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巧嘴英语做导游Chapter(旅途中事宜) Currency Exchange 兑换事宜文本 导游界的先锋人士编写了这本《巧嘴英语做导游全书分为带队之前、旅途中事宜、景点介绍及走遍大江南北四大章共33个单元根据多年实践经验把做导游所能涉及的情景单元列出,内容实用而广泛,语言纯正而富有大众化,宜于活学活用从名言格言到流行句子,再到流畅的英语对话以及举一反三的实践操练,相信这本《巧嘴英语做导游会帮助涉外导游和欲从事导游工作的人员提供一个自成训练口语能力的良好平台 637

5.Strawberry Poison Dart Frog5.草莓箭毒蛙The Scare Factor: At first glance, these amphibians dont seem dangerous; in fact, you can even call them ;cute.; But if you try to sink your predator teeth into a strawberry poison dart frog… Well, let just say it might be the last thing youll ever do. Also, even if you survive, youll have to deal with paralysis, tissue death and other unpleasant side effects of toxins present in this frog skin.恐怖指数:一眼望去,这些两栖动物似乎无害;事实上,你甚至觉得它们很漂亮但是如果你胆敢去招惹它的话,那好吧,那将会是你在世界上做的最后一件事情当然,假使你侥幸存活,你也要处理麻醉、组织死亡的问题,以及来自箭毒蛙皮肤毒素的负面影响The Care Factor: Granted, females of this species arent very productive, since they can only lay up to five eggs at a time. However, they make up it with parental habits unusual frogs: The mother deposits each egg at a separate location, comes back to them every few days, and feeds them unfertilized food eggs. (To be fair, this is done to prevent the tadpoles from cannibalizing each other, but you still have to give Mom points going through all that trouble.) Once the tadpoles hatch, theyre left on their own to grow and terrorize predators with their brightly-colored skins of death.爱心指数:当然,这类雌性毒箭蛙并不多产,一次仅能产五个卵子然而,它们会弥补自身与其他平常的蛙类的不同:雌性毒箭蛙会将每一个卵子分别放置,过一段时间再来看它们,给它们喂食未受精的卵子(公平地说,这样做是为了蝌蚪互相蚕食但你仍要给雌蛙一点分数,以称赞它们以此度过那样的困境)一旦蝌蚪开始孵化,雌蛙就会离开,让幼蛙独立成长,并用自己色泽光亮、蕴含毒素的皮肤吓退捕食者.Killer Whale.杀人鲸The Scare Factor: ;Killer; sounds about right this powerful marine animal. As predators of whales, seals, and even great white sharks, killer whales managed to propel themselves to the top of the ocean food chain, and stay there. The fact that their intelligence rivals ours is worrisome too; what if they eventually figure out how to use their flippers to walk on land? ( now, let be thankful evolution works really, really slowly.)恐怖指数:对最凶猛的海洋动物来说,;杀手;是它最合适的称谓作为白鲸、海豹、甚至是大白鲨的天敌,杀人鲸努力地挤上海洋食物链的顶端,并稳居不下它们的智力可与人类相竞争,这是一个堪忧的事实最终如果它们想出如何用脚蹼在陆地上行走,将会怎样呢?(那么暂时,让我们感谢进化之缓慢吧!)The Care Factor: Then again, Mother Nature probably wanted to downplay the orcas fearsome reputation, seeing as she made ;Momma BoysGirls; out of killer whale calves. In particular, studies have found that male orcas stay with their mothers well into their 30s to boost their chances of survival. The same goes female orcas, though to a much lesser extent. Makes you wonder whether orca moms grumble about their adult children, too.爱心指数:其次,大自然可能想淡化虎鲸这种吓人的名声,让幼虎鲸成为妈妈疼爱的小宝贝儿特别是,雄虎鲸会在它们的妈妈身边停留30年,以提高它们的生存机率雌虎鲸也同样会这样,即使只有很小一部分会这样这让你想知道这些虎鲸妈妈是否也会对她们的成年孩子发牢骚3.Walrus3.