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Back when you were plotting your online profile, the delete key and edit function bailed you out of blunders before posting to the cyber-nation. Even voicemail grants us the beloved # button to erase verbal mistakes and botched witticisms. But once in the real-time arena of dating in person, though, what’s to keep you from shoving a shoe in your mouth and blowing the whole affair? Like your fairy godmother, consider us on your shoulder for that first date, reminding you not to step into the usual bachelor potholes. Specifically, we’ll help you watch out for these 10 common dating pitfalls that spoil chances of an Act II and render your mojo limp:  话说,当你写网络介绍,在提交这前,都可以用“删除”键和“编辑”键来保其正确性。就算是语音邮件,你也可通过#(井字键)来删除那些说错了的话或是那些不成功的幽默话语。但是,一旦你是在和别人面对面地交流,有什么方法能让你不着急,也不会将约会弄糟呢?如果你是第一次约会,考虑一下我们吧,我们能像你的教母一样使你不致变成一个单身汉或老姑娘。尤其是我们会帮助你注意以下十种约会禁忌,让你成功进入第二垒,成功晋级。 1. Scale back your time of possession.In football, the team that holds the ball for long stretches on offense invariably wins the game. In dating, forget football Sunday. Instead of towering over the chitchat, shelve the Me, Me, Me and talk less. Unlike the star of a rowdy cable news roundtable, defer and listen to your guest. In the end, you’ll learn more and foul up less.1.不要老是一个人说啊说  在足球中,持球防守最久的那一方总是会赢,但在约会中,请忘记足球。与约会中与其谈一下这个又谈一下那个,不如不要再说有关你自己的事而且记住少说话。与那些在一大堆的人中,很受欢迎的人相比,你最好是等一等,听一听对方有什么话要说。最后,你会学到很多,也不会把事情弄慒。 /201007/110099In August 2005, he attended a wedding in the small mountain town of Grand Lake, Colo. He arrived alone for a weekend of events populated mostly by married couples. Then, at a lakeside gathering after the rehearsal dinner, Nora Burnett passed by in a flash of green pashmina, tan skin and glistening hair.She seemed “electric,” remembered Mr. Abrams, a gregarious Denver native and Harvard graduate known to favor ski slopes and rodeos. Now an owner of a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm in nearby Englewood, he remembers being captivated by Ms. Burnett’s hearty laughter. “She was confident and charming and radiant,” said Mr. Abrams, 30.But he didn’t make a move, because he assumed the man at her side, Stuart Nagae, was her husband.Unfortunately, Mr. Abrams looked away just as she left with Mr. Nagae — and his wife.The next night it was Ms. Burnett’s turn to notice Mr. Abrams as he boarded a bus carrying guests to the wedding. She was immediately attracted to his “upbeat, optimistic, fun-loving personality,” said Ms. Burnett, also 30, a born-and-bred New Yorker who is a doctoral student in art history at New York University.At the reception she tried to catch his eye, “but he wasn’t paying any attention,” she said. So she enlisted Mr. Nagae, a former classmate of hers at Stanford, as her wingman. But as they approached Mr. Abrams, he abruptly turned and left the room.“In my mind she was married,” said Mr. Abrams, who had started his first company at 25 but had never had a long-term relationship, “I kept noticing her in spite of myself.”This went on until the morning hours as they made their way to an after-party at the Lariat Saloon. They were both a little worse for wear, with Ms. Burnett sporting a six-inch wine stain on the front of her ivory dress.