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A twenty year old immigrant, Levi Strauss, came to the ed States in 1850 to seek his tune in the gold fields. But strangely enough, this man made his tune on heavy canvas that he found suitable working clothes. Strauss' jeans were particularly good prospectors and cowboys.In the early days of jeans, this man couldn't have guessed that his pants, made only rough work, would become so popular at all levels of society. Yes, this is a fact jeans have become fashionable in our society. Furthermore, these pants have come to symbolize changes in social attitude.In the last decade or two we have seen movements toward equality as well as defiance of authority. Jeans, now worn by everybody, can be said to symbolize these changes the better. In the past, only men wore jeans, and these men were at the bottom-socially and economically. Jeans were worn by truck drivers, farm and factory workers.Today, jeans no longer are looked down upon. They are worn by both men and women, by both skilled and unskilled workers, by both employees and employers. This common way of dressing symbolizes respect individuality, no matter what your occupation or sex. In the fight against authority, young people have been the leaders.So it is natural that the teenagers would defy parents and school administrators over the right to wear jeans to class—and win. Jeans are the typical dress of civil rights marchers, fans at rock concerts, “hippies” returning to nature, and serious college students. Because everyone can be comtable in them, the blue-jeans invented the use of workers are now accepted almost anywhere, anytime.This is true not only in the ed States, but in many other countries in the world. I strongly agree with the following statement “Old or new, glorified or plain, jeans are likely to be around a long time to come. Aly they have succeeded where statesmanship has failed. Although unable to speak the same language, the inhabitants of this embattled planet have at least agreed to wear the same pants.” 3963情感英语:18种“我爱你”的“高级”表达 -01-7 :: 来源: 1) You look more beautiful every time I see you. 每次见到你,你都更漂亮(妙就妙在用more这个词,很简单地就表示出“一次比一次更”漂亮的意思)) I love you with all my heart. 我全心全意爱你3) I love you you. 我真心爱你!(简单吧!当你想表示爱的是对方的人,而不是其他如钱财,权势等,就可以这样说)) the same reason you like me, I like you, too. 我也喜欢你啊,就想你喜欢我一样5) My love you is as deep as the sea. 对你的爱,似海深6) I'll love you as long as I live. 爱你一辈子(爱你千万年)7) If the sun were to rise in the west, I'd never change my mind to love you ever. 即使太阳从西边出来,我对你的爱也不会改变(顺便温习一下虚拟语气吧)8) You're the only manwoman I could be happy with. (这句话是不是太夸张?)9) I'm so happy with you in this starry night. 在这繁星闪烁的夜晚,跟你在一起非常快乐)I love stars, and you're as beautiful as a star. (是俗了点,可人家就这麽说!)) If you go away, I'll be blue. I'll miss you when you leave. 假如你走了,我会很沮丧你离开,我会很想念)That reminds me too much of you. 那使我很想你(并不一定要用think、miss等单词哦))I'm singing a torch song her. 我单恋她(因失恋单恋而唱的歌就是torch song))She fell in an unrequited love with the professor. 单恋那位教授)You're a right match. 你们真是天生一对)I'm sending your favorite red rose to feast your eyes upon. 我要送你你最喜爱的红玫瑰,让你欣赏(女孩子都喜欢红玫瑰?))Will you accept me? I wanna share my life with you. 你答应我的求婚吗?我想永远和你在一起18)Love doesn't feed you. Grow up! 别幼稚了,爱情是填不饱肚皮的! 表达 高级 我爱你 英语Tess discovered that only two or three of the dairymaids slept in the house, besides herself.苔丝发现除了她之外,还有两三个挤奶女工和她睡在一间房子里They all shared a big bedroom near the cheese room.她们共有的这间大卧室挨着奶酪室That night one of the girls insisted on telling Tess about all the people at the dairy.那天晚上,她们中有个姑娘坚持要给苔丝讲牛奶场里所有人的情况To Tess,half asleep, the whispers seemed to be floating in the air.丝半睡半醒地听着,这些耳语就像漂浮在空中一样;Mr Angel Clare—he the one who learning milking— he a parson son and thinks a lot and doesnt notice girls.“安吉尔·克莱尔先生——就是那个学挤牛奶的人——是一位牧师的儿子,爱思考问题,但对女孩子从不留意His father is parson at Emminster,some way from here.她父亲是爱敏斯特的牧师,离这儿有些距离His sons, except Mr Clare,are going to be parsons too.;他的儿子们,除了克莱尔先生,也都打算当牧师”Tess gradually fell asleep.苔丝渐渐地睡着了 5361365天交际口语详解():自信Part--对话详解及文化洗礼 -- :35:59 来源: 详解实用对话Expressing ConfidenceTom:Hi, Ann.Ann:Hi. You look excited. What’s happening?Tom:I just heard that our school will hold a singing contest in 5 days.Ann:And you’re planning to enter?Tom:Of course. This is a great chance me to show off? my beautiful voice.Ann:Is there a prize?Tom:I heard that the winner gets a Panda Radio.Ann:Do you think you have a chance?Tom:A chance? Not just a chance, I’m a hundred percent? certain. Everyone says my voice is beautiful.Ann:But you haven’t practised all that much.Tom:I still have 5 days to practise. It’s in the bag?!Ann:Don’t be too sure. You’re still going to need some help.Tom:Yeah, maybe.表示自信汤姆:嗨,安 安:嗨,你看起来很高兴怎么回事啊?汤姆:我刚听说咱们学校5天后要举行一个歌唱比赛 安:你准备参加吗?汤姆:当然了这可是我一展歌喉的好机会啊 安:有奖项吗?汤姆:我听说获胜者可以得到一台熊猫牌收音机 安:你觉得自己有获胜的可能吗?汤姆:可能?不只是可能,我有百分之百的把握大家都说我的声音很美 安:但是你还没怎么练习呢汤姆:我还有5天的练习时间呢我可是稳操胜券啊 安:不要把话说得这么肯定,你还需要别人的帮忙呢汤姆:是的,也许吧详细解说?“show off”的意思是“卖弄,炫耀”,例如:Don't take any notice of him; he's just showing off. (别理他,他只不过是在卖弄罢了)She always shows off her knowledge of literature. (她总是炫耀她的文学知识)?“aone hundred percent”意为“百分之百”英语中,百分数的表达方法为“基数词阿拉伯数字 + percent”例如:More than 0 percent of the students wear glasses.(有0%以上的学生都戴眼镜)此外,“percent”也可以写作“per cent”?“in the bag”是习语,意思是“十拿九稳的,稳操胜券的”,可以理解为“已是囊中之物”,例如:We've got the match in the bag. (这次比赛我们已稳操胜券)单 词? excited a. 兴奋的,高兴的 hold v. 举行,举办 contest n. 竞赛? enter v. 参加,加入 prize n. 奖赏,奖金FUN 轻松:贴士无论是接听电话,还是拨打电话,与“留言”有关的电话用语都是必须要掌握的,比如:“May I take a message? 要我捎个口信吗?”或“Could you please take a message? 您能捎个口信吗?”等等此外,与国内不同的是,很多西方人的固定电话都装有答录机(answering machine),所以当你打电话无人接听时,通常要通过答录机来留言很多西方人回家后的第一件事就是查看电话答录机上的留言在口语中,人们通常都把这种电话答录机叫作“machine” 详解 文化 对话 自信

