家的硬汉,尽管没有接受过良好的教育,但他绝顶聪明坚韧不拔,时刻准备着在关键时刻挺身而出。正所谓时势造英雄,伯戈因的行军路线让他深陷丛林之中,五个英国加起来也没有这里的丛林大,一度用于建造英国船队的树木如今却摇身变作奋起反抗的路障。英军现在是坐以待毙,推进速度降至每天一英里,南征之路转眼成为六周的梦魇。神手们对地形了如指掌并且占据技术优势,根的士兵都武装了美国长管步,属轻型步,管细长至少有40英寸,子弹口径50,射程偏差0.5英寸。以德国猎为原型,这种结合了美国独特的创新,管内的凹槽使子弹旋转可以稳定弹道,提高命中率。装备上这种步,爱国的神手们可以击中250码外的目标,是现代FBI狙击射程的三倍还多,是英国滑膛射程的两倍。战争的局势即将扭转。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国的普罗米修斯--富兰克林(2)(内容接上期)   后来,他自己创办了一家印刷所,出版了费城的第一份报纸《宾夕法尼亚报》,在克种种困难后,他的印刷所逐渐站稳了脚跟。他出版了有名的历书《穷查理的年鉴》,这本书包含了日历表、节假日、集市日甚至食谱、节气等内容,给当时殖民地民众的日常生活带来极大的便利,很快成为畅销书,每年可卖出1万多本,富兰克林也很快成为当地很成功的印刷出版商。  在空闲的时间,他组织了一个名为;共读社;的读书俱乐部,成员大多数是当地的工人、技师、鞋匠、瓦匠,俱乐部的成员们每星期五晚上聚会,谈论科学、政治、文学和哲学。在富兰克林的领导下,;共读社;几乎存在了40年之久,后来发展为1743年创立的美利坚哲学会,成为美国科学思想的中心,1769年他被选为该会的会长。  富兰克林还建议在当地设立一座公共图书馆,人们每月缴纳少量的钱,就能使用图书馆房间并借阅新书,这就成为美国第一座公共图书馆。通过努力,他还为费城建造了第一所医院,以及后来发展为宾夕法尼亚大学的费城学院。  1736年,他被选为费城地方议会的书记,开始步入官场。1737年他被任命为费城的邮政局长。富兰克林办事公道、讲求效率,很快赢得了大家的尊重与认可,在他的努力经营下,当地邮政开始扭亏为盈,出现了前所未有的繁荣局面。虽然工作越来越繁重,可是富兰克林仍然每天坚持学习。为了进一步打开知识宝库的大门,他孜孜不倦地学习外语,先后掌握了法文、意大利文、西班牙文及拉丁文。他广泛地接受了世界科学文化的先进成果,为自己的科学研究奠定了坚实的基础。  (二)一代科学巨匠  让富兰克林闻名欧洲的是他的一系列科学发明与成就。凭借浓厚的兴趣爱好,他完全靠自学,最终成为一名伟大的科学家,他最为人们称道的是民间传说中倍受渲染的发明避雷针的故事。[精下期继续]Cattle brought over by the Spanish in 1493 had bred with settlers#39; cows from England breeding a new breed, the Texas Longhorn.1493年,西班牙人将家牛引进美国与英国移民所带来的乳牛杂交后培育出了一个新品种 德克萨斯长角牛After centuries roaming the plains, they#39;re wild and easily spooked.在大平原上繁衍了数百年,这些牛难以驯易受惊吓Teddy Blue hears what every cowboy ds,Stampede泰迪·布鲁听到了会令所有牛仔胆寒的声音,惊跑 .Over four cattle drives,Teddy Blue buries three pals.在4趟赶牛中,泰迪·布鲁亲手埋葬了3个兄弟A tough job for tough man.此中艰辛非常人所能承受One out of three cowboys is Hispanic or African-American.牛仔中,西班牙裔与非裔美国人占了三分之一After the Civil War,thousands of freed slaves head to Texas looking for work.内战结束后,数千重获自由的奴隶到德克萨斯州谋生One is a 23-year-old, from Alabama. Matt Love.其中一个是来自亚拉巴马的23岁的马特·莱夫It#39;s his first chance to be judged for his skills,and not just the color of his skin.他有生以来第一次能靠实力明自己,而不再因自己的肤色抬不起头The guys on the team were as broad-minded as the plains.伙伴们的心胸像草原一样开阔It#39;s every creed for himself and every friend for each other till the end.这是每个人所持的信条,也是使友谊常青的相处之道Many of the cowboys, to the surprise of most of us, happen to be African Americans.让很多人意想不到的是很多牛仔是非裔美国人Black people had the dream of conquering the imagination just like white people do.黑人也有突破想象力极限的冲动,这一点和白人一样The West, vast, wild, lawless,with herds worth up to 0,000.辽阔、野性、没有法律约束的西部驰骋着总值达20万美元的牲畜Cowboys guard the cattle with their lives, and their guns.牛仔用他们的生命和保卫牛群Guns are a way of life in Texas then and now.就是德州人生活的一部分Even today, Texans own over 51 million firearms.直至今天。德州人持有数超过5100万It#39;s very intrinsic to the American culture and the American identity.它是美国文化和美国形象非常本质的一面We always had a pistol or a rifle.我们手里总是拿着手或来福And I think it#39;s part of ;Don#39;t try to tell me what to do;,;I#39;ll fight off my enemies on my own.;并且我认为这体现了美国式的独立精神,;我要凭自己的力量击退我的敌人;The cowboy#39;s gun of choice, the Colt 45.牛仔用的首选,柯尔特点45The fastest handgun in the west,six shots without reloading.西部射击速度最快的手,六弹连发不用上膛Colt produces over 30 million guns.柯尔特生产的超过3000万The most popular being the iconic 45.其中最受欢迎的就是经典的点45In 1873, a Colt 45 cost ,half a cowboy#39;s monthly salary.1873年, 一柯尔特点45售价17美元,相当于普通牛仔半个月的薪水Six rounds of bullets,half a day#39;s pay.六发子弹则相当于半天的工资Frontier men would say,Abraham Lincoln may have freed all men,but Sam Colt made them equal.拓荒者们常这样说,如果说亚伯拉罕·林肯解放了所有人,那么实现人人平等的却是山姆·柯尔特 /201211/210947

