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莆田做复通手术哪里好When someone s the right book at the right time in their life, it can have a profound effect. Such is the case for the people on this list, who come from all walks of life. These people have singled out a book that they which had a life-changing effect on them. They, in turn, affected the worlds of popular culture, science, technology, and politics.人的一生中,如果能在对的时间邂逅一本对的书,就会深深地被其影响。就如榜单上即将列举出来的这些人,他们虽来自各行各业,但都有一个共同点--他们都读过那么一本改变了自己生命轨迹的书籍。而他们转而又影响着全球的大众文化、科学、技术和政治。10.Competing Against Time--Tim Cook10.《与时间赛跑》与蒂姆·库克After graduating from college, Tim Cook got into computers when he landed his first job with IBM in 1982. In 1996, he started to work for Apple when they were at the lowest point in their company#39;s history, having lost billion the previous fiscal year. Cook is credited with reorganizing the company#39;s manufacturing operations. He simplified the network of manufacturers and distributors, and he improved Apple#39;s systems to keep better track of inventory. When Apple became one of the most successful companies of all time, Cook was hailed as a brilliant manager with an amazing ability to communicate. After the death of Steve Jobs in 2011, Cook took over as CEO of Apple.1982年,大学刚毕业的蒂姆·库克在IBM公司开始了他人生中第一份工作,并从此进入计算机行业。1996年,他开始为苹果公司工作,那时,该公司上一财年的损失已达十亿美元,经营情况跌至谷底。库克整改苹果公司的制造业务有功,他简化了制造商和经销商网络,改进了公司的工作机制,以便时时掌握库存情况。当苹果公司成为有史以来最成功的企业时,库克也被誉为具有惊人沟通能力的出色管理者。2011年,史蒂夫·乔布斯逝世,库克便接任了苹果公司首席执行官。The book that had the greatest effect on Cook, which he is known to hand out to colleagues, is Competing Against Time, by George Stalk Jr. and Thomas M. Hout. The book is about how time management is one of the most important aspects of a company. When a company organizes their time, it cuts down on costs and makes customers happier. Based on ideas from the book, Cook tried to impress upon his employees that it is important to give your customers what they want, when they want it, because if you don#39;t, your competitor will. Cook is described here as opposed to Jobs himself, because Jobs had a lot of books that influenced him, and there isn#39;t a single one to point out. One notable book that Jobs liked was Be Here Now, by Ram Dass. The book was very influential in the hippie movement, and it is about meditation, yoga, and spirituality.这本对库克产生过巨大影响的书,他曾向同事们分发,那就是由乔治·斯托尔克·Jr和托马斯·M·豪特合著的《与时间赛跑》。这本书说的是时间管理对企业的重要性。一个公司能管理好它的时间,就能降低成本,使顾客更觉愉悦。基于书中的观点,库克试图让其员工牢记这样一种理念:想顾客之所想,急顾客之所急,解顾客之所需是最重要的,因为倘若我们不这样做,我们的对手就会这样做了。在读书这方面,库克和乔布斯迥然不同。因为对乔布斯而言,很多本书都影响到了他,很难挑出对其影响特别巨大的一本。但他喜欢的书中也有一本值得一提,那就是拉姆·达斯 的《活在当下》。这本书的内容有关于冥想、瑜伽和灵修,在嬉皮士运动中很有影响力。9.The Little Prince--James Dean9.《小王子》与詹姆斯·迪恩During James Dean#39;s short life, he made just three films. All of them are considered classics, and he was posthumously nominated for two Academy Awards. His brief flash of stardom still shines today, 60 years after dying in a tragic car accident at the age of 24, on September 30, 1955.詹姆斯·迪恩在其短暂的一生中,仅仅拍摄了三部电影。可这三部电影都被誉为经典之作,他死后两次被提名奥斯卡奖。