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杏林区激光脱毛的价格厦门皮肤修复手术哪家好厦大附属中山医院是正规的 The current season of TLC#39;s hit show My Strange Addiction has portrayed a variety of wacky obsessions, including a man in love with his inflatable toys and a woman who eats beauty products.在美国学习频道(TLC: The Learning Channel)热播的纪实节目《我的怪癖》讲述各种各样古怪的嗜好,例如:一个男人爱上充气娃娃、一个女人爱吃化妆品等。But the finale episode could be the weirdest one yet - because it features a tattoo artist whose addiction is drinking a liter of blood every day.但当季的大结局可能是最奇怪的一期——它讲述了一个纹身艺术家对血的独特嗜好,她每天要喝一公升的血。Michelle, 29, has been downing pig#39;s blood since she was a teenager, and now says she cannot be in a good mood without it.米歇尔29岁,她从青少年时期就开始饮用猪血,现在更是无血不欢。#39;Blood is as important as water to me,#39; she says during her appearance on the show.在节目上她表示,血对于她来说和水一样重要。#39;I like to drink blood when I#39;m ing, when I#39;m relaxing, when I#39;m watching TV, when I#39;m painting,#39; she explains. #39;There#39;s never a bad time for me to drink blood.#39;她说:“我喜欢在读书、放松、看电视或画画时喝血。当我喝血的时候,心情会很好。”The Lancaster, California native#39;s addiction is so severe that she says she cannot start her day without a sip of blood.这位来自加利福尼亚州兰开斯特的女士的血瘾是如此之严重,她每天都要抿上一口血才能开始正常的生活。#39;I drink it and I get energized,#39; she says of the liquid.她说:“饮血让我充满了力量。”While most people might be disgusted by the idea, Michelle says it is in fact very similar to drinking wine.可能大部分人都会被她这一嗜好恶心到,米歇尔却说其实这就像在喝葡萄酒。#39;It definitely has the same ambiance,#39; she says.她说:“这感觉其实是一样的。”And rather than finding the taste repulsive she considers it comforting, saying: #39;When I feel it going down my throat, it#39;s like having a cold and drinking a hot toddy.#39;米歇尔非但没觉得血的味道恶心,反而觉得喝起来很舒,她说:“当血滑过喉咙,那感觉就像是感冒时喝了杯热甜酒。”If she doesn#39;t get her daily fix, Michelle says: #39;I get irritable without it, I get angry, I don#39;t want to leave my house - I want my blood.#39;要是有天她没能喝上一点血会如何,米歇尔如此回答:“不喝的话我会急躁、发怒,都不想出门了,我只想喝点血。”She calculates that she has drunk a total of 1,000 gallons of blood since she first took up her habit ten years ago, which TLC notes is enough of the liquid to fill a bathtub 23 times.自从10年前第一次有了这个习惯后,米歇尔算了下自己总共已经喝掉1000加仑(约3785升)血,学习频道表示这些量都够装23浴缸了。 /201304/233958Many of us groan at the first signs of oncoming winter, and look for any excuse we can get to stay snuggled under those covers.当寒冷的冬季释放出来第一个信息时,我们很多人都对此欢呼声一片,这似乎为我们赖床找到了更好的借口。But hibernating indoors isn#39;t the only way to stay warm -- there are far healthier (and less isolated) ways to heat up. Check out these eight ways to stay warm this winter, many of which even come with added health benefits.一直宅着也不是唯一保暖的方法——有更多更加健康(不那么与世隔绝)的方法来升温。下面这八种方法让你这个冬天不再寒冷,有些甚至对健康还有好处。1. Spend Time Being Social1. 把时间花在交际上If you#39;re flipflopping between a night out with friends or a night under the covers, consider this: Spending time socializing could make you feel physically warmer than being alone. A study conducted by the University of Toronto researchers found that social exclusion literally feels cold. So despite the frigid temperatures and the temptation to hibernate, make an effort to spend some time with your buddies.你是愿意晚上都用来和朋友在一起,还是一晚上躲在被子里呢?考虑下这个建议吧,交际能让你身体感觉更温暖,同时也不会那样孤单。多伦多大学研究表明缺乏交际会感觉更冷。所以别再害怕低温,也别再冬眠,多花点时间和朋友们一起度过吧。2. Get Nutty2. 吃点坚果Foods that are high in healthy fats -- like nuts -- help the body regulate its temperature, which is why people whose diets are deficient in fat often report feeling cold, Self magazine reported. So grab a handful when you feel the chill (just be mindful of portion sizes) and reap the many other benefits of nuts.