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35.A burglar seems to break into my room好像有强盗闯入我的房间了Useful Expressions常用语句1.I had my suitcase stolen.我的手提箱被偷了。2.Theres no travelers checks on the table which I left.我没有把旅行票放在桌上。3.I was robbed of my watch.我的手表被抢了。4.I cannot find my cash in suitcase.我手提箱内的现钞不见了。5.Will you send up security guard to my room?请你派安全警卫到我房间来好吗?6.It was just 5 oclock when I came back from the city tour.当我从城中观光回来时,正好是5点钟。7.I had three hundred dollars in cash and one thousand in travelers checks stolen.我有300元现款及1000元旅行票被偷了。8.It happened while I was taking a bath.当我在浴室洗澡时发生的。9.You can use this copy for reimbursement of insurance.你可以拿这份副本向保险公司要求补偿。10.I have to go to the Chinese Embassy.我必须去中国大使馆。Practical Conversation实用会话A:Will you tell me the situation?请你把情形告诉我好吗?B:I was in my friends room talking for an hour of so.我在朋友房间聊天大概一个小时左右。A:And then?然后呢?B:I came back to my room and found that my suticase was open and my camera and five hundred dollars in cash inside the wallet were gone.我回到我的房间,发现手提箱被打开了,我的相机和钱包内的500元现款已经被拿走了。A:Im afraid you must give up the cash.Are you insured?我恐怕你的现款拿不回来了,你有保险吗?B:Yes,this is my overseas travel accident insurance card.是的,这就是我国外旅行意外保险卡。A:Ill make a report for you and please claim this to the insurance company with this report.我就为你写个报告,请拿这个报告向保险公司索赔。 /201502/355466Language PointsHe likes my playlist(歌单).I am now in a relationship on facebook.Dad approved of him.He is my shopping companion.He is the best at mending things.My cat tolerates him.He is the reason I shave.Free ride at 4 am.He motivates me to be a better person. /201611/475636讲解文本:work like a dog 拼命工作,忙成work like a horse 辛劳地工作,像牛马一样地干活Everyday they work like a dog.他们每天像一样工作着。If you want to be successful, you must work like a dog .如果你想要成功,就必须拼命工作。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201606/446969Todd: So what exactly is Chinese New Year?托德:中国新年怎么过?Santi: We celebrate once a year and its just like the same as a New Year in Western countries, but we celebrate in ... like special ... different dates every year.桑蒂:我们一年庆祝一次,基本和西方国家的新年一样,不过我们在每年的特定日期庆祝。Todd: So its a flexible calendar?托德:每年时间都不一样吗?Santi: Yes. My grandmother knows it but I dont. And especially for dinner we have a special arrangement in the table, like seven ... well, seven is a lucky number so seven types of dishes and then we got like money from our elders.桑蒂:对,我奶奶很清楚,不过我不太知道。过年时,晚饭的菜肴会有精心安排,七是幸运数字,所以一般晚饭会准备七道菜,晚饭过后我们会从长辈那里得到压岁钱。Todd: You get money?托德:你会收到钱?Santi: Yes, we get money but we dont get presents. We get money.桑蒂:对,我们会收到压岁钱,不是礼物。我们收到的是压岁钱。Todd: So when you get this money, what do you normally do with it? Like do they give you money and are you supposed to, like buy gifts, or are you supposed to put it away for savings?托德:那一般你的压岁钱都怎么花?