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襄阳第四医院治疗生殖感染价格襄阳阴茎里有白色分泌物流出致信香港停售纸扎包惹议 古驰改口道歉 -- :56:19 来源: 上月,意大利奢侈品牌古驰发函警告香港纸扎店,不要售卖祭祀用的带古驰商标的纸扎名牌包今天,古驰对此表示歉意Italian luxury goods maker Gucci has apologised sending warning letters to Hong Kong shops selling paper versions of its products as offerings to the dead.上月,意大利奢侈品牌古驰发函警告香港纸扎店,不要售卖祭祀用的带古驰商标的纸扎名牌包今天,古驰对此表示歉意Paper replicas of items like mansions, cars, iPads and luxury bags are burned in the belief that deceased relatives can use them in the afterlife.中国人将高楼大厦、小车、平板以及奢侈包包等纸质仿真祭品焚烧给已故的亲人,因为人们相信,他们在阴间能使用这些东西Demand is highest during Aprilrsquo;s Qingming ;tomb-sweeping; festival.一年一度的清明节期间,这类商品的需求会达到顶峰On Friday, Gucci said it would not pursue legal action.星期五,古驰表示它不会采取法律行动A letter sent by Guccirsquo;s Chinese parent company Kering said they trusted the shops were not trying to infringe on Guccirsquo;s trademark.古驰中国母公司开云集团表示,它相信涉事的丧葬品商店无意侵犯古驰商标;We regret any misunderstandings that may have been caused and sincerely apologise to anyone we may have offended through our action,; the letter said.道歉信说,;我们对于可能造成的误会感到遗憾,如事件冒犯了任何人士,Gucci深表歉意;The company had ;utmost respect; the funeral rites, it said.声明还强调,古驰非常尊重当地的祭祀传统The Brsquo;s Juliana Liu, in Hong Kong, said relatives traditionally used to bring fruit and gourmet food to graves.B驻香港记者Juliana Liu称,传统上,亲人们在上坟时会带去水果和美食These days, however, relatives offer items that many were never able to enjoy while still alive, such as fake brand-name clothing or luxury cars with European drivers. Another offering is a mock-up villa, complete with swimming pool and luxury cars.然而,近年来,亲人们流行给祖先烧一些他们在世时未曾享受过的东西,如名牌装和欧洲进口的豪车再就是带有游泳池和豪车的豪华别墅After the original warning letters were sent, some of the Hong Kong shops had removed their Gucci wares - but other brands, including Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry and New Balance were still on sale.据报道,在古驰发出警告信后,部分香港的丧葬品商店撤去了古驰的仿制品,不过,像路易.威登,圣罗兰,巴宝利和新百伦等仿品仍在出售中The warning letters had attracted amusement and scorn on social media in Hong Kong, with one resident joking: ;Does Gucci want to open branches in the underworld?;古驰的警告信引起了香港市民在社交网络上的调侃,一人开玩笑说,;难道古驰想在地府开分店?;襄樊铁路中心医院龟头炎症 美国老外热爱普通话 倾心于教育事业 -- :50:35 来源: 美国老外热爱普通话 倾心于教育事业 US expat translates love of Mandarin into teaching post If you speak to Benjamin K. Hammer on the phone, you would think you were talking to a person who had lived in a Chinese-language environment since childhood, as he uses Mandarin's four tones correctly.But Hammer started learning Mandarin when he was a high school senior in San Jose, Calinia. Since there were no Chinese-related courses at his high school in the 1990s, Hammer studied Mandarin at a commy school's night classes."In the ed States, people are curious about Oriental culture and history, such as the culture embodied in religions, kung fu and traditional Chinese medicine," Hammer said.Hammer is one of the US citizens who show great interest in Chinese culture. In addition to Mandarin, he learned kung fu from a Chinese teacher when he was a student at American University in Washington. He got his Chinese name, Meng Weilong, from his kung fu teacher."I use the same family name with my kung fu teacher, as there is a saying in China that the teacher is like your father," Hammer said.At American University, Hammer majored in international relations, and selected Chinese as his eign language without any hesitation. Since then, Hammer spent more time and eft on learning Chinese than he did on his major."Chinese and English belong to different language families. Learning Chinese is a great challenge, but I do like the language."It's rare that a Western eigner can speak very good Chinese. I believe Chinese, rather than Spanish, can make me stand