1955年9月30日,他死于一场悲惨的车祸,即便六十年后的今天,他那转瞬即逝的明星光华仍然绚烂夺目。Dean#39;s favorite book was one that he in high school, which was the classic and beloved novella The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Published in 1943, The Little Prince is narrated by a pilot who crashes in the Sahara Desert. As he is fixing his plane, a little blond boy, the titular little prince, approaches him and asks for help with drawing a sheep. After they become friends, the prince tells the pilot that he came from a tiny planet called Asteroid 325. He left his planet because he got lonely. As he talks to the pilot, he explains that on his journey, he encountered grown-ups for the first time, and he was not impressed with the attitudes of the people he met. The Little Prince, which the author said is ;a book for children that is written for adults,; is about disillusionment with adult life and the dangers of being narrow-minded. One of the main messages is that it is important to keep an open mind and always be curious. Dean deeply identified with the book and took it with him any time he moved. The book was so important to Dean that his good friend, biographer, and possible lover, William Bast, wrote about it in an inscription on Dean#39;s memorial near his crash site. The inscription starts off with Dean#39;s favorite line from the book, ;What is essential is invisible to the eye.; It is then followed by Bast#39;s explanation, ;This ation from Jean Antoine de Saint Exupery#39;s #39;The Little Prince#39; was probably James Dean#39;s favorite. It seemed to hold a deep and private significance for him, and he it often especially with those he loved.;迪恩最深爱的书是他高中时看的一本很流行的经典短篇小说--安东尼·德·圣·埃克苏佩里所著的《小王子》。这本书于1943年出版,一位在撒哈拉沙漠坠机的飞行员将这故事娓娓道来。他在修理飞机的时,一个金发小男孩,也就是小王子,向他走来,并请他帮自己画一只羊。他们俩成为朋友后,小王子告诉飞行员他来自325号 小行星。因为孤单,他离开了家。小王子告诉飞行员说,这次旅途中,他第一次遇见大人,但之前遇见的人都以何种态度处世,他都已经印象淡漠了。《小王子》一书折射出作者对成人世界的失望以及对心胸变得狭隘的警惕,他说;这是一本儿童读物,但它为成人而写;。本书的主旨之一就是强调不抱成见和永葆好奇十分重要。迪恩非常喜欢这本书,并将它随身携带。这本书对迪恩如此重要,以至于他的好友,即迪恩的传记作者、他传说中的爱人--威廉·巴斯特将它刻在了他车祸现场附近的纪念碑上。碑文以此书中迪恩最喜欢的句子开头:;眼睛看不见事物的本质,用心去看才看得清楚。;紧跟其后的便是巴斯特的解释:;这句话取自迪恩生前最爱、圣埃克苏佩里所著的《小王子》一书。它对迪恩似乎有着深沉而隐秘的含义,他经常读这句话,特别是在那些他爱的人面前。;8.The Remains Of The Day--Jeff Bezos8.《长日留痕》与杰夫·贝佐斯Amazon got its start in 1995 when its founder, Jeff Bezos, left his job as vice president of a Wall Street firm and moved to Seattle to focus on building the business. Originally, Amazon started as an online bookseller and has since grown to be the biggest marketplace on the Internet.亚马逊创办于1995年。那时,它的创始人杰夫·贝佐斯辞去华尔街一家公司的副总裁职务,搬到西雅图全心全意打造自己的事业。起初,亚马逊只是一家网上书店,而今却发展成为最大的网上商城。Bezos obviously saw the value in books, so he was asked what was the most influential book he#39;s ever . Perhaps, because of Amazon#39;s success and corporate culture, one might think that it would be some business book. Instead, it is the Man Booker Award–winning Remains of the Day, by Kazuo Ishiguro. The 1989 novel is told from the point of view of an English butler named Mr. Stevens, who tells the story though his diary and everyday events. The plot