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A Chinese national was among those killed in the serial terror attacks in Brussels, the Chinese embassy in Belgium confirmed Friday.据中国驻比利时大使馆方面上周五实,一名中国公民在布鲁塞尔连续恐怖袭击中丧生。The victim who went missing since Tuesday has unfortunately fallen victim to the terror attacks, said the embassy after confirming the news with the emergency center of the Belgian Ministry of Interior and the Belgian Foreign Ministry.在与比利时内政部急救中心、比利时外交部确认该消息后,大使馆方面表示,该受害者自周二开始失踪,并不幸成为恐怖袭击的受害者;We express deep condolences over the death of our Chinese compatriot and strong condemnation on the criminal act of the terrorists,; said the Chinese embassy on its website.中国大使馆在其官方网站上表示:“我们对死去的中国同胞表达深切的哀悼,强烈谴责恐怖分子的罪行。”The embassy said it will continue close contact with Belgian authorities as well as the family of the Chinese victim and do its utmost to deal with the aftermath.该大使馆还表示,将继续与比利时官方和中国受害者家属保持紧密联系,尽最大努力处理善后事宜。On last Tuesday, two suicide blasts hit the departures hall of Brussels International Airport and a subway carriage at the Maelbeek station, close to the European Union institutions, killing at least 31 people and injuring over 300 others.上周二,两起自杀式爆炸在布鲁塞尔国际机场的出发大厅和Maelbeek地铁站的车厢相继发生,袭击案发生地点在欧盟机构附近,共造成至少31人死亡,300余人受伤。来 /201604/435112

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scrambled for votes in North Carolina yesterday as the final days of the presidential campaign became a fight for Mrs Clinton to hold on to battleground states where she safely led just two weeks ago.希拉克林Hillary Clinton)和唐纳德.特朗Donald Trump)昨天在北卡罗来纳州争夺选票,最后几天的竞选成了希拉里为保住两周前她还稳稳领先的关键战场州而展开的战斗。With polls in several of the largest swing states, including Ohio and Florida, now frequently showing Mr Trump leading, the Democratic nominee appeared to be shifting strategy to hold on to states previously seen as a firewall against a Trump victory.在俄亥俄州和佛罗里达州等各大摇摆州的民调频频显示出特朗普领先之际,民主党总统候选人似乎正在转变策略,力求守住之前被视为阻止特朗普胜出的防火墙的几个州。If the Republican billionaire is able to take both Ohio and Florida, Mrs Clinton must hold on to a clutch of bellwethers like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Colorado in order to fend off a late Trump surge that has gained momentum 如果这位共和党的亿万富翁拿下俄亥俄州和佛罗里达州,希拉里必须掌握住宾夕法尼亚州、密歇根州和科罗拉多州这类领头羊,以便挫败特朗普在最后几天持率飙升的气势。since the revelation that the FBI was looking at new evidence Mrs Clinton may have improperly used a private email server.自联邦调查局(FBI)调查希拉里可能不当使用私人电子邮件务器的新据一事公开后,特朗普的人气急升。North Carolina has become the focus of both campaignsefforts to swing the needle; like neighbouring Virginia, it was once a reliably Republican state that Democrats have been hoping to win because of changing demographics and keen African-American support for Barack Obama. 北卡罗来纳州成了两名候选人扭转选情的焦点;和毗邻的弗吉尼亚州类似,北卡罗来纳州曾经是共和党的根基之一;由于人口结构的变化以及非裔美国人对巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)的热切持,民主党希望可以拿下该州。Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump both held two rallies yesterday in the state, where polls show a virtual dead heat. 昨天希拉里和特朗普均在该州举行了竞选集会,民调显示两人在该州不相上下。Mr Obama will headline two more rallies there today, amid signs that black voters are not turning out at the level Democrats had hoped for.奥巴马将于今天现身另外两场集会,有迹象表明黑人选民的提前投票率并未达到民主党此前希望的水平。来 /201611/476254

Then-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair took Britain to war against Iraq in 2003 on the basis of flawed intelligence and failure to share many personal notes he sent to then-US President George W Bush with his ministers, according to a report on Britains role in the Iraq War published last Wednesday.上周三发布的一份关于英国在伊拉克战争中扮演的角色的报告显示,该国时任首相布莱尔基于错误的情报,在未向其大臣透露他与时任美国总统小布什私下沟通的诸多信息的情况下,将英国卷入003年的对伊战争中。The seven volume report, 2.6 million words long, was ordered by Blairs successor as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown in .这一总共七卷、多60万字的报告,是由布莱尔的继任者戈登·布朗首相于年下令安排的。The inquiry, which was seven years in the making, concluded that Britain joined the US-led invasion ;before the peaceful options for disarmament had been exhausted.; ;Military action at that time was not a last resort,; it said.这项历时7年的调查总结称,英国“在和平解除武装的所有尝试都失败前”就加入到了这场由美国主导的入侵行动中,“军事行动在当时并非最后的手段”。Blairs decision to invade Iraq was influenced by his interest in protecting the UKs relationship with the US, the report said.该报告称,布莱尔入侵伊拉克的决定是受到他志在保护英美关系的影响。Blair reacted to the report by saying his decision was ;taken in good faith and in what I believed to be the best interests of the country.; The former prime minister also said he would take full responsibility for any mistakes.布莱尔对报告做出回应称,他是出于;善意和他认为符合该国最大利益的考虑;做出的决策。他还称,自己愿为任何错误承担全部责任。Prime Minister David Cameron told the House of Commons, ;Clearly, we need to learn the lessons of this report.;现任首相戴维·卡梅伦向国会下议院表示:“很明显,我们需要从这份报告中吸取教训。”Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who in the past has called for Blair to stand trial for war crimes, said the invasion had been on ;false pretexts, and has long been regarded as illegal. The war fuelled and sp terrorism in the region.;在过去曾呼吁布莱尔应该为战争的罪行受审的反对党领袖杰里米·科尔宾表示,该入侵是借一个错误的借口,一直也来也被认为是非法的借口而进行的。那次战争助长并蔓延了该地区的恐怖主义。”An estimated 150,000 Iraqis, mainly civilians, were killed in the invasion and its aftermath, and over one million made homeless.据统计,大约5万伊拉克人,其中大多数是平民,在战争及以后事件中被杀害,并且有超00万人无家可归。来 /201607/454727

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