out among my peers," he said.Hammer received his master's degree in Chinese classical philology at Shandong University and spent four years getting his doctorate in the same major from Peking University.Now the 37-year-old works as a teacher at the Advanced Institute Confucian Studies of Shandong University in Jinan. He is also the assistant editor of the English version of the Journal of Chinese Humanities, an English-language offshoot of the well-known culture and sociology journal Wen Shi Zhe, created in 1951.Hammer spends hours each day enriching his knowledge.His desk is covered with piles of books and paper. Two bookshelves besides his desk are stuffed with dictionaries and Chinese classical works such as The Four Books. The wall to the left of his desk is covered by a picture that shows the history of China."Being a teacher, you have to know your major very well, and then you have to have the ability to educate students," Hammer said.In his classes, Hammer discusses with students in Mandarin the translation of Chinese classical works into English.《中国日报9月30日电,在电话上听本杰明·K·哈默(Benjamin K. Hammer)说话,你大概会认为那是个自小在汉语环境下长大的人,因为他把普通话的四种声调读得太准了其实,哈默是高三才开始学习普通话,那时他在加州圣约瑟一所高中上学世纪90年代,那所中学还没有开设汉语相关课程,哈默只好在一所社区学校上夜课来学习普通话“美国人对东方文化和历史非常感兴趣,比如宗教、功夫以及中药所体现的文化”哈默说哈默是对中国文化有浓厚兴趣的美国人中的一个除了学习普通话,他在华盛顿的美利坚大学上学时还向一位中国老师学习了功夫他从他的功夫老师那里得到了他的中文名字——孟巍隆“我跟我的功夫老师用同一个姓,因为中国有句俗语‘一日为师,终身为父’”哈默解释道哈默在美利坚大学主修国际关系,辅修科目毫不犹豫地选了汉语自那以后,哈默在学习汉语上花费的时间和精力比在本专业上还要多“英汉两种语言属于不同的语系汉语学起来很难,但我就是喜欢汉语”“西方人很少有汉语说得非常好的我觉得汉语能让我在同辈中脱颖而出,而不是西班牙语”他说哈默在山东大学获得了中国古典文献学专业硕士学位,又花了四年在北京大学攻读这一专业,获得了士学位今年37岁的哈默在济南的山东大学儒学高等研究院任教他还是《中国人文杂志英文版的副编辑,这是1951年创刊的著名人文社会科学类学术期刊《文史哲的英文副刊哈默每天都会花好几个小时丰富自己的知识他书桌上堆满了书本和纸张书桌旁的两个书架上摆满了各类字典以及《四书等中国古典作品书桌左边的墙上挂着一幅图,那幅图展示了中国的历史“作为一个老师,必须要对专业了如指掌,才能把学生教好”哈默说课堂上,哈默还会用普通话与学生讨论将中国古典作品翻译成英语北京积分落户“双创人才”得分多 -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 《中共北京市委关于深化首都人才发展体制机制改革的实施意见6月日出台,提出对于符合条件的创新创业人才,将通过积分落户办法优先办理引进请看相关报道:Beijing will allow some skilled workers from home and abroad to obtain permanent residence by accumulating points based on skills, employment history and education credentials.北京将允许国内外专业技术人才通过积分方式获得永久居留身份,该积分系统包括专业技能、就业履历以及教育文凭等指标Beijing will give priority to what it calls "innovative and entrepreneurial talent", which includes startups with a certain level of investment, investors and investment companies, high-tech companies and market leaders in the cultural industry.对于“双创人才”,北京将给予优惠政策,“双创人才”包括得一定规模创业投资的创业人才、投资团队以及投资公司,高新技术企业以及文化产业市场领军人物所谓的“双创人才”就是指有创新精神和创业能力的人才,英文可以用innovative and entrepreneurial talent这个表述来源于年李克强总理在政府工作报告中提出的“大众创业,万众创新”(mass entrepreneurship and innovation)发展理念北京市积分落户指标体系(merit-based household registration system)包括合法稳定就业(stable employment)、合法稳定住所(stable residence)、教育背景(educational background)、职住区域、创新创业指标、纳税指标、信用守法等指标其中,获得学士学位的申请者(applicants holding a bachelor's degree)可获个积分,获得士学位者(applicants holding a doctor's degree)则可得到39个积分在上述指标中,创新创业指标及分值(innovative and entrepreneurial merits)是其中重要的一项指标在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间中的创业企业就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加分,最高加6分在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间、技术转移务机构、相关专业科技务机构就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在国家高新技术企业、中关村高新技术企业就业的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在科技、文化领域以及创新创业大赛获得国家级或本市奖项的申请人,获国家级奖项的加9分,获本市奖项的加6分(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)老河口市妇幼保健中医院男科专家

