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You are about to hear the sound of the past, In fact Its the sound of a ghost, its a haunting magnetic pulse -which is all thats left of a mighty star that we can still hear today, thanks to the Centre for Astrophysics at Jodrell Bank.远古的声音实际上是幽灵的声音,那是挥之不去的磁脉冲波——一个巨大的恒星仅存的残余。感谢坐落于周德尔堤(Jodrell Bank)的天体物理学研究中心,我们今天依然能够听到这个磁波。The explosion that killed this star was so intense, that it was seen in broad daylight across Europe, North America and China in the summer of the year 1054; at least thats what the year was called in Europe. So what was our world up to, when men and women, however they counted the years, were gazing up to the heavens at this dying star, which they could see and we can still hear?时值1054年的夏天,至少欧洲纪年法如是说,导致这颗恒星陨落的爆炸如此剧烈,以至于横跨欧洲、北美以及中国的居民在光天化日下见了这一幕。这颗恒星他们看得到,我们听得到,那么,忽略各种纪年方式,当那些古人仰视苍穹中这颗即将陨落的恒星时,我们的世界何去何从?What were they doing, making, thinking? Well, a thousand years ago in America, pyramids are taking shape on the Mississippi river; the worlds first bank notes are circulating in China; a magnificent Baghdad is the largest city in the world; in West Africa, Ghana rules a vast empire and, on a chilly island in northern Europe, theres a nasty surprise on the horizon for a king called Harold.他们在从事什么,制作什么,思考什么?1000年前,美洲密西西比河上金字塔日将成形,在中国世界上首批纸币开始流通,雄伟的巴格达城在世界上首屈一指,西非的加纳统治着泱泱帝国,欧洲一个冰冷的小岛上正酝酿着一次针对哈罗德(Harold)国王的卑鄙奇袭。In these programmes, Im travelling back in time and across the globe, to see how we humans, over two million years, have shaped our world, and been shaped by it. And Im going to tell this story exclusively through the things that humans have made ... all sorts of things, carefully designed and then either admired and preserved or used, broken and thrown away.在这一系列节目中,我将追溯时光,纵横全球,探索200多万年来我们人类如何塑造世界并为世界所塑造。我将仅仅通过各种各样精心打造的“人造物”——或为人敬仰、保存,或为人使用、损坏、丢弃,来讲述这个故事。Ive chosen just a hundred objects from different points on our journey -from a cooking pot to a golden galleon, from a Stone Age tool to a credit card, and in each programme Im going to be talking about one object from the British Museums collection.在这次时空之旅中,我从不同的点上选取了正好100件物品——从一个烹饪罐到一艘金帆船,或从一个石器时代的工具到一张现代的信用卡。每期节目中,我将谈论大英物馆馆藏中的一件展品。When I see it, I immediately think of the mastery of technology and art, the welding of the two ... I just thought it was beautiful to look at, that it made me feel that it was used, and used again and again ... Its a beautiful object, and its fascinating, of course, because its probably quite accurate ... Holding this I can feel what it was like to be out on the African savannahs ...A history of the world in a hundred objects-the Mummy of Hornedjitef . A wooden coffin from Thebes in Egypt(third century ).“看见它,我便想到精湛的技术和圆熟的艺术,以及二者的紧密结合……”“我就是觉得它看上去很美,让我联想到它曾被人们反反复复使用……”“这件展品很精美,也很迷人,当然啦,因为它可能相当精确……”“握着它时,我仿佛感受到了非洲大草原上的野外生活……”201402/275829Im really excited to be here.我很开心来到这里We have something really special to share with you today.今天 我们将给大家展示一个非常特殊的产品In total, between iMac and PowerBook lines,在今年 iMac和Powerbook加起来we have sold over three million units this year.我们一共卖掉300多万台Okay. Thats it.行 就这样了Well, maybe theres one more thing.对了 还有一件事Im about to show you something thats amazing.我要给大家展示一件令人惊奇的产品Something that no one else in the world has seen yet.一件前所未有 闻所未闻的产品Now, Jony, myself and a small team现在 强尼 我 还有一小组人have been working really hard on a secret project,我们非常辛苦为这个秘密的项目工作着which is something Ive been known to do from time to time.大家也知道我在忙这个项目一直在忙于此The device Im about to introduce to you is gonna revolutionize an entire industry.我马上要介绍的这款产品将改变整个产业Its a music playing device.Okay.它是一款音乐播放设备。好吧Well get to that in a minute.我们一会儿再谈细节Because what it represents is as important as what it is.因为我想先说 它所代表的意义和它的实际用途同样的伟大Its a tool for the heart.这是一个能触动心灵的工具And when you can touch someones heart,thats limitless.当某样东西能触碰一个人心灵的时候,它就变得意义非凡If I do say so myself, its insanely cool.我自卖自夸一下 这东西酷毙了Its a music player.它是一款音乐播放器Its a thousand songs in your pocket.也就是在你口袋里装下一千首歌Id like to introduce you to the iPod.我将给你们介绍:那就是iPod /201403/281611

