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In China, grave sweeping--that ancient Confucian tradition--has gone virtual. 扫墓本是中国儒家的一个传统,现在却走向虚拟化。Over the Qing Ming holiday weekend, millions of people flocked to the nation#39;s cemeteries to burn paper money, arrange dishes of food and deliver trinkets ranging from faux iPhones to plastic flower boas as a way to express their devotion to the departed. 今年清明节适逢周末,成百上千万人来到墓地陵园,用烧纸钱、献祭品,送纸糊的iPhone和塑料花篮的方式表达哀思。But increasingly, as the nation makes a push for more #39;environmentally friendly#39; ways to revere the dead, many mourners are going online instead. 但随着政府倡导以更环保的方式缅怀先人,越来越多的人选择在网上祭祀。At Waheaven.com, for example, users can build elaborate web shrines decked out with flickering bytes of candles, images of bouquets and pots of incense. This year, some draped portraits of their loved ones in black cloth, while others outlined them with red fabric. 在天堂网(Waheaven.com),用户可以为逝去的亲友创建网上纪念馆,点烛、上香、送花。今年有些用户还在逝者照片的旁边加上了黑色或红色的缎带。At least one user has created a shrine featuring Beijing#39;s Gate of Heavenly Peace, where they#39;ve chosen to supplant the portrait of Mao#39;s that hangs there in real life with images of his or her own loved ones. (Roast pigs, Terra Cotta stone warriors, and an elaborate white wreath of flowers were added to mark the recent holiday.) 至少有一名用户把虚拟纪念馆建成北京天安门的样子,然后把已故亲人的照片放在毛主席像的位置。(这家网站最近推出了天堂金猪、护陵兵马俑、白色花圈等最新祭品。)For Qing Ming, users flooded the site with tens of thousands of virtual tributes, spanning everything from GIFs of animated white lotuses to drummers dressed in white or pictures of departed ones#39; favorite foods. The company says it currently has more than 3.4 million users. 清明节,用户们涌向这家网站,敬献成千上万的虚拟祭品,这些祭品从GIF格式的白荷花、到身穿白衣的鼓手、再到逝者生前最喜欢的食物,可谓应有尽有。天堂网说,他们的用户已经超过340万。Elsewhere online, vendors on Taobao.com this weekend also offered to sweep tombs for those who couldn’t visit their relatives’ cemeteries in person. For a modest fee―usually around 100RMB or up―they offered to place flowers, candles and other offerings, perform a set number of ritualistic bows, and send photos as part of the bargain. 这个周末,淘宝网(Taobao.com)的商家也为无法亲自扫墓的人提供了代客扫墓务。只要付不多的钱(通常是人民币100元起),就可以雇人到墓地摆花、蜡烛和其他祭品,还可以雇人去鞠躬,送照片。On a sunny Monday, one family spanning three generations gathered to sweep tombs the traditional way in the outskirts of Beijing, carefully layering plastic flowers and paper money before a family grave. 周一是个阳光明媚的日子,一个祖孙三代之家在北京郊区的墓园以传统方式扫墓,他们小心翼翼地在墓碑前摆放塑料花和纸钱。Standing before the low mound of dirt and stone as his Bluetooth device idled in his ear, Mr. Wang, who only wanted to be identified by his surname, said he sympathized with people couldn#39;t sweep tombs in person. #39;What if they live overseas? Or outside Beijing and it#39;s not convenient?#39; said Mr. Wang, a media worker in his 40s. When he passes away, he said, he wouldn#39;t mind if his descendants didn#39;t always pay their respects in person. #39;If I#39;m not here, I won#39;t have any feelings about the matter,#39; he said. 王先生站在泥土和石头堆成的一个小土堆前,耳朵上挂着蓝牙设备。他说,他理解那些没法亲自来扫墓的人。“住在海外的人怎么办?人不在北京,不方便怎么办?”他说,如果他去世了,自己的后代不能经常来祭奠他,他是不会介意的。“如果我不在了,对这件事也不会有什么感觉了”。王先生40多岁,从事媒体行业,他不愿意透露全名。From his wheelchair across the way, though, Mr. Wang#39;s father interjected with disdain. #39;Tomb-sweeping is about the spirit. If you don#39;t do it yourself in person, there is no spirit.#39; 王先生的父亲坐在轮椅上,很不屑地插话说,“扫墓是一种精神,不亲自来就没有这种精神了。”For his part, Mr. Wang#39;s young son said he planned to keep sweeping tombs all his life. Looking around at the quiet, sun-dappled cemetery at the flower-festooned tombs, popping open a soft drink, he told his father, #39;I like doing it.#39; 王先生的儿子说,他会一直亲自来扫墓的。他环顾四周,看着安静、阳光斑驳的墓园和花朵装点的墓碑,打开手上的一罐饮料,对王先生说:“我喜欢这样做。” /201404/285489