襄阳华光医院男科预约美国首次制裁朝鲜领导人金正日 -- ::01 来源: 朝鲜人民一直身处水深火热之中,这是不争的事实近日,基于详细的调查资料,美国决定制裁金正日和其十余名高级官员 The US has sanctioned North Korean leader Kim Jong-un the first time, accusing him of human rights abuses.美国首次制裁朝鲜领导人金正日,指控他滥用人权A statement from the US Treasury named Mr Kim as directly responsible violations in his country.美国财政部的一份声明指明金先生对国家侵权负直接责任Ten other top North Korean officials have also been blacklisted. There has been no response yet from the North Korean government.另外十名朝鲜官员已经被列入黑名单朝鲜政府还未给出回应The measures freeze any property the individuals have in the US and prevent US citizens doing business with them.制裁手段冻结了个人在美国拥有的任何财产,阻止美国公民和他们进行贸易往来North Korea is aly under an extensive sanctions regime its nuclear activities but analysts see the latest move as an escalation of US efts to isolate the nation.因为它的核活动,朝鲜已经处于广泛的制裁体制之下但是分析人士将最近的举动视为美国隔离朝鲜的行动升级"Under Kim Jong-un, North Korea continues to inflict intolerable cruelty and hardship on millions of its own people, including extrajudicial killings, ced labour, and torture," the Treasury statement said.财政部声明称:“在金正日的领导下,朝鲜继续对成百上千万的人民施加不可容忍的残暴和严苛,包括法外处决、强迫劳动和折磨”The sanctions were announced to coincide with a State Department report documenting abuses in North Korea.被宣布的制裁和美国国务院朝鲜虐待记录报告一致It estimates that between 80,000 and 0,000 prisoners are being held in North Korean prison camps where torture, sexual assault and executions are routine.据估计,朝鲜监狱中的80000到000名罪犯饱受折磨,性侵和刑罚已是惯例State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted the sanctions were unlikely to deter Mr Kim.美国国防部发言人John Kirby承认制裁不可能阻止金先生"But that doesn’t mean this still isn’t the right thing to do and it doesn’t mean that it still isn’t the right thing us to continue to pursue," he added.他补充道:“但是这并不意味着这样做不对,我们继续追究这件事不对”The US has imposed sanctions against other heads of state bee, including Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and mer Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.之前,美国对其他国家的首脑也进行过制裁,包括叙利亚的巴沙尔·阿萨德和前利比亚领导人卡扎菲襄阳市中医医院治疗尿道炎多少钱 男子拔火罐背上烧出7个大洞 -- :: 来源: 近日来自成都的一名男子因连续一个月拔火罐,背上竟然烧出了7个大洞 Horrifying images have emerged of a man left with seven holes in his back after undergoing cupping therapy which went wrong.这些可怕的照片显示,一名男子在拔了火罐之后,出了什么问题,背上留下了7个大洞63-year-old Li Lin from Chengdu, China, was promised that the treatment would make his ’frozen shoulder’ feel better, reports the People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,63岁的李林(音)来自成都,治疗前他曾被许诺说拔火罐将使他“僵麻的肩膀”舒一些The man says he had been having cupping treatment every day in the same place around a month when large blisters started to appear.老李说他在近一个月的时间里,每天都在同一个地方拔火罐,后来他的背上开始出现了一些大水泡From May to June , Li underwent cupping in a small massage parlour to try and cure his frozen shoulder.在5月日到6月日期间,老李都在一个小房里拔火罐,希望能够治好他的肩周炎Frozen shoulder is a condition that leads to pain and stiffness in the shoulder and in some extreme cases people are unable to move their shoulder at all.肩周炎这种病会导致肩膀疼痛和僵硬,在极端情况下,病人甚至完全不能活动肩膀He said: ’The clerk advised me to stick to cupping a month to cure my frozen shoulder’.老李说道:“店员建议我坚持拔火罐一个月来治疗我的肩周炎”Cupping is a therapy in which heated glass cups are applied to the skin creating suction and are thought to stimulate the flow of energy inside the body.拔火罐这种疗法是使用玻璃罐子的,点火排出空气后依靠吸力附着在人体皮肤上这种疗法被认为能够刺激人体内的能量流动During treatment, the man had the cups placed in exactly the same place every time.在治疗过程中,老李每次都在背上同一个地方拔罐Li said that during the last ten days, blisters began to m on his back from the locations the cups had been placed.据老李说,在疗程的最后天里,他背上拔火罐的地方开始出现了水泡Instead of stopping the treatment, he asked his wife to pop the blisters bee rubbing his back with oil.但是老李非但没有停止拔火罐的治疗,反而叫他的老伴儿把水泡扎破,然后涂上跌打油On June , the man went cupping treatment and during his walk home, he began to feel uncomtable and had a high fever.6月日那天,老李和往常一样去拔了罐,但是在回家途中,他开始感觉不舒,还发了高烧His family rushed him to the hospital.老李的家人将他紧急送到了医院Surgeon Xie Liang said that when Li was sent to the emergency room with a fever of 37.7 degrees and his back was completely swollen.外科医生谢亮(音)表示说,当老李被送到急诊室时,他高烧达到了37.7度,背上完全肿了On examination, it was found that he had a bacterial infection.在检查时,医生们发现老李有细菌感染的症状Doctors said that it was lucky that Li came to the hospital when he did as if he had continued then he would have developed sepsis.据医生们表示,还好老李到医院来了,否则任由病情继续拖延下去的话,有可能会恶化成为脓毒症Medical staff said that the cupping should not have been done in the same position as it causes skin burns and infections.据医务人员表示,拔火罐不应该每次都在同一个地方,不然的话会造成皮肤烧伤和感染Li’s situation is improving and is not considered life threatening.老李的病情正在改善,没有生命危险襄阳怎么防止阳痿

