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I want to spend just a moment talking about我想只花一点点时间来谈论the model that weve developed, which allows us to start at the top我们所发展而来的那个模型,那个允许我们从高处开始的模型and look at the drivers of sound, analyze the soundscape看一下那司机的声音,分析下声音的范围,and then predict the four outcomes Ive just talked about.然后预测一下我刚才所说的四种结果。Or start at the bottom,或者按下按钮,and say what outcomes do we want,并说说我们希望怎样的结果,and then design a soundscape to have a desired effect.然后设计一个产生效果的声音范围At last weve got some science we can apply.最终我们得到了我们可以应用的一些科学。And were in the business of designing soundscapes.我们在设计声音范围的一场生意中。Just a word on music. Music is the most powerful sound there is,关于音乐就说一句。音乐是最有威力的一种声音often inappropriately deployed.但它经常被错误地利用。Its powerful for two reasons. You recognize it fast,因为有两个原因使其强大。首先你很快认出了它and you associate it very powerfully.然后你展开了疯狂的联想。Ill give you two examples.我来给你两个例子Most of you recognize that immediately.你们中大多数的人马上就认出了这调The younger, maybe not.年轻人,也许没有认出吧And most of you associate that with something!大多数人会联系到什么吧!Now, those are one-second samples of music.现在,这些都是一秒的音乐的样品。Music is very powerful. And unfortunately音乐很强大。但是不幸的是its veneering commercial spaces, often inappropriately.音乐总是为一些用来装饰那些不适合的商业场合。I hope thats going to change over the next few years.我希望在未来几年有些变化Let me just talk about brands for a moment,让我们先谈论一会儿商标品牌,because some of you run brands. Every brand is out there因为你们中有些事经营品牌企业的。所有的品牌如今making sound right now.都要有自己的主题音乐。There are eight expressions of a brand in sound.在品牌声音中有8种表现方式。They are all important. And every brand needs to have guidelines at the center.他们都很重要。并且所有的品牌都需要把自己的准则放在中心地位。Im glad to say that is starting to happen now.我很高兴地表示现在这一切就要发生了。You all recognize that one. This is the你们都认得出那个声音。这个是most-played tune in the world today.如今世界上被播放最多的调子了。1.8 billion times a day, that tune is played.这个铃声每天被播放18亿次。And it cost Nokia absolutely nothing.并且对于诺基亚而言他们什么也没花什么钱。Just leave you with four golden rules, for those of you who run businesses,这就给你们这些经商的人留下了四条黄金法则,for commercial sound.关于商业音调。First, make it congruent,首先,有一致性,pointing in the same direction as your visual communication.和你们的视觉画面要达到相同方向的沟通效果That increases impact by over 1,100 percent.这大概能增加百分之1100的影响力。If your sound is pointing the opposite direction, incongruent,如果你那声音和画面不一致,指向相反方向,you reduce impact by 86 percent.你会减少百分之86的魅力Thats an order of magnitude, up or down.那是上下数量级的差别啊This is important.这非常重要Secondly, make it appropriate to the situation.其二 ,将其变得适合场景Thirdly, make it valuable. Give people something with the sound.第三,使其有用。给人们一些除了声音之外的东西Dont just bombard them with stuff.不要仅仅用声音来砌合事物And, finally, test and test it again.最后,反复反复的测试Sound is complex. There are many countervailing influences.声音很复杂。有许多抵消的作用。It can be a bit like a bowl of spaghetti:就如一大碗通心粉:sometimes you just have to eat it and see what happens.有时候你得吃了它才知道会发生什么。So I hope this talk has raised sound in your consciousness.所以我希望这个关于声音的演讲可以提升你的意识If youre listening consciously,如果你用心听,you can take control of the sound around you.你可以控制自己周围的声音Its good for your health. Its good for your productivity.这对你的身体有好处。这对你的效率也有好处。If we all do that we move to a state如果我们都那么做,我们就进入了that I like to think will be sound living in the world.一个在世上听上去存在的境界Im going to leave you with a little bit more birdsong.我会给你们留下更多的一些些鸟鸣之歌。I recommend at least five minutes a day, but there is no maximum dose.