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The dollar value of China’s exports and imports grew in November after two months of contraction and in the face of a rally by the greenback that followed last month’s US presidential election.11月份以美元计算的中国出口和进口额都增加了,此前它们经历了两个月的收缩,而且这一增长是在上月美国总统选举后美元升值背景下实现的。Imports grew 6.7 per cent year-on-year to 2.2bn after falling 1.4 per cent the previous month, according to China’s General Administration of Customs, defying a median forecast predicting contraction would worsen to 1.9 per cent.根据中国海关总署(General Administration of Customs)的数据,在经历了此前一个月的同比下跌1.4%之后,11月份中国的进口同比增长6.7%,至1522亿美元,远高于同比收缩1.9%的预测中值。That growth in the value of inbound shipments came despite a strengthening dollar that drove up costs for importers. Import growth valued in local currency terms reflected that relative weakness with a rise of 13 per cent in November.进口价值的增长是在强势美元推高进口商成本的情况下实现的。11月份以人民币计算的进口增长幅度则为同比增长13%,反映了人民币的相对弱势。Exports had risen in renminbi terms last month as well, up 5.9 per cent. But when valued in dollars they grew only 0.1 per cent year on year to 6.8bn. Still, that was well above expectations of a 5 per cent fall after contraction had softened somewhat in October to 7.3 per cent.11月份以人民币计算的出口也同样上升了,同比上升5.9%。不过,若以美元计算,同比增幅则只有0.1%,达到1968亿美元。不过,这仍然大大超过了下滑5%的预期。在之前的10月份,出口同比跌幅曾为7.3%,跌势有所缓和。That brought the balance of trade to .06bn, down about .3bn from November and coming in about .3bn lower than forecast.这让11月份的贸易顺差达到446.1亿美元,比10月份减少约44.5亿美元,低于预期。Much of the boost in exports came from shipments to the US, which grew for the first time since March at an annualised rate of 6.9 per cent to .8bn. Among other destinations that swung back to growth last month was the the EU, shipments to which rose 5.1 per cent to .9bn, as did those to Japan, by 3.2 per cent to .2bn.出口的提振在很大程度上源自对美出口,其价值自3月份以来首次出现同比增长,同比增6.9%,至368亿美元。在其他出口目的地中,对欧盟出口同比增长5.1%,至299亿美元,对日本出口同比增长3.2%,至122亿美元。Exports to both South Korea and Asean countries fell by about 3 per cent, however, while those to re-exporter Hong Kong dropped by more than 16 per cent.不过,对韩国和东盟(Asean)国家的出口都下滑了约3%,而对香港的转口贸易下滑幅度逾16%。 /201612/482629

Finally there#39;s some good news about the choking air in China#39;s capital Beijing.中国首都北京的雾霾终于带来了一些好消息。A man hiding in the city to evade police had to turn himself in as the polluted air caused a recurrence of his pneumonia.据报道,一名盗窃犯潜逃到北京,但因为北京雾霾引发肺炎复发,只能辗转回老家投案自首。The 20-year-old man is suspected of stealing cash and items valued at 10,000 yuan (,540) with other accomplices in his hometown of Qidong county in Central China#39;s Hunan province last month. Out of fear, he evaded police and stayed with friends in Beijing.这名男子20岁,上个月和其同伙在中国中部湖南省祁东县盗窃了价值一万元(1540美元)的物品。由于害怕警方的追捕,他选择潜逃到北京。The man has been weak from a young age and caught pneumonia when in middle school. This time, the heavy smog led to a recurrence of the illness a week after he arrived in Beijing.但是这名男子从小体弱,上中学时患上了肺炎。这次在潜逃到北京一周后,重度雾霾使得他的肺炎复发。However, he dared not seek help at a public hospital for fear of disclosing his identity. But private doctors strongly advised him to seek better treatment.然而,他害怕暴露身份,并不敢去公立医院医治。但私立医院强烈建议他去寻求更好的治疗。Seeing no hope in the capital, he was forced to return to his hometown and turn himself in to police.看到在首都医治无望,他被迫回老家并向公安机关投案自首。 /201512/418216

