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It’s no surprise that online dating profiles with photos get more action that those without. Really, what guy is going to ask you out based on your taste in movies or your description of an ideal date? But not everyone is as photogenic as the stars on the cover of Cosmo. So we asked Davis Factor, celebrity fashion photographer (he’s shot Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz) and co-founder and owner of Smashbox Cosmetics, to share his secrets for taking a hot shot. 网上约会的个人档案上附有相片,比没有附上相片,有更多的机会,这毫不出奇。当然,什么样的小伙子会约你出去,还要看你的电影品味,或者是你对理想约会的描述?但并不是所有人都像《时尚》(Cosmo)封面的明星们那样上镜。我们特地邀请名流时尚摄影师戴维斯·菲克特(Davis Factor)分享拍出性感照片的秘密。菲克特为安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelian Jolie)和卡梅伦·迪亚兹(Cameron Diaz)拍过照,还是出色潮流化妆品牌(Smashbox Cosmetics)的合创人和拥有者。 Pay attention to the lighting. 注意光线 When light hits you from above, it creates shadows on your face, particularly under the eyes. So whether you’re inside or outdoors, try to stand behind the sun or away from overhead lights. And tilt your chin up slightly to minimize any casts. 当光线从上方往下照时,会在脸上投下阴影,特别是在眼睛下方。因此,不管是在室内还是室外,站立时试着背朝太阳或者避开当头照下的光线。把下巴稍稍向上提,最大可能地减少阴影。 /200912/91360Two brothers, Herbert and James, lived with their mother and a cat named Edgar. James was particularly attached to the cat, and when he had to leave town for several days, he left Herbert meticulous instructions about the pet' s care. At the end of this first day away. James telephoned his brother. "How is Edgar?"   "Edgar is dead." Herbert answered. There was a pause. Then James said, "Herbert, you're insensitive, you know how close I was to Edgar —you should have broken the news to me slowly. When I asked about Edgar tonight, you should have said, 'Edgar's on the roof , but I have called the fire department to get him down.' And tomorrow when I called, you could have said the firemen were having trouble getting Edgar down, but you were hopeful they would succeed. Then when I called the third time, you could have told me that the fire-men have done their best, but unfortunately Edgar had fallen off the roof and was at the veterinarian's. Then when I called the last time, you could have said that although everything possible had been done for Edgar, he had died. That's the way a sensitive man would have told me about Edgar. And, oh, before I forget," James added, "how is mother?"   "Oh," Herbert said, pausing for a moment, "She' s on the roof." 郝伯特和詹姆斯兄弟二人一起生活,家中有一老母并养了一只猫叫埃德格。詹姆斯特别喜欢这只猫。有一次他要外出几天,临行前不厌其烦地嘱咐郝伯特照顾好这只宠物。出门后的头一天晚上,他打来电话询问:“埃德格好吗?”  “它死了,”郝伯格回答。一阵沉默之后,詹姆斯说:“郝伯特,你真没心没肺,你知道我多么喜欢埃德格——你应该把这个消息慢慢地告诉我。当我问起埃德格今晚怎样时,你应该说,‘埃德格爬上了屋顶,我已给消防队打了电话,让他们把它救下来。’我明天又给你打电话时,你应该说消防队营救埃德格遇到了困难,但你相信他们会成功。在我第三天给你打电话时,你可以说消防队员已尽了最大努力,但很不幸,埃德格从屋顶上掉了下来,被送到兽医那里。在我最后一次给你打电话询问,你可以说尽管对埃德格做了一切所能做的努力,它还是死了。这是一个富有感情的人告诉我埃德格的消息时所用的方式。哦,趁我没忘记还有件事顺便问一下,”詹姆斯补充道,“母亲好吗?”  “哦……”一阵沉默后郝伯特答道,“她上了屋顶。” /201109/1537117 Steps To Make Her Heart Belongs To You For the Guys!!!!Gals pls pass to your guy frenz!!All of you guys out there might be wondering exactly what you need to do to win a girl's heart? This may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. If you are one of the many men who want to learn how to win a girl's heart, you should our steps and tips for ways to win a girl over. Here are the Top 7 steps what every guy should do to win a girl's heart!Steps1. Always Be Confidence Women absolutely love guys who are comfortable with themselves. To them, a confident man demonstrates a level of high status where he doesn't worry about the outcome of any conversation. A confident guy enjoys time spent with women, instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong.2. Always be FlirtingThe best kind of flirtation with a woman is to tease her, to bust her balls, to let her know that she is not on a pedestal. Make fun of her. Be indifferent