富含健康脂肪的食物非坚果莫属!《悦己》杂志曾报道,坚果能帮助身体保持体温,这就是为什么有些人在节食过程中若少吃脂肪类食品会觉得很冷的原因。所以当觉得冷的时候,抓一把坚果吃(只要稍微注意下脂肪含量),你能得到不少由坚果带来的好处。3. Snuggle Up3. 蜷缩起来As if you need more reason to cuddle up! Aside from the extra body heat, cuddling releases that feel-good hormone, oxytocin, that reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.蜷缩是个好办法!除去增加体内温度之外,还能释放让人感觉舒适的荷尔蒙催产素,这能缓解压力降低血压。4. Get Moving4. 动起来Make an effort to exercise and you#39;ll reap benefits beyond mood-boosting endorphins and maintaining a healthy weight.尽量多运动,你能获得不少好处,比如分泌出让心情舒畅的安多芬,以及保持体重。Fitting in a sweat session will increase blood circulation throughout your body, which can help you stay focused, handle stressful situations and, of course, warm up. That#39;s because when it#39;s cold out, circulation in parts of the body, like the fingers, decreases, which is why those extremities are often the first to feel cold when the temperature drops, Livestrong reported.健身直到出汗能增加体内的血液循环,使你精神更加集中,易于在重压之下处理事情,当然还能让你暖起来。抗癌基金会Livestrong曾报道说,当外界寒冷的时候,部分体内的循环(如手指处)都会下降,这就是为什么一旦气温下降,我们的四肢总能最先感到寒冷的原因。5. Sip On Something Steamy5. 喝热饮Drinking a hot beverage will warm you right up (and of course, there#39;s nothing like a piping-hot mug against your frigid fingers). And, if you pick the right drinks -- like teas and coffees (preferably sans the added sugar and cream) -- you could be sipping on some serious health perks:喝热饮能让你迅速暖起来(当然,滚烫的杯子也能让你的手指迅速变暖)。如果你选对了饮料,比如茶或者咖啡(通常会添加糖或奶),这对你的健康还真是好处不少。Green tea, for example, is high in antioxidant polyphenols which are able to help our bodies fight against the cell-damaging free radicals acquired through the environment. And coffee, which also contains antioxidants, has been shown in several studies to lower the risk of some cancers.比如绿茶说富含抗氧化多酚,可以帮助身体减少外界环境对细胞的辐射伤害。还有几项研究表明,咖啡富含抗氧化剂,也能有效防癌。6. Start With Soup6. 先喝汤Like tea, a hot soup can warm you from the inside out. But it could do more than help you heat up -- soup is filling, which means it could help if you#39;re trying to cut calories. A 2007 Penn State study found that participants who first ate soup before their lunch entree reduced their calorie intake by 20 percent, compared to their soup-less counterparts. Start with a broth-based, fiber-filled (that means veggies!) soup to cut your calorie-intake and warm up.和茶一样,热汤也能让你从里到外暖洋洋。但它不仅能让你暖起来:汤还能填饱肚子,如果你正在减肥,想要减少卡路里的摄入,那么汤能帮大忙。2007的一项研究表明,与那些饭前不喝汤的人相比,中午吃饭之前先喝汤的人能有效减少20%卡路里的摄入,喝一碗充满维生素(也就是蔬菜)的汤,减少卡路里的摄入,同时暖和自己吧。7. Spice It Up7. 加点作料Incorporate some more herbs and spices into your next dish and you#39;ll heat up while adding some extra flava#39;.在菜里加点草药或者香料,给菜增添滋味的同时,还能让你暖和身体。Ginger, in particular, can get blood circulation going and the body temperature up, WebMD reported. It warms you up from the inside美国网路医生网站称,姜尤其能促进血液循环,使得体内温度上升。它能让你从体内暖起来。8. Take A Warm Bath8. 洗个热水澡Escape the cold with a warm soak in the tub -- and sleep better, too.好好泡个热水澡,这样能帮助你入眠。That#39;s because our body temperatures naturally cool down around the time we should go to sleep. Health.com reports that taking a nice warm bath a couple hours before bedtime can raise your body temperature, prompting a greater drop in body temperature before bed -- helping you feel more relaxed.我们睡觉的时候体内的温度一般都会下降。健康网站称睡觉之前洗个热水澡能提高体内的温度,这样上床之前体内的温度会降到更加合适的水平,会使你觉得更加放松。 /201212/213107龙海市人民医院在线询问

