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James Fenimore Cooper, an early American writer, once said, "The Americans are almost ignorant of the art of music." If that was once true, you would never know it today. Most Americans--even those without a musical bone in their bodies--have a favorite style of music. Many people enjoy classical and folk music from around the world. But other popular music styles in America were "made in the U.S.A."   一位美国早期的作家柯柏(James Fenimore Cooper)曾说:「美国人对音乐艺术几乎可以说是相当的无知。」如果这话曾经是事实,今日你绝不会这么认为了。大部份的美国人,甚至包括那些没有音乐细胞的人,都有自己喜爱的音乐型态。许多人喜欢世界各国的古典音乐和民俗音乐,然而美国其它的流行音乐则是「在美国制造」的。   Country and western music lies close to the heart of many Americans. This style originated among country folks in the southern and western ed States. Country music tells down-to-earth stories about love and life's hardships. Guitars, banjos and violins--also known as fiddles--give country music its characteristic sound. The home of country music is Nashville, Tennessee--Music City U.S.A. Country music even has its own theme park called "Opryland" where you can enjoy music shows and fun rides. "The Grand Ole Opry," the oldest radio show in the ed States, broadcasts country music live from Opryland every weekend.   乡村和西部音乐深得很多美国人的人心,这种型态的音乐起源于美国南部和西部的乡村小民们。乡村音乐传述着真实不加渲染的爱情故事和生活中的艰难。吉他、五弦琴和小提琴(violin又名fiddle)可弹奏出乡村音乐的特殊音色。乡村音乐的发源地是田纳西州的纳许维尔市--美国的音乐城市。而乡村音乐甚至还有它自己的主题乐园--Opryland呢!在那儿你可以享受音乐表演以及好玩的游乐设施。美国最老牌的广播节目「The Grand Ole Opry」每个周末都实况播放Opryland的音乐。   Jazz music, developed by African-Americans in the late 1800s, allows performers to freely express their emotions and musical skill. Instead of just playing the melody, jazz musicians improvise different tunes using the same chords. The peak of jazz music came in the 1920s, known as "The Jazz Era." This period produced musicians like Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington. These musicians later created the "big band" sounds of the 1930s. Different styles of jazz developed in different cities, such as New Orleans, Chicago, New York and Kansas City. Composer George Gershwin brought jazz into the world of classical music with pieces like "Rhapsody in Blue."   爵士乐是十九世纪末期由非裔的美国人发展出来的。它让表演者自由地表现他们的情感和音乐技巧。不仅演奏旋律,爵士音乐大师用同样的和弦即兴演奏出不同的曲调。爵士乐的高峰期出现于二○年代,该时期被称为「爵士年代」。这个时期创造出来的乐手有阿姆斯特朗(Louise Armstrong),古德曼(Benny goodman)和埃林顿(Duke Ellington)。这些乐手稍后都创造了三○年代的「大乐团」之音。在不同的城市也育出不同的爵士风格,像是纽奥尔良、芝加哥、纽约和坎萨斯市。作曲家盖希文(George Gershwin)更以像「蓝色狂想曲」这样的作品,将爵士乐带入古典音乐的世界里。 /201004/101349。

Keep feeding him nickelsA mother saw her three-year-old son put nickel in his mouth and swallowed it. She immediately picked hime up, turned him upside down and hit him on the back, whereupon he coughed up two dimes. Frantically, she called to the father outside.;Your son just swallowed a nickel and coughed up two dimes!What shall I do? ;Yelled back the father,;Keep feeding him nickels!;再喂他几枚五分镍币母亲见三岁的儿子将一枚五分镍币放进嘴里吞了下去,她立刻将他抱起,头朝下不停地拍打他的后背,他咳出了两枚一角的硬币。她发狂似的朝正在外面的孩子父亲喊道: ;你儿子刚才吞下了一枚五分镍币,可咳出两枚一角的硬币!我该怎么办呢?;孩子他爸大声回答道:;再喂他几枚镍币!; /201202/171571。