“All of a sudden I turned around and she was right next to me,” Mr. Abrams said. “Then I noticed her hand.”There was no wedding ring. He was confused yet hopeful, and fortified by liquid courage he blurted out, “Where’s your ring?” In quick succession he asked the whereabouts of her husband, fiancé or boyfriend.Taken aback, she replied: “I’m single. There’s nobody in my life. Thanks for reminding me.” Her good humor and, most important, single status delighted him.But the bar was closing in less than a half-hour. “I was racing against the clock,” he said. Soon the lights were on, and he had yet to get her phone number.But he needn’t have worried. “For most people it was the end of the night,” she said. “But for us this exciting thing had just started.” They walked down the moonlit mountain road, hand in hand, and then he gently kissed her.“I felt butterflies all over,” she said. Like “something out of high school.”She wrote her e-mail address and phone number in lip liner on a Post-it note. Within hours she was back in New York. And back to the reality that they lived nearly a continent apart.The first person Mr. Abrams told about her was his sister, Katie. “He said, ‘I met the greatest girl last night and I have to find a way to be with her,’ ” Ms. Abrams said. “He had never been excited about a girl before in his life.”He sent Ms. Burnett an e-mail message the next day and by October was visiting New York, pretending it was for business. Ms. Burnett suspected otherwise, but didn’t want to jinx things.“I am someone who’s really pragmatic,” she said. But once he arrived with flowers in hand (“not roses, because I didn’t want to come off too strong,” he said), pragmatism went out the window.And in February 2007, on a pre-Valentine’s Day trip to Colorado, he surprised her with a return visit to the Lariat Saloon.He asked her if she remembered his first words to her. She said, “Where’s your ring?” And on bended knee, he provided one.On Sept. 20, Rabbi Robert N. Levine married them at Guastavino’s, an event space in New York, below the 59th Street Bridge. Under its famous arched granite masonry, they vowed an enduring love. Then, as the couple kissed, their 268 guests gave a mile-high cheer.“It was love at first sight and love at last call,” said Brooke Borgen, at whose wedding the couple met. “Things can happen at that last moment that can change your life forever.”More Articles in Fashion amp; Style raquo; A version of this article appeared in print on September 28, 2008, on page ST13 of the New York edition. 2005年8月,他出席了一个婚礼,婚礼在科罗拉多州的山中小城大湖城举行,他独自去一个大多是已婚夫妇参加的周末活动。晚餐会后,人们来到湖边聚会,而她有着独特的晒成小麦色的的皮肤和泛着光泽的头发,她身着绿色羊绒衫,快速穿过人群。她似乎全身“带电”,艾布拉姆斯先生回忆道。艾是一个爱交际的丹佛人,毕业于哈佛大学,尤其喜欢滑雪和马术。现在附近的恩格尔伍德拥有一个兼并和收购咨询公司。他记得自己被伯内特的开怀大笑所俘获。“她那一刻光芒四射,自信十足,迷人极了”,三十岁的艾布拉姆斯说。但是他并没有采取行动,因为他以为她身边那个名叫斯图尔特·拿卡的男士是她的丈夫。不巧的是,当她离开拿卡先生----和他妻子的时候,艾布拉姆斯先生也转移了自己的视线。第二天晚上伯内特开始注意艾布拉姆斯先生了,他登上一辆送亲的车。她马上被他“乐观、开朗、幽默的个性所吸引,”同样年为30的伯内特说。伯内特女士是土生土长的纽约人,现在是纽约大学历史系的士生。在务台,她试图和他对上眼,“但是他一点儿也没有注意到我,”她说。所以她邀请拿卡先生作为他的同伴,拿卡先生是她在斯坦福大学的同学。但是当他俩接近艾布拉姆斯先生的时候,拿卡突然转身离开了房间。“我以为她结婚了,”艾布拉姆斯说,他25岁才开始他的第一次恋爱,但是从没有过一段长时间的交往,“我不自禁地老看她”。这样一直到第二天早上,他俩去Lariat的大厅去参加婚后派对。他俩都穿的挺糟糕,伯内特穿着一条象牙白的裙子,前面有六英寸的酒渍。“我转过头来,突然间就看到她就在我身边,”艾布拉姆斯说:“然后我就注意到了她的手。”没有婚戒。他觉得奇怪,但又充满了信心,借着酒劲他脱口而出:“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上又追问她的丈夫或者未婚夫或者男朋友哪里去了。她大吃一惊,回答说:“我是单身,还没有人陪我生活。不过谢谢你提醒我啊!”她的幽默,尤其是她单身的消息让他欣喜不已。但是,酒吧不到半小时就要关门了。“我当时就在和时间赛跑,”他说。但不久酒吧打烊灯亮了,他却还没有要到她的电话号码。但是他没有必要担心。“对于许多人来说,那一晚就结束了,”伯内特说,“但是对于我俩来说,好戏才刚刚开始。”他俩走在洒满月光的山路上,手牵着手,然后他轻轻地吻了她。“我感到身在满是蝴蝶的花丛中,”她说,就像“回到了高中时代一样”。她在一张小纸条上用唇线笔写下了她的电子邮箱地址和电话。几小时后她回到了纽约。并意识到一个尴尬的现实---他俩的住处几乎隔着一个大陆。艾布拉姆斯首先告诉了他的凯蒂。“他说,‘我昨晚上见到了我的梦中情人,我要想办法和她在一起,’”艾布拉姆斯说,“他长这么大还从来没有为一个女孩如此激动过。”他第二天给伯内特发了封电邮,借口说他十月份将要到纽约出公差,伯内特虽然怀疑,但也不想扫他的兴。“我是一个十分务实的人,”她说。但是当他手捧着一大束鲜花(不是玫瑰,因为我不想表现得太过激,他说)站在我面前时,我的 那些实用主义思想都抛到窗外去了。2007年2月,在情人节的前一天,他去了科罗拉多,但是他突然回到了Lariat俱乐部,这足实让她吃了一惊。他问她是否记得他对她说的第一句话。她说,“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上跪下来,拿出了一个。