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大理无痛流产医院大理市第一人民医院有无痛人流术吗大理专科妇科医院 Twin sisters Sarah and Becca Duncan aren#39;t engaged, but the two decided to take wedding photos with their father who has Alzheimer#39;s.双胞胎莎拉·邓肯和贝卡·邓肯虽尚未订婚,但已决定和她们患有老年痴呆症的父亲拍摄婚纱照。Scott Duncan was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 and has recently been moved to a 24-hour nursing facility due to his deteriorating health.斯科特·邓肯2012年被确诊为老年痴呆症,由于病情恶化,他已被转移至一家全天候的护理机构。That#39;s why the 23-year-old Grapevine, Texas, siblings took the photos, dressed up in floor-length wedding gowns right on their neighbor#39;s front yard.这就是这对来自德克萨斯州格雷普韦恩市的23岁花身着齐地婚纱礼在邻居的前院拍摄婚纱照的原因。;We just randomly thought of this idea,; Becca told A News.贝卡在接受美国广播公司新闻网采访时表示:“我们只是无意中想到了这个主意。”;Me and Sarah know that our dad is more than likely not going to be at our wedding -- it#39;s not being a downer or anything; we#39;re just being realistic -- so we decided to do these wedding pictures with Dad.;“我和莎拉知道,我们的爸爸很可能不会出现在我们的婚礼上,这不是感伤或者什么的,我们只是很现实--所以我们决定和爸爸拍摄婚纱照。”The sisters said the 10-minute photo shoot was one to remember, including seeing their father#39;s face when he first saw them in wedding gowns.两表示,这场10分钟的拍摄令人难忘,而她们的父亲第一次见到自己身穿婚纱,脸上的表情也令人难忘。;The entire experience was the best thing in the world. Seeing him coming down the hall and seeing us in our wedding dresses and him smiling. It meant so much to us,; Becca said.贝卡说道:“整个拍摄过程简直是世界上最美好的事情。看着他沿着走廊走下去,看到我们身穿婚纱,他面带微笑。这对我们意义重大。”The sisters#39; mother Pamela helped the twins secure a photographer, who later donated the photos. Their mother also helped with their make-up.两的母亲帕梅拉帮她们请来了一位摄影师,这位摄影师后来并未对这些照片收取费用。她们的妈妈也帮她们化了妆。Thanks to friends and family, the Duncan sisters also received donated wedding gowns and bouquets for their bridal-inspired photo shoot.多亏了朋友和家人,邓肯的婚纱照摄影也收到了免费的婚纱和鲜花。The two sisters, both of whom are in relationships of nearly one year, said they planned for their father, who is an 80-year-old retired businessman, to be a large part of their wedding.两都各自有男朋友,已经将近一年了。她们表示,自己计划让她们的父亲,一位80岁的退休商人,成为她们婚礼的重要部分。;For me, it#39;s all about the daddy-daughter dance,; Sarah said, ;and having him give away his daughter to a new guy to take care of.;“对我来说,这都是父女的舞会。”莎拉说,“并让他将他的女儿交给另外一个男人照顾。”Becca agreed, adding, ;Every girl dreams about her big wedding and her dad walking her down the aisle. It would be awesome to have our dad there. He was our superhero. He was our Superman growing up.;贝卡表示同意,并补充道:“每个女孩都梦想她盛大的婚礼,她爸爸带着她走过过道。我们的爸爸在场的话那会非常棒。他是我们的超级英雄。在成长过程中他就是我们的超人。” /201609/466412I was running a few errands in my car the other day. The sun was out, the radio was playing, and I was singing along. The song was a joyful one and even my weak voice sounded good singing it. Then it happened, however. The sweet sound of the music ended and was replaced with the ded news break.前几天我在自己的车子里处理一些事情,太阳出来了,收音机播放着,我跟着里面唱起歌来,歌曲的旋律欢快,我五音不全也能唱好。突然优美的音乐停止了,取而代之的是骇人听闻的一些消息。I drove on while the announcer droned on. Gas prices were going higher again because of the competitive speculation on Wall Street. The race for the Presidency was getting nastier and nastier, Rioting had broken out when fans of a sports team had gone wild, celebrating their team’s championship.我边开着车边听着广播,由于华尔街上的投机竞争导致油价的上涨,总统竞选变得越来越手段肮脏,粉丝在庆祝喜爱的运动队伍取得比赛胜利时候,发生了暴乱。Finally, I could take no more and turned off the radio. Silence seemed preferable to listening to anything else about the crazy, competitive society we live in. I slowed down as I entered a local town and watched the people as I drove by.