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河南省郑州华山整形医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱郑州省妇幼保健院做祛疤手术价钱费用郑州市第一人民医院纹眉多少钱 Only the blue-eyed boys could be promoted quickly.只有讨领导欢心的员工才能快速升职。blue-eyed boys直译过来就是:“蓝眼睛的男孩们”,这个短语的正确意思是:“受到领导宠爱和特别照顾的员工”。因此,当美国人说;Only the blue-eyed boys could be promoted quickly.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Those who play up to the boss can be promoted quickly.;、;Only the employees who please the leader can be promoted.;。情景对白:Jane: She is always bringing the bosss daughter some gifts when she comes back on business.简:她出差回来总是会给老板的女儿带些礼物。Shirley: Only the blue-eyed boys could be promoted quickly.雪莉:只有讨领导欢心的员工才能快速升职。搭配句积累:①I have been working hard for so many years but never have any promotion.我努力工作了这么多年也没被提拔。②Dont be that honest.不要那么老实巴交。③How dare you conflict with your boss?你怎么敢顶撞你的老板?④No pains, no gains. But working hard not always gets a promotion.虽然说不劳不获,但努力工作也未必可以升职。单词:play up to sb. 迎合、讨好某人He wanted a raise, so he tried to play up to his boss.他想长工资,所以尽力向老板谄媚。Some students play up to their teachers to get good marks.有些学生讨好老师以获得好评语。Students who too obviously play up to their teachers are usually disliked by their classmates.过分明显向老师献殷勤的学生通常为其同窗所憎恶。 /201302/225987A:Mr. Zhang. Please come and sit down.A:你好,张先生。请坐。B:Thank you. Im so glad to see you again.B:谢谢。很高兴再见到你。A:Me too.A:我也是。B:Im also pleased that we have been doing business so well with each other and our cooperation over the years has been a fruitful one.B:我也很高兴我们之间的贸易关系能保持得如此良好。我们双方的合作是我们多年来合作关系中,有成果的一个。A:Im glad that you are satisfied with the service we provided.A:很高兴我方提供的务满足贵方的要求。B:As you know,one of the purposes of my present visit here is to discuss ways of strengthening the relationship between us.B:你知道,我这次拜访贵公司的其中一个目的是讨论如何加强双方的关系。A:This idea is exactly mine. As a matter of fact,I was going to mention that we still had some capacity at the Vietnam refinery.A:这也正是我的想法。事实上,我想说的是我们在越南的炼油厂还有生产能力。B:Thats interesting. We are going to expand our gasoline import at the moment. It would certainly be easier to deal with an old and reliable friend than to establish a new relationship. Of course. it depends on the processing fee you will offer.B:太好了。我们正想扩大汽油进口。与可靠的老朋友打交道显然比建立新的业务关系容易多了。当然,这取决于贵方的加工费。A:I think we can work out something there. As a rule. ourprocessing fee decreases with the amount of crude oil we sell.A:我认为我们可以解决这个问题,作为惯例,我方的加工费会依据原油销售量的增加而减少。B:Good. I think thats something we can talk about in detail later. At present,we are going to buy 6,000 tons of gasoline for our company.B:好的,我想我们稍后可以讨论下细节我们公司欲购买六千吨的汽油。A: Thats very good.A:太好了。B:Can you provide it right from the stock?B:贵方能从库存里提供吗?A:Yes.of course.A:当然可以。B: Thats good,Can we determine the price according to the internationally accepted standard?B:太好了我们可以根据国际标准确定价格吗?A:Sure.A:当然可以。B:Good. Now I must try to get a vessel. And if everything goes on well,we can expect to draft and sign a contract soon.B:好的。现在我得想法联系船运的事了,如果一切顺利的话,我们很快就可以起草和签订合同了。A: Good. Well get the necessary document drawn up.A:很好,我方会把需要的文件草拟好.B:And well follow the usual signing procedures,shall we?B:我们将按照通常的签约程序进行可以吗?A:Yes.thats the best.A:是的,那样最好不过了,B:But Im afraid wed have to negotiate other terms and conditions concerning this transaction,shall we?B:但我想我们还需就合同的相关条款进行协商。A:If you feel it necessary. lets think them over this evening and meet here tomorrow afteroon.A:如果你觉得有必要,晚上可以仔细考虑一下,我们明天下午再谈B:Thats good. See you tomorrow.B:好的,明天见A:See you.A:再见。 /201508/391076河南注射丰胸医院哪家好