to her interest.3. Send mixed signals.Yeah, it's a bit childish but necessary. One day call her and compliment her, then don't call or speak to her for two days. She'll wonder why you haven't called, which means you'll be on her mind. Never go so far as to compliment her one day and make fun of her the next. Subtlety is key.4. Make her Laugh.Women love to laugh! So, use a good sense of humor is one of the best tactics a man can have in attracting a girl. It will impress them and she may think that you are an interesting guy.5. Always Have FunIf you're not having fun when you go out, then you've killed any chance of attracting women. Instead, the more you can do to relax and enjoy yourself, the more you'll be able to project an aura of positive energy and confidence. When you learn to have fun, you'll have incredible success with women.6. Be A Romantic Guy.If you want to steal her heart and make it yours, then you should be a romantic guy. Instead of just looking at the surface of a woman, you should looks within her to find the beautiful part and use your imagination for making poetic comments, interesting stories, and emotional interpretation in everything.7. Respect yourself and keep your own interestsWhen a guy meets a woman he likes, he often wants to spend as much time as possible with her. This is natural, but there is a big danger here as well. If you put your life aside for a woman, you will become less interesting to her. As soon as you start acting like she's going to be around forever, she'll start feeling less and less ATTRACTION for youTipsPay Attention to your appearance. Be a gentleman without hanging all over her. Never forget to always act yourself and never try to be someone you aren't. Never Become A Boring Person. Do not cheat on her. You may never win her heart back. Don't tell her everything about yourself because women like a man with a bit of mystery to him and vice-versa Finally if you follow the top 7 steps on how to win a girl's heart, then I am sure her heart will belong to you before you know it. But remember the most importantly is that you need to demonstrate that you are a "prize" worth fighting for. You need to turn the woman's mindset around and have her thinking that she needs to pursue you. You have to convince her that you are one that she definitely doesn't want to let get away. /200903/63565

Actor Nicolas Cage may want to brush up on his accounting skills. The IRS is going after the 45-year-old actor for .2 million, according to the Daily Mail. The problems stem from 2007, a year in which he made four films, including "National Treasure" and "Ghost Rider."   演员尼古拉斯·凯奇可能是想重新复习下他的财会技能了。美国国税局追缴这位45岁的男演员的时候,搞到620万美元的税收款,据《每日邮报》报道。漏税时间要从2007年开始算起,他当年接拍了4部影片,包括《国家宝藏》、《鬼骑士》。 /200909/84169

害羞:褒义词Shy: A commendatory term没有一点害羞,女人看起来会像个风月老手,而男人则更像个情场浪子。所谓风情万种的女人一定不是风骚的女人,要有那种介乎女孩和女人之间的纯情姿态。令男人疯狂着迷的女人一定是犹抱琵琶半遮面的,在恋爱中,懂得适当的害羞十分关键。 /200911/88896If you're middle-aged and your memory's not what it used to be, check the bathroom scale, researchers warned, suggesting overweight people tend to score more poorly on tests of memory than their thinner peers do.The findings suggest that a heavier weight in middle age may mean a higher risk of dementia later in life.Reporting in the journal Neurology, the researchers speculated that higher rates ofcardiovascular diseaseor diabetes might help explain the link. But it's also possible that substances produced by fat cells, such as the hormone leptin, have direct effects on the brain.The study compared mental abilities to body mass index (BMI), a measurement of weight in relation to height used to define overweight and obesity. A BMI of 25 or more indicates overweight, and 30 or more is obese.The study also investigated the relationships between BMI and cognitive function in 2,223 healthy men and women between the ages of 32 and 62 in France through the use of four cognitive tests.The study found a higher BMI was associated with lower cognitive test scores. Results from a test involving word memory recall show people with a BMI of 20 remembered an average of nine out of 16 words, while people with a BMI of 30 remembered an average of seven out of 16 words. 