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Ive spent the bulk of my time talking about how HP is helping customers build and manage their Extended Enterprise infrastructure. And its probably appropriate that this discussion has taken most of my time, because thats the foundation upon which everything else is built. On top of that, we have added some fascinating electronic-business solutions that help customers use the Internet to re-engineer their business processes or to create entirely new ways of doing business. For example, the China Goods Order System (CGOS) is the first country-wide comprehensive and multifunctional commodity ordering system in China, which is approved by the State Planning Commission and will be managed by the Internal Trade Bureau. The aim for setting up this system is to build up a computerized commodity wholesale market in China, which can provide commodity trade information, offer transaction service and quicken wholesale procedure. The significance of the systems operation lies in introducing an advanced ;network shopping; concept in Chinas commodity trade business.我花了很长的时间介绍惠普如何协助客户建立并管理其扩展型企业基础结构。或许这一介绍占去我大部分时间是合适的,因为这是我们构建一切的基础。在此基础之上,我们增加了某些饶有兴趣的电子业 务解决方案,帮助客户利用互联网重新设计他们的业务程序,或创建全新的经营方式。例如,中国商品订购系统(CGOS)是中国第一家全国性、综合性且多功能性的商品订购系统。该系统经国家计划委员会(译者注:该机构于1998年更名为国家发展计划委员会,又于2003 年改组为国家发展和改革委员会)批准,由国家国内贸易局(译者注:该机构已于2001年被撤销)管理。设立这一系统的目的是为了在中国建立—个计算机化的商品批发市场,以提供商品交易的信息,交易务,从而加快批发的过程。这一系统投入运行的意义在于,将先进的“网络购物;概念引入中国的商品贸易市场。Let me comment briefly on the three solutions you see listed here. Our E-Business software is based on breakthrough technology from HP, something we call the HP Changengine. It was developed in HP Labs. It has good patent protection, and has been used extensively within HP to automate key business processes. The customer need were addressing is this: quite simply, businesses cant change their applications fast enough to keep up with the speed at which they want to change their business processes.这里,我简单地介绍一下所列的三种解决方案。基于惠普的创新技术的电子业务软件——惠普Changengine。它是在惠普的实验室开发出来的,现已获得很好的专利保护,用来自动处理关键性的业务并在惠普内部得到广泛的应用。我们所强调的客户需求的精髓是极其简单,企业无法快速改变其应用程序以跟上业务过程的变化。201410/338729。

  • Empathy is at the heart of the actors art. And in high school, another form of acting took hold of me. I wanted to learn how to be appealing. So I studied the character I imagined I wanted to be that of the generically pretty high school girl and I researched her deeply, that is to say shallowly, in Vogue, in Seventeen, and in Mademoiselle Magazines. I tried to imitate her hair, her lipstick, her lashes, the clothes of the lithesome, beautiful and generically appealing high school girls that I saw in those pages. I ate an apple a day, period. I peroxided my hair, ironed it straight. I demanded brand name clothes, my mother shut me down on that one. But I did. I worked harder on this characterization really than anyone I think Ive ever done since. I worked on my giggle. I lightened it. Because I like it when it went, kind of ;ehuh; and the end ;eheeh;, ;ehaeaahaha;. Because I thought it sounded child-like, and cute. This was all about appealing to boys and at the same time being accepted by the girls, a very tricky negotiation. Often success in one area precludes succeeding in the other.移情是表演艺术的核心。高中的时候,我对另外一种表演很着迷:我想学习如何让自己有吸引力。所以,我想象出一个受欢迎的校园美女,深入地研究她,简单地说,就是模仿《时尚》、《十七岁》或者《女王杂志》中那样的女孩。我模仿杂志页上那些温柔的漂亮、而有魅力的校园美女。模仿她们的发型、唇膏、睫毛、装。我有段时间一天只吃一个苹果,我染了头发,拉直了它。我要买名牌装,但是我妈妈不同意,事实上我还是买了。我付出比以前任何时候都多的努力来实践这个角色。我还在笑声上下功夫,轻声地咯咯笑,我喜欢这样是因为笑声快消逝的时候,有“嗯哼”或者“嗯哼哼”这样的声音,显得很孩子气,而且很可爱。这一切都是为了吸引男生,同时被其他女生接纳,事实上,这是棘手的事情。通常在一个领域取得成功就会失去在其他领域取得成功的机会。201403/278965。
  • First place Id like to take you is what many believe will be the worlds deepest natural abyss.我要带大家去的第一个地方是一个天然的深渊,许多人相信它将会被明为世界最深之渊。And I say believe because this process is still ongoing.我说相信是因为这个探索过程还未结束。Right now there are major expeditions being planned for next year that Ill talk a little bit about.明年有几个很大的探险活动正在策划中,关于这个我会做些介绍One of the things thats changed here,现在,变化之一是,in the last 150 years since Jules Verne had great science-fiction concepts of what the underworld was like,自从儒勒凡尔纳在科幻小说里描绘了地底世界的样子后,is that technology has enabled us to go to these places that were previously completely unknown and speculated about.在过去的150年里,科技已使我们能够到达一些地方,这些地方是我们先前完全不知且不能想象的。We can now descend thousands of meters into the Earth with relative impunity.而我们现在能相对安全得深入地球几千米。Along the way weve discovered fantastic abysses and chambers so large沿途我们发现了奇异的深渊和岩洞。