revolves around his work and his undying love for a housekeeper who used to work at the manor with him. Bezos said he loved the book because he thought it was impossibly perfect. He did not know someone could actually write something like that. When he was asked if he saw any parallels between his work with Amazon and the book, he said, ;What we#39;re doing here is unusual but nowhere in the same league as impossible.;显然,贝佐斯看到了书的价值,而他也曾被问到读过的对自身最有影响力的书是哪一本。也许,由于亚马逊的成功和企业文化,有人可能会认为那一定是某本商业书籍。然而,它是布克奖的获奖作品--石黑一雄所著的《长日留痕》。这本于1989年获奖的小说从一位英国管家--史蒂文斯先生的视角来写,他向我们讲述自己日记和日常事务中的故事。剧情围绕着他的工作以及他对曾一起共事的女管家不朽的爱展开。贝佐斯说,他喜欢这本书就因为它完美到不可想象,他从不曾想过一个人居然可以写出这样精的故事。有人问他,他是否看到了这本书与自己为亚马逊所做努力之间的相似之处,他说,;我们正在做的事情非同寻常,但在行业内却绝对可以实现;。7.The Alchemist--Will Smith, Madonna, And Pharrell Williams7.《牧羊少年奇幻之旅》与威尔·史密斯、麦当娜和法瑞尔·威廉姆斯Besides being some of the highest-charting musicians of the past three decades, Will Smith, Madonna, and Pharrell Williams all share a deep love for the same book, and they all credit it with changing their lives. That book is the beloved novel The Alchemist, by Brazilian-born Paulo Coelho.威尔·史密斯、麦当娜和法瑞尔·威廉姆斯三位不仅都是过去三十年专辑销量最高的歌手,他们还都深爱着同一本书,并相信它改变他们的生活。这本书就是倍受青睐的小说--巴西作家保罗·科埃略所著的《牧羊少年奇幻之旅》。The mega-bestselling novel follows a young Spanish boy named Santiago. Santiago has a prophetic dream and feels that he needs to travel to Egypt. Before he leaves, he learns about something called the Personal Legend. The Personal Legend is what a person has always wanted to do with their life. It is an innate feeling and children talk openly about it. In the book, it also says that when you try to follow your Personal Legend, the universe will actually work in your favor and rise up to meet you. If you follow your Personal Legend, you can even achieve the impossible, like alchemy, which is turning lead into gold. In an interview, Will Smith talked passionately about the book and how he dedicates his life to show people that the impossible is possible if you just try. He wants his life to represent possibilities, and he even considers himself a metaphorical alchemist. As for Pharrell Williams, he said the book was like an epiphany to him. He was able to look back at his life, and he realized that he was so thankful for everyone who helped him get to that point in his Personal Legend. Oprah, who is also a fan of the book, said that Madonna told her about it in 1996, and Madonna said it changed her life.这本超级畅销的小说讲述的是年轻的西班牙男孩圣地亚哥的故事。圣地亚哥做了一个梦,梦中预言金字塔附近藏有宝藏,他便心怀触动,觉得自己需要前往埃及。离开之前,他终于懂得了;个人传奇;的真谛。;个人传奇;是一种心灵的召唤,是一个人一生中一直想去做的事情。这是一种与生俱来的感觉,孩子们总是大大方方谈论它。这本书还说你在努力追寻属于自己的传奇时,整个宇宙的力量都会为你所用,并最终帮助你实现愿望。你甚至可以变不可能为可能,就像炼金术,能将铅炼化为黄金。在一次采访中,威尔·史密斯满怀地谈论这本书以及他如何努力过好自己的生活,他想向人们传达这样一种理念:只要你勇于尝试,所谓的不可能就会成为可能。他希望自己的生命有着无限可能,他甚至自喻为炼金术士。对法瑞尔·威廉姆斯来说,这本书醍醐灌顶,让他灵台清明,让他能够回顾自己的生活,并意识到他应对那些帮助他书写自己传奇的人心怀感激。奥普拉也是这本书的粉丝,她说这是麦当娜1996年时推荐给她的,麦当娜还说这本书改变了她的生活。6.Emma--J.K. Rowling6.《艾玛》与J.K.罗琳In the modern era of technological advance, J.K. Rowling did the impossible and got millions of children to books. Even more amazingly, in addition to getting many kids to something, her books have also transcended the borders of children#39;s literature and are beloved by people of all ages.