9 月20号,在纽约59街大桥下的活动大厅,拉比·罗伯特·N·雷文主持了他们在瓜斯塔维诺举行的婚礼。在其著名的花岗石拱下,他俩说出永恒的誓言。他俩接吻的时候,268位来宾热烈地欢呼。“这真是一见钟情又终成眷属啊,”布鲁克·伯根说,他俩就是在伯根的婚礼上认识的。“最后一刻发生的事情也许就会永远改变你的人生。” /200810/53686Hyper-texting or hyper-networking (teenagers sending more than 120 texts a day), is giving rise to a whole new "health risk category", a new study suggests.  一项最新研究发现,“超级短信族”或“超级网络族”(指每天发送120多个文本文件的青少年)逐步形成一个新型的“健康风险人群”。  The researchers found that teenagers who are hyper-texters are 40 percent more likely to have tried cigarettes, two times more likely to have tried alcohol and 43 percent more likely to be binge drinkers.  研究人员发现,(与一般的青少年相比,)“超级短信族”抽烟的可能性要高40%,吸毒的可能性增加两倍,嗜酒如命的可能性要高43%。 They are also 41 percent more likely to have used illicit drugs, 55 percent more likely to have been in a physical fight, nearly three-and-a-half times more likely to have had sex and 90 percent more likely to report four or more sexual partners.  (“超级短信族”)使用违禁药物的可能性增加41%,打架斗殴的可能性增加55%,性行为的可能性增加近3.5倍,拥有三到四个性伴侣的可能性更是增加达90%。 Dr. Scott Frank, lead researcher at the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio, said: "The startling results of this study suggest that when left unchecked texting and other widely popular methods of staying connected can have dangerous health effects on teenagers. And this should be a wake-up call for parents to not only help their children stay safe by not texting and driving, but by discouraging excessive use of the cell phone or social websites in general."  该研究的主要负责人,俄亥俄州克利夫兰凯斯西储医学院Scott Frank士表示:“这项惊人的研究结果表明,未经检查的短信以及现在广泛流行的网络社交方式严重危害着青少年的健康。同时也给父母们敲响警钟,父母不仅要帮助孩子们远离短信和驾驶的危害,还要引导他们避免过度使用手机和一般社交网站。  The findings, which were presented at the American Public Health Association's conference in Denver, found that up to one in five teenagers belonged to this group, many of whom were female.  此项研究结果将在丹佛举行的美国公共卫生协会会议上公布。另外,结果显示,目前已有五分之一的青少年属于“健康风险人群”,其中不乏少女。 /201011/117925She has spent hours on her hair and make up, bought a new outfit and done her nails. So perhaps it is only fair that her date should pay for dinner.  她花了好几个小时做头发、化妆,买了新衣,还做了美甲。所以让她的约会对象付饭钱应该算是公平的吧。  Pretty women are less likely than plain Janesto offer to contribute towards the bill on a first date, research shows.  研究发现,和相貌平平的女子相比,美女初次约会时主动提出要帮忙付账单的可能性较低。  But they are not worried about the expense - it is likely to be because they believe their date should pay for the pleasure of being with them, according to researchers at St Andrews University.  不过美女们并不是担心这些花费。圣安德鲁斯大学的研究人员认为,这很可能是因为她们认为自己的约会对象应该为和她们在一起感受到的愉悦而付钱。  The intriguing finding comes from a study of 416 men and women who were asked to rate themselves for attractiveness, ahead of going on a series of hypothetical dates.  这一有趣的发现来自一项调查,研究人员请参与该调查的416名男性和女性为自己的魅力打分,然后进行一系列的“假想约会”。  In each case, they were shown a picture of their ‘date’, told to imagine they had been for dinner together, and asked to decide who should pay for the meal.  研究人员给每个人看一张“约会对象”的照片,让他们想象自己和“约会对象”一起吃饭,并让他们决定谁该为这顿饭买单。 /201103/129142Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Happiness is largely a choice.  Feel gratitude for all of the good in your life.  放松。  把自己看得轻一点。快乐在很大程度上,是一种选择。为你生命中所拥有的美好,心怀感激吧。 /201007/109889

