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Some employees are keepers and others are not. Either way, a verbal warning can turn a good apple around or help a bad one out the door.一些雇员非常值得信任,但是其他人并非如此。无论哪种情况,口头警告都可以让好的雇员继续保持,给不好的雇员敲响警钟。You Will Need你需要Company handbook公司手册Meeting time会议时间Witness目击者Documentation of the warning警告记录Steps步骤STEP 1 Review written policies1.检查书面规定Review your companys written policies regarding what behavior is unacceptable and the established protocol for delivering the verbal warning. Make sure you have all the rules fresh in your head before talking to the employee.重新查看一下公司的书面规定,包括哪些行为是不可接受的,拟定发出口头警告的草案。确保与雇员谈话之前记牢所有规定。Ask employees to review company policies and sign an acknowledgment when they are hired or whenever new policies are introduced. That way you have proof the employee knows the rules and expectations.聘用之处,或者规定刚刚出台的时候,要求雇员阅读公司规定,然后签署同意书。这样你就有据表明雇员了解了所有规定和预期。STEP 2 Inform the employee2.通知雇员Advise the employee of the nature of the meeting you are calling, which should be held in private. When employees know they are meeting to discuss their shortcomings they dont feel ambushed -- and they have the opportunity to collect their thoughts or refute incorrect claims.告知雇员你私下召见他的会议的本质。当雇员知道这次会议是为了讨论他的缺点时,不会感到突然——他们有机会整理思绪,反驳不正确的指控。Invite one witness to the private meeting, preferably the employees direct supervisor or the department head. This protects you in case the employee makes false claims about what occurred at the meeting.邀请一名目击者参加私人会议,最好是这位雇员的直接上级和部门主管。这样可以保护你,以防雇员对会议上发生的事情做出错误的指控。STEP 3 Nail down the details3.记录细节Be specific about your concerns regarding the employees work performance or behavior. For instance, instead of saying ;Your tardiness is an issue,; say ;Youve been at least 15 minutes late three times this month.;具体说明你对雇员的工作表现或行为的担忧。例如,不要说,“你很拖拉”,而是说“你本月有三次至少迟到15分钟。”STEP 4 Set a goal4.设定目标Give your employee clear directions for how to improve to avoid any further disciplinary actions. For example, say ;You must be at your desk by 8 a.m. everyday unless youve made previous arrangements to take time off.;给你的员工做出明确的指导,以后应该怎样改进,避免任何进一步的违反纪律行为。例如,你可以说,“你每天都应该在早上八点之前到达办公桌,除非你提前安排休息。”STEP 5 Put it in their file5.记入档案Record the fact that you delivered a verbal warning and the date it was given. Give the employee a copy and place a copy in the employees human resources file. Clearly state the nature of the misconduct and what the employee must do to remedy the situation. Consider developing standard templates for issuing both verbal and written warnings that supervisors can use when the need arises.记录下你曾经发出口头警告的事实和日期。给雇员一份复印件,人力资源档案中也放一份。明确记录他的失误的性质,以及员工应该怎样做来改变形势。考虑制定标准模板,发布口头和书面警告,需要的时候主管可以使用。STEP 6 Keep an eye out6.保持警觉Watch for signs of improvement from the employee, or even for hints of rebellion. That way youll be y to deliver positive reinforcement for employees whove turned themselves around -- or take the next disciplinary step for those who havent.观察一下这名员工有没有进步,或者有没有反叛的迹象。这样的话,你可以对已经改邪归正的员工做出积极的肯定,或者对冥顽不化的同事采取进一步的惩罚。视频听力译文由。201408/324613。

Hey everyone, this is Stephane Fouche, from Talkways 大家好,我是来自在聊世界的Stephane FoucheToday, I want to share a story with you guys about Guangzhou今天,我想跟大家分享一个在广州时发生的故事Guangzhouis actually one of my favorite places inChina广州其实是我在中国最喜欢的地方之一About a year, two years ago, a couple of my friends and I在大概一年,两年以前After working, we wanted to go to a club, so we went there有一次在工作完了之后,我和几个同事去酒吧玩And then, we are sitting in the back of the club, just drinking, and talking我们坐在酒吧的后面,一起喝酒聊天And then there is this girl who comes up to us, and she hands me a microphone然后有一个女孩突然过来,递给了我一个麦克风I was a bit shocked我挺吃惊的I don’t