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unit 80 特殊日期dialogue英语情景对话A:John, my father isnt there at all. Are you kidding?A:约翰,我爸爸根本不在那儿。你不是开玩笑吧?B:Poor fellow! Whats the date today, buddy?B:可怜的家伙!哥们儿,今天是几号?A:Its... OH, its the first of April, April Fools Day.A:是……哎呀,4月1日,愚人节!B:You forgot all about it, didnt you?B:你全给忘了,是不是? /201506/379029磐安县人民医院祛疤痕多少钱金东区妇幼保健院能用社保A: Hey, buddy! There would be a live band show tonight.A: 嘿,哥们!今天晚上有一场现场音乐表演。B: Really? Where?B: 真的?在哪儿啊?A: In the Show Bar.A: 在秀吧。B: When does it start?B: 什么时候开始?A: At 8:00 p.m.A: 晚上8点。B: Great We can also have a drinkthere.B: 好极了!我们还可以在那里喝几杯。A: Yes. The draft beer served there is great.A: 嗯。那里的扎啤真的够爽。B: I love beer so much.B: 我真是爱死啤酒了。A: But I think youd better not drink too much this time. Otherwise, your girlfriend will blame me again.A: 不过我觉得你这次可别喝太多了。要不然,你女朋友又得埋怨我了。B: Ha-ha, dont worry! She has gone to Guangzhou on business. B: 哈哈,这次你就别担心了。她到广州出差去了。A: Well, when should we meet?A: 好的,那我们什么时候碰面?B:What about 7:30 p.m.? I will pick you up at your home. B: 晚上7点半怎么样?我到你家去接你。A: OK. See you then.A: 好的,待会见。 /201504/371540Tom: I dont know what to do for my next holiday. Have you ever tried rafting?汤姆:我不知道下一个假期要做什么。你玩过漂流吗?Joel: Yeah, actually. I was a camp counselor one time for this high school program and we did a week long rafting trip in Utah. I cant remember the name of the river, but there was about 20 kids, and we carried all of our food and camping equipment on the raft, so we would pack, all the students would help pack up everything onto the rafts. We would go down the river for about three or four hours a day then we would stop at a camp stop. We would have to take all of the food, all of the camping equipment off and then the students would have different roles, so some students that day were in charge of cooking food for example, and they had prepared a , all the ingredients for that day. Other students were in charge of setting up all of the campground, you know, the tents. Other students were in charge of like building the fire.乔尔:玩过。我曾做过高中露营活动的辅导员,我们曾在犹他州进行过为期一周的漂流旅行。我记不清那条河流的名字了,我只记得大约有20名学生,我们带着所有的食物和露营装备坐上了橡皮艇,所有学生都要帮忙打包行李,然后装上橡皮艇。一天中我们大概沿着河流漂流三或四个小时,然后我们会停下来露营。我们要把所有食物和露营装备拿下来,然后学生们会进行分工,一些学生负责做饭,他们要准备菜单还有那天要用的所有材料。一些学生负责搭帐篷,其他学生则要去生火。Tom: Sounds like the students were doing a lot of work. What did you do?汤姆:听起来学生们要做很多工作。那你做什么?Joel: We were organizing; making sure they were all on their roles.乔尔:我们负责组织,确保学生们完成他们的工作。Tom: Organizing!汤姆:组织!Joel: Cracking the whip.乔尔:我们是鞭策他们的。Tom: So you stayed in a different place each night.汤姆:所以你们每晚都住在不同的地方。Joel: Yeah, so we were, you know, camping. We had to carry every supply that we needed for an entire week and carry it all on the rafts.乔尔:对,每晚就在不同的地方露营。那一周的时间我们在漂流时尽量带上所有需要的供给。Tom: Did anything go wrong?汤姆:那出过什么差错吗?Joel: Yeah, it got very cold for a few days, and a couple of students, actually, we went through rapids, so I dont know, do you call it the same (yeah) in British English? Its exciting but it was a very cold day and its very rough so a few students fell in.乔尔:有,有几天非常冷,我们穿过急流时……英式英语中是不是也这么说?(对)虽然很兴奋,可是那是寒冷的一天,而且浪很大,所以一些学生掉进河里了。Tom: What happened?