在科技如此发达的今天,J.K.罗琳能让数百万儿童重新拿起纸质书阅读,她简直逆天了。更令人惊讶的是,她的作品更越过了儿童文学的边界,获得各年龄段人们的青睐。The book that influenced Rowling the most is her favorite book by her favorite author: Emma, by Jane Austen. Emma, which was published in 1815, is a comedy of manners about a young, pretty, rich, and clever woman named Emma Woodhouse. Emma is single and has no desire to marry but likes to get involved with other people#39;s love lives. Rowling said that what always impressed her is the mystery at the heart of the novel involving two of the characters, Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax, who have been secretly engaged for the whole story. Rowling said that no matter what she wrote, she would never be able to write a mystery as good as the one in Emma. She also said that she loved the book because of how well-developed the character of Emma is and how much she identifies with her.对罗琳影响最大的一本书,是她最喜欢的作家--简·奥斯汀所著的《爱玛》。这本书出版于1815年,是一部风尚喜剧,讲述的是一位年轻、漂亮、富有又聪明的女子的故事。她名叫爱玛·伍德豪斯,是一位单身女性,没有结婚的欲望,却喜欢参与别人的感情生活。罗琳说这本小说令她印象深刻的是有关其中心主题的一个秘密,这一秘密涉及到弗兰克·丘吉尔和简·费尔法克斯两个角色,故事中的他们秘密订婚了。罗琳说,无论她怎么努力,永远也无法写出像《爱玛》中的那个秘密一样精又悬念迭起的剧情。她还表示,她喜欢这本书是因为爱玛的角色十分丰满,自己也十分认同这一角色。审校:落月 来源:前十网 /201607/452366南平检查男科不孕不育什么医院好There are very few people that actually find the prospect of cleaning the house exciting.几乎没有人会为将要打扫房屋欢呼雀跃。But these inventive hacks could make your least favourite chores a whole lot easier - or more fun, at the very least.但是下面这些别出心裁的小技巧能让你最讨厌的家务活变得轻松许多——或者至少,乐趣更多。Fellow slackers have been taking to social media to share their favourite cleaning tricks, ranging from the clever to the downright bizarre - not to mention disgusting.懒汉们在社交媒体上分享他们最喜欢的清洁技巧,这些诀窍既有巧妙的也有特别怪异的,更不要说恶心的了。While sellotape is more commonly used to wrap up presents, it also doubles up as an inventive way to dust.透明胶带一般用于包装礼物,但也可以独出心裁,兼做除尘工具。Simply stick a piece of tape onto the surface and pull it off. Voila, just like that the dust is removed.只需把一条透明胶带粘到物体表面再撕掉。瞧,灰尘就被粘掉了。Those fluffy socks you got at Christmas but have never worn could also be put into good use with this trick.你圣诞节买的那些从来没有穿过的毛茸茸的袜子用类似的办法也可以好好利用起来。Just pop them on your feet, walk around your kitchen and you#39;ve cleaned the floor. It#39;s as easy as that, according to one groundbreaking pioneer.一位颇具开拓精神的先驱说,你只需把袜子套脚上,在厨房里走一走,地板就擦干净了。就这么简单。Meanwhile, do not underestimate the power of the dishwasher. One person showed how their children#39;s toy Stormtroopers could be washed along with all their cutlery.与此同时,可不要低估洗碗机的威力。一个人向我们展示了他孩子的帝国冲锋队玩具是怎么和所有餐具一起洗干净的。While blenders are fantastic for whipping up a healthy smoothie, it#39;s always a chore having to wash it up afterwards.尽管用搅拌机打一杯健康的鲜果奶昔特别棒,但清洗起来总是很麻烦。But instead of using your own elbow grease, it#39;s possible to use the power of the blender to let it clean itself.但是你不用自己费力气,利用搅拌机自己的力量就可以清洗干净。Simply put some soap and water into the kitchen appliance and turn it on.