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厦门大学附属厦门眼科中心开住院证明 Year in and year out, we all make resolutions to better ourselves. Gym memberships surge, restaurants serve more salads and people reduce their smoking, drinking and spending. Making a resolution is one thing, but sticking to that resolution can be an uphill battle -- these are lifelong habits you#39;re trying to break. Kafi A. Martin, a health and lifestyle expert and CEO of Island Sweat, offers her tips for staying focused. In short, think long term.日复一日年复一年,每到新年时分我们都会列新年目标,希望可以完善自身。健身房的会员业务量激增、餐馆的健康食品卖得更多、戒烟戒酒戒花钱的人儿也遍地都是。不过,列目标是一回事,但坚持下去就是场艰苦卓绝的战役了:要知道,你在努力戒掉的,是长期以来养成的习惯。Kafi.A.Martin 是一位生活健康专家,同时也是Island Sweat公司的CEO。她将跟我们分享将目标坚持到底的秘诀。一句话:从长远利益出发。1. Cook More1. 多做饭Cooking more meals at home is a top New Year#39;s resolution, but it#39;s daunting if you#39;re not comfortable in the kitchen. ;To start, pick one meal that would be easy for you to do,; Martin said. Think eggs for breakfast or chicken for dinner. ;The key here is to not overwhelm yourself by trying to cook each meal right away. Pick one easy meal first, master it and then add another.;今年要多在家做饭,这是很多人第一选择的新年目标。不过,假如你本来就厨艺不精,那这个目标对你来说着实艰巨。Martin告诉我们:“刚开始的时候,你可以选择一个简单的食谱。” 比如用鸡蛋做早饭、或是用鸡肉做晚餐。“关键是,不要在一开始就妄想着能顿顿美味,先选一个简单的食谱、掌握它,然后再逐渐进阶。2. Eat Better2. 吃得更健康Eating the majority of your meals at home is the quickest way to eat healthier. Still, you will likely eat out. At restaurants, don#39;t be afraid to get picky. Ask for dressings and toppings on the side, request your food cooked in olive oil instead of other fats, skip the appetizers and order water to drink. At friends#39; houses, control your portions and pass on high-calorie beverages.想要吃得健康,最便捷的方法就是多在家吃饭。然而,总有出去下馆子的时候。别怕,在饭馆里要多“挑三拣四”。比如,嘱咐厨子把调味料和配料都放在盘子的一边(而不是和食物混合在一起);要求用橄榄油而不是用别的油烹制;不点开胃菜、以水代替饮料等等。在朋友家聚餐时,记得控制自己盘中食物的份量,并远离那些高热量的酒水饮料。3. Get a Better Education3. 继续深造If you#39;re thinking of going back to school, Martin suggests you ;write down your reason for going back to school at the top of every notepad and notebook you use.; The constant reminder, she says, will keep you focused and motivate you through difficult classes and exams even when balancing school with life and work seems impossible.假如你打算回炉深造一下,Martin的建议是:“把你想深造的原因和目的写下来,并放在所有常用的笔记本的第一页。” 这样,通过长期持续的提醒,它将保持你注意力的集中,并在艰苦的课堂和考试中给你动力;在令人疲惫的生活和学业的平衡中,持续给你信心和力量。4. Quit Smoking4. 戒烟This resolution may be more difficult to keep than others because your body#39;s addiction to nicotine can be difficult to overcome. Some can quit cold turkey, but others require gradual steps to break their addiction, and that#39;s OK. Invest in products that help wean you off your nicotine addiction. In addition, Martin says to ;assess what triggers your stress and control that first before you reach for your puffer; since smoking is often a mindless, stress-relieving habit.这个目标相比别的而言,比较难。因为吸烟者的身体对尼古丁的依赖并不容易克。少数人能迅速又彻底地戒掉,然而大多数还是需要一个漫长而逐渐的过程的,没关系。可以尝试用替代品来帮助你克烟瘾。此外,Martin还认为,“每当烟瘾重犯、伸手掏烟时,你应该先想一想:啥事儿让我变得紧张了?从而克制住这种情绪。” 因为吸烟是一种下意识缓解压力的习惯。5. Stick to a Budget5. 计划用钱;A budget is how you control your money and ensure that money does not control you,; said Martin. Think of a budget as financial freedom as opposed to a restriction. To stick to this resolution, Martin suggests setting up a small monthly reward for yourself as a treat for a month#39;s worth of success. Take a picture of this reward (a meal, a manicure, a new outfit) and keep it in your line of sight to help stay on track.“理财计划是用来帮助你掌控自己的钱财、而非让它反过来掌控你的办法。”Martin说道。理财其实是为了实现“财务自由”,而非约束你花钱。要想坚持下去,Martin的建议是——设立一笔小额月奖励,来鼓励自己每个月的成功。无论你用这笔奖励干嘛(比如吃饭、做指甲、买衣),记得拍张照,并放在肉眼可见的地方,帮助你循序渐进地达成目标。6. Reduce Debt6. 