你收到钱后是会去买礼物,还是存起来?Santi: I think they want us to just save the money in case like for rainy days and then ... but most of my cousins just spend it for buying things like clothes, bags, shoes, but in my family its kind of different, so whenever I get money I just give it to my mother.桑蒂:我认为长辈是想让我们存起来以备不时之需,我的表兄弟表一般会用压岁钱买衣、书包和鞋之类的东西,不过我们家有些不一样,我收到压岁钱以后会交给我妈妈。Todd: For your mom to keep for herself or for your mom to save for you?托德:是给你妈妈了还是让你妈妈帮你存起来?Santi: I dont know. Im not very good at money so its better for me to just give it to my mother and she will allocate it.桑蒂:我也不清楚。我不太擅长存钱,所以交给我妈妈,让她分配比较好。Todd: Well, actually, I think thats also a Chinese tradional also in the ed States where I think that Chinese families, isnt it custom for children actually to give their parents a portion of their money?托德:我想这也算是中国的传统,我认为在美国的中国家庭也会这样做,孩子给父母钱是中国家庭的习俗,对吗?Santi: Yes.桑蒂:对。Todd: Which is actually, I think makes a lot of sense.托德:我觉得这很合理。Santi: Well, because we trust our mother. We trust our parents beyond reason sometimes and I think its good.桑蒂:因为我们相信妈妈。没有什么理由,我们相信我们的父母,我觉得这样很好。Todd: So always give a little money up?托德:所以你经常会给妈妈钱?Santi: Yes.桑蒂:对。Todd: I agree. I agree. Although I hope my moms not listening. Shes gonna expect some money from me.托德:我同意,我同意这种做法。不过我希望我妈妈没有在听这期节目。她会期待我给她钱的。Santi: And I feel better whenever my mom just gives me money to spend it ... not my ... just my entire money and then I spend it. I feel awful.桑蒂:我妈妈给我零花钱时,我感觉很好。Todd: Oh, cause you feel like youve contributed some as well.托德:因为你觉得这里面也有你的贡献。Santi: Yes.桑蒂:对。Todd: Good point.托德:说得好。 译文属 /201603/433093

55 At the newsstand第55课 在报刊C: Excuse me, do you have the latest issue of Newsworld?顾客:对不起,你们有最新发行的Newsworld吗?S: Yes, this weeks issue just came in: Here it is.店员:有,这个星期才刚到,在这儿。C: How about rvjusic FVJadness?顾客:那Music Madness呢?S: Let me check... yes, we got the October issue a few days ago. Its on that shelf over there.店员:我看看……我们几天前就拿到十月份的刊物了,就在那边的书架上。C: Okay, Ill take these two magazines and a copy of Todays Post.顾客:好,我要这两本杂志和一份《今日邮报》。 /201505/367669

Todd: Hello, Adrienne.托德:你好,埃德里安娜。Adrienne: Hi, Todd.埃德里安娜:你好,托德。Todd: You know Adrienne I must compliment you. You always have the nicest jewelry.托德:埃德里安娜,我要称赞你。你总是佩戴最棒的珠宝饰品。Adrienne: Oh, thank you. Thats a nice thing to say.埃德里安娜:哦,谢谢你。你这么说真好。Todd: Where do you get it?托德:你从哪里买的这些珠宝?Adrienne: Various places. A lot of jewelry I pick up interesting pieces when Im traveling, but also a lot of my jewelry I make.埃德里安娜:各个地方。有些珠宝饰品是我去有意思的地方旅行时买的,其他的饰品是我自己做的。Todd: Get out of here!托德:开玩笑呢吧!Adrienne: No. Serious.埃德里安娜:没有,我是认真的。Todd: You make your own Jewelry?托德:你自己做珠宝首饰?Adrienne: Yeah, some of it. Its kind of a hobby of mine that just developed in the last few years.埃德里安娜:对,有些是自己做的。这是我近几年来刚培养的一个爱好。Todd: Now, thats pretty cool that you make your own jewelry. Like, how do you make jewelry? Whats the process?托德:你自己做珠宝,这太酷了。你怎么做珠宝?