导读: 她们有着超常的法力,既能给人治病,也能用巫术蛊惑他人做坏事。这一神秘的职业,令许多人又敬又怕。Witchcraft, also called black magic, is the power or practices of witches. Western people used to believe that witches had supernatural powers. They were supposed to be able to call up spirits and make them do evil things. Their special helping spirits are called “familiars”, who take the form of animals, particularly cats, snakes, owls, and dogs.巫术,也称黑魔法,是巫师,尤其是女巫施行的法术。西方人曾相信女巫具有超自然的力量,可呼唤妖魔协助她们作恶。跟随她们的妖魔称为“巫使”,通常以猫、蛇、猫头鹰和等动物形象出现。 Some people believed witches had the power to change into animals. This power enabled them to travel about secretly. Witches also were said to be able to fly. They flew by riding brooms or rakes, or riding magical animals. Witches had great knowledge of how to make magical potions and charms, which were used to change people’s behavior. Witches were believed to be able to see into the future. They were also believed to have the evil eye – that is, the ability to harm or kill by looking.when crops failed, horses ran away, cattle sickened, wagon broke, women miscarried, or storms destroyed house, a witch was always found to blame. Some of these reputed witches were thought to hold yearly ceremonies called “Witches Sabbath”, a midnight meeting of 12 witches and the Devil.有人认为女巫也可变化为动物,所以她们可以四处游荡而不为人所知。据说女巫能够飞翔。飞行时或骑在扫帚或耙子上,或骑在某种有魔力的动物背上。女巫懂得如何煎制魔药、制作符录,以蛊惑他人。女巫也有预卜未来的本领。据说她们还有魔眼,即用目光伤害或杀死他人的能力。在中世纪,每当庄稼欠收、马匹走失、牛群遭瘟、车辆损坏、妇女流产或风暴摧毁房舍,总要找一个女巫承担罪责。有人还认为某些女巫每年举行一次女巫安息日聚会。与会者有十二个女巫及魔鬼。 Nearly all those who were suspected of practicing witchcraft were women, especially old women who were lean and ugly, looking pale and melancholy, or with red hair. In many witch trials of the 17th century in Europe and colonial America, a suspected witch was tied up and thrown into water. If she sank, she was considered a witch and was ecuted. 几乎所有被怀疑行巫术的人都是妇女,特别是些年老、瘦削、畸形、面色苍白而忧郁或长有红发的妇女。在17世纪的欧洲和北美殖民地,有女巫嫌疑的人往往被捆绑起来,投入水中,如果她下沉,就明清白;如果浮在水面,就被断定为女巫,处以死刑。 In the early Christian centuries, the church was relatively tolerant of magical practices. But in the late Middle Ages European people began to look upon those women who tried to cure diseases by using magic as witches, or the followers of Satan. Many women accused of practicing witchcraft were tortured or even burned to death. Most of them were obviously innocent.The belief in witchcraft declined at the beginning of the 18th century when people began to examine their old beliefs again with a skeptical eye. 早期欧洲基督教会曾对巫术较宽容,但到了中世纪末,人们开始将使用魔法为人治病的妇女视为女巫,或魔鬼的门徒。许多女人被控行巫术,遭受拷打后被施以火刑。其中大多数显然是无辜的。自18世纪启蒙运动始,人们开始对巫术持怀疑态度,对巫术的迷信不再流行。 /201008/111824。

导读:恋爱中的情侣恨不得每天都粘在一起,寒冷的时候有个怀抱,孤独的时候有个陪伴。虽然说,距离产生美,但对于异地恋情(long-distance relationship)而言,距离往往会成为一种考验。一首歌中曾唱道: “距离是一份考卷,测量相爱的誓言,最后会不会实现。” Long-distance relationships are becoming more common in China today, as transportation and communication becomes easier and faster. According to a recent survey carried out by China Youth Daily, 61.7 percent of 2,149 university-aged respondents said many of their friends or classmates in long-distance relationships planned to end them when they graduate, 32.7 percent said they had at least some friends in this situation and only 4.7 percent said they only knew a few people like that.随着交通设施和通讯手段变得更为便利快捷,异地恋在中国变得越来越普遍。