Migrants to the UK are to be quizzed about their English skills before being able to claim income-related benefits, the government has announced.英国政府发表声明:英国的移民在获得与收入相关的津贴之前需要通过英语能力测试。In a move to ;protect the integrity of the benefits system;, people will also be asked what efforts they have made to find work before coming to Britain.人们需要回答他们到达英国之前是怎么找工作的,此举是为了“保护福利系统的合理性”。Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said people should not be able to ;take advantage; of British benefits.就业和退休金部大臣伊恩?邓肯?史密斯表示,移民者不能在英国津贴上“占便宜”。Job centres in England, Scotland and Wales will use the ;more robust; test.英格兰,苏格兰,威尔士的职业介绍中心会进行更加严格的测试。The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said the test would ensure ;only migrants who have a legal right to be in Britain and plan to contribute to this country can make a claim for benefits;.就业与退休金部门声称,这个测试只会让那些有合法权利居住在英国并能够给应该带来贡献的移民得到补助。;For the first time, migrants will be quizzed about what efforts they have made to find work before coming to the UK and whether their English language skills will be a barrier to them finding employment,; the DWP said in a statement.就业与退休金部门声明,移民首先会被询问在来到英国之前付出了什么努力,以及他们的英语能力是否会阻碍就业。Income-related benefits include council tax benefit, housing benefit, income-based jobseeker#39;s allowance and pension credit.与收入相关的津贴包括家庭税收津贴,住房津贴,基于收入的求职者津贴和养老保险信用。Mr Duncan Smith said British people were ;rightly concerned; that migrants should contribute to the economy and should not be ;drawn here by the attractiveness of our benefits system;.邓肯?史密斯先生表明,英国人对“合理关注”移民福利事务。移民应该对英国经济的发展做出贡献,而不是因为想要享受这儿的福利体制而搬到这里。;It is vitally important that we have strict rules in place to protect the integrity of our benefits system,; he said.他说,设定严格的规则来确保福利制度的健全是至关重要的。He said the new test would help create a fair system which provided for ;genuine; workers and jobseekers but ;does not allow people to come to our country and take advantage;.他还说这个新测试有助于建立一个能务于真正的工人求职者的公平体制,而不是任由移民占便宜。To claim the benefits, migrants will have to pass a ;habitual residence test; including more than 100 extra questions compared to now.与现在相比,为了领取救济金,移民还必须通过一份100多道问题的常住居民测试。This will be overseen by an ;intelligent IT system; which will ensure questions are ;tailored to each individual claimant;.这将会由能根据每位申请者不同而提出相应问题的智能信息技术系统监督实行。Migrants will be allowed to claim benefits if they can prove they are legally allowed to be in Britain and are ;habitually resident; the country.移民者若能明自己在英国是合法的常住居民就能得到救济金。As part of this they might be questioned about what measures they have taken to ;establish; themselves in Britain and what ties they still have abroad.作为测试的一部分,他们还要回答怎样定居下来,以及在国外还有什么关系。;They will also have to provide more evidence that they are doing everything they can to find a job,; the DWP said.就职及退休金部门说:他们还需提供更多的据以明他们会想方设法找到工作。 /201401/274155