最终我不堪忍受这些负面新闻之重而关掉了收音机。此刻的宁静比听那些令人糟心揭露社会疯狂、竞争新闻要好多了,我减速来的镇上,看经过的人来人往。A tall muscular man was helping an elderly lady out of a car and helping her position her walker so she could go into a local store.一个身材高大壮硕的男子正在帮一位行动不便老妇人,从车里出来并帮她安放好助步器,这样她就可以去当地的商店。A smiling woman was tossing birdseed into her backyard while a dozen Robins flew down to enjoy the feast being laid out before them.一位面带微笑的妇人,在她的后院给一群知更鸟投食,那些鸟儿可以大快朵颐。A young man was walking along, carrying his two year old daughter safely in his arms. He tickled her gently when she pulled the hat off his head and they both laughed. I laughed too as I looked at all of this kindness. It felt like a glimpse of Heaven. The radio may have been off in my car, but in my heart I was still singing.一位年轻的父亲走来,将他两岁的女儿搂在臂弯,看起来安全感十足。当女儿试图去拉他的帽子,他开始挠女儿痒痒,他们都开心的笑了。当看到生命中这些温暖美好的事情,我也笑了。尽管车里广播被我关了,但是我的心仿佛随着之前播放的歌曲,悠扬的唱了起来。In truth, this world could use a little more kindness and a lot less competition. Kindness makes us all winners in this life. Kindness reminds us that we are all God’s Children. Kindness shows us that we don’t have to beat others in this world.我所感到生命的真谛是,这个世界可以多一些美好,少一些竞争。带着善意让我们每个人都是赢家,让我们觉得自己是上帝之子,不需要打败这个世上的任何人。We just have to love them. May all of your moments here then be full of kindness, love, and joy. And may your only competition be with yourself: to be the best possible you that you can be.我们只要施与爱。愿生命的每一刻都平顺喜乐。愿我们永远都以超越自己为目标,成为更好的自己。 /201703/498760剑川县做人流医院

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大理霉菌性尿道炎如何治疗好Chinese wine-tasters have won a taste test in France, in what organisers call ;a thunderbolt in the wine world;.中国品酒师在法国举办的品酒大赛上摘得桂冠,大赛主办方称其“给葡萄酒界带来了一声惊雷”。They came first out of 21 teams by identifying details of six white wines and six red wines without seeing the bottle or label.通过盲品来识别出6款白葡萄酒和6款红葡萄酒的细节信息,中国队在21队伍中胜出,摘得桂冠。The French team came second and the US team came third, while former champions Spain slipped into 10th place and the UK only managed 11th.法国队和美国队分别获得第二名和第三名。去年的冠军西班牙队则下滑到第十名,英国位居第11名。The Chinese competitors put their success down to knowledge and luck. But they did say competition was fierce to get on the team.中国队表示,他们的获胜一半靠知识,另一半靠运气。不过他们表示竞争确实非常激烈。China#39;s wine industry has grown in recent years as the country has begun to devote an increasing amount of its land to vineyards.随着更多的土地被用作葡萄种植,中国的葡萄酒行业近年来发展迅速。Last year it had 799,000 hectares (1.97 million acres) of land dedicated to growing grapes, second only to Spain worldwide.中国去年共有79.9万公顷土地(约197万英亩)用来种植葡萄,这个面积仅次于世界第一的西班牙。The Chinese team that competed on Saturday at the Chateau du Galoupet, one of France#39;s biggest wine estates, included Liu Chunxia, Tze Chien Chen, Xi Chen, Xianchen Ma and coach Alexander Brice Leboucq.本次大赛于10月8日在法国的佳禄沛城堡举行,这里是法国最大的葡萄酒庄园之一。中国队由领队布里斯·勒布克带领四名选手参加,分别是刘春霞、陈子倩、陈希、马先辰。Their surprise win saw them perform best at identifying the 12 wines#39; countries of origin, grape varieties, vintages, producers and appellation (geographical areas).比赛需要猜出12款酒品的出产国、葡萄品种、年份、酒庄以及名称(产区)等信息,中国队表现最佳,出人意料的赢得了胜利。Organisers from the French specialist magazine La Revue du vin de France wrotethat the ;astounding Chinese team; were ;humble even in victory;.主办方法国葡萄酒杂志《La Revue du vin de France》写道,“令人吃惊”的中国团队,即使获胜仍然很谦逊。 /201610/471971 南涧县体检哪家医院最好的大理妇产科医院在线咨询



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