汤姆:发生了什么?Joel: Its very dangerous. You know, everyone wears a life vest, so I think they were all able to swim anyway, but you have to wear a life vest, and they teach you to try to face your feet down stream because there are many rocks and things like that.乔尔:其实这很危险。你知道,所有人都穿着救生衣,虽然我想他们所有人都会游泳,但是也必须要穿救生衣,而且向下游的时候要尽量面对你的脚,因为河流中有许多岩石。Tom: Oh, so you dont hit your..汤姆:哦,这样你就不会撞到……Joel: Thats right. If youre going head first, then you could, the waters moving quickly so you could hit a rock or something, so you try to go feet first, and then, everyone has a paddle, so we try to paddle the raft over to them as quickly as we can, pull them back in, but you know, were still maybe an hour and a half from where we are camping so being completely wet like that, you know, youre so cold until we get back.乔尔:没错。如果你的头在前,因为河水非常湍急,你可能会撞到岩石或其他东西,所以你要尽量使脚在前面,而且每个人都有船桨,所以我们要尽快把橡皮艇划到他们旁边,把他们拉上来,不过离我们到露营地还有一个半小时的时间,可是我们全都湿透了,所以我们回到露营地之前一直都非常冷。Tom: It sounds like an incredible holiday. Did anyone take a camera?汤姆:听起来那是一个难以置信的假期。有人带相机吗?Joel: Oh, of course. Theres tons of pictures on it, but what I find most about trips like that, like sometimes when youre so cold and everything like that. You feel terrible. You feel miserable, but its such a group experience, like you really get close to everyone, and you feel like, you feel so much closer to everyone after youve gone through a challenging experience like that.乔尔:当然。我们拍了很多照片,不过我在那次旅行中感受最多的是,在那种非常寒冷的情况下,你会感觉又糟糕又痛苦,不过这是一次团队体验,你可以和所有人熟悉起来,在经历了这种充满挑战性的经历后,你会感觉到大家都亲近起来。Tom: To have to pull your friend out of the water.汤姆:必须要把你的朋友从水里救出来。Joel: Thats right.乔尔:没错。 译文属 /201504/368902浙江省妇幼保健院qq多少

金华市中医医院切眼袋手术多少钱金华人民医院总部8 Car Parking Dialogue8 停车 对话Steve wanted to park his car. Suddenly he found a car preempting the parking space. Now he is having a conversation with the car owner about the matter.史蒂文想要停车,突然他发现一辆车抢先占了车位。此刻他正和车主交涉此事。Steven: Excuse me, Im afraid youve parked in the wrong spot.史蒂文:对不起,恐怕您停错位置了。Car owner: Oh, really? Isnt this spot C408?车主:这不是C408号停车位吗?Steven: No, its D408, my parking space. I have aly paid for it.史蒂文:不是,这是D408号,是我的停车位。我早已付过款。Car owner: Im sorry, I must have been confused. I had thought its C section, but actually its D section. Ill move my car right away.车主:对不起,我一定是弄混了。 我原以为这是C区,而实际上是D区。我马上把车开走。Steven: Its no big deal. Thank you.史蒂文:没事儿。谢谢。 /201506/3815839. May I ask a few questions about insurance?请问我能咨询几个有关保险的问题吗?还能这样说:Could you tell me something about insurance?Id like to have a good knowledge about insurance.谚语:Ask and you shall receive.勤问必有所得。10. What kind of insurance are you able to provide for my consignment?贵公司能为我的这批货保哪些险呢?还能这样说:Which insurance can you give for my products?What kind of insurance can I get for my consignment?应用:consignment 托运,寄售;on consignment 以托销方式,寄卖11. How do we go about getting insurance?我们如何着手购买保险?还能这样说:How can we get insurance?How can we begin to buy insurance?应用:be about to do sth. 准备,将要,正打算;That is about it. 差不多。12. Your insurance is 0 a year.你的保险费是每年300美元。还能这样说:You have to pay 0 for the insurance a year.The insurance costs 0 per year. /201504/366019金华美白针Joel: So, Michele, how long have you been living in Japan?乔尔:米歇尔,你在日本生活多长时间了?Michele: Well, in total its been almost four years now.米歇尔:我在日本生活的时间加起来有四年了。