Many shoppers are blaming online retailers for stealing Christmas.许多顾客抱怨网上零售商偷走了他们的圣诞节。Companies from Amazon.com Inc. to Kohl#39;s Corp. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. promised to deliver items from headphones to television sets before Christmas, but shipping delays left gift-givers across the country without anything to put under the tree.从亚马逊公司(Amazon.com Inc.)到Kohl#39;s Corp.再到沃尔玛(Wal-Mart Stores Inc.),网上零售商们信誓旦旦地保可以在圣诞节前把耳机、电视机等五花八门的商品送到顾客手中。但运输的延误却导致全美国许多人没有礼物可以摆在圣诞树下。On Christmas Eve, Brandon Scott was still waiting for a 46-inch Samsung TV and Kate Spade watch he ordered from Amazon on Saturday.圣诞节前夜,家住密歇根州安阿伯的斯科特(Brandon Scott)还在等着他上周六在亚马逊订购的46寸三星(Samsung)电视机和凯特丝蓓(Kate Spade)手表。#39;I#39;m frustrated because these items could have easily been purchased at various retailers in my area, something I would have gladly done had Amazon not guaranteed#39; their arrival before Christmas,#39; said Mr. Scott of Ann Arbor, Mich.他说:我很懊悔,这些东西本来在我家附近许多零售店都能买到,要不是亚马逊保商品会在圣诞节前送到,我会很乐意去附近零售店买的。An unexpected surge of online orders in the past few weeks appears to have strained the limits of delivery and fulfillment infrastructure at retailers and parcel carriers. While instances of bad weather, Web glitches and late deliveries from manufacturers also played a part, the sheer volume may have been the problem, according to retail analysts.过去几周网上订单的意外激增似乎使零售商和快递公司的送货和订单处理能力都达到了极限。零售业分析师说,虽然存在天气不好、网络故障和制造商发货延迟等其他因素,但庞大的订单量可能才是主因。ed Parcel Service Inc. determined late Tuesday that it wouldn#39;t be able to get some goods to customers in time for Christmas, as a spike in last-minute shopping demand overwhelmed its system.联合包裹运送务公司(ed Parcel Service Inc., 简称UPS)周二晚间确认,一些商品无法在圣诞节及时送达,因为最后时刻的购物需求飙升超过了其系统承受能力。#39;The volume of air packages in the UPS system did exceed capacity as demand was much greater than our forecast,#39; spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said in response to questions. UPS delivers around 45% of U.S. packages and saw more shipments enter its air network on Monday than the 7.75 million it expected.UPS发言人罗森堡(Susan Rosenberg)在回答问题时说,UPS系统的空运包裹数量确实超出了承受能力,需求量远远超出我们的预期。UPS运送的包裹数量占美国包裹总数的45%左右,周一进入其空运网络的包裹数量超过了其预计的775万件。In notifications to some Amazon customers, though, UPS also seemed to blame the e-commerce giant for some of its troubles, saying shipping delays were because it had #39;not yet received the package from the shipper.#39;但在发给部分亚马逊顾客的通知中,UPS似乎将部分问题归咎于这家电子商务巨头,称运送延迟是因为还没有从发货商收到包裹。Having pushed delivery deadlines even later this year, some merchants weren#39;t y for the jump in online orders that came in the last few weeks of December, said Eric Best, chief executive of Mercent Corp., which helps facilitate online sales for more than 550 retailers.Mercent Corp.首席执行长贝斯特(Eric Best)说,虽然已将今年的最晚送达时间进一步延长,但一些商户对12月份最后几周网上订单数量的激增依然感到措手不及。Mercent为550多家零售商的网上销售提供务。#39;During the holidays, we reach the limits on the capacity of these retailers,#39; Mr. Best said. #39;It#39;s a double whammy for conservative retailers, which have been burned by excess inventory in the past, and underestimated demand.#39;贝斯特说,节日期间,零售商的能力都达到极限,保守的零售商则遭到双重打击,他们过去因为库存积压而焦头烂额,这一次却低估了需求。