研究人员提醒,如果你已步入中年,发现自己的不如从前,那么你得小心体重了。研究表明,超重的人记忆测试的得分要比较瘦的人低。研究发现,体重偏大的中年人今后患老年痴呆症的可能性较大。研究报告在《神经学》期刊上发表,研究人员推断,心血管疾病及糖尿病的高发现象可以解释其中的原因。此外,脂肪细胞所产生的物质,如瘦体激素,对大脑有直接影响。此项研究将调查对象的智力与体重指数进行了对比。体重指数指的是身高和体重之间的比例,主要用来衡量一个人是否偏胖或肥胖。体重指数为25或25以上的人偏胖,达到30或30以上的人则为肥胖。研究人员还对体重指数和认知功能间的关系进行了研究,他们在法国对2223位年龄在32岁至62岁间的健康男女进行了认知测试。研究发现,体重指数越大,认知测试的得分越低。其中一项"单词记忆"的测试结果表明,在16个单词中,体重指数为20的人平均能记住9个,而体重指数为30的人平均只能记住7个。 /200809/470952008年7月16日到19日。来自全美各地以及加拿大的180多位艺术家把他们的作品带到这座小城,供四面八方的人们专程赶来欣赏,还有各种表演。这是一次视觉盛宴,也是安娜堡接待人数最多,最热闹的时候。别小看这只有短短四天的展览,它为小城带来了无数商机,是政府的主要税收来源。下面的介绍将用英文,看看你能读懂吗?   Established in 1960, the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is the Original of the now four award winning art fairs, which together attract over 500,000 attendees from across the nation. Among the many accolades received by the fair is the Number One Art Fair rating in the country (October 2004) and Top Ten Art Fair (October 2005, 2006 and 2007) by the American Style ers survey.  走在喧闹的集市中,各种艺术品琳琅满目。玻璃器皿,铁艺,沙画,摄影,家具,装,首饰,小装饰品…你能想到的都能在这里找到。不能想到的一定会出现并给你惊喜。我不禁惊异于艺术家们独特的审美和丰富的想象力。唯一遗憾的是,由于要尊重艺术家的创意,这里一般是不能近距离对着作品拍照的,所以大家只能欣赏到有限的作品。 /200912/93321

1. Send yourself a pretty bouquet of spring flowers. Brighten up your own day with daffodils, dahlias, tulips, and lilies.给自己摘一束春天里的花,可以用水仙,郁金香和百合来照亮自己美丽的春天。 /201003/99449Eating a meal made with "slow-release" carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or bran cereal, before you exercise may help you burn more fat, suggests a recent study in the Journal of Nutrition. Researchers assessed the rate of fat burn among eight healthy women after they ate two breakfasts: muesli with milk, peaches, yogurt and apple juice on one day; cornflakes with skim milk, white b with margarine and jam and an energy drink on another day. Both meals contained similar amounts of calories. The first breakfast (muesli) was a low-glycemic-index (GI) meal, the second was a high-GI meal. The glycemic index ranks foods based on how much they raise blood sugar. Lower-GI foods produce smaller spikes than higher-GI foods. Generally, foods that contain protein, fat and/or fiber—and are digested more slowly—fall lower on the GI scale than those that consist mostly of carbohydrate (e.g., white b). On the days when the women ate the low-GI breakfast, they burned nearly twice as much fat during a 60-minute walk as they did on the days when they ate the high-GI meal. Here’s why: Because the muesli (low-GI) breakfast was more slowly digested, it didn’t spike blood-glucose levels as high as the cornflake (high-GI) breakfast did. In turn, insulin levels didn’t spike as high either—which probably explains why the muesli-eating women burned more fat, says Ian MacDonald, Ph.D., director of research at the University of Nottingham Medical School. Insulin plays a role in signaling your body to store fat. So, lower levels of insulin might help you to burn fat. Bottom line: If you’re looking to burn more fat, pick low-GI foods, such as oatmeal, over high-GI foods, such as white toast, before your workout.营养学杂志近期发布一项研究,结果表明锻炼之前吃富含“释放缓慢”碳水化合物的一餐,比如燕麦或麸麦片,可以帮你燃烧更多脂肪。研究人员检测了8位健康女性吃完两种早餐后的燃脂率:一天是牛奶拌穆兹利混合麦片、桃、酸奶和苹果汁,另一天是脱脂牛奶拌玉米片、涂抹人造奶油和果酱的白面包和能量饮料。两顿早餐含有近似的热量值。前一种早餐属于低血糖指数的一餐,而后一种是高血糖指数的一餐。血糖指数衡量食物提升血糖的速度。与高血糖指数食物相比,低血糖指数食物让血糖含量波动更小。一般来说,含有蛋白质、脂肪和/或纤维——消化得更慢——属于低血糖指数一类,大部分是碳水化合物的食物(如白面包)不在其中。当那些女性摄入低血糖指数食物时,60分钟走路燃烧的脂肪是摄入高血糖指数食物的两倍。原因在于,穆兹利早餐消化得更慢,与高血糖指数的玉米片相比,前者使血液中葡萄糖水平变化幅度小。反过来,胰岛素水平也不会有大幅改变。因此,诺丁汉医学院研究主任,伊恩·麦克唐纳士认为这解释了吃穆兹利的女性为什么消耗了更多脂肪。在调节身体储存脂肪上,胰岛素起着相应作用。所以,胰岛素水平越低,对燃烧脂肪越有帮助。底线是:如果你想燃烧更多脂肪,在锻炼前选择低血糖指数的食物,比如燕麦片,别吃像白面包之类高血糖指数的东西 /201006/1065001、结交两种人:良师,益友。1 make friends with two kinds of people: good teachers, good friends. /200912/90754

