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湖州曙光整形美容冰点脱毛多少钱湖州驼峰鼻矫正多少钱Step 1 Join a gym1.加入健身馆Join a gym to gain access to the best equipment and dont be afraid to ask questions or talk to trainers or serious bodybuilders -- their experience and information can save you time and pain later on.加入健身馆会员,获得使用最好的器械的机会,不要害怕问问题,不要害怕与教练或资深健美运动者交流——他们的经验和信息会在今后节约你的时间,减少你的痛苦。Step 2 Master basic lifts2.进行基本的举重训练Learn the proper form for basic bodybuilding moves such as the bench press, chin up, and dead lift, and dont worry too much about targeting smaller muscle groups.学习一些基本的塑身运动,例如卧推,引体向上,硬举等等。不要过分担心训练更小的肌肉群。Step 3 Set small goals3.设立小的目标Set small goals for yourself, such as increasing your bench press by 10 pounds over the summer. Keep progressing and achieving and youll feel encouraged to continue.为自己设定小的目标,例如整个夏天将自己的卧推能力增加10磅。不断取得进步,你会更有动力继续保持。Tip Focus on form rather than weight for the first few months to avoid injury.小贴士:最初的几个月注重表现而不是重量,以免受伤。Step 4 Change routine often4.不断改变Change your routine every 4 to 8 weeks to keep your body confused and growing and to prevent boredom.每四到八周改变一下训练习惯,让身体保持协调,不断增长,同时也防止自己厌倦。Step 5 Pick up a cookbook5.选择食谱Pick up a cookbook that is specifically designed for bodybuilders, or talk to a dietitian or specialist at your gym to create a meal plan right for you.选择一种专门为健身运动员设计的食谱,或者与营养师和专家讨论适合自己的进餐计划。Tip Dont worry about incorporating supplements right away. Wait until you are further along in your quest.小贴士:不要着急用补充剂。可以在将来根据需要选择。Step 6 Be patient but dedicated6.有耐心但是要专注Be patient but dedicated. Small changes will take months, bigger changes will take years, but stay on track and youll reach your bodybuilding goals.要有耐心,但是要专注。小的变化需要几个月的时间,更大的变化需要几年的时间。但是坚持下去你一定能达到自己的塑身目标。Fact In 1980, bodybuilding champion Lisa Lyon became the first female bodybuilder to appear in _Playboy_ magazine.事实:1980年,健身冠军丽莎里昂(Lisa Lyon)成为第一个登上杂志的健美女性。201212/214247湖州解放军第九八医院韩式三点多少钱 湖州整形医院做隆鼻手术多少钱

湖州妇保院做丰胸手术多少钱湖州曙光整形美容医院做激光美容怎么样 ~FzLSI_b-b86I_m@_TcilP4iNuU#*Cf.3*w4_vQPRThis short shows you how to fold a t-shirt in two seconds. Keep your t-shirts crease free with this simple yet amazingly fast technique.Jgz_vI|TmH2h8这个短片向你展示了如何在两秒钟内快速折叠好T恤衫wfHZ(5~UEGf。而这个简单速度却快得惊人的技术让你的心爱衣连折痕都不留下9WgGKX(MXGw.;。!IyyS6K(b(NBT;8WxiP;FgWiEb~ke92jXfOvBuP6201205/182510吴兴区祛痣多少钱

湖州曙光医院削骨整形多少钱当去巴西旅游的时候,许多人选择阳光明媚的海滩,雨林或伊瓜苏瀑布。但游客就了解如何经营一座发电站却是一个独特的机会。When touring Brazil, many people choose sunny beaches, rain forests or the Iguazu Falls. But a unique opportunity for visitors is to learn how a power station is operated. Lets find out more about Itaipu Dam, which has recently become a hot place of interest.With all the green, you might think it is a natural reserve at first sight.Located on the border of Brazil and Paraguay, the water power station was co-constructed by the two countries and its total generating power reaches 14 million kilowatts.But what the visitors really want to see is the inside water power station where they can learn how the control room is operated by technicians from Brazil and Paraguay.An American visitor said, ;This is my first time to come here , and its amazing. Excellent idea for generating energy for both the countries.;Brazils water power station also left a strong impression on its visitors for its combination of greenery and high-technology.The ecological environment was also a great focus in the area. In fact, over 1 million trees have been planted here. 6 animal shelters have provided a habitat for over 4,500 animals.201205/184479 Rotating your veggies helps reduce insects and plant disease, and allows the soil to recharge and rebalance its minerals.蔬菜轮作可以减少昆虫和植物疾病,让土壤中的矿物质得到自动补充和平衡。You Will Need你需要A guide to vegetable families蔬菜科属指引Various vegetable seeds各种各样的蔬菜种子Steps步骤Step 1 Get a guide to vegetable plants from a home store or garden supply shop. It will list the different plant ;families; or groupings.1.从家具商店或园艺用品商店了解蔬菜作物指引,其中会列举出不同植物的科属。Step 2 From season to season, avoid growing vegetables from same family in the same garden.2.随着季节变化,不要在同一块菜园种植同一个科属的蔬菜。Step 3 For the best results, develop a three-year rotation plan, such as legumes like peas, beans, and peanuts the first year; onions, carrots, and tomatoes the second; and turnips and kale the third.3.为了获得最佳效果,制定以三年为期限的轮作计划,例如第一年种植蚕豆,四季豆和花生等豆类作物。第二年种植洋葱,胡萝卜和番茄。第三年种植萝卜和甘蓝。Step 4 Follow your three-year plan and plant seeds from a different family in each garden plot at the start of the growing season.4.根据制定的三年计划,当种植季节开始的时候,在花园的每一块区域种植不同科属的植物种子。Did you know? George Washington Carver, who developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, introduced the concept of crop rotation in the American South.你知道吗?发明了花生数百种用途的乔治·华盛顿·卡弗在美国南方提出了作物轮作的概念。视频听力栏目译文属。201303/232469湖州第三医院脱毛手术多少钱湖州注射美白针价格



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