After years of losing sales to online competitors, retailers have invested heavily in infrastructure to support Web sales and this year made aggressive promises for delivery by Christmas. Last-minute shoppers responded. During the last shopping weekend before Christmas, Web sales jumped by 37% from the year before, according to IBM Digital Analytics. Market research firm Forrester Research expects online sales to increase by 15% this holiday season amid slow mall traffic and weak sales at brick-and-mortar retailers.多年来不断被网上竞争对手抢走生意的零售商们纷纷加大了网络销售的配套投资,今年打出了圣诞节前保送货到家的口号,这吸引了那些拖到最后一刻才来购物的消费者。根据IBM Digital Analytics的数据,在圣诞节前的最后一个购物周,网上销售同比飙升37%。市场研究公司Forrester Research预计,这个假日购物季,在商场客流量和实体零售店销售萎靡不振的同时,网上销售将增长15%。For Wal-Mart shopper David McCarthy, 41 years old, in Evans City, Pa., the shipping snafus meant telling his 10-year-old son that he wouldn#39;t get the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, which were first on his wish list this year. By Christmas Eve, Mr. McCarthy hadn#39;t found a replacement gift.对家住宾夕法尼亚州埃文斯城的41岁的麦卡锡(David McCarthy)来说,因为他选择在沃尔玛购物,运输不给力意味着他要告诉自己10岁的儿子他无法收到Beats by Dr. Dre耳机了,这是他今年愿望清单上排在第一位的礼品。直到圣诞节前夜,麦卡锡还没有找到可以替代的礼物。In Alexander City, Ala., Kohl#39;s shopper Andi Burks grumbled over the realization she wouldn#39;t be able to give her husband the sweaters Ms. Burks had ordered on Dec. 19, a day before the cutoff for #39;guaranteed Christmas delivery.#39;在亚拉巴马州的亚历山大城,在Kohl#39;s购买了商品的伯克斯(Andi Burks)抱怨说,她在12月19日那天下了单子,想送老公一件毛衣,那是“圣诞节保送达”最后下单日期的前一天,可现在没法完成这个愿望了。#39;I thought that since they had stated on their website that it was guaranteed to arrive on time that I would be OK,#39; she said referring to Kohl#39;s. #39;Apparently I was wrong.#39;她说:当时我想既然他们(Kohl#39;s)在网站上承诺会按时送达,应该不会出问题,显然我是错了。Kohl#39;s said on Tuesday it would pay the full cost of all items not delivered in time. #39;We are deeply sorry for disappointing our customers expecting delivery in time for Christmas,#39; spokeswoman Jen Johnson said.Kohl#39;s周二说,将为所有未及时送达的商品全额退款。该公司发言人约翰逊(Jen Johnson)说,我们让期待商品在圣诞节及时送达的顾客失望了,我们深表歉意。Groupon Inc. sent customers an email this week suggesting they print out a picture of their present in lieu of the promised on-time delivery of the actual gift, as well as a gift certificate. #39;We know it doesn#39;t make up for the disappointment of not getting your item in time for the holidays,#39; the email said.Groupon Inc.本周向顾客发了一封电子邮件,建议他们打印出所购礼物的图片,暂时代替该公司承诺按时送达的实际礼物,该公司还赠送顾客一张25美元的礼品券。电子邮件中说,我们知道这难以弥补大家在节日期间无法及时收到所购物品的失望。The deals site #39;successfully fulfilled and delivered an overwhelming majority of orders,#39; said spokesman Nicholas Halliwell.这家团购网站的发言人哈利韦尔(Nicholas Halliwell)说,该公司成功完成并投送了绝大部分顾客订购的物品。It is unclear how widesp the delays were or which retailers suffered the most problems. Weather delays, mislabeled packages, and even errors by customers entering their own delivery information can cause delays.不清楚这次的投送延迟影响范围有多大,也不清楚哪些零售商遇到的问题最多。天气原因、误标的包裹,甚至是顾客在填写投递信息时犯的错误,这些都可能造成投递延迟。Kohl#39;s, Wal-Mart and UPS said a small percentage of customers experienced delays but declined to elaborate on how many people were affected. Amazon said it was unaware of major shipping delays.Kohl#39;s、沃尔玛和UPS说,有一小部分顾客遭遇了延迟,但拒绝详细说明有多少人受到影响。亚马逊说,未发觉有重大运送延迟的问题。