开封市丰胸多少钱濮阳市瑞兰美白针多少钱 This is the first in a two-part Business English lesson on talking about your job and company.这是2节商务播客中的第一节,会涉及到谈论工作和公司。The way you talk about your job gives clues to what you’re like as an employee or colleague. So, it’s important to consider your audience. For example, if you’re talking to a recruiter or future employer, you want to be brief, but still provide enough details to give an accurate description and make a good impression.你谈论工作的方式表明你喜欢作什么样的员工或同事,所以,考虑听众是十分重要的,比如,如果你和招聘人员或是未来的老板谈话时,你需要简短。但是要提供足够的细节来进行准确的描述并给对方留下好印象。In this lesson, we’ll talk about ways to explain the basic aspects of your job and give details about your duties. We’ll also cover ways to talk about any special projects you’ve worked on and how to discuss your job satisfaction. 在这节课中,我们来谈论解释工作基本信息和对工作职责进行详细描述的方法。也会学到如何谈论正在从事的特殊项目和讨论工作满意度。We’ll be listening to Ronda, a recruiter, and Stella, an IT manager. Ronda is going to help Stella find a new IT position, but first she wants to get some more information about her current job. They are meeting over lunch at a restaurant.我们会听到招聘人员Ronda和IT经理 Stella的谈话。Ronda将要帮助 Stella寻找新的IT职员,但首先她想了解关于目前工作的更多信息。他们将在饭店中吃午饭时会面。Listening Questions:1. What is the name of Stella’s current employer?2. What are two of Stella’s responsibilities?3. Why does Stella feel like she can’t grow at her current job? /201103/127413郑州假体隆胸价格表

新乡市自体脂肪移植丰胸哪家好hard up -------- 手头紧(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) In need; without enough money.例句 My brother is paid at the start of every month, but spends his money quickly, and is often hard up by the end of the month.我兄弟每月初领钱,但是他花得很快,到了月底经常手头紧。 /201505/371989 The chairman is at sixes and sevens over the issue of budget increase.在增加预算的问题上,董事长心里也是犹豫不决,拿不定主意。be at sixes and sevens其实和六七没有多大关系,而是想当于中文中的“七上八下,乱七八糟,拿不定主意”。因此,当美国人说;The chairman is at sixes and sevens over the issue of budget increase.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;The chairman is hesitating about the issue of budget increase.;、;The chairman has no idea about the issue of budget increase.;。情景对白:Terry: Whats the chairmans attitude about your proposals?泰瑞:你的那些提议,董事长怎么看?Benjamin: The chairman is at sixes and sevens over the issue of budget increase.本杰明:在增加预算的问题上,董事长心里也是犹豫不决,拿不定主意。搭配句积累:①Our project is facing a serious budget shortfall.我们的项目正面临严重的预算不足。②Since were not sufficiently funded, we might have to suspend the project.由于经费不足,我们或许不得不暂停项目了。③We have submitted the application for more funds.我们已经提交了资金申请。④In order to restart the project, our company has to experience a series of reforms.为了重新启动项目,我们公司得进行一系列改革。单词:shortfall n. 不足,差额The government has refused to make up a pound;30,000 shortfall in funding.政府拒不补上 30,000 英镑的资金缺口。We have to borrow money to cover the shortfall between expenditure and revenue.我们不得不借钱以弥补收间的差额。The results of a growing number of studies suggest that even a modest vitamin shortfall can be harmful to your health.越来越多的研究结果提示,即使是轻微的维生素摄入不足对健康也是有害的。 /201304/235370河南整形美容医院哪里好郑州/比较大的整形医院



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