我推荐你们每天至少听5分钟,但是没有上限Thank you for lending me your ears today.谢谢你们今天借给了我你们的耳朵。201504/367731Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, memebers of the university, graduates, ladies and gentlemen. As I look around this hall full of happy, proud faces, filled with enthusiasm and hope for the future, I am struck by the rich possibilities that await you. You have been educated in one of Australias and the worlds top universities, in the peaceful and beautiful environment of Canberra. You have studied with some of the most talented students and teachers you could find anywhere. You have been exposed to a kaleidoscope of cultural influences and you have achieved academic excellence.尊敬的校长,副校长,各位教职员工,全体毕业生们,女士们,先生们,你们好!环顾大厅四周,我看到一张张洋溢着幸福和自豪的脸庞,你们富有,对未来满怀希望,我为你们的大好前途感到惊叹不已。在宁静而美丽的首都堪培拉,你们在澳大利亚乃至世界上一流的大学接受了教育。在这儿,你们同世界上最出色的学生为伴,得到最学的教师的谆谆教导。遨游在多种文化交织的海洋里,你们在学术上取得了卓越的成就。Leaving the global financial crisis aside for a moment, surely this is one of the best positions from which to start living the rest of your life. Hopefully you will all be happy and successful and live long fulfilling lives. So while you are celebrating your achievements today, lets take a moment to pause and reflect on what makes some people successful while others, whith similar or greater talent and resources, founder.暂且抛开全球金融危机不谈,毋庸置疑,从这所大学毕业将成为你们今后美好生活的起点。我希望,你们所有人都能拥有幸福而成功的人生,能实现自己的人生价值。因此,在你们庆祝自己所取得的成就时,让我们暂停下来反思一个问题:拥有同样甚至更加卓越的才智和资源,为什么一些人成功而另一些人却失败呢?Over my career, I have had the privilege to work with some astounding people. People like Paul Keating who left school at barely 15 years of age, yet went to become one of Australias most visionary and far sighted prime ministers. As an executive coach, I am working with highly motivated, successful corporate leaders. Yet often I find myself helping them to work out what is missing in their lives and what to do about it.在我的职业生涯中,我非常有幸曾和一些杰出的人一起工作,比如保罗·基廷。他不到15岁就离开了学校,然后后来却成为澳大利亚最具远见卓识的总理之一。作为一名高级主管指导员,我经常和富有活力且非常成功的公司领导人一起共事。然而,我发现自己经常帮他们寻找生活中迷失的东西,并帮助他们弥补。 /201308/252345Okay.好了So what is the daf-2 gene?那么daf-2基因到底是什么?Well as you know, genes, which are part of the DNA,正如大家所知,基因是DNA的一部分theyre instructions to make a protein that does something.它们是经编码的指令,用于制造特定功能的蛋白质And the daf-2 gene而daf-2基因的编码encodes a hormone receptor.对应了一类激素受体So what you see in the picture there图片上可以看到的是一个细胞is a cell with a hormone receptor in red以及红色的激素受体punching through the edge of the cell.插在细胞的边缘So part of it is like a baseball glove.受体的一部分就像棒球手套Part of its on the outside,外面的部分伸出去and its catching the hormone as it comes by in green.当绿色的激素靠近的时候抓住这个激素And the other part is on the inside另外的部分在细胞内where it sends signals into the cell.向细胞传递信号Okay, so what is the daf-2 receptor好了,那daf-2受体向细胞里telling the inside of the cell?传了什么样的信号?I just told you that, if you make a mutation in the daf-2 gene cell,我刚刚说过,如果突变细胞里的daf-2基因that you get a receptor that doesnt work as well;就能得到一个功能不太给力的受体the animal lives longer.并且动物的寿命变长So that means that the normal function of this hormone receptor这就意味着这个激素受体的正常功能is to speed up aging.是加速衰老Thats what that arrow means.就是图上箭头的意思It speeds up aging. It makes it go faster.总之会让衰老来得更快So its like the animal has the grim reaper inside of itself,就好像动物的身体里有个死神speeding up aging.一直在加速衰老So this is altogether really, really interesting.总之这个结论就非常有趣了It says that aging is subject to control by the genes,结论就是,衰老是受基因控制的and specifically by hormones.具体讲是受激素控制的So what kind of hormones are these?