Typically, about 15% of online shoppers who order items by retailers#39; specified cutoff dates don#39;t get their packages by Christmas Eve, Forrester Research analyst Sucharita Mulpuru said. But with more gifts being shipped in the mail, the volume of errors is likely to rise, even if the percentage doesn#39;t.Forrester Research分析师穆普鲁(Sucharita Mulpuru)说,一般来讲,在零售商指定的截止日期前下单的网络购物者中约有15%在平安夜前收不到包裹。但由于寄送的礼物增多,出错量可能会增加,即便出错率不变。UPS, which handled more than 500 million packages during last year#39;s peak period, was expecting an 8% rise in volumes this year. The U.S. Postal Service, meanwhile, said it expected to ship a record 420 million packages between Thanksgiving and New Year#39;s, an increase of 12% from last year. The Postal Service in some cases plans to deliver on Christmas Day itself.UPS在去年的高峰期里处理了超过5亿个包裹。该公司预计今年包裹量将上升8%。与此同时,美国邮政总局(U.S. Postal Service)说,它预计在今年的感恩节至元旦期间,将运送创纪录的4.2亿个包裹,较上年同比增加12%。美国邮政总局有些情况下会安排在圣诞节当天投递包裹。#39;We#39;ve heard more noise about shipping problems this year than usual,#39; said Chris Saridakis, president of eBay Enterprise, which handles shipping for more than 70 retailers including Toys #39;R#39; Us Inc. and Aéropostale Inc.eBay Enterprise总裁萨勒达奇斯(Chris Saridakis)说,今年我们听到的有关运输问题的投诉比往年要多。该公司为超过70家零售商提供运输务,包括玩具反斗城(Toys ;R; Us Inc.)和装零售商Aeropostale Inc.。Part of the problem is handling an increased number of orders in a shorter time frame, given that there were six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.问题之一是需要在更短的时间内处理更多的订单,因为今年感恩节与圣诞节之间的购物日比往年少了六天。#39;These retailers just don#39;t have enough labor,#39; Mr. Saridakis said, noting that while most of the distribution centers are automated, #39;you still need people to pack and unpack boxes.#39;萨勒达奇斯说,这些零售商没有足够的工人。他指出,尽管大部分配送中心都是自动化的,但仍需要人来打包和拆包箱子。Retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart have been building more fulfillment centers and other infrastructure to handle surging online orders. This year, Amazon hired 70,000 seasonal workers for its U.S. warehouses, a 40% increase from the year before.像亚马逊和沃尔玛这样的零售商一直在修建更多的物流中心和其他基础设施,以便处理不断激增的网络订单。今年,亚马逊为其美国的仓库雇佣了7万名季节工,较上年同比增加了40%。To ease pressures on possible shipping bottlenecks, many retail chains have promoted the option to pick up items purchased online inside stores. That plan might have backfired for companies like Wal-Mart, where dozens of customers complained that items weren#39;t available for pickup in stores by the promised date.为缓解给可能出现的运输瓶颈带来的压力,很多连锁店鼓励顾客到店自提在网上购买的物品。这项计划对沃尔玛这样的公司可能带来了事与愿违的结果。在沃尔玛,数十名顾客抱怨说,在该公司承诺的日期前他们无法在店内自提所购物品。The problem seemed to be biggest for customers who had lined up for hours during Thanksgiving weekend to get special deals on popular televisions and tablets.对那些在感恩节周末期间排了几个小时的队抢购特价热卖电视和平板电脑的顾客来说,问题似乎是最大的。As part of Wal-Mart#39;s Black Friday promises, shoppers who lined up for the best door-buster deals were told that if the store ran out of stock, then the items they paid for would be available for store pickup by Dec. 22. But in some cases, the items weren#39;t available and shoppers jammed customer-service phone lines and took to Facebook and Twitter to gripe at the retailer.作为沃尔玛黑色星期五的承诺的一部分,排队抢购特价商品的购物者被告知,如果店内缺货,他们可以在12月22日前到店自提订购的商品。但有些情况下,到了该公司承诺的日期店内仍没有货,购物者打爆了电话,并在Facebook和推特(Twitter)上表达对这家零售商的不满。Wal-Mart said the issue affected only a small percentage of the five million people who took part in its one-hour guarantee promotion.沃尔玛说,这个问题仅影响了参与沃尔玛一小时限时促销活动的500万人中的一小部分。