襄阳市东方医院包皮术研究发现坚持跑步的人脑子更大更好用 --01 :5: 来源:chinadaily If you thought running was just great the body, then think again.如果你认为跑步只对身体有好处,那么再想想吧Scientists have uncovered evidence the sport not only keeps people trim but also boosts brain power.科学家已经找到据明体育运动不仅能让人保持苗条身材,还能提升脑力The research found that people who keep fit are more likely to have larger brains, better memories and clearer thinking.研究发现,喜欢健身的人一般大脑更大,更好,思维更清晰They also found that unfit people tended to have smaller brains and reduced cognitive skills.他们也发现不喜欢健身的人往往大脑较小,认知功能退化The findings add to a growing body of evidence which links exercise with helping protect the brain against ageing and also aiding it replace dying cells.越来越多的据表明,锻炼有助于抵御大脑老化,促进死细胞代谢This might reduce the risk of debilitating illnesses and diseases such as Alzheimer's.锻炼还可能降低患老年痴呆症等退行性疾病的风险One research paper within its latest issue sees scientists at Kentucky University putting 30 adults aged 59-69 on a tmill.在研究这一新论题的一篇论文中,肯塔基大学的科学家们对30位59-69岁的人做了一项实验,让他们在跑步机上锻炼Their heart and lung capacity was measured and an MRI scanner was used to assess the blood flow to their brains.研究者测量了他们的心肺功能,使用磁共振成像仪判断大脑的血液流量Those who were less fit had smaller brains compared to the fitter volunteers who had larger brains.那些身体不太健壮的志愿者大脑较小,而体格健壮的人大脑较大Scientists in Germany followed 1 adults aged between 60-77. As they went through a three-month fitness program they saw improvements in their memory.德国的科学家们对1名60-77岁的成人做了跟踪调查经过三个月的运动健身,他们的得到了改善Researchers are not yet sure why exercise helps to protect brain cells but some research in mice has produced results.研究者们还不确定锻炼有助于保护脑细胞的原因,但一些对老鼠的研究已经找到了Mice, examined at the National Institute on Aging, in Baltimore, found that cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain used memory, were actively reproducing while their fatter peers were in decline.位于巴尔的的美国国家衰老研究所发现,那些体型苗条的老鼠,大脑用于记忆的区域——海马体中的细胞在积极地繁殖,而胖老鼠的海马体细胞在下降Linda Clare, professor of clinical psychology of ageing and dementia at Exeter University and a member of the Global Council on Brain Health told The Sunday Times: 'Moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, cycling or running can produce changes in brain structure and function.'英国埃克塞特大学衰老和痴呆临床心理学教授、全球脑健康委员会成员琳达bull;克莱尔对《星期日泰晤士报说:“快走、骑车、跑步等中等强度的有氧运动可以改变大脑的结构和功能”Vocabularytrim: 苗条的;整洁的debilitate: 使衰弱aerobic: 有氧的英文来源:每日邮报译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮 李云迪在巴黎举办音乐会 -- :6:57 来源:chinadaily 中国钢琴家李云迪在巴黎,肖邦的第二故乡,再次举办音乐会 Chinese pianist Li Yundi has staged a concert at an art center in Paris. This is not the first time he has played in the second hometown of Chopin. 在音乐会期间,岁的李云迪演奏了首曲目,其中包括传统粤音民歌《云追月表演吸引了众多观众,全场座无虚席法国著名商人伯纳德;阿诺特也携妻子出席 During the concert, the -year-old pianist played pieces, including traditional Cantonese folk song ;Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon.; The permance attracted a full house. Renowned French businessman Bernard Arnault was also present with his wife. 李云迪18岁获得了肖邦国际钢琴比赛的冠军,从此成名此后,他一直投身于国际演出中法国当地时间年月日晚,李云迪曾在巴黎Salle Pleyel音乐厅举办过钢琴独奏音乐会 Li rose to fame at 18 years old, when he won the Chopin Piano Competition. He has since been engaging in international permances.襄阳477医院有泌尿科吗襄阳中心医院男科妇科网上预约



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