这些激素又是什么样的激素呢?Theres lots of hormones. Theres testosterone, adrenalin.有很多种激素,比如睾酮和肾上腺素You know about a lot of them.你肯定知道很多These hormones are similar这些激素和我们to hormones that we have in our bodies.身体里的激素差不多The daf-2 hormone receptordaf-2激素受体is very similar to the receptor与胰岛素和IGF-1的受体for the hormone insulin and IGF-1.非常像Now youve all heard of at least insulin.至少大家都听说过胰岛素Insulin is a hormone that promotes the uptake of nutrients胰岛素是一种激素,在饭后促进into your tissues after you eat a meal.身体的组织吸收营养And the hormone IGF-1 promotes growth.而IGF-1这种激素促进生长So these functions were known for these hormones for a long time,这些激素的功能是我们长久以来就知道的but our studies suggested但是我们的研究似乎暗示that maybe they had a third function that nobody knew about --有可能有第三种我们未知的功能--maybe they also affect aging.或许也能影响衰老And its looking like thats the case.而且看起来似乎的确是这样So after we made our discoveries with little C. elegans,所以在我们对秀丽隐杆线虫的小发现之后people who worked on other kinds of animals研究其他动物的研究员提出问题started asking, if we made the same daf-2 mutation,如果在其他动物身上造成同样的daf-2变异the hormone receptor mutation, in other animals,也就是激素受体变异will they live longer?它们也会更长寿吗?And that is the case in flies.在苍蝇身上,是的If you change this hormone pathway in flies, they live longer.如果改变苍蝇体内这种激素的传递方式,它们就会长寿And also in mice -- and mice are mammals like us.在老鼠身上也一样--而老鼠是像我们一样的哺乳动物So its an ancient pathway,所以其实这是一个古老原始的传递方式because it must have arisen a long time ago in evolution一定在很久以前的进化进程中就出现了such that it still works in all these animals.这样才会让所有动物身上都有这样的效应And also, the common precursor also gave rise to people.而且,这些共同的实验前兆也引向到人类的衰老问题上So maybe its working in people the same way.所以或许在人类中也同样适用And there are hints of this.确实有迹象表明这点So for example, there was one study that was done比如,曾有人针对纽约市in a population of Ashkenazi Jews in New York City.阿什肯纳兹犹太人做了研究And just like any population,和其他人群一样most of the people live to be about 70 or 80,大多数人活到70或80岁but some live to be 90 or 100.但是有的人活到了90或100岁And what they found研究人员发现was that people who lived to 90 or 100活到90或100岁的人were more likely to have daf-2 mutations --更有可能有daf-2变异--that is, changes in the gene也就是说,编码了IGF-1受体that encodes the receptor for IGF-1.的那段基因产生了变异And these changes made the gene not act as well这些变异让基因行为与正常基因相比as the normal gene would have acted.效果更弱一些It damaged the gene.相当于基因受损了So those are hints所以这些迹象suggesting that humans are susceptible表明人类对于控制衰老的激素to the effects of the hormones for aging.所带来的效果是很敏感的So the next question, of course, is:所以接下来的问题当然就是Is there any effect on age-related disease?这对与年龄相关的老龄病有影响吗?As you age, youre much more likely因为当年龄变老的时候,我们就更可能to get cancer, Alzheimers disease,患上癌症,老年痴呆症heart disease, all sorts of diseases.心脏病,等等一系列的疾病It turns out that these long-lived mutants结果这些长寿的变异体are more resistant to all these diseases.对于这些疾病更有抵抗能力They hardly get cancer,他们几乎不得癌症and when they do its not as severe.就算得了,也并不如本来应该的那样严重So its really interesting, and it makes sense in a way,所以这很有趣,而且这样想来确实有道理that theyre still young,他们的身体还年轻so why would they be getting diseases of aging until their old?所以为什么只有到老年,他们会得衰老的一些疾病So it suggests这就启发我们that, if we could have a therapeutic or a pill to take如果有疗法或者药片to replicate some of these effects in humans,来对人体复制这些减缓衰老的效应maybe we would have a way也许我们就有办法of combating lots of different age-related diseases一下子抵抗所有种类的all at once.老龄病201508/390452