海象The Scare Factor: Seriously, would you want to be anywhere near a walrus? Even if it cant skewer you with its distinct tusks (which, by the way, have been known to kill polar bears), you can still get squished under its ,00 lb frame if youre unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Like some of their own calves, instance.)恐怖指数:说真的,你会愿意靠近海象吗?即使它不能用独特的獠牙刺穿你(顺便说一下,它的獠牙是杀死北极熊的利器),但如果你很不幸地在错的时间和地点里出现,仍会被它00磅的体重给压扁(就像一些它们自己的孩子)The Care Factor: tunately, walrus mothers know the extent of their Powers of Squish. They let their calves sit on their backs to protect them from predators, and from other lumbering walruses who dont know any better. Also, they nurse their children til the latter are two years old, while teaching them valuable life skills like hunting food – and maybe being nice to the other walruses.爱心指数:幸运的是,海象妈妈熟知自己能压扁的力量范畴它们让它们的幼儿坐在自己的背上,保护它们免受捕食者的伤害,也保护它们不被那些一无是处的笨重海象压到同时,它们把它们的孩子照料到两岁,教它们一些有价值的生存技巧,比如猎食和更友好地与其他海象相处.Vampire Bat.吸血蝙蝠The Scare Factor: If Dracula had a real-life incarnation other than Vlad Tepes, hed be a vampire bat. As their name implies, vampire bats feed exclusively on blood – which includes that of humans. Even if they dont have the ability to turn victims into soulless, bloodthirsty creatures like themselves, vampire bats are infamous sping rabies wherever they live.恐怖指数:如果德拉库拉除了费德拉·特彼斯之外还有一个真实化身的话,那就是吸血蝙蝠正如它们的名字所暗示的那样,吸血蝙蝠专以血液为食,其中也包括人类的血液尽管它们不能给受害者造成致命的伤害,像吸血蝙蝠这样的嗜血生物却因他们在其生存的地方传播狂犬病而臭名昭著The Care Factor: Because blood is surprisingly scarce as a food source, vampire bat mothers have to make up it by regurgitating congealed blood their hungry, helpless pups. This goes on several months, until the pups become old enough to hunt on their own. If a pup loses his mother too early, he can expect to be well-cared by his mother roostmates, since vampire bats are known to adopt orphans. Who knew these unholy creatures are capable of something so noble?爱心指数:因为血是极其稀有的一种食物种类,雌吸血蝙蝠必须吐出凝结的血液来喂养它们的幼儿,直到幼儿成长到可以自己猎食为止,这样的状况需持续几个月如果一个幼儿过早的丧失了它的母亲,它有望由它母亲的室友所照料,因为吸血蝙蝠向来因收养孤儿而著称谁会知道这些罪恶的生物从事着如此高贵的事呢?1.Earwig1.土蚣The Scare Factor: Earwigs get their name from their alleged habit of burrowing into people ears. While ;alleged; is in that previous sentence a reason, there no denying that these insects are unsettling to look at – what with their resemblance to cockroaches wielding ;pincer derrieres; and all.恐怖指数:土蚣这一名称源于传闻中它们钻入人耳的习性虽说是传闻,但当人们看向那些与有着相似的;钳子臀部;的昆虫时,无疑会感到不安The Care Factor: Generally, solitary insects arent skilled in the parenting department. The earwig an exception, though; the mother takes care of her 0 to 5 eggs by warming, protecting, and clearing them of fungi. She also feeds them her own saliva and regurgitated food, until they molt a second time and are y to take off on their own. In case she dies bee her offspring are fully grown, she still ;takes care; of them by letting them feed on her corpse. Now that a hardcore mother!爱心指数:通常来说,独居的昆虫不会在抚育儿女这一环节中死亡,而土蚣却是个例外土蚣妈妈通常用孵化、保护、清理卵上的真菌的方式来照料四十至五十个卵,它也用自己的唾液及嚼碎的食物来喂养幼儿,直到它们第二次蜕皮或可以自己蜕皮为止假使在她的后代完全长大之前土蚣妈妈死了,它仍然会通过它的尸体来喂养幼儿,这是真正的铁杆母亲! 7