But by Christmas Eve, it was too late for some customers like Terence Kavanaugh in Louisville, Ky.但在平安夜前,对一些顾客来说已经为时过晚,比如肯塔基州路易斯维尔的卡瓦诺(Terence Kavanaugh)。After losing hope on getting the Emerson television he bought his 9-year-old daughter at Wal-Mart over Thanksgiving weekend, he went to Best Buy and bought a second TV for 9.感恩节周末他在沃尔玛花了98美元给九岁的女儿买了一台艾默生(Emerson)电视机,但由于迟迟未收到货,他不再抱希望。于是去百思买(Best Buy)花179美元又买了一台。#39;It#39;s more expensive but I#39;m not going to let Wal-Mart ruin my daughter#39;s Christmas,#39; he said.他说,这台电视机更贵,但我不会让沃尔玛毁了我女儿的圣诞节。 /201312/271040

In 1977, two London art dealers bought a 13th-century “Madonna and Child” that they believed had been painted by an early-Renaissance master, Duccio di Buoninsegna. Ownership shares were divided among several partners, but in 1986, the work went missing from a vault in Geneva.1977年,伦敦的两位艺术品商人买下了13世纪画作《圣母与圣婴》(Madonna and Child)。他们认为,这幅画是文艺复兴早期的绘画大师杜乔·迪·尼塞尼亚(Duccio di Buoninsegna)创作的。几位合伙人共同享有这幅画的所有权,但是1986年,这件作品从日内瓦的一个地下室里失踪。Its location was unknown until January 2014 when Sotheby’s put the item up for auction in New York, identifying it as the work of a “Florentine painter within the ambit of Cimabue,” himself an important Italian master, according to a lawsuit filed by the federal authorities last year.去年,联邦当局的诉讼文件称,直到2014年1月,这件作品才在苏富比拍卖行(Sotheby’s)的纽约拍卖会上现身,它被认为是“奇马布埃(Cimabue)身边的一位佛罗伦萨画家”创作的。奇马布埃是一位重要的意大利绘画大师。The court papers said that the work had been stolen by one of the co-owners and that it had been spotted as being up for sale by the Art Recovery Group, a London investigative agency. Sotheby’s withdrew the painting from the auction, federal officials seized it, and the consignor and the heirs to the original owners went to court.法庭文件称,这件作品是被其中一位共同所有人偷走的,拍卖时被伦敦调查机构艺术品追回组织(Art Recovery Group)认出。苏富比把这幅画从拍卖会上撤下,联邦官员将它查封,画作寄售人和原主人的后裔们诉诸法庭。On Tuesday, the parties agreed to a settlement in which they will receive the painting back and will divide any proceeds from an intended future sale, according to Christopher A. Marinello, head of the Art Recovery Group. As for the work’s attribution, Sotheby’s last year said the work “undoubtedly shares an affinity with models by Duccio di Buoninsegna” but estimated its value at 0,000 to 0,000. In 2004, the Metropolitan Museum of Art paid more than million for a Duccio the size of a sheet of typing paper.据艺术品追回组织的负责人克里斯托弗·A·马里内洛(Christopher A. Marinello)说,周二,各方同意和解,他们将收回画作,共享未来拍卖的收益。至于这件作品的作者,去年苏富比称,它“无疑与杜乔·迪·尼塞尼亚的典范之作非常接近”,不过估价在60万至80万美元之间。2004年,大都会艺术物馆(Metropolitan Museum of Art)花费4500多万美元买下一幅打印纸大小的杜乔画作。Mr. Marinello said the owners’ belief in the Duccio attribution was supported by a 1984 report in Apollo magazine by Alastair Smart, a British fine arts professor who died in 1992. In the report, Mr. Smart said he thought that the work had been painted by the Italian master.马里内洛说,所有者们相信这件作品为杜乔之作是基于英国美术教授阿拉斯泰尔·斯马特(Alastair Smart,1992年去世)1984年发表在《阿波罗》(Apollo)杂志上的一篇报道。斯马特在报道中说,他认为这件作品是意大利绘画大师杜乔之作。“It’s rare to recover a work that has been missing so long,” said Leila A. Amineddoleh, the lawyer who negotiated the settlement with her colleague, David J. Galluzzo.“追回一件失踪如此之久的作品,实属罕见,”律师莱拉·A·阿米尼多尔(Leila A. Amineddoleh)说。她和同事大卫·J·加卢佐(David J. Galluzzo)是和解谈判的律师。 /201505/377165

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