I took one psychology class in college, and I learned about this guy, Abraham Maslow, as many of us are familiar with his hierarchy of needs. But as I sat there for four hours, the full afternoon, ing Maslow, I recognized something that is true of most leaders. One of the simplest facts in business is something that we often neglect, and that is that were all human. Each of us, no matter what our role is in business, has some hierarchy of needs in the workplace.我在大学里上过一门心理学的课程,正如你们很多人一样,我从亚伯拉罕.马斯洛那儿学到了“需求层次理论”。我在那里坐了四个小时,整个下午都在阅读读马斯洛的经典,我确实意识到一些适用于多数领导者的东西。而商业中最简单的事实之一是一些通常被我们忽略的东西。我们都是人。我们每个人,无论我们在商场上扮演着怎样的角色,在工作岗位上,我们都有着一些不同层次的需求。So as I started ing more Maslow, what I started to realize is that Maslow, later in his life, wanted to take this hierarchy for the individual and apply it to the collective, to organizations and specifically to business. But unfortunately, he died prematurely in 1970, and so he wasnt really able to live that dream completely. So I realized in that dotcom crash that my role in life was to channel Abe Maslow. And thats what I did a few years ago when I took that five-level hierarchy of needs pyramid and turned it into what I call the transformation pyramid, which is survival, success and transformation. Its not just fundamental in business, its fundamental in life. And we started asking ourselves the questions about how we were actually addressing the higher needs, these transformational needs for our key employees in the company. These three levels of the hierarchy needs relate to the five levels of Maslows hierarchy of needs.所以当我更多阅读马斯洛的著作时,我开始意识到马斯洛在晚年的时候尝试着将这种个人的需求的不同层级应用在集体层面,应用在组织中,尤其在商业企业中。但不幸的是,他在1970年早逝了所以他不能见这一梦想的实现。所以我意识到在互联网爆炸后,传承马斯洛的理论,成了我生命中的一项重要的任务。这我几年前开始把他的五级需求金字塔转变成了我的三级转变金字塔——生存,成功和转变这不只是商业的根本,它也是生活的根本。我们开始问自己,如何才能真正的解决更高级的需求,我们公司核心员工的转变的需求。需求层级中的这三个层次实际上与马斯洛的五级需求紧密联系。But as we started asking ourselves about how we were addressing the higher needs of our employees and our customers, I realized we had no metrics. We had nothing that actually could tell us whether we were actually getting it right.但当我们开始问自己如何解决我们公司员工和客户的更高层次需求时,我意识到我们没有任何衡量标准我们不知道我们怎样做才是对的。201401/274468

Chun jie kuai le!春节快乐!Wo shi lian he guo mi shu zhang pan ji wen.我是联合国秘书长潘基文。The Year of the Monkey has come. Im also a ;monkey;. Monkey implies intelligence, agility and good fortune. So, its a good year full of hope and energy.猴年到了。我也属猴。猴代表着智慧、灵活与好运。所以这将是一个充满着希望和活力的好年。This year is also the first year of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. We wish to have a good start from the Year of the Lucky Monkey. I thank China and Chinese people for supporting the work of the ed Nations and myself in the past nine years. I hope we can all continue to work together towards a better future.今年也是可持续发展目标实施的第一年。希望幸运的猴年成为良好的开端。我感谢中国以及中国人民对联合国事业以及对我本人过去九年的持。我希望我们能够继续携手合作,创造一个更美好的未来。I wish you health, happiness and success in the Year of the Monkey. Hou nian da ji! Xie xie.我谨祝愿大家在猴年身体健康、阖家幸福、一帆风顺。猴年大吉!谢谢!201602/426823Fear will get the worst of the best of us and peddlers of influence count on that. Throughtout our nations constant struggle to create a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure our domestic tranquility, we battle fear from outside our borders and from within our own hearts every day of our history.恐惧能造成最糟糕的后果,而那些好生事的人就赖这个活着。我们不断奋斗抗争,就是为了缔造一个更加完美的联邦,建立公平,保障我们国家内部的安宁,我们每天都要对抗外来与心理内在的各种恐惧。