know how to sing in Chinese我不知道怎么用中文唱歌I’m not sure why she’s handing me the microphone我不知道她为什么给我这个麦克风Does she want me to go up and like talk to the crowd? I didn’t know不知道她是不是想让我跟酒吧里的群众说点什么Before I knew it, a group of people are just pushing me towards the stage我还没反应过来的时候,有几个人就开始把我往舞台上推I’m starting to get a little bit scared as they are pushing me这个时候我开始有点害怕了And then I’m on the stage这个时候我已经站在台上Suddenly the club just turns all dark, the music stops然后突然整个酒吧都黑了下来,音乐也停止了I’m not sure what’s going on at that point这个时候我仍然不知所措And then the DJ turns back on the music, the lights come back然后DJ把灯打开,又放了音乐And they started playing Michael Jackson然后他们开始放迈克尔杰克逊的歌So here am I, on the stage, I have a microphone in my hand所以这个时候,我一个人站在台上Music is playing, everyone is looking at me所有人听着音乐盯着我看So, I danced没办法,我开始跳舞And it was quite interesting这个经历真的挺有意思的One of my friends actually hopped on the stage, he’s Chinese我一个中国的朋友还跳上台So he understands what’s happening他好像玩的挺开心的But I don’t know, and some random person in the crowd just screams that但是我不,然后我听见群众在下面喊We look like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour我们像是巅峰时刻里的成龙和Chris TuckerBut this kind of made me think a little bit, that episode不过后来这段经历让我反思I’ve been to many bars inChina我来过中国的很多酒吧For instance I went to the Mix at Sanlitun比如三里屯的MixThe Propaganda, Sensation at Wudaokou五道口的Propaganda和SensationOr the Muse in Changsha或者是长沙的MuseMy goal has been to try to go a club at every country I’ve ever been to其实我有意识的尽量去每个我到达的国家的酒吧Better yet, every single city甚至是每个城市的酒吧The idea is that every single place has a different feel因为每个地方都会给你不同的感受And it permits me to get closer to the culture that’s dominant in each place这个感受能让我更接近当地的流行文化The main difference though that I’ve noticed in East Asia is that东亚国家有一个特点The clubs are less about the dancing itself, it’s more about the drinking在这些酒吧或者夜店里,人们并不注重跳舞,而是主要喝酒In Latin American countries, likeChile在拉丁美洲的国家,比如在智利What I’ve noticed is that you drink人们也爱喝酒And why do you drink? So you can dance better但是喝酒是为了能够更好地跳舞Why, because you are actually drunk因为喝醉时人往往能更放得开This is somewhat true ofAmericawhen it comes to colleges这个现象也存在于美国的大学中But inChina, in the rest of the world, it seems to be a little bit different at the same time不过在中国,和世界的其他地方,喝酒还有一个别的不同的作用People around the world, they drink in order to close deals通过我的个人经历,我能看到在世界各地I would say, from my personal experience人们经常通过喝酒来谈生意或者合作TheUSis actually one of the only countries I did not quite notice that happening美国是唯一一个我没有发现这个现象的国家So for example, inChina, what I’ve seen is that在中国,我看到的是when two groups want to cooperate on something or trade, whatever it is当两拨人想要一起合作或者达成一笔交易,不管是买卖什么They would first have a drink, at the dinner table他们会首先在晚餐桌上一起喝酒And then, depending on what happens there然后,如果一切正常的话One person has to show their willingness一方要表达他的“诚意”A way of showing your willingness is, how much you are willing to drink而表达诚意的方法,则是你愿意喝多少酒How much you can possibly drink你有可能喝下的,最多的酒是多少Some people actually get sent to the hospital有些人甚至从这些场合被送到医院One of my friends told me that for a business deal我有一个中国的朋友曾经告诉我His parents couldn’t make it, and they sent him有一次他的家人因故不能参加一次商业会议,让他作为代表去He said that he drank so much that he got sent to the hospital他后来因为被灌了太多的酒,被送到医院I thought that he was lying我已开始还以为他是逗我玩的But asking other people, they told us, oh yeah, that actually did happen但后来我们身边的共同好友都告诉我,他的确被送到过医院If everything goes well, then they sign the deal在喝完酒之后,如果一切顺利,大家才会签一个协议And the contract gets signed a week after for example这个协议可能会在喝酒之后的一周后签署Japanis a little bit different日本就不太一样What people would do is that they would have a very formal meeting大家会有一次非常正式的会议And they would sign the paper first他们会先把协议签在纸上Following