I would always say that when I make decisions, and this sometimes surprises people, because they think of me, if not as an intellectual, certainly as some sort of poncy person who uses long words a lot, and possibly therefore analytical, I think feelings is always held primacy in making decisions, they always do. So it#39;s really that problem I#39;ve mentioned before on one that you run up against all the time in life, is identifying your own feelings to make decisions. It#39;s so odd you#39;d think you#39;d be able to more easily than identify what you know, but its a lot easier to know what you know than it is to know what you feel. Am I happy at this moment? Would I be happy doing that? Do I feel ashamed of this? Or is it embarrassment? Is it guilt? There are different things, different feelings. What am I really feeling? Am I really angry with this person, or do just think I ought to be angry and therefore I#39;m puffed up in this faux anger? Very hard to say. Do I love this person? Hell, that#39;s the hardest one of all. Do I want to be loved, more than I want to love? All these questions. Absolute, they#39;re the ones, the only ones really, that matter to one. 我总是说当我做决定时会惊吓到旁边的人,因为他们对我的看法如果不是一种知识性的,当然是某种咬文嚼字的人。这种人通常使用长词较多,并可能会加以分析。我认为他们一直在做的是将感情总是放在决策的首位。所以这真的是我提到的老生常谈的问题,你碰到了生活中的大难题,这需要用你自己的感觉来辨别进行决策。但要切记,你的所知要比所感简单。此刻我高兴吗?我高兴这么做吗?我感到惭愧,还是尴尬吗?这罪恶吗?不同的事,有着不同的感受。我真的感觉呢?我和这个人很生气,还是只是认为我应当生气,所以我自高自大?很难说。我爱这个人?歇歇吧,这不可能。做我想做被爱的事情,比我想爱更多?经历了所有这些问题,你绝对会找到问题的真正。 Article/201202/171444

Tel interview: Chinese team begins rescue mission in HaitiEarlier, we spoke to CCTV correspondent Xiong Chuan'gang. Xiong arrived in Haiti on Thursday afternoon with the Chinese rescue team. He described how the rescue teams are working, and the condition of local residents.Xiong Chuan'gang, CCTV correspondent in Haiti, said, "We landed in Port Au Prince, capital of Haiti, at about 2 a.m. local time. After a 20 hour flight, the rescuers were immediately dispatched after landing. They were divided into two teams. One reached the base camp of the Chinese peace-keeping troops in Haiti. They will adjust communication and emergency equipment there. Another team of ten reached the disaster site, and began the rescue work. They were arranged by the UN to rescue survivors at a collapsed building, where about 200 people are buried. They are equipped with life-detectors and three sniffer dogs. The team of ten consists of six rescuers and four medical staff. We can feel frequent aftershocks along the way, and local residents are living in temporary shelters alongside the road." Article/201001/94645

汉斯·罗素林曾在印度学习,那时,他意料到亚洲可以重夺其经济霸主地位。在TED印度,他用他神奇的泡泡图表来预测中印两国何时会赶超美国。 Article/201212/217156

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