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突破口语之情景对话(8):It's just a couple of minutes几分钟就到了8. It’s just a couple of minutes.几分钟就到了A: Hello. Excuse me. Do you know if there's a Commercial Bank around here? B: Yes, go straight along Beijing Road and turn right. A: Straight on, and turn right. Is it far? B: No, it's just a couple of minutes. A: Thanks very much. B: You're welcome. 译文:A: 你好,打扰一下。你知道这附近有商业吗?B: 知道。沿着北京路一直往前走,然后右转。A: 一直往前走,转右。远吗?B: 不远,只要几分钟就够了。A: 太谢谢你了。B: 不客气。注解 :1) a couple of : 几个 /200708/16429Now the reason the chimpanzees dont do that黑猩猩不那么做的原因is that they lack what psychologists and anthropologists call social learning.是它们缺乏心理学家和人类学家所谓的社会学习能力They seem to lack the ability to learn from others by copying or imitating or simply watching.它们似乎缺乏向别人学习的能力,通过照搬或模仿或者仅仅观察As a result, they cant improve on others ideas or learn from others mistakes -- benefit from others wisdom.理所当然,它们无法改进他人的想法,或者从别人错误中吸取教训,汲取别人的智慧And so they just do the same thing over and over and over again.所以它们只是单纯做同一件事重复一遍又一遍In fact, we could go away for a million years and come back事实上,如果我们能跨越一百万年,然后再追溯回来and these chimpanzees would be doing the same thing这些黑猩猩肯定还在做着同样的事with the same sticks for the termites and the same rocks to crack open the nuts.用同样的棍子抓着白蚁,用同样的石头砸着坚果Now this may sound arrogant, or even full of hubris. How do we know this?也许这听上去有些傲慢,甚至狂妄自大。我们怎么知道这些的?Because this is exactly what our ancestors, the Homo erectus, did.因为我们的祖先--直立人就是这样These upright apes evolved on the African savanna about two million years ago,约二百万年前,这些直立猿人在非洲的热带稀树草原进化and they made these splendid hand axes that fit wonderfully into your hands.他们造出了精巧的手斧,能完全贴合手形But if we look at the fossil record,但如果我们查看化石we see that they made the same hand axe over and over and over again for one million years.会发现他们造着同样的手斧,重复着,持续了一百万年You can follow it through the fossil record.你可以通过各年代的化石看到Now if we make some guesses about how long Homo erectus lived, what their generation time was,现在我们可以做几个关于猿人生存时间和他们的世代的猜想thats about 40,000 generations of parents to offspring, and other individuals watching, in which that hand axe didnt change.在约四万代的时间里,从父辈到子辈,以及周围人的观察中,手斧没有任何改进Its not even clear that our very close genetic relatives, the Neanderthals, had social learning.我们甚至不太清楚,我们的近亲--尼安德特人是否具备社会学习能力Sure enough, their tools were more complicated than those of Homo erectus,当然他们的工具比猿人要复杂得多but they too showed very little change over the 300,000 years or so that those species, the Neanderthals, lived in Eurasia.但在30万年时间里,他们也只表现出很少的变化,那些尼安德特人生活在欧亚大陆。201701/488716

3_05 we are Here we are. 我们到了. We are here. 我们到了. We made it. 我们到了. This is it. 就是这里. This is the place. 就是这个地方. It looks good. 看起来不错. Let’s go in. 我们进去吧. Let’s check it out. 我们进去看看. Let’s give it a try. 我们试一试吧. /200706/14138