Conversation A: Let me have a look at this pair of jeans.B: OK. It the latest fashion, very popular.A: Let me have a try. (Tries that pair of jeans on) It a bit too long. Will it shrink after being washed?B: Im afraid not. It has been prewashed, but we can shorten it you.A: You have an alteration service?B: Yes, madam. It free. Let me take a look at it. We should take off about an inch.A: Thanks a lot. Can I have the navy blue one? By the way, will the color fade?B: No, it wont. It color fast. It takes about an hour. You can shop around and come back later to get it.A: Thanks. Do I have to pay now?B: Yes, please. Here your change and a coupon to join our raffle.A:让我看看那条牛仔裤B:好的,这条牛仔裤是最新款式,非常流行A:让我试试(试穿了那条牛仔裤)太长了,洗后会不会缩水?B:不会的,这是水洗牛仔裤,但我们可以替你改短A:你们有修改务吗?B:有,而且是免费的我看看,大概要改短一寸吧A:谢谢你,我想要海军蓝另外,回退色吗?B:不会的,这是不退色的,修改大约需要1小时,您可以先到别处逛逛,回来再取A:谢谢你,现在付款吗?B:是的,这是找您的零钱以及参加抽奖的优待券 196

Mothers-to-be in the Italian city of Milan can get badges asking a seat on public transport.意大利城市米兰的准妈妈们可以获得一枚在公共交通上“求让座”的徽章While badges pregnant women on public transport are nothing new, the Milanese approach is far more direct than Transport London modestly-sized ;Baby on board; badge, and instead asks the straightward question ;Posso sedermi?; (;Can I sit down?;) on a badge that is almost impossible to miss, La Repubblica newspaper reports.授予妇用于乘公共交通的特权徽章已不是什么新鲜事儿,但米兰的此番做法远比伦敦的直接得多据《共和国报报道,相比于伦敦市小小的“有宝宝在”徽章,米兰市的徽章直接写明:“我能坐吗?”而且徽章很大,其他乘客绝对看得见The campaign is the idea of TV presenter and mother-of-three Francesca Barra, who says she was frustrated by the indifference shown to pregnant women, the elderly and infirm on public transport, and proposed the badge to try to change people attitudes. ;After my third child, I tired of not being noticed,; she says, noting that it particularly bad women whose pregnancy isnt obvious. ;This badge is a great example of civilisation,; she wrote on her Facebook wall.这次运动的灵感来自于身为准妈妈的电视节目主持人弗朗西斯卡·巴拉她说她对公交上人们漠视老弱残的行为深感沮丧,故提议设计这样一个徽章来改变人们的态度“生了三个孩子之后,我受够了大家的漠视”她说,尤其对那些不显怀的妇来说,情况更糟糕她在“脸书墙”上写道:“这个徽章将成为人们文明程度的极好体现”Milan city council is pushing to make services more friendly to pregnant women and new mothers. This includes a three-year-old initiative called ;Happy Popping; which provides spaces in its libraries, museums and offices to give mothers room to feed their babies and change their nappies. ;No mother should have to rely on luck to find a welcoming place,; the Comune di Milano website says.米兰市政府也在推动营造一种“妇、初产女性友好型社会”其中有一个已有三年历史的项目,叫做“快乐哺乳”,旨在图书馆、物馆以及办公室,为妈妈们提供给孩子哺乳和换尿片的房间米兰市政府在官网上写道:“母亲们寻找适合哺乳的地方时,再也不用靠运气了” 79

Dorris Francis is known as the ;traffic heroine; in Ghaziabad, a suburban area near the Indian capital Delhi.在印度首都德里的郊区加济阿巴德附近,一名名叫多丽丝·弗朗西斯的人被称为“交通女英雄”Ms Francis is not a police officer but she manages traffic in the same spot day after day, on a busy intersection of roads.弗朗西斯女士不是一位交警,但是她日复一日的在同一个地方:一个繁忙的十字路口,维护着交通秩序The intersection has special significance her - it is the same place her daughter Nikki died in an accident in .这个十字路口对她来说有着非同寻常的意义:年,她的女儿就是在这里的一起车祸中丧生的Ms Francis is confident and looks in complete control as she ensures the smooth and safe passage of traffic in the area.弗朗西斯女士保了该地区的交通顺利和安全,她很有信心,看起来完全能掌控局面;I know about her story, she works selflessly. I havent seen many who have the courage like her. I dont know how she can come every day to the same spot where she lost her daughter,; police constable Kumar Pal Singh, who is at the intersection, tells B News.负责该区域的交警Kumar Pal Singh在接受B的采访时表示,“我知道她的事迹她一直在无私的奉献我没有看到其他人有她这样的勇气我都不知道她每天是怎么来到女儿出事的地点的”Ms Francis still remembers the day when a speeding car hit the tuk-tuk in which she was travelling with her daughter.弗朗西斯女士永远记得那一天,一辆速度很快的汽车撞上了她和女儿一起乘坐的小车;She died, I survived. I wish traffic was managed better that day,; she tells the B.她告诉B记者,“女儿走了,我却幸存了下来我多么盼望那天有人维持交通秩序”It not difficult to understand the risk of accidents at this busy intersection because drivers looked reckless in the absence of any supervision.在这个车水马龙的十字路口,因为没有任何监督,司机都开的很莽撞,这就不难理解为什么这里交通事故的风险很高了But when Ms Francis is present, most drivers follow her instructions and the traffic looks orderly. She even gets tough with them, sometimes even mildly whacking reckless pedestrians and drivers with a stick.但是自弗朗西斯女士出现后,大部分司机都遵从她的指示,交通变得井然有序她甚至对他们采取强硬手段,有时,甚至用棍子适当的敲打那些不守规矩的路人和司机;It been more than six years since I started. My mission was to save lives and not let any mother lose her daughter, husband or son. And that what I have been doing and I will continue to do until I have strength in my body,; she says.弗朗西斯女士表示,“我做这件事已经有6年多了我的任务是挽救生命,不让更多的母亲失去她的女儿、丈夫或儿子这就是我一直在做的事,只要我此生还有力气,我就会坚持下去” 77

第一句:Could you help me to take a picture of the hotel we stay in?能不能帮我拍一张我们住的旅馆的照片?A:Excuse me, could you help me to take a picture of the hotel we stay in?打扰一下,能不能帮我拍一张我们住的旅馆的照片?B:No problem. What should I do?没问题,我该怎么做?第二句:I hope itll come out well.但愿冲出来的效果好A:Step ward a little. Say cheese!往前站一点儿,说“Cheese”!B:Thank you.谢谢A:Youre welcome. I hope itll come out well.不客气但愿冲出来的效果好表达愿望时,可以说I hope that...,但如果这个愿望实现的可能性很小时,一般说I wish I could...,get photos developed的意思是“冲洗胶卷”

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