你只需往这个厨房小家电里放一点肥皂和水,再打开开关。You can upgrade this method by putting one part vinegar and one part water in your coffeemaker, and get it to churn it out afterwards.你可以改良一下这个方法,以1:1的比例给咖啡壶倒上醋和水,然后让它自己搅拌。If you cover your fridge with cling film, you can easily remove and replace it with another layer after any spills.如果你冰箱架子上盖的是保鲜膜,那么如果什么东西洒在上面,你只要再换一层就可以了。Similarly, if you always use tin foil when grilling your sandwiches you can avoid any unnecessary washing up. The only snag is that throwing away all that foil is not great for the environment.类似地,如果你总是用锡纸烤三明治,就可以避免不必要的清洗工作。唯一的问题是,扔掉那么多锡纸对环境不好。Using food packaging as a bowl is one way to get out of doing the washing up, as shown by this snacker who poured milk into her pack of cookies.食品包装当碗用是逃避洗碗的好方法,就像这个吃零食的人一样,把牛奶倒在饼干盒子里。Can#39;t budge the stains in the bottom of your toilet bowl? One social media user advises pouring a whole bottle of Coca Cola down the loo and leaving overnight. In the morning your pan will be pearly white with no elbow grease invested.洗不掉马桶下面的污渍?一位社交媒体用户建议往里面倒一瓶可口可乐,留一晚。不用吹灰之力,早上你家的马桶就会散发珍珠般白皙的光泽。The laziest household hackers have discovered that the solution to a stinky fridge is placing sheets of newspaper inside it. This apparently absorbs smells, catches grime and can be easily replaced.最懒的家务劳动者发现了一个解决冰箱味道难闻的办法,那就是在冰箱里铺上报纸。报纸能显著吸收异味,吸附污垢,并且容易更换。Another favourite life hack published on social media is to place an oven-proof jug of water with two lemons cut in half inside your microwave. Simply turn it on high for four minutes and your microwave will have been steamed clean.社交媒体上还有另外一个最受喜爱的生活小窍门,拿两个柠檬,每个切两半,放进微波炉适用的罐子里,里面加满水,放进微波炉。只需高火加热四分钟,你的微波炉就会被蒸干净。 /201605/442591The Answers#39;Slide#39; and #39;water#39; are camouflaged in the leaves of the palm trees in the background of the picture.‘Slide’(滑梯)和‘water’(水)隐藏在图片背景的棕榈树叶子里。The waves of the pool help disguise two other words. #39;Cool#39; is hidden in the bottom left of the picture, while #39;swim#39; can be seen on the water slide on the left.游泳池的波纹帮忙掩饰了另外两 个单词。‘Cool’(凉快的)隐藏在图片左侧底部,而从左侧水滑梯上可以发现‘swim’(游泳)这个单词。Meanwhile, the word #39;wet#39; is written on the yellow swimming costume of the girl coming down the slide on a rubber ring.同时,‘wet’(潮湿的)这个单词被写在一个小女孩的黄色衣上,她坐在游泳圈上正从滑梯上滑下来。Perhaps the most difficult water-related term to find is #39;float#39;, which is fittingly hidden on the rubber ring used by the boy in the top left of the picture.也许与水相关的单词中最难发现的就是‘float’(浮动)这个单词了,它恰如其分地隐藏在图片左侧上方的男孩使用的游泳圈上了。Four of the six words, including #39;tree#39; and #39;boy#39; are relatively easy to spot.6个单词中的4个,包括‘tree’(树)和‘boy’(男孩)相对容易发现。However, the other two are slightly more difficult.然而,另外两个单词要难一些。After a few minutes of examining the drawing, some words, for example #39;garden#39;, are spotted relatively easily.仔细观察这幅图画几分钟后,一些单词,如‘garden’(花园),就比较容易被找到了。However, a couple - particularly #39;vine#39; and #39;bloom#39; - can take a lot longer to find.然而,有两个单词,特别是‘vine’(藤)和‘bloom’(开花),要花更多时间才能找到。 /201606/450640宁德无精症到哪家医院


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