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Mr. President,Friends and Colleagues,And fellow Singaporeans,We have had a pivotal General Election. It took place during SG50, marking the beginning of a new chapter for us.As a people, we faced critical choices in this election. We had to decide whom we wanted to form the Government, which team to choose to secure our future, and which direction Singapore should progress in. We had to ask ourselves: how do we keep improving our lives, taking Singapore higher, and building something worthwhile and lasting for our children?My team and I are honoured and humbled that 70% of voters chose the PAP to form the Government. You gave us a clear mandate to take Singapore forward, and we will do so.Such a decisive result could only have happened with support from all groups of Singaporeans. All 89 seats were contested, and every adult citizen had to vote. The real winners in this election were Singaporeans. We have a strong, stable government, able to take Singapore confidently into the future. Singaporeans showed that we knew what was at stake. At a critical moment, we united to decide our future. We pledged ourselves to forge a new way forward as one people, one nation, one Singapore.The election result sent an important signal to the world: that we Singaporeans are determined to keep Singapore special. Through the decades, our political stability and our quality workforce have attracted many MNCs to invest here. In recent times, MNCs have watched our politics more closely, to see which way it is heading. After the election, EDB told me that an MNC that has been here for many years had just decided to increase its stake in Singapore and make another billion-dollar investment here, creating many more good jobs for Singaporeans. I have no doubt that the election result boosted this investors confidence that they were making the right decision, and that they could be confident Singaporeans would keep our funda#173;mentals strong. I am sure that our neighbours noticed too, as have others.Your clear mandate has enabled me to form a strong Cabinet. My new team comprises both experienced Ministers who will provide steady hands in a challenging environment, and younger Ministers who will bring new perspectives and ideas. They will have to master the issues quickly and y themselves to lead Singapore.My first objective in forming this Cabinet is, as always, to provide the most effective government for Singapore. We are entering a new phase of our nation#173;hood. We face more complex challenges and new issues that cut across multiple domains. Therefore, I have appointed Coordinating Ministers to oversee work in three major areas.The first area is national security, which remains a vital pre#173;condition of our success. The SAF and Home Team have kept us safe, but new dangers and threats are emerging around us. ISIS and jihadist terrorists are a serious problem for Southeast Asia and Singapore, because they threaten our physical safety and our racial harmony. Tensions in the South China Sea are unsettling our region. Political problems or racial tensions in neighbouring countries can complicate bilateral relations, or spill over to affect our society. Therefore, I have kept DPM Teo Chee Hean in charge of national security.Another area is economic and social policies, which form a major part of our agenda. With an ageing population and uncertain global conditions, growth will be harder to come by. Yet our economy must grow to create opportunities for Singaporeans and to improve our lives. At the same time, we must use the fruits of growth wisely, both to invest in our future and to strengthen our social safety nets. Every citizen should benefit from Singa#173;pores success, and those needing an extra helping hand should be looked after. DPM Tharman will oversee this critical area.201510/402170But it does illustrate that environmental leadership is compatible with good returns.但它确实说明注重环境问题和高效益并不矛盾。So if the returns are the same or better and the planet benefits, wouldnt this be the norm?