China is likely to encounter a peak in births at the end of 2016, one year after the implementation of the country#39;s two-child policy.在距离二孩政策执行一年之后,中国很有可能在今年年底迎来生育高峰。According to Yuan Xin, professor with the Population and Development Institute under Nankai University, many women who currently intend to have a second child are now pregnant.据南开大学人口和发展研究所的袁欣教授表示,目前许多想要生二胎的女性正处于妊娠期。Vice Minister Wang Pei#39;an of the National Health and Family Planning Commission remarked that the situation is generally within expectations.国家卫生和计划生育委员会副主任王培安表示,目前形势总体符合预期。A total of 8.31 million babies were born in the first half of this year, increasing 6.9 percent from the same period last year.今年上半年总共有831万个婴儿出生,同比去年增长6.9%。Of those babies, 44.6 percent were second children, up 6.7 percent from the year before, Wang added.王培安表示,在新生婴儿中44.6%是二胎,比前一年增长了6.7个百分点。With the implementation of the two-child policy, large numbers of eligible families are choosing to have a second baby.随着二孩政策的实施,大量符合资格的家庭正在选择生育二胎。As a result, high-risk pregnancies and a shortage of pediatricians are positioned to become new challenges for the country.因此,高危妊娠、以及儿科医生的缺乏将成为中国面临的新挑战。 /201611/477956Britain has been thrown into political and economic turmoil in the wake of the vote to quit the EU.脱欧之后,英国经历了巨大的政治和经济动荡。And it appears that not even the Queen can escape the tumultuous week.就连英国女王似乎也无法逃脱这混乱的一周。When Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness asked how she was yesterday, the monarch jokingly said: ’I’m still alive, anyway’.昨天,爱尔兰新芬运动领袖马丁·麦金尼斯询问女王身体如何,女王幽默答复道:“不管怎样,起码还活着。”The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are on a two-day visit to Northern Ireland. It is the Queen’s first official engagement since the historic Brexit vote last Friday.女王和爱丁堡公爵对北爱尔兰进行为期两天的访问。自英国上周五脱欧公投以来,这是女王的首次官方访问。The royal couple were welcomed by Stormont First Minister Arlene Foster and Deputy Minister Mr McGuinness at Hillsborough Castle, in Belfast, yesterday.昨天,北爱尔兰首席大臣阿琳·福斯特和外交副部长麦金尼斯在贝尔法斯特的希尔斯伯勒城堡热情招待了皇家夫妇。During the 20-minute audience with Mr McGuinness, the Queen seemed in good spirits despite a whirlwind few weeks of political upheaval.在与麦金尼斯会面的20分钟里,女王精神状态饱满,丝毫看不出过去几周的政治动荡。When Mr McGuinness asked whether she was well, the Queen responded: ’Thank you very much. I’m still alive, anyway’.麦金尼斯问候女王身体怎么样,女王回答说:“十分感谢你,起码还活着。”She noted that she had been ’quite busy’, telling the minister: ’There’s been a lot going on’.女王表示这段时间“非常忙”。麦金尼斯说“当下,发生了很多事情。”Laughingly, she later added: ’I’ve had two birthdays so we’ve been quite busy.’之后,女王开玩笑说:“我最近过了两次生日,因此我们很忙。”The exchange was captured by ITV News in a short clip which was later posted on Twitter.ITV新闻拍摄了女王和麦金尼斯交谈的视频片段,并发布在推特网上。The Queen and Prince Philip will today head to Northern Ireland’s scenic north coast for a series of engagements.今天,女王将和菲利普亲王去北爱尔兰风景秀丽的北海岸参加一系列的活动。They will tour the famous Giant’s Causeway stones and also visit the nearby village of Bushmills, where they will unveil a statue to Robert Quigg.他们将参观巨人岬,并访问附近的布什米尔斯村庄,他们将在那里为罗伯特·奎格的塑像揭幕。The Co Antrim born soldier was awarded the highest military honor for bravery shown during the Battle of the Somme in 1916.出生在安特里姆的士兵因在1916年索姆河战役期间表现英勇,被授予最高的军事荣誉。The Queen and Philip will also attend a reception at Royal Portrush Golf Club. The seaside course is due to host the Open Championship in 2019.女王和菲利普亲王还将出席皇家波特拉什高尔夫俱乐部的接待会。2019年,公开锦标赛将在海滨球场举行。After that, they will take a steam train journey to the newly-opened Bellarena station.之后,他们将乘坐蒸汽火车去往新开通的Bellarena车站。 /201607/452135