过程是怎样的?Adrienne: Well, it depends on what you want to make of course, but I go to the jewelry shop or the bead shop usually and they have all of the different pieces, different kinds of beads, different kinds of chains, different kinds of claps and wire and all of the things you need to put on a necklace or bracelet together.埃德里安娜:这取决于你要做什么饰品,我经常去逛首饰店和串珠店,那里有各种各样的首饰、串珠、链子、搭扣和钢丝,有所有做项链或手链需要的材料。Todd: And you just fiddle it together?托德:就把它们穿在一起就行了吗?Adrienne: Yeah, usually I have an idea in mind, a color scheme in mind or maybe Im thinking I bought a new skirt and I want something to go with it so actually it was a hobby born out of necessity because I couldnt afford to keep up with my buying accessories all the time, so.埃德里安娜:对,通常我会想好配色方案,如果我买了一件新短裙,那我就需要和它搭配的饰品,所以这个爱好是因为需要才养成的,因为一直买饰品我负担不起。Todd: Cool. So, how did you learn how to do this? Did you take a class?托德:真酷。你是怎么学习做这些的?你有上过相关课程吗?Adrienne: No, I probably should actually. But no, it actually started not too long ago. A friend of mine had a really nice looking necklace that was falling apart. And I looked at it closely and I thought, ; Oh, this should be easy to fix.; She couldnt find a jeweler who would touch it because they were worried about it breaking and then they would be responsible, and so I said, ;Well, let me try.; Of course I dont want to be responsible either but, let me try as a friend, and so I went to the story and found the wire and and clasp and everything we needed to fix it and it turned out actually really nice and she was so pleased with it that I decided to fix a few other pieces that had been lying in my closet untouched for a long time and fix them. They turned out really nice and then I went back and started finding more interesting pieces to work with and so, yeah, it was just sort of a slow development.埃德里安娜:没有,可能我应该去学一下。不过我没有学过,我是不久之前刚开始动手做饰品的。我的一个朋友有一条非常漂亮的项链断了。我仔细看过那条项链后我认为它很容易修。当时她找不到愿意修理的珠宝商,因为他们担心如果项链坏了,那他们就要负责任,所以我就说让我试试吧。当然我也不想负责,不过作为朋友我愿意试试,然后我就去找钢丝和搭扣,还有修理项链需要的其它材料,修理之后的效果非常不错,她非常满意,所以我决定把我柜子里那些长期不用的饰品也修改一下。修理之后的效果都非常好,然后我就开始去找一些有趣的材料,用它们制作饰品,培养爱好的过程很漫长。Todd: So, when you make the jewelry, what tools do you use? What do you got?托德:你做珠宝饰品的时候用什么工具?你都有什么工具?Adrienne: Usually you need some kind of a wire cutter or scissors depending on whether your working with string or thin wire. I recommend thin wire just because it lasts longer. Its stronger. String can wear out. You have a needle nose plier, so its a specific type of pliers that have a very pointed end on it. Needle-nose they call it, and thats used to clamp some of the clasp together and also just to help pull the th through the beads, that kind of thing. And then, you need to buy separate clasps to be able to wire everything and to be able to wear it basically. So its actually really straight forward and very simple. It just sounds and looks very complicated, so it makes everyone more impressed than they should be I think.埃德里安娜:一般需要剪线钳和剪子这样的工具,这取决于你用的是线还是细钢丝。我推荐用细钢丝,因为它的持久性更好,也更结实。线很容易磨损。还需要尖嘴钳,这是一种特殊的尖头钳子。他们称它尖嘴,这种钳子是用来固定搭扣的,也可以在把线穿过珠子时使用。另外,还要买一些不同的搭扣,用来连接各种材料,确保可以佩戴。所以制作方法非常简单明了。可能听起来或者看起来非常复杂,所以给人们的印象才会更深刻。Todd: Well, the jewelry store people probably dont want to hear that.托德:珠宝店的店主可能并不想听到这些。 译文属 /201508/391578