《中国青年报》最近的一项调查显示,在2148名高校受访者中,有61.7%的人表示,身边很多同学或朋友都想一毕业就和异地恋人分手;32.7%的人表示身边有一些朋友是这种状况,而表示身边很少有人这样做的仅占4.7%。A "long-distance relationship investigation" by a newspaper in Nanjing reported that half the couples in such relationships are under the age of 30, and that most were in college or at the beginning stages of their career.南京某报纸曾展开一项“异地恋调查”,结果显示近半数的异地恋情侣年龄小于30岁,他们中大部分人正在读大学或刚刚参加工作。 The main reasons the couples were separated were overseas education (35 percent of respondents) and different job locations (43 percent of respondents).这些情侣之所以分隔两地,只要是因为海外求学(占受访者人数的35%)以及异地工作(占受访者人数的43%)。 /201007/109955。

Facebook is a habit-forming activity - but users who spend a lot of time on the site say they feel less happy with their lives.Facebook是一种易上瘾的活动,然而花大量时间上该网站的用户称他们感到生活没有以前幸福了。University of Gothenburg researchers say that many users log in as soon as they turn their PCs on - and that the behaviour can develop into an ;addiction;.哥德堡大学的研究人员称,许多用户一把个人电脑打开就很快登录Facebook,这会让人渐渐成瘾。People in low income groups and the poorly educated are particularly at risk.低收入者和教育程度低的人沉迷于Facebook的风险尤其大。Up to 85% of users say that they use Facebook daily - and half say they start up Facebook as soon as they open their web users.多达85%的用户称他们每天都用Facebook,半数用户称他们一打开网络浏览器就进入Facebook网站。Half fear that they are not ;on top of things; if they are not logged into the site, and 25% say they fill ;ill at ease; if they can#39;t log in regularly.半数人担心自己如果不登录该网站就不能及时了解消息,25%的人称如果他们不能定期登录Facebook他们就会感觉“局促不安”。The Swedish survey, which polled 1,000 people aged 18-73 showed the network had its dark side.这一瑞典调查涵盖了年龄在18岁到73岁间的1000个人,调查显示,Facebook网站也有其阴暗的一面。;Facebooking may become an unconscious habit. A majority of the respondents log in every time they start their web browser. This may even develop into an addiction,; says Leif Denti, doctoral student of Psychology at the University of Gothenburg.哥德堡大学心理学士生雷夫#8226;邓提说:“上Facebook可能会成为一个下意识的习惯。大多数应答者每次打开网络浏览器都会登录Facebook。这甚至会逐渐发展为上瘾。”People with low income and low-educated individuals spend more time on Facebook.低收入者和文化程度低的人花更多时间上Facebook。Women are generally more active than men on Facebook.在Facebook网站上,女性通常比男性更活跃。Users with low income and low education use Facebook more than other groups. Within these groups, users who spend more time on Facebook also report feeling less happy and less content with their lives.收入低和教育程度低的用户使用Facebook比其他人群都多。在这些人群中,花更多时间上Facebook网站的用户报告称他们幸福感降低了,对自己的生活也更不满意。This relationship is also present for women, but not for men.这一关联性也存在于女性用户当中,不过男性用户没有这一情况。The other surprise about the network is that although a huge amount of personal ;news; is traded, through the site, it tends to focus purely on the positive.关于该网站的另一个让人惊讶之处是,尽管数量庞大的私人“新闻”通过网站得到交换,但一般交换的都是正面新闻。;Facebook is a social tool that is clearly used to manage relationships with friends and family.;雷夫#8226;邓提说:“显然,Facebook是一个用于管理和亲友之间关系的社交工具。”;But users won#39;t write just anything – most of the content they share has something to do with major events, positive events and when feeling good. Only 38 percent write about negative emotions and events,; says Leif Denti.“不过用户们不会在页面上什么都写——大部分分享的内容都和重大事件、正面事件有关,或是在心情好的时候写的。只有38%的用户把负面情绪和负面事件写出来。” /201204/177035。