Joel: Four years. OK. Thats about the same for me too.乔尔:四年。和我一样。Michele: Oh, yeah.米歇尔:哦,好。Joel: Do you feel like your totally used to it? Are you acculturated?乔尔:你觉得你已经完全适应日本的生活了吗?你适应这里的文化了吗?Michele: I think so. At times there are still some things that are a little bit difficult but for the most part, I dont have a culture shock anymore.米歇尔:我想是的。不过有时也会遇到一些问题,不过大多数情况下,我已经没有文化冲击了。Joel: For example?乔尔:举例来说呢?Michele: Something that I still struggle with?米歇尔:我仍会遇到的问题?Joel: Yes.乔尔:对。Michele: Well, theres still the language barrier because Im still not fluent in Japanese so, like today I went to the bank and I was trying to do something that was a little out of the ordinary I guess I just had some trouble and I couldnt get it done.米歇尔:现在还是有语言障碍,因为我的日语还不是太流利,就像今天我去,我想可能我要办的业务有些特殊,我遇到了一些麻烦,没有办成。Joel: And you said you had gone back to the ed States...乔尔:你说过你之前回过美国……Michele: Canada.米歇尔:加拿大。Joel: Im sorry. You had gone back to Canada and did you have kind of reverse culture shock when you went back?乔尔:抱歉。你之前回过加拿大,那你回去时有没有遇到反文化冲击?Michele: Yes, I did actually. I... at that time, I had lived in Japan for about three years and I returned to Canada and I was so used to living in Japan and I guess I had to change my thinking and behaviors a little bit while I was in Japan so when I went back to Canada I felt like, ;OK, now I have to change back.;米歇尔:有,我的确感受到了。我在日本生活了三年以后,回了一次加拿大,我已经习惯日本的生活了,我在日本时要稍微改变我的想法和行为,而我回到加拿大以后,感觉我又要把习惯改回去了。Joel: The first thing I noticed when I had gone back to the ed States was in the grocery store, the supermarket, when I was buying my food the cashier would talk to me and ask me questions.乔尔:我感受到的第一个不同是,我回美国以后去超市买食物,结账时收银员会和我说话,问我些问题。Michele: Right.米歇尔:对。Joel: And when I lived in Asia, the cashiers, they never talk to you, and it just threw me off. It threw me off guard. I was very surprised at how much just people you dont know will approach you and talk to you and ask you questions.乔尔:可是我在亚洲生活时,收银员从来不会和我说话,所以这让我有些吃惊,让我颇感意外。不认识的人主动接近我,和我说话并问我问题让我感到很惊讶。Michele: Right.米歇尔:对。Joel: Is it the same in Canada?乔尔:加拿大也是这样吗?Michele: Yeah. Yeah. I think so. And I also noticed when I went back to Canada, especially I lived near Toronto, and theres people from a lot of different countries in Toronto, Ive been so used to seeing only Japanese pieces, so it was a little bit shock to see so many different pieces again whenever I back to Canada.米歇尔:对,也是这样。另外我回加拿大的时候还注意到一个不同,我住在多伦多附近,多伦多有很多来自世界各地的人,我在日本时已经习惯只看到日本的物品了,可是我回加拿大以后会因为看到那么多不同国家的东西而感到震惊。Joel: And also, youre planning to move back soon again?乔尔:另外,你近期有回加拿大的计划吗?Michele: Well, Im going to go back Canada in the summer for my holidays but then Ill be back in Japan.米歇尔:我计划夏天回加拿大度假,然后会再回到日本。Joel: Oh, I see. What do you think youll miss most while youre gone?乔尔:哦,我明白了。你离开日本以后最想念的会是什么?Michele: What will I miss about Japan?米歇尔:我会想念日本的什么东西?Joel: Yeah.乔尔:对。Michele: I think Ill miss the food the most. I really love Japanese food.米歇尔:我想我最想念的会是食物。我真的非常喜欢日本的食物。Joel: Thats exactly the same for me.乔尔:和我一样。Michele: Yeah.米歇尔:对。Joel: Ill miss my yakisoba.乔尔:我会想念我最喜欢的日式炒面。Michele: And good sushi. Udon. I love udon.米歇尔:还有好吃的寿司。乌冬面。我喜欢乌冬面。译文属 /201602/426695金华义乌做隆鼻多少钱

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