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Many of us have turned to photo sharing on social media to exploit the opportunity to send a shameless selfie to a love interest.我们许多人都爱找各种机会在社交媒体上分享自拍照,以向暧昧对象传递暗示信息。But very few of us would be prepared to admit the hidden agenda in our snaps.但很少有人会勇敢承认自己发自拍时,葫芦里究竟卖的什么药。However, model Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has decided to address the subject head-on by revealing the secret meaning behind women#39;s Snapchat photos.然而,来自都柏林的23岁女模Holly Carpenter决定来点直接的,她在网络上揭示了女生发自拍的真正意义。Holly, who was the winner of Miss Ireland in 2011 and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career, has posted a series of images on her blog, with two pictures side by side - the one on the left with the original caption, and the caption on the right explaining what women really mean.Holly曾于2011年获得爱尔兰冠军,模特事业从此顺风顺水。她近日在客上传了一系列左右对比照,左边为发送在社交网站的原话,右边则是发照片时真正的意图。For example in one snap the model shares a photograph of herself posing in a onesie with a dog with the caption: #39;Pjs amp; puppy cuddles#39; which she reveals actually means #39;look how cute I am.#39;例如,有一张她穿着连体衫抱着的照片,配的原话是:“睡衣,小抱抱”,而她的实际意思是“快看我有多可爱!”In another photo, Holly poses in a revealing vest with the caption: #39;So hungover#39; which she then confesses in the caption on the photo on the right means: #39;Cleavage game is strong here...#39;在另一张照片里,她穿着一件比较暴露的背心,配的描述是:“宿醉好难受”,但她承认自己其实想表达的是:“此处有乳沟……”Holly says that she was inspired to create the blog post after witnessing other women creating tactical Snapchats.Holly表示,她是在目睹了其他女性的“战略性自拍”后才萌发了创作这篇文的想法。She told Buzzfeed that she had heard comments like: #39;I#39;m gonna story this selfie so he knows I#39;m out tonight and I#39;m looking well#39; and #39;I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail in the background so he knows where we are!#39;她说,她曾听到类似的言论:“我要给这张自拍编个故事,这样他就知道我今晚打扮的漂漂亮亮去参加活动了。”以及“我给他发了一张我喝酒的照片,背景里有鸡尾酒菜单,这样他就知道我们在哪了。”But the model admits that she is not exempt from sending flirtatious snaps.不过她坦言,自己也不例外,也会发自拍照来和别人调情。She continued: #39;If I#39;m having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I#39;ll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy, like pick up a random coffee mug and write ;mmm coffee; …even though the mug is empty!#39;她继续说:“如果我今天发型不错,妆容也很美,那我会随便编个理由发自拍照给我喜欢的人,比如随便拿个咖啡杯拍一张,写一句‘嗯,咖啡’,但其实杯子是空的!”The post has picked a lot of hits for Holly being shared almost 4,000 times on Facebook and the model says that she believes this is because most women will be able to relate.她的这篇客给她增添了不少人气,在Facebook上已有4000多次转发。她说,这些转发肯定是因为女士们都觉得被看穿了。She added: #39;When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!#39;她接着说:“看到这么多人转发给朋友看,我就知道大家都被说中了!” /201506/381998

The custom of Dragon Boat Festival端午节的习俗1.Dragon Boat Racing赛龙舟Because Chuese don’t want virtuous minister Qu Yuan died at that time, so there are a lot of people boating to save him after he jumping into river.当时楚人因舍不得贤臣屈原死去,于是有许多人划船追赶拯救。2.Eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival端午节吃粽子People boiled sticky rice or steamed reed on May 5 and then jumped it into the river, to sacrifice to Qu Yuan, with bamboo tube array sticky rice rolls for fear of fish to eat, gradually reed leaves maize replacing bamboo tube.人们在五月五日煮糯米饭或蒸粽糕投入江中,以祭祀屈原,为恐鱼吃掉,故用竹筒盛装糯米饭掷下,以后渐用粽叶包米代替竹筒。3.Wearing perfume satchel佩香囊Children wear perfume satchel on the Dragon Boat Festival can avoid devil.端午节小孩佩香囊,避邪驱瘟之意。4.Eating eggs吃蛋Some areas will boil tea eggs and brine eggs to eat on the Dragon Boat Festival. Eggs are henapple, duck eggs, goose egg. Painted red on eggshell, with colorful net bags, hanging in a child#39;s neck, for blessing children, and hopping them are safe.一些地区,端午节要煮茶蛋和盐水蛋吃。蛋有鸡蛋、鸭蛋、鹅蛋。蛋壳涂上红色,用五颜六色的网袋装着,挂在小孩子的脖子上,意为祝福孩子逢凶化吉,平安无事。5.Drinking Realgar Wine饮雄黄酒This custom is very popular in the Yangtze river area.此种习俗,在长江流域地区的人家很盛行。6.Wash all diseases游百病This custom is prevalent in part of Guizhou province on Dragon-Boat festival custom. Some people will go to swim as well.此种习俗,盛行于贵州地区的端午习俗有些人也会去游泳。7.Eat twelve red吃十二红Gaoyou and other places have the tradition of eating ;twelve red;. Twelve red refers to oil shrimp, Fried amaranth, salted duck egg yellow, cinnabar tofu and so on.高邮等地有吃“十二红”的习俗。十二红指油爆虾、炒红苋菜、咸鸭蛋黄、朱砂豆腐等。 /201506/381347

Forget tattoos, belly button piercings and Lady Gaga-style silicone implants - the latest craze in body modification is #39;corset piercing#39; where metal rings are pierced into the skin and joined together with a ribbon to give a corset effect. The #39;decoration#39;, which can cost up to ?300, can be applied to any area of the body where the skin is loose enough to pinch in order to th a needle through. Popular areas include the back, ribs and, in some cases, even the throat。要想别出心裁?要想走在时尚的尖端?要用纹身?穿肚脐环或者学嘎嘎“奇装异”来明自己的存在也许还真是;OUT;了。不可思议的是,现在时下的年轻人“勇于创新”竟然发明出“穿孔紧身衣”的方法来吸引大家的眼球!据悉,这种潮流是通过在皮肤上穿孔戴环,然后将丝带从中交互穿过,从而达到像“中世纪的紧身胸衣”的效果。由于胸衣十分“贴身”(再也不可能找到另一种更贴身穿胸衣的方法来与其媲美了),穿孔胸衣受到青年人的追捧。此外,这款“穿孔胸衣”的售价并不便宜,每一“款”要达到300英镑!可以“适用于”身体的任何一个部分,但是也还是有条件的,条件是想要“打孔”的皮肤必须要“足够松弛”可以让美容师进行“穿针引线”的手术!而且,医生也推荐了合适做此类穿孔胸衣的身体部位:比如说后背、肋骨甚至喉咙等等。 /201507/384730

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