减少债务Whether you#39;re tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars in debt, reducing that debt takes dedication and diligence. To start, do not accrue any more debt and instead only spend within your means. To reduce the debt you aly have, list all your debts from smallest to largest. ;Start by paying off the smallest debt,; suggested Martin, who explains that the reward of paying it off can motivate you to work on your larger debts, too. If necessary, work with a financial specialist to help you create a plan of attack.无论你正身负几千、几百或几十美元的债,想达成这个目标,需要奉献和勤勉的精神。第一步要做到“不再欠更多债”,而只在可承受的范围内开销。若想偿还债务,先列一张表,把每笔债务从小到大清点一遍。“从最小一笔开始还”,Martin这样建议。她解释道,因为每偿还一笔,你都将得到良性的促进和鼓舞,这样一来,大的债务也能渐渐被偿还了。有必要的话,也可以请一个理财专家,来帮助你设立“作战计划”。7. Get Organized7. 生活得更有条理Drowning in clutter? Try nixing as much paper as possible and storing it digitally instead, Martin suggests. ;With an electronic copy, you can get rid of the paper copy and immediately begin to keep your space clear and organized,; she said. For standard household organization, go through all your possessions and donate whatever you aren#39;t using. Buy storage containers of all sizes, give everything a place and then label the containers. ;Designating one space for each item keeps it from being jumbled and hard to find,; said Martin.感觉快被一团乱麻淹没了?不如试试减少纸张使用、转向数字生活吧,这是Martin的建议。“电子文档可以立即帮你摆脱成堆的纸质文件,还你一个干净有条理的空间,” 她说。对于普通的家庭或机构而言,不妨翻看一下自己的存货,然后把那些不用的东西都捐出去。购置各种尺寸的储物箱,把每件东西都标记好,然后放进去。“把空间标记好,不同的地方存放专门的东西,这样就不会造成一团乱麻、要啥找不到啥的局面了。”8. Reduce Alcohol Intake8. 减少酒精摄入To successfully reduce your alcohol intake, first consider where you do the majority of your drinking. ;If you’re a social drinker, do less events where others are drinking and do more physical activities like skating or hiking,; suggested Martin. ;This way you get your social interaction, but it’s not built around behavior where drinking is the norm.; Martin says to pay attention to your drinking mood if you#39;re a solitary drinker. Once you understand your triggers, work to avoid them and find other ways to cope or relieve that mood.想要少喝酒,首先你得回忆一下平时一般都在哪里喝得比较多。“假如应酬时总喝多,那就少去聚餐,多做些体育运动,比如滑冰啊、徒步之类。” Martin建议道。“这样,你既和朋友们保持了联络,同时也回避了那种处处离不开酒精的场面。” Martin还说,假如你常常独饮,那得好好注意一下自己在喝酒时的情绪。一旦你掌握了自己情绪的薄弱点,那么下次再出现这种情绪时,用别的方式来化解它。9. Get Fit9. 去健身Exercise and getting more fit is all about a lifestyle change -- not a temporary regimen. ;To get fit, you must engage in an activity that you love, at a time where you are fully focused on you and you only,; advised Martin. ;Separate an hour in every day that belongs only to you. In that hour, do the sporting activity you enjoy most.; If you hate running, don#39;t do it. Instead try dancing, skating or even walking. If you enjoy sports, join a community team. If you love the outdoors, take up hiking or biking.体育锻炼和健身是一辈子的事业,而非短期强化可以达到。“想变得健美,首先你得找到自己喜欢什么运动,以及算算自己的哪些时间是能保不被打扰专心运动的。”Martin建议道。“可以试着把一小时零散分布在全天中。在这些完全属于你自己的时间里,做最喜欢的运动。如果你讨厌跑步,那就别跑。试试跳舞啊、溜冰啊、走路啊什么的。如果你喜欢某些运动项目,可以去参加社团。如果你喜欢户外,那就去徒步或骑车。”10. Spend More Time With Family10. 花更多时间和家人相处Spending quality time with your family can be tricky since it requires balancing various peoples#39; schedules. The key is to plan in advance and to find something fun that you all enjoy. ;Take turns picking an activity that everyone can do and set aside a specific time every week,; suggested Martin. ;Even if it#39;s game night at home, put the event on your calendar so you don#39;t schedule something over it by accident.;这其实是个并不容易的目标,因为,家里每个人的时间都得有一个共同的交集才行。要提前做计划,找出那些所有人都喜欢的活动。“可以试着让每个家庭成员轮流选择一次活动,并设立一个’每周特殊时间’,让大家都能参与其中。”Martin建议道,“即便是一家人大晚上玩游戏也行啊。总之,把这件事记在日历上,这样可以避免’一不小心被别的安排打乱’的事发生了。” /201301/219122厦门上眼皮下垂切眉福建省厦门市妇女儿童医院打瘦腿针多少钱



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