The age-old riddle of why many women live longer than men has been solved. It's their pumping power, British researchers have found.On average, women live five years longer than men and women over the age of 60 are now the fastest-growing section of the British population.The average male heart becomes weaker with age, and by the age of 70 its power to pump blood around the body could have decreased by up to a quarter of its youthful strength.David Goldspink, Professor of Cell and Molecular Sports Science at Liverpool John Moores University, said that women's longevity is linked to the strength of their hearts. Unlike men, they pump just as strongly at 70 as they do at 20."We have found that the power of the male heart falls by 20-25 per cent between 18 and 70 years of age," Professor Goldspink said. "In stark contrast, over the same period there was no age-related decline in the power of the female heart, meaning that the heart of a healthy 70-year-old woman could perform almost as well as a 20-year-old's."The dramatic difference between the sexes might explain why women live longer. The good news is that men of any age can improve the health of their heart simply by taking more regular exercise.The results are based on the findings of a two-year study of a cross-section of the British population, which examined the effects of ageing on the cardiovascular system.Professor Goldspink and a team of scientists at the university's Research for Human Development and Ageing examined more than 250 men and women between 18 and 80.None of the volunteers had a weekly exercise routine and all were considered to have low fitness levels, but were otherwise healthy. Each volunteer underwent five hours of tests to measure their blood pressure and the performance of their heart while at rest and while they exercised on a tmill.The researchers found that the large arteries in the body became stiffer and less elastic with age, causing increased blood pressure. Blood flow to the muscles and skin of the limbs was also found progressively to decrease. These changes were found to occur earlier in men, but women caught up soon after the menopause. /200812/59103

1.Soap is Bad for Your Skin.Traditionally, soap was a mix of animal fats and fruit or vegetable oils. This combination has a higb PH and is drying to skin, particularly to aging skin. These days, however, soaps are formulated with synthetic elements that are milder than traditional soap, and therefore suitable to cleanse skin. Most soaps have emollients(moisturisers) added, so they are beneficial for the skin. If you prefer the feeling cleansing with soap provides, don't let those purveyors of fine skincare bully you--there's nothing wrong with using soap.2.Dry Skin Causes Wrinkles.Around eighty percent of lines and wrinkles are caused by the sun. The other twenty percent are the result of facial expressions such as smiling and frowning. If you smoke, the appearance of these wrinkles is accelerated. Also, as one ages the skin makes less natural oil and this makes the wrinkling more apparent. A moisturiser will help temporarily smooth away some early fine lines. Protect yourself from the sun, and you impede the development of fine lines. Remember, a tan is your skin's reaction to an injury.3.It Can Be Too Late to Start Wearing Sunscreen.The cumulative effect of the sun's rays causes a multitude of damage to skin, but it's never too late to start protecting skin from the sun. There is clinical evidence that once you start protecting the skin, it has the ability to repair itself. This repair is not going to happen overmight; it's a gradual process that can take a couple years to yield significant results. Do your skin a favour and start the day with a layer of sunscreen. And remember to wear sunscreen during the winter. Just because you don't feel the sun's rays, doesn't mean its harmful UVA and UVB rays are not penetrating your skin. If you can see shadows, you need to