我要用微笑的色为你画一道虹,在千里之外也散发着诚挚的光I'll paint you a rainbow to hang on the wall,To brighten your heart when the gray shadows fall.On a canvas(画布) of joy outlasting(比……长久) the years,With a soft brush of sweetness to dry all your tears.我要为你画一道虹高挂在墙上,在灰霾降临时点亮你的心灵在一块历经岁月的欢乐画布上,用甜蜜的软刷拭干你所有的泪水 I'll paint you a rainbow with colors of smilesThat glow with sincerity(真挚) over the miles.On a palette(调色板) of words I will tenderly blend(混和)Tones(调和) into treasures of sunlight and wind.我要用微笑的色为你画一道虹在千里之外也散发着诚挚的光我会在语言的调色板上温柔地调色调出阳光与清风的珍贵色I'll paint you a rainbow that reaches so wide,Your sighs and your sorrows will vanish inside,And deep in the center of each different hue(色调),A memory fashioned(制造) especially you.我要为你画一道无比宽阔的虹,你的叹息和悲伤都会消融其中而在每一种不同色调的中心,都有一段特别为你打造的回忆So lift up your eyes, suspended(悬浮的) above,A rainbow designed by the fingers of love...所以请抬起眼眸,因为在你头上,悬浮着一道由爱的手指绘出的虹…… 6519

Mary had a little lamb (Excerpt)Mary had a little lambLittle lambLittle lambMary had a little lambIts fleece was white as snowEverywhere that Mary wentMary wentMary wentEverywhere that Mary wentThe lamb was sure to goIt followed her to school one daySchool one daySchool one dayIt followed her to school one dayWhich was against the rule?It made the children laugh and playLaugh and playLaugh and playIt made the children laugh and playTo see a lamb at school. 76777

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