unit 523点咖啡dialogue 英语情景对话A:Boy, come here!A:务员,过来一下!B:Yes, sir! What can I do for you?B:是,先生,你要什么?A:Bring me a cup of coffee, please.A:请送一杯咖啡来。B:Will you have it strong or weak?B:要浓的还是淡的?A:I prefer strong.A:要浓一点儿的。 /201608/461367

上个周末,我给园艺俱乐部烤了一盘曲奇饼干。把它们晾凉的时候,我出去买了趟东西。但等我回来的时候,发现有六块曲奇饼干不翼而飞了。我爸妈和弟弟都都一口否认说自己没吃。可等到晚饭时,丈夫终于觉得愧疚,告诉我饼干是他吃的,让我哭笑不得。这让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:come clean.大家都知道,clean意思是“干净的”。Come clean字面意思是“变得干净”,实际上它是“坦白承认,说出一切”的意思。我弟弟就是这样,这谎再也撒不下去了,he had to come clean. 不得不坦白交待了偷吃饼干的事情。在下面的例子里,这位妈妈最开始不愿意告诉女儿一件事儿,但后来她改变了想法,和盘托出。我们来听一听:例句-1:Mom came out of the doctors office like everything was fine. Later, I overheard her on the phone talking about going to the hospital. When she realized Id been listening, she came clean. She admitted that she was going to need heart surgery, and didnt want me to worry.这段话是说:妈妈从诊所出来的时候看起来跟平常没什么两样。可是后来,我听到她在电话上说什么她要去住院。她发现我听到了,就索性把一切都坦白地告诉了我。她说她需要进行心脏手术,但是不想让我担心。父母都一样,出了什么健康问题都不告诉子女,生怕子女担心。我上次就因为类似的事情跟我爸好好谈了一次。我问他,如果我要做手术不告诉他,结果出了问题,他会怎样想?所以说,不管遇到什么为难的事,不管是经济方面的,健康上的,还是吃了官司,都不能隐瞒家人。Its always best to come clean. 你都应该坦白说出来。******说起come clean坦白,很容易让人想到犯罪和案件的审理。下面例子里就提到了一起案件,案件嫌疑人正在接受调查人员的讯问。让我们来听听看:例句-2:The interrogator had doubts that the suspect would talk. But now that she understands she risks going to jail for many years, shes coming clean. Shes confessing everything: how she planned the burglary and got her friends to help her carry it out.这段话是说:审问人员开始并不知道嫌疑人会不会交代。但是如今,她明白,不老实交代就可能会面临多年监禁,所以她把一切都说了,从她怎样策划这次入室抢劫,到她的朋友如何帮助她实施,交代得一清二楚。她这是正确决定。如果现在不坦白,之后被查出来,被判处的刑罚会重得多。就我来说,我觉得我想犯罪都没那个本事!我根本不知道怎么骗人,更别说帮别人骗人了!Im the type of person who comes clean rather quickly. 我如果做错了什么事情,我肯定很快就招了。 /201701/488479

8.Buying office equipment Dialogue8.购买办公设备 对话Susan has given Steven a list of office supplies they need to buy. Steven needs to buy them. This noon he invites Bill to go with him.苏珊给史蒂文列了一份办公室用品购物清单。史蒂文要去购买这些东西,今天中午他请比尔和他一起去。Steven: Bill,will you be free at noon?史蒂文:比尔,中午有空吗?Bill: Yes. What can I do for you?比尔:有空,有什么事需要帮忙吗?Steven: We need a new filing cabinet in the office. Could you go downtown with me after lunch?史蒂文:我们办公室要添置一个新的档案柜。午饭后你能和我一起上街去买吗?Bill: All right. Have you got an idea about what type to buy?比尔:可以,你知道买什么型号的吗?Steven: Yes, the same as the one we have. And we also need some small articles in the office, such as pens, clips, erasers and sticky notes.史蒂文:知道,跟我们现在用的一样。对了,办公室里还得添一些小物件,比如钢笔、回形针、橡皮以及便利贴等。Bill: Can you remember them all?比尔:你都记得住吗?Steven: Susan has aly given me a list of all the stationery which we need to buy. 史蒂文:苏珊给我列了份清单,写好了我们需要买的所有文具。 /201510/402317

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