that they would have a drink之后再去喝酒Just a simple drink after signing the contract with everyone跟所有人喝一次简单的酒Then the bosses would talk to each other and they would shake hands然后协议双方的负责人会相互握手That shaking of the hands, I call it the “second signing”我管这一次握手叫做“第二次协议”That’s the true contract也是真正作效的协议So the first contract, which is the one that been signed in front of everyone第一个协议,尽管是在大家面前签署的That’s that for formalities只是属于一种形式But the actual contract itself is again that second signing真正作效的是我刚才说的“第二次协议”InHaiti, it’s a hybrid of both海地的喝酒习惯跟两者都有相似The first meeting, because you probably never met the person你的第一次会议会非常的正式It’s a very very formal meeting因为你不一定见过这个人The second meeting, you start to know a little bit more about that person第二次会议还是比较正式,但是你对对方有了更多的了解You feel comfortable双方会感觉更熟悉一些And the third meeting is a little different where第三次会议就不太一样了It would either be a lunch meeting or it would be at有可能是一起出来吃个午饭One of the persons in the contract’s house或者是去合约的一个签约人的家里进餐You would talk with each other, figure it out然后你们会把最后的细节敲定And then if you are very serious about it, you would sign the contract如果双方还仍然愿意合作,这个时候就该签协议了And then you would drink to it, as a way of celebrating最后,大家会通过一起喝酒的方式来庆祝TheU.S., drinking to some extent has nothing to do with business at all在美国,喝酒基本上和商务没有任何关系It has a little bit to do with people working in the same company虽然一个公司里的员工可能会经常在一起喝酒When they are drinking with each other但是局限于公司内部But between other companies, I don’t think so, from my personal experience但是从我的个人经历来看,公司与公司之间的人从不一起喝酒My personal guess would be that我对这个现象的猜测是这样的Americais a newly founded country跟中国,日本,印度这些国家相比较If you compare it toChina,Japan,India, and so on美国是一个最近才建立的国家The American culture was formed at a time它的文化成型的时候,物质条件相对较好When people’s standard of living was relatively higher than that of other cultures相比之下,其他文化成型的时候,物质条件相对较差So law enforcement in business practices因此,跟其他国家的建立初期相比They are much more complete美国建立初期时的商务法律要健全很多Signing a contract is much more binding签署一个协议非常的有约束力What’s written in that contract, the fine print, that’s where we pay attention to所以大家对合同当中的最细小的字都非常注意But when we go back to history of other countries但是当我们去追溯其他国家的历史If you look back at the Chinese culture, the Japanese culture比如在美国建立很长时间以前的That existed long before theed States中国和日本的文化For people to during that time, it was hard to just trust someone对于那时候的人来说,信任一个人很难Someone you’ve never met尤其是去信任一个未曾谋面的人It was hard to trust the law because那时也很难去信任法律There was not a system there to reinforce the law that much因为并没有一个那么完善的体系去撑这些法律So trust, became over time a very important thing to have所以信任变成了意见非常宝贵的东西Which is also why East Asian countries I would say我认为这也就是为什么Not East Asian countries alone, but a lot of countries在东亚很多国家,包括世界其他地区的很多国家Prefer to do business with family members人们更愿意跟亲戚合作And this tradition that was there a while ago was passed down然后这个传统被人们留了下来To the next generation and so on一直到今天这一代So let’s put this in a different context让我们换一个角度来看If I ask you, where do you think your first business experience will take place你觉得你第一次跟人进行商务合作会是什么时候?Or if you have business experience, how was it?或者如果已经有过,那是怎样的一个过程?I’m assuming for you guys, being inChina我猜测,对于中国的朋友来说You probably learned it from your family members大部分人谈生意的技巧应该是从家里学来的Or friends of the family who would come and so on或者是从一些熟悉的家庭朋友But for me, I learned it in an actual business而对我自己来讲,我的第一次经验是在一个公司When I was working for HAS, Harvard Student Agencies as a translator当时我在哈佛学生联盟做翻译So people didn’t really care if we are friends or not人们并在乎和你是否是朋友It was more about, I was working and the people were my colleagues大家的心态是,这是跟我一些工作的伙伴,我的同事They were not friends in reality在生活中这些人并不是朋友So inAmerica, drinking is done for the purpose在美国,喝酒的目的很简单And I would say for the only purpose of entertainment喝酒的目的只有一个,那就是You don’t quite mix pleasure and business, I would say你并不会把享受和商务混在一起It’s almost rude to talk about business with a business partner如果你跟一个商业的合作伙伴在外喝酒When you are out drinking在这个时候提工作的事情甚至是不礼貌的It also means disrespect because you are not leaving them the space to enjoy themselves这是一种不尊重的行为,因为你并没有给他们留出的空间So it’s two different things mixed at the same time人们不愿意把两种不同感觉的东西放在一起做So my question to you guys is, do you drink?