惊叹——一种强大到让你不得不几乎重置你的世界观(心智模型)才能接受它的感知经历I think a lot about the contrast between banality and wonder, between disengagement and radiant ecstasy, between being unaffected by the here and now and being absolutely ravished emotionally by it.我大量思考了关于对比平淡乏味和惊叹,对比安闲自在和洋溢着狂喜以及对现世的无感或是完全被现状所陶醉。And I think one of the problems for human beings is mental habits.我还考虑到人们心灵上的一个问题一个心理习惯。Once we create a comfort zone, we rarely step outside of that comfort zone.一旦我们在心里制造了一个舒适区我们就几乎不再踏出这片区域。But the consequence of that is a phenomenon known as hedonic adaptation.但后果就是引发一种名叫享乐性适应的现象Over stimulation to the same kind of thing, the same stimuli again and again and again, renders said stimuli invisible.过度地被同一种事物所刺激相同的感受一遍又一遍地使得人们误认为自己失去感兴趣了Your brain has aly mapped it in its own head, and you no longer literally have to be engaged by that.你的大脑已经把它刻画到脑海潜意识深处,你也就几乎再也不会接触到它。We have eyes, yet see not, ears that hear not, and hearts that neither feel nor understand.我们有眼睛,但看不透,有双耳却听不见,而心脏更是不能感知亦或是理解。Theres a great book called The Wondering Brain that says that one of the ways that we elicit wonder is by scrambling the self temporarily so that the world can seep in.有本好书叫The Wondering Brain(思考中的大脑by凯利·巴克利,Kelly Bulkeley)写道其中一种触发惊叹的方法,就是暂时扰乱你自己,以至于让世界的新鲜事物能够稍稍渗透进来。Henry Miller says even a blade of grass, when given proper attention, becomes an infinitely magnificent world in itself.亨利·米勒说即使是一根小草,当处于适宜的条件下,便能够自己成长为壮丽无限的世界Darwin said attention, if sudden and close, graduates in surprise, and this into astonishment, and this into stupefied amazement.达尔文说:“请留心!如果我们靠得更近,思考得更深,便会萌发惊喜,亦或是惊愕,亦或是木然的惊奇。”Thats what rapture is.那就是痴迷。Thats what illumination is.那就正是精神启示。Thats what that sort of infinite comprehending awe that human beings love so much. And so how do we do that?那就是人们所喜欢的,对于惊叹的无限领悟,可是怎么才能做到呢?How do we mess with our perceptual apparatus in order to have the kind of emotional and aesthetic experience from life that we render most meaningful?我们应该如何扰乱自己的感官功能,以便于去感知那些美妙的经历来自于我们所谓的有意义的生活。Because we all know those moments are there.我们都知道那些惊叹的瞬间就在那里。Those are the moments that would make final cut.那些瞬间就是我们最终剪辑。Only in these moments we experience a fresh, the hardly bearable ecstasy of different energy exploding on our nerve endings.也就只有在这些瞬间里我们才能经历新鲜感,致使那洋溢着无法抑制的不同能量迸发在我们神经末梢上。This is the rhapsodic, ecstatic, bursting forth of awe that expands our perceptual parameters beyond all previous limits.那令人狂热令人出神的爆发性惊叹促使我们的感官变量超出了原来的局限And we literally have to reconfigure our mental models of the world in order to assimilate the beauty of that download.我们几乎必须重置我们的世界观(心智模型),以便于去接收那美妙事物的下载That is what it means to be inspired.那才是被启发的意义所在。The Greek root of the term means to breathe in, to take it in.古希腊语中的“root(根源)”意为吸入,去取进来We fit the universe through our brains, and it comes out in the form of nothing less than poetry.我们把整个宇宙装进了大脑里,却最多只能写出诗歌而已。We have a responsibility to awe.我们要对惊叹负责!201402/277053

The pipe I have here is about the size and shape of a kazoo, the childrens toy music pipe that makes buzzing sounds when you blow through it. So its not like any normal modern pipe with a long stem and a bowl at one end. This one is carved in reddish stone and has a flat base about four inches (10 cm) long, so its almost exactly the colour and the size of a bourbon biscuit, and at one end is carved a small hole to serve as the mouth piece. The pipe bowl is halfway down, but its no simple hollow for holding the tobacco, because its in the shape of the upper half of a swimming otter, with its paws perched on the bank of a river, and it looks as though its just popped up out of the water to look around. The stone is smooth, and to me it beautifully suggests the sleek wet fur of the animal. The otter looks along the pipe so that, as you smoke it, both you and the otter would be looking into each others eyes. But in fact you are even closer to this animal than that suggests, because if I try to smoke it now and put it to my mouth, I discover that I am literally nose-to-nose with the otter. And that contact would have been even more striking than it is now, because the empty eye sockets would have been inlayed with fresh water pearls. This wonderfully crafted and evocative object pinpoints in history the worlds earliest use of tobacco pipes. Sherlock Holmes probably didnt know it, but this is where the story of pipe-smoking begins.这只烟斗的大小类似于卡祖笛。现代烟斗一般是一根一头带斗的长管,而文中这只由红色的石头雕成,还有一块长约十厘米的扁平底座,大小和颜色都与巧克力夹心饼干类似。底座的一头雕有小孔,起烟嘴的作用。斗的部分则位于中央,并非一个简单的碗形斗,而是形似一只漂在水里的水獭的上半身,仿佛它刚从水里冒出头,爪子搭在河岸上,正要四处张望。烟斗通体光润,完美表现出水獭湿漉漉的闪亮皮毛。水獭此刻正朝烟嘴的方向看去,人抽烟斗时就仿佛在与它对视。但其实抽烟的人与它之间的距离还会更近些:把烟斗含在嘴里,你的鼻子就会碰到水獭的鼻子。如今留在水獭眼窝处的深坑当年应镶嵌翁淡水珍珠,让抽烟人与水獭的接触更有趣味。这只工艺精美的烟斗是目前已知世界上最早被使用过的烟斗之一,福尔斯未必也知道,它是烟斗历史的起点。201412/351058

在接受2007 TED大奖的时候,比尔-克林顿呼求各方援助,力争将医疗保健带到卢旺达以及世界的其他角落。201410/331707

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