And things got better and better,状况变得越来越好,and within three or four months,三四个月后,I was discharged from that hospital, and I joined a group of surgeons我出院并加入外科医师团体where I could work with other people in the community, not in New Haven, but fairly close by.我可以和其他人共事,并不在康州纽黑文市,但很近.I stayed there for three years.在那里我待了3年At the end of three years, I went back to New Haven, had remarried by that time.3年后,我回到了纽黑文市,当时我已经再婚了.I brought my wife with me, actually, to make sure I could get through this.我带着我爱人,帮助我一起康复.My children came back to live with us.我的孩子也回来和我们一起住生活.We had two more children after that.之后我们生了2个孩子Resuscitated the career, even better than it had been before.我回到工作岗位,甚至比以前更好了.Went right back into the university and began to write books.我回到大学开始写书.Well, you know, its been a wonderful life.现在的生活很好Its been, as I said, close to 30 years.至今已经近30年了.I stopped doing surgery about six years ago大约6年前,我停止做手术了and became a full-time writer, as many people know.成为全职作家,这个很多人知道.But its been very exciting. Its been very happy.这是令人幸福和快乐的.Every once in a while, I have to say, ;Ah, fuck it.;偶尔,我还会说:;哎呀,去他的!;Every once in a while, I get somewhat depressed and a little obsessional.偶尔,我还会郁闷并有点强迫性思维So, Im not free of all of this. But its worked. Its always worked.所以其实并没完全好,但电疗确实有效.Why have I chosen, after never, ever talking about this, to talk about it now?为何我以前选择避而不谈这个,而现在却谈论它?Well, those of you who know some of these books know that one is about death and dying,你们其中有些人知道我的这些书,一本讨论生死的书,one is about the human body and the human spirit,关于人的身体和心灵的书,one is about the way mystical thoughts are constantly in our minds,一本神秘想法萦绕于心的书,and they have always to do with my own personal experiences.所有的都和我个人的经历有关系.One might think ing these books读者可能会想——and Ive gotten thousands of letters about them我已经收到上千封信函by people who do think this读者确实这么认为that based on my lifes history as Ive portrayed in the books,从我书中描绘的个人生命史来看my early lifes history, I am someone who has overcome adversity.从我早期的生活看,我是个已经克磨难的人。That I am someone who has drunk, drank, drunk of the bitter dregs of near-disaster in childhood我遍尝苦难,童年历经艰辛and emerged not just unscathed but strengthened.逆境没有挫败我,反而使我坚强I really have it figured out, so that I can advise people about death and dying,我已经真正开悟,可以和大家分享生与死的思考,so that I can talk about mysticism and the human spirit.也能谈谈神秘主意与人的心灵。201604/436392

美国习惯用语-第30讲:To stick to one's gunsShooting the breeze 今天我们要讲的两个俗语是和,也就是英语里的 gun 这个字有联系的。我们要讲的第一个俗语是 to stick to one's guns。对于士兵来说,在被很多敌人包围的情况下还要能持续装炮弹发射的话,他们肯定需要很多勇气。这种精神在英文里就是 to stick to one's guns。To stick to one's guns 从字面上来解释是指。但是这个俗语现在几乎和没有什么关系,它的意思就是:在日常生活中坚持原则,稳步前进,不屈外界的压力。比如说,一个爸爸对他在大学念书的女儿讲话: 例句-1: "Pumpkin, I hear that some of the students at your school are fooling around with drugs. But I hope, young woman, that you stick to your guns and keep saying no!" 这位爸爸说:“小鬼,我听说你们学校的学生里有吸毒的现象。我希望你坚持正道,坚决抵制这种恶习!” 事实上,世界上有许多事都是靠坚忍不拔的精神才能办成的。下面我们再来举个例子: 例句-2: "I have to admire the ladies who fifty years ago worked so hard to get women the right to vote. People laughed at them at first but they stuck to their guns and got the congress to pass the 19th Amendment back in 1920." 这个人说:“我很钦佩以前那些女士们,她们五十年前努力为妇女争取选举权。开始,许多人都笑话她们。但是,她们坚定不移,最后在1920年终于促使国会通过了美国宪法的第十九项修正案。” 今天我们要讲的第二个俗语虽然没有 gun 这个字,但是和开也是有关的,这就是 shooting the breeze。Shoot 就是开的意思。Shooting the breeze 就是在很轻松、很愉快的气氛下和朋友聊天。例如,一个教室里的学生在等教授来上课。其中有两个学生是同乡。这两人中的一个说: 例句-3: "Say, Bill, how about coming back to my room after class? I'll get a couple of cold sodas and we'll shoot the breeze for a while." 这个学生说:“喂,比尔,上完课你到我宿舍去吧。我去买两瓶汽水,咱们聊回儿天,你看怎么样?” 学生上完课聊一会儿天当然是无可非议的。可是,在某种情况下聊天可能会出问题的。你听下面这个人说的话就明白了: 例句-4: "At the staff meeting this morning the boss told us she wanted to see us at our desks busy working instead of spending so much time standing around shooting the breeze with each other." 这个人说:“今天早上我们办公室开会的时候,我们的头儿说,她要看到我们都坐在自己桌子那里忙着干自己的活,而不是花好多时间站在那儿闲聊天。” 以上我们讲了两个和,也就是英语里的 gun 这个字有联系的俗语。我们今天讲的第一个习惯用语是 to stick to one's guns。To stick to one's guns 就是坚持自己正在进行的工作,不管外来的压力有多大。我们今天讲的第二个习惯用语是 shooting the breeze。Shooting the breeze的意思就是闲聊天。「美国习惯用语」第三十讲就到里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/2985

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