所以我今天想问大家的问题是,你们喝酒吗?And if you do, do you drink for the fun of it, or do you drink for the business aspect of it?如果喝的话,一般是为了呢,还是更多的在生意场上喝酒?On that note, I would like to say, Ganbei!到这儿,我想要跟大家说,“干杯!”If you have any questions or comments, follow me on Weibo如果你有任何问题或者建议,请来关注我的微201406/305113。

Next time someone stands so close to you that theyre fogging up your eyeglasses, try one of these evasive maneuvers.下次有人离你太近,说话时甚至让你的眼镜蒙上一层雾气,尝试以下躲避方法。You Will Need你需要Fake sneeze假装打喷嚏Rude question鲁莽的问题Spittle喷出唾沫White lie善意的谎言Bluntness率直Steps步骤Step 1 Lean into them1.向他们倾斜Lean towards them. Thats right: get even closer to their face. It sounds counterintuitive, but youll break through their miniscule personal space wall, forcing them to take a step back.向他们倾斜。对,就是这样:离他们的脸更近。这听上去似乎违反你的想法,但是这样可以打破他的最小个人空间限制,迫使他们往后退一步。Step 2 Fake a sneeze2.假装打喷嚏Open your mouth and flare your nostrils as though a big ol sneeze is about to spray thousands of snot particles all over their face.张开嘴巴,张大鼻孔,好像一个大大的喷嚏马上就要发生,无数微小粒子马上就要喷到对方脸上的样子。Step 3 Inquire about their breath3.询问他们的口气Ask them if they just ate garlic. Unless they have no sense of shame, theyll immediately open up the distance between you.问一下他们是否刚刚吃了大蒜。除非他们没有羞耻感,他们将立即和你保持距离。They might even be so embarrassed by the implication of bad breath that theyll leave altogether.或许他们会为自己口气糟糕的暗示感到尴尬,立即离开。Step 4 Spray them4.用口水喷他们While theyre talking, collect some saliva in your mouth so that when its your turn to talk, you hit them with a little spittle.当他们说话的时候,口腔里积攒一点口水,这样当你开口说话的时候,唾液会溅到对方。Step 5 Tell them youre claustrophobic5.告诉他们你有幽闭恐惧症Ask them to take a step back, explaining that youre pathologically claustrophobic. In fact, if you dont get some space, you might vomit. If that doesnt make them take a step back, nothing will.要求他们后退一步,解释说你患有幽闭恐惧症。实际上,如果你没有合理的空间,你会呕吐。如果这样都不能让他们后退一步,那就没有办法了。视频听力由。201310/260892。

Rory Sutherland 告诉我们如何看待发生在我们身边的事情,比那些事情所发生的环境和本质更加重要。在TEDx雅典,他令人信的讲解了为何重置思考框架才是快乐的根源。201401/272445。

A coral reef rivals even a rainforest for its diversity of life.珊瑚礁的生物多样性 甚至高过雨林Yet corals like this are found in waters where food is very scarce.但这些珊瑚 是住在食物稀少的水域All the creatures here这里所有生物have had to adopt a different and highly specialised way已经适应 高度特化的不同生活方式to gather every nourishing scrap.收集每一个有营养的碎屑Christmas tree worms bore into the corals skeleton for protection,圣诞树虫钻入珊瑚骨骼寻求保护swirling out and grabbing food particles with their feathery gills.把身体卷成一圈探出 用羽毛状的鳃抓取食物碎粒Coral barnacles are, in fact, related to lobsters.塔藤壶其实是龙虾的亲戚They lie on their backs,它们躺着挥舞长脚waving their feet to gather any food floating past.收集漂过的任何食物Crabs have evolved many different ways of gathering food.螃蟹演化出许多觅食方法This porcelain crab这只瓷蟹的has a fan of filaments on his front legs.前肢有呈扇形的细丝A boxer crab attaches a tiny sea anemone to each fist.拳师蟹的双螯 各抓着一只细小海葵As well as for defence,除了作为防卫he uses their sticky tentacles to gather passing plankton.它也用海葵的黏性触手 收集路过的浮游生物This orangutan crabs whole body is coated with sticky hairs,这只红毛猩猩蟹 全身长满黏性细毛in this case, perhaps just a bit too sticky!但现在它或许觉得太黏手了201310/260986。

Reggie Watts这次是来唱反调的。把逻辑思维都丢到一边,来看看他混搭了诗歌和不同音乐风格的精演出吧 。201403/278644。