Our nation came to be despite the fear of retribution from the king across the sea. America was made strong because people here could live free from the fears that made up their daily lives in whatever land they called the ;Old Country;. Our history books tell of conflicts taken up to free people from fear-those kept in slavery-in our own states, and to liberate whole nations under the rule of tyrants and theologies rooted in fear. The American course, at its best, as being the cultivation of a faith, that declares we will always live in peace when we are all free to worship as we choose, when we are free to express our hearts, and when we all seek a place free from fear. But we live in a world where too many of us are too y to believe in things that do not exist-conspiracies abound, divisons are constructed and the differences between us are not celebrated for making us stronger but are calculated and programmed to set us against each other. Our faith is tested by unpredictable providence, and threatened when common sense is corrupted by specific interests.我们的国家不顾对面海岸国王的惩罚,逐渐建立了起来。美国越来越强大,因为国民不用再生活在恐惧下,而这曾是他们在被其称为“旧国家”的那片土地上日常生活的全部。我们的历史书上记载了我们国家所展开的斗争,为了人们——那些身陷奴隶制度中的人们——不再恐惧,为了把整个国家从暴君和神学可怕的统治下解放出来。美国的事业和追求,在于一种信念的培养:当我们能够自由选择宗教信仰、自由表达内心想法,而且居住在没有恐惧的地方时,就是我们找到和平的时候。然而,到了今天,却有太多人愿意相信许多毫无根据的虚构说法。各种阴谋论盛行,分化对立严重,族群间的差异,并没有让我们融合壮大,反而被用来挑拨离间。我们的信念正遭受未知天命的考验,并且在常识被一些特定利益所腐蚀时受到了威胁。201406/307884

Today, as I suspend my campaign, I congratulate him on the victory he has won and the extraordinary race he has run. I endorse him and throw my full support behind him. And I ask all of you to join me in working as hard for Barack Obama as you have for me.今天,我终止参加竞选活动。与此同时,我要对奥巴马所取得的胜利以及他在竞选中取得的不俗成绩表示祝贺,我将在他身后全力持他。我要你们所有人一起,像持我一样持奥巴马。I have served in the Senate with him for four years. I have been in this campaign with him for 16 months. I have stood on the stage and gone toe-to-toe with him in 22 debates. Ive had a front-row seat to his candidacy, and I have seen his strength and determination, his grace and his grit.我和他在参议院工作了4年,在过去的16个月里,我和他竞选总统,我站在台上和他面对面进行了22场辩论。我曾坐在他候选演讲的最前排,我看到了他的力量和决断、他的优雅和刚毅。In his own life, Barack Obama has lived the American dream, as a community organizer. In the State Senate, as a ed States senator, he has dedicated himself to ensuring the dream is realized. And in this campaign, he has inspired so many to become involved in the democratic process and invested in our common future.在他自己的生命中,巴拉克·奥巴马作为团体的组织者实现着美国梦;在参议院中,他作为国家参议员全力以赴确保这个梦得以实现;在竞选中,他鼓舞了无数人来加入推进民主进程以及为了我们共同的未来而努力。Now, when I started this race, I intended to win back the White House and make sure we have a president who puts our country back on the path to peace, prosperity and progress. And thats exactly what were going to, by ensuring that Barack Obama walks through the doors of the Oval Office on January 20, .现在,当我开始了这项竞选,我的目的是赢得白宫并且确定我们能够有一个这样的总统,他使我们的国家和平、富足、进步。这正是我们要做的事:确保巴拉克·奥巴马在年1月20日能够进入那椭圆形办公室的大门。 /201307/249622Good afternoon, everyone. It is my privilege to welcome you to this landmark gathering – the first U.S.