that you can see for hundreds of meters without a break in the line of sight.那些岩洞大得异乎寻常,一眼望去能看到几百米。When you go on a thing like this, we can usually be in the field for anywhere from two to four months,当我们到了这样的岩洞时,我们经常会在那待二至四个月,with a team as small as 20 or 30, to as big as 150.我们的队伍规模小时二三十人,大时有一百五十人。And a lot of people ask me, you know,许多人问我,what kind of people do you get for a project like this?你们选什么样的人参加这样的项目?While our selection process is not as rigorous as NASA, its nonetheless thorough.我们的筛选过程不是像NASA(美国航空航天局)那么严格,但它又是周详的。Were looking for competence, discipline, endurance, and strength.我们寻找的是有能力胜任此工作,能严格约束自己,耐力长久而且体力充沛的人。In case youre wondering, this is our strength test.如果你想知道的话,这是我们的体能测试。But we also value esprit de corps and the ability to diplomatically resolve inter-personal conflict while under great stress in remote locations.但我们也重视团队精神和善于解决人际矛盾的能力。这些能力,在人们身处僻壤。We have aly gone far beyond the limits of human endurance.压力巨大到远远超过人类耐力极限的时候尤其重要。201511/412866。
  • Because at that moment I became the worst scourge on Gods green earth, a rock star with a cause. Krikee. Except it isnt the cause. Seven thousand Africans dying every day of preventable, treatable disease like AIDS? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. And when the disease gets out of control because most of the population live on less than a dollar a day? Thats not a cause, thats an emergency. And when resentment builds because of unfair trade rules and the burden of unfair debt, that are debts by the way that keep Africans poor? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. So--;We Are The World, Live Aid;, start me off. You know, it was an extraordinary thing and really that event was about charity. But 20 years on Im not that interested in charity. Im interested in justice. Theres a difference. Africa needs justice as much as it needs charity.因为那一刻,我成为了这个绿色地球上最痛苦的人,一个肩负使命的摇滚明星。上帝啊,这不是一项事业。每天有7000非洲人死于可预防、可治疗的疾病,比如艾滋病。这不是一项事业——而是燃眉之急。这种疾病失控是因为这里大部分人每天的生活费不足一美元。这不是可以慢慢解决的事情,这是燃眉之急呀。不公平的贸易规则和不平等的债务使非洲无法摆脱贫困,这造成人们的怨恨。这不是一项事业,而是燃眉之急。因此“四海一家,现场援助”等活动使我开始了这段非凡的旅程,而且这些事情完全是慈善性质的。但是,20年之后,我不再对慈善那么感兴趣了,我感兴趣的是公平。慈善和公平是有区别的。非洲对公平的渴求如同慈善一样多。Equality for Africa is a big idea. Its a big expensive idea. I see that the Wharton graduates now getting out the math on the back of their programs. Numbers are intimidating, arent they? But not to you! But the scale--the scale of the suffering and the scope of the commitment, they often numb us into a kind of indifference. Wishing for the end to AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa is like wishing that gravity didnt make things so damn heavy. We can wish it, but what the hell can we do about it?赋予非洲平等是一项伟大而耗资巨大的事业。我看到沃顿商学院的毕业生已经在计算它的成本了。数目大得惊人,不是吗?但对你们来说不是这样的。苦难的沉重和责任的重大往往使我们麻木,漠不关心。对终结非洲的艾滋病和极度贫困的希望,如同希望引力不要让物体那么重一样。我们可以抱有希望,但我们究竟能为此做些什么呢? /201312/268472。
  • The roller coaster ride has opened my eyes to many things....about the increasingly complex demands of running a business today, about my own competencies and the need to constantly challenge and renew my own commitment to being a better leader.犹如乘坐过山车一样的感觉令我见识了很多有关当今经营企业所面临的复杂的要求,关乎我自身能力和不断挑战自己的需要,以及要做一名更优秀的领导者需要不断更新的自我期望。I had no idea at the moment I became CEO that I would experience such great fortune and such great challenge both at the same time....and how enormously my life would change as a result. No idea what privilege, yet what responsibility comes with being the first woman to lead the company, to be constantly scrutinized as one of less than a handful of women CEOs today—what it would be like to balance my Chinese cultural background—what the responsibilities of the office would entail in this unparalleled environment. And what it would mean to be a business leader that could distinguish him or herself in todays world where the game is changing by the minute.刚成为首席执行官的时候,我从未想到我会如此幸运但同时又面临这么大的挑战,也从未想到这会给我的生活带来如此大的变化。我不知道作为领导这家公司的第一位女性意味着怎样的特殊性和责任;或者是作为当今为数不多的女性首席执行官该怎样为我的华裔文化背景取得平衡、并时刻被审视;或者是在前所未有的环境下担任这一职位所肩负的责任;还有在今天这个瞬息万变的世界做一名优秀的商业领袖所代表的意义。As I reflect on my rapid rise to the top as one of the few women running a major global corporation, I have found myself thinking a great deal about my Chinese heritage and how enormously fortunate I am to have been given this very precious gift.作为极少数领导着大型跨国企业的女性中的一员,回顾自己快速成长的历程,我总是联想到我的中国文化传统,以及拥有这一宝贵馈赠是多么的幸运。 /201303/231257。
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