如果效益相同或更好,而我们的星球还能受益,难道这不应该成为常规吗?Are investors, particularly institutional investors,engaged?那么投资者们,尤其是机构投资者们,参与进来了吗?Well, some are,有些已经参与进来了,and a few are really at the vanguard.有几个还是先锋。Hesta is a retirement fund for health.是澳大利亚的一家退休基金,and community services employees in Australia,务于医疗和社区务人员。他们的资产为220亿。They believe that ESG has the potential to impact risks and returns,他们相信ESG有潜力影响风险和回报,so incorporating it into the investment process is core to their duty to act in the best interest of fund members,所以他们把将ESG纳入投资过程作为他们的核心职责,以达到为基金成员谋取最佳利益的目的。core to their duty.他们的核心职责!You gotta love the Aussies, right?澳大利亚人是不是很可爱?CalPERS is another example. CalPERS CalPERS is the pension fund CalPERS for public employees in California,是另一个例子。是加州公务员的养老基金,they are the second largest in the U.S.排在美国第二大,and the sixth largest in the world.世界第六大。Now, theyre moving toward 100 percent sustainable investment by systematically integrated ESG across the entire fund.现在,他们正朝着 100%可持续性投资的方向转变,他们要通过系统地将ESG整合到整个基金中来实现。Why? They believe its critical to superior long-term returns, full stop.为什么呢?他们相信这是获得长期高效益的关键。就这样。In their own words, long-term value creation requires the effective management of three forms of capital:用他们自己的话来说: 创造长期的价值,需要有效地管理三种形式的资本:financial, human, and physical.财务,人力和物理。This is why we are concerned with ESG.这就是我们为什么关心ESG。Now, I do speak to a lot of investors我跟很多投资者交谈过,as part of my job,因为这是我工作的一部分。and not all of them see it this way.并不是所有人都这样看问题。Often I hear, We are required to maximize returns,我经常听到的是, 我们需要将回报最大化,so we dont do that here,所以我们这儿不做这些。or, We dont want to use the portfolio或者,我们不想用公司的投资组合to make policy statements.做政策方面的声明。The one that just really gets under my skin is,最让我受不了的是,If you want to do something about that,如果你想在这方面做点儿什么,just make money, give the profits to charities.就去赚钱,然后把收益捐给慈善机构。Its eyes rolling, eyes rolling.气得我直翻白眼。I mean, let me clarify something right here.让我来澄清一下我的意思。Companies and investors are not公司和投资者都不能singularly responsible for the fate of the planet.靠他们单独的力量来负责地球的命运。They dont have indefinite social obligations,他们没有无限的社会义务,and prudent investing and finance theory arent subordinate to sustainability.而且审慎的投资和金融理论并不是要让位给可持续性,Theyre compatible.他们是相容的。So Im not talking about tradeoffs here.所以我不是说要作某种牺牲。But institutional investors are the x-factor in sustainability.但机构投资者是可持续发展中最重要的因素。Why do they hold the key?他们为什么这么关键呢?201509/397139

Remember, Jobs isnt selling hardware.切记,乔布斯不是在推销设备,Hes selling an experience.他是在推销一种体验。If you offer numbers and statistics make them meaningful.如果你要引用数据,让它们变得有意义。We have sold four million iPhones to date.迄今为止,我们一共售出了400万部iPhone。If you divide four million by two hundred days, thats 20,000 iPhones every day on average.如果你用400万除以200天,这意味着我们平均每天卖出了两万部iPhone手机。Numbers dont mean much unless theyre placed in context.数字本身没有意义,除非放入特殊的语境。Managers, connect the dots for your listeners.经理们,给听众们连起些例子吧。Recently, I worked with a company that launched a 12 gigabyte memory card.最近我在和一个公司合作,这个公司刚刚发布了新的12G内存卡。12 gigabytes! That number doesnt mean much to most people, so we put it in the context.12G啊!多数人不明白12G是什么概念。所以我把它放到语境中。We said, ;thats enough memory to listen to your music while travelling to the moon and back!我们会说12G的存储量足够让你听着音乐在地球和月球之间兜上一圈。Now 12 gigs means something to me.现在12G对我来说就有了意义。Make numbers meaningful!让这些数字变得有意义。One of the most effective elements of a Steve Jobs presentation is that they are easy on the eyes.史蒂文·乔布斯演讲的最有效因素之一就是赏心悦目。His presentations are visual and simple.他的演讲不仅视觉化,而且通俗易懂。While most speakers fill their slides with mind-numbing data and text and charts, Jobs does just the opposite.尽管大多数的演讲者喜欢在幻灯片里塞进大量的数据、文字和图表,但乔布斯却正好相反。He uses very little text and usually one, maybe two, images per slide.他用很少的文字,通常每个幻灯片只带有一两张图片。you see, you want to paint a picture for your audience without overwhelming them.你想为听众描述一副蓝图,而不是铺天盖地抛向听众。Inspiring presentations are short on bullet points and big on visuals.鼓舞人心的演讲用丰富的视觉效果,而鲜有要点符号。201512/418685

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