-ASEAN Summit hosted by the ed States. This reflects my personal commitment, and the national commitment of the ed States, to a strong and enduring partnership with your 10 nations individually and to Southeast Asia as one region, as one community – ASEAN.I want to thank my co-chair, President Choummaly of Laos; Secretary General Minh; and leaders from all 10 ASEAN nations for being here.As everyone knows, I first came to know the people and the beauty and the strength of Southeast Asia as a boy when I lived in Indonesia for several years with my mother. As President, Ive had the opportunity to visit most of your countries. You and the people of ASEAN have always shown me extraordinary hospitality, and I hope we can reciprocate with the warmth today and tomorrow – which is why I did not hold this summit in Washington. It is cold there. Its snowing. So, welcome to beautiful, warm Sunnylands. As President, Ive insisted that even as the ed States confronts urgent threats around the world, our foreign policy also has to seize on new opportunities. And few regions present more opportunity to the 21st century than the Asia Pacific. Thats why, early in my presidency, I decided that the ed States, as a Pacific nation, would rebalance our foreign policy and play a larger and long-term role in the Asia Pacific. And this has included engagement with Southeast Asia and ASEAN, which is central to the regions peace and prosperity, and to our shared goal of building a regional order where all nations play by the same rules.As part of our deeper engagement, Im proud to be the first U.S. President to meet with leaders of all 10 ASEAN countries. This summit marks our seventh meeting. At your invitation, the ed States joined the East Asia Summit, and together weve made it the regions leading forum for addressing political and security challenges. Ive made now seven visits to the ASEAN region – more than any previous American President. At our last meeting in Kuala Lumpur, we forged a new Strategic Partnership. And our sustained engagement is delivering concrete results that benefit all of us – momentum that we can build on here at this summit.Together, we can continue to increase the trade and economic partnerships that create jobs and opportunity for our people. Since I took office, weve boosted trade between the ed States and ASEAN by 55 percent. The region is now our fourth largest goods trading partner, including U.S. exports that support more than 500,000 American jobs. U.S companies have been the largest source of foreign investment in ASEAN – one of the many reasons that the regions GDP has surged in recent years, lifting people from poverty into the middle class.201603/428725

Some in my country fear that Chinas research and development will overtake Americas, but I believe that America and the world will benefit from Chinas scientific and technological advances. I think we will benefit from that. If China makes advances in stem cell research, the rest of the world will benefit from that.If China discovers an energy breakthrough, this is good for the rest of the world, such as the benefit of a free market.一些美国人担心中国的科研与发展将会超越美国,但我认为美国和世界其他国家都能从中国的科技进步中受益。我相信我们会从中受益。如果中国在骨髓干细胞研究方面取得进展,世界其他国家都会从中受益。如果中国在能源方面取得突破,这会像开放自由市场一样使世界其他国家受益。Some fear that China will buy up American companies, but that fear also existed in the 80s, when America feared that Japan was going to buy up American companies. So what? It was just good, and to benefit of America. We should welcome Chinas investment in American companies, just as we welcome the billions of dollars that China has invested in U.S. treasury bonds. This shows that China has faith in America, and American investment in China shows that we have faith in you. So I believe that China and U.S. economic relations will become even closer in the years ahead. Certainly I realize that we do not agree on everything, but who does? Certainly I realize that China has major hurdles to overcome, but it is not for me to say how China should overcome those hurdles and achieve its dreams.