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has broken his silence on growing violence by so-called cow defence squads, denouncing the vigilantes as “miscreants” who are tarnishing the idea of cow sewa, or serving cows.对于所谓护牛队日益增加的暴力现象,印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)打破了沉默,谴责这些义警是玷污“为牛务”(cow sewa)理念的“歹徒”。Mr Modi’s comments follow a string of violent, sometimes lethal, vigilante and mob attacks on Muslims and low-caste Hindus for transporting cattle, disposing of carcases or eating beef.莫迪发表这些言论之前,印度曾发生一系列由义警和暴民针对穆斯林及低种姓印度教人士的袭击事件,其中一些事件导致人员死亡,原因是后者曾运送牛群、处置死牛或食用牛肉。“There is absolutely no need for anyone to take the law in his or her hands and disturb the spirit of harmony and togetherness,” Mr Modi tweeted in his first public comment on such attacks.莫迪在Twitter网站发消息称:“任何人都绝对没有必要擅自执法,破坏和谐与团结的精神。”这是他对此类攻击事件的首次公开言论。At a public forum a few hours earlier, Mr Modi described those responsible for vigilante attacks in the name of cattle protection as “antisocial elements hiding behind the mask of cow defenders”.在几小时前的一个公共论坛上,莫迪曾把这些以护牛名义实施的义警袭击事件的责任人称为“躲在护牛者面具背后的反社会因素”。Trade in cattle and their carcases has become a fraught issue in India, where cows are traditionally revered by high-caste Hindus as near deities and a symbol of the nation. Lower-caste Hindus, who do most of the work of disposing of cattle carcases, and minorities do not similarly venerate cows or share high-caste Hindus’ strict taboos on eating beef.在印度,牛在传统上被高种姓的印度教人士尊崇到了近乎神圣的地步,被他们视为印度的国家象征。牛及死牛的买卖已成为一个棘手的问题。多数处置死牛的工作是由低种姓印度教人士实施的,他们和一些少数民族对牛没有那么尊崇,也不像高种姓印度教人士那样严格禁忌食用牛肉。On the campaign trail two years ago, Mr Modi had publicly denounced India’s large meat trade, which he emotionally described as a “pink revolution” that had to be stopped. Since his election, several states ruled by his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party have toughened their laws on bovine slaughter and the possession or consumption of beef. Some are devoting considerable public resources to enforcement and cow welfare programmes.两年前,莫迪在竞选期间公开谴责印度的大规模肉类交易,煽情地称之为必须阻止的“粉色革命”。自当选以来,由他的印度教民族主义政党人民党(Bharatiya Janata Party)统治的几个邦,已收紧了对牛的屠宰、牛肉加工及消费的法律规定。部分邦向相关执法及牛的福利计划投入大量公共资源。The febrile climate has also spawned rising vigilantism, with mobs of cow protection squads attacking those suspected of facilitating the beef trade. Fatalities include a Muslim man near Delhi killed on suspicion of eating beef, a Kashmiri truck driver attacked with a petrol bomb for allegedly transporting cattle and two Muslim cattle traders who were lynched in Jharkhand.这种狂热氛围还催生了自发执法现象不断升温,多个护牛队的暴民袭击了那些涉嫌为牛肉交易提供便利的人们。其中的致死案例包括,德里附近一名穆斯林男子因涉嫌食用牛肉而被杀,一名克什米尔卡车司机因据称运送牛肉而遭到汽油弹袭击,以及两名穆斯林牛商贩在贾坎德邦被私刑处死。 /201608/459316

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