1、非常自私的女人Selfish women /200911/89518The rising popularity of text messaging on mobile phones poses a threat to writing standards among Irish schoolchildren, an Irish education commission says.The frequency of errors in grammar and punctuation has become a serious concern, the State Examination Commission said in a report after reviewing last year's exam performance by 15-year-olds."The emergence of the mobile phone and the rise of text messaging as a popular means of communication would appear to have impacted on standards of writing as evidenced in the responses of candidates," the report said, according to Wednesday's Irish Times."Text messaging, with its use of phonetic spelling and little or no punctuation, seems to pose a threat to traditional conventions in writing."The report laments that, in many cases, candidates seemed " undulyreliant on short sentences, simple tenses and a limited vocabulary."In 2003, Irish 15-year-olds were among the top 10 performers in an international league table of literacy standards compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 爱尔兰某教育委员会称,手机短信的日益普及对爱尔兰学生的书写规范造成了威胁。爱尔兰国家考试委员会在针对去年15岁学生考试成绩的报告中称,语法和标点错误频频出现,已成为一个严重的问题。据周三的《爱尔兰时报》消息,这份报告中称,“手机的出现和手机短信日益成为一种流行的交流方式对书写规范造成了不良影响,这在考生的答卷中得到了明。”“发手机短信常用语音输入法,很少或根本不用标点,这对传统的书写规范造成了威胁。”报告指出,在很多情况下,考生“过度使用短句和简单的时态,所用的词汇也很有限。”2003年,爱尔兰15岁年龄组的学生在经合组织读写规范国际大赛中跻身十强。 /200803/29469Sit down and talk about financial goals and values. Many couples often neglect this step, even if it seems obvious and common-sensical. But because talking about finances can be uncomfortable, they leave these important things unsaid, and often don’t even think about it individually. They have goals and values when it comes to money, but they’re not examined. That’s a mistake, as one person might want to be frugal in order to save for future goals, while the other might like to spend and enjoy things now, while the getting is good. The differences often come from different upbringings, and they can be emotionally charged (see next step for more on this). It doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Just tell your partner you’d like to sit down and have a talk about the future — what your goals are and how you can work together, as a team, to achieve them. In the beginning, just start spitting out different things each of you wants — a house, kids, college education for the kids, a healthy emergency fund, nice cars, travel each year, nice clothes, gadgets and computers, etc. Then start to prioritize, and see if you can come up with things in common. If you want different things, it is important that you talk about why, and consider the other person’s desires. If that’s what makes the other person happy, you should want to make them happy — that’s the basis of a good relationship. But relationships aren’t one-sided, either, so you should be able to be happy too. The point is that both sides should be considered, and you should look for a win-win solution or compromise so that you can both be happy. It might take a few meetings to get to actual written goals, with a timeframe for each, but that’s where you want to be eventually. 1. 坐下来,谈谈有关金钱的目标和价值所在。 很多夫妇经常会忽略这一点,即使它是那么地显而易见,是常识性的问题。但谈论金钱却让人感觉不舒,所以他们不把这些重要的东西说出来,他们甚至不单独地去思考这么问题。在金钱上,他们有自己的目标和价值观,但他们却从不细想。这是错误的。因为其中一个人想节俭点,好存钱来实现将来的目标;而另一个却想着当下行乐。这差异通常是由成长经历导致的,也可能是情感上的问题。(详情请看第二点)然而,这不是什么难题。只要告诉你的另一半你想坐下来,谈谈你们的将来---你们的目标和怎么共同去实现你们的目标。首先,把你们各自想要的东西都说出来---一所房子,孩子,大学经费,突发医疗基金,靓车,每年旅游一次,衣,小配件,电脑等等。然后就开始优先排列,看看你们是否有哪些是一致的。假如你们想要的都不一样,那么给出理由是很重要的,并且要考虑一下另一半的欲望。如果那能取悦另一半,你就得那样做---这是感情好的基础所在。但感情也不是单方面的,所以你也得乐于那么做。重点是双方都要考虑,并且要找到一个双赢的解决之道,又或者是作出让步,这样才能皆大欢喜。在写目标,制定时间之前,很可能需要多次交谈,但这也正是你们最终会经历的一步。 /201004/101707

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