protect your skin.4.Everyone needs Moisturiser.According to dermatologists, you only need a moisturiser if your skin experiences the following: redness, scaliness or itchiness. These symptoms are more frequently seen during the colder seasons. That everyone needs a moisturiser is a multimillion dollar myth the cosmetic companies propagate in order to make you hand over your hard-earned cash.5.For Best Results You Should Stick to One Product Line.Another fallacy promoted by sales reps. Certainly, you may love how all the products work together but using products from different lines won't kill you. Every cosmetics line has products you should avoid because they contain irritating ingredients, inadequate amounts of sunscreen, or moisturisers that over-saturate the skin. Experiment and find the products that are right for you.6.Expensive Products are Better Because the Ingredients are Better.Completely untrue. All cosmetics contain standard cosmetic ingredients. They can't contain anything else, as drugs do, or they would be regulated differently. The quality levels of cosmetic ingredients don't vary that much, and every company that buys cosmetic-grade ingredients all buy the same quality. Expensive cosmetics are predominantly all hype. Estée Lauder Crème de la Mer is a very costly cream that doesn't contain anything particularly extraordinary or unique, unless you want to believe that seaweed extract can be worth huge sums of money. Seaweed extract is neither a rare nor expensive ingredient. How expensive can it be to stick some seaweed extract, mineral oil, glycerine, plant oils, minerals and vitamins into a jar?7.Eating Chocolate and Fried Foods Causes Bad Skin.No, it's not because I'm a chocoholic! Studies have shown that pimples are caused from factors such as extreme stress or dead skin cells blocking pores. However, eating fresh fruits and raw vegetables does promote a healthier complexion due to their vitamins and minerals.8.Frequent Trimmings Can Make Hair Grow Faster.Hair, whether it is cut or not, grows about half an inch per month. Hair does grow slightly faster in the summer, but that is due to hormones rather than the stylist's scissors. A worrying trend among young Chinese girls is to rub a paste made of crushed contraceptive pill into their scalp and hair. This does not lead to stronger, glossier, faster growing hair. In fact, the hormones, while initially improving the condition of the hair, quichly lead to hair loss.P.S. You can't repair split ends. The only way to rid of split ends is to cut them off and prevent them in the future with good hair care. A good trim will eliminate split ends, making hair look healthier and livelier.9.Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Darker and Coarser.As above. Cutting or shaving any hair on your body does not affect it growth. Repeatad nauseam.10.You Can Get Rid Of Cellulite.The truth is, nothing can be done to permanently eliminate cellulite--not even liposuction. The removal of cellulite remains one of the holy grails of cosmetic dermatology. It doesn't matter whether you're fat or thin, rich or poor, luck of the gene pool determines who will and won't get cellulite. Take heart though, you can, however, temporarily reduce its orange peel-like appearance. Specialist firming creams containing caffeine tighten and smooth the skin, while basic moisturisers will also work to hydrate and swell the skin, making cellulite a little less obvious. Slap on a bit of fake tan to aid camouflage. /200812/59425

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