一些人担心中国将收购美国公司,类似的担忧在80年代也存在,当时美国担心日本会收购美国公司。而结果又怎么样呢?一切都好,美国只是从中受益。我们应该欢迎中国投资美国公司,就像欢迎中国投资亿万美元购买美国国债一样。这表明,中国信任美国,而美国在中国的投资也表明美国对中国有信心。因此,我相信中美经济关系在未来将会更加密切。当然,我们无法在任何事情上都达成共识,但谁又能做到这一点呢?当然,我知道中国需要克很多障碍,但关于中国应如何克这些困难并实现它的梦想,我不会去评头论足。But I can tell you, however, what has given America such energy and strength over the last 200 years, and perhaps there are some insights in this for China. America is a nation that believes in the power of the individual, and what the individual can accomplish, no matter the color, no matter the religion, no matter the ethnic background of the individual.但不管怎样,我想说,在过去的200年促使美国变得这么强大而充满活力的因素也能为中国提供一些借鉴。美国是一个相信个人能力的国家,美国相信个人能取得很多成就,不论其肤色、宗教信仰及种族背景。201403/283131Da jia hao! Chun jie kuai le!大家好!春节快乐!Mel and I would like to say ;Happy New Year; to all our great friends here in China and back home in America.梅尔和我想对我们在中国和美国国内的所有好朋友们说声新年快乐!This is our second Chinese New Year in Beijing, we love seeing all the festive red lanterns and firework displays as part of this great holiday, and we know that this is a really special time to reunite with family and to enjoy holiday meals with friends and loved ones.这是我们在北京的第二个中国新年。我们喜欢看这个伟大节日所展示的所有喜庆红灯笼和烟花。而且我们知道这是一个与家人团聚,与亲朋好友享受节日盛宴的非常特殊的时刻。And we have enjoyed great adventures in this past year in China. Last year, we got a travel to see elephant conservation efforts in Yunnan. In the spring, we enjoyed the cultural traditions at Tibet and Qinghai, and took a fabulous trip overnight on the train between the two provinces. This summer, we finally got to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. And this fall, we celebrated the legacy of the Flying Tigers in Chengdu. Weve also recently traveled to Hainan to support sea turtle conservation.我们很享受过去一年在中国的美好体验。去年,我们去了云南看到了保护大象的努力。春天,我们愉快地体验了西藏和青海的文化传统,并乘坐夜间列车在两省间进行了神话般的旅行。今年夏天,我们终于在西安看到了兵马俑。今年秋天,我们在成都纪念了飞虎队的遗产。我们最近还去了海南,持对海龟的保护。Mel and I were also so thrilled to join President Obama in welcoming President Xi for his first state visit to Washington this past year. As we head into this New Year, Ive got to tell you that I am so optimistic about the future.梅尔和我还特别高兴去年与奥巴马总统一起欢迎习近平主席对华盛顿的首次国事访问。当我们进入新的一年,我要告诉你们我对未来非常乐观。Xin nian kuai le! Gong xi fa cai! Good luck to the Year of the Monkey. Zhu ni men hou nian ji xiang!新年快乐!恭喜发财!猴年吉祥!祝你们猴年吉祥!201602/427064You can take your phone, take a 你可以用手机拍段视频share it on YouTube with a few clicks and share it with the world 轻松点击几下就能发到YouTube上 同世界分享Take a picture, put a filter on it, share it with everyone you know 拍张照 加个滤镜 然后同所有认识的人分享all while listening to your music thats in the cloud 同时发些音乐到云里同大家分享In fact, you guys could be doing this right now 实际上 你们现在就可以这样做So instead of saying not to do that 我不阻止你们那样做if you are doing it, just say something nice about my talk 如果你要这样做 请给我的演讲说点好话JHU 2014 Hashtag JHU 2014And its not just the web 不只有互联网是这样genomics, nanotechnology, bioinformatics, health medicine 还有基因组学 纳米技术 生物信息 医药卫生all parts of society 社会的方方面面都是如此You will have opportunities you cannot even imagine right now 你可以获得你甚至想都想不到的机遇So heres the one thing you could choose to remember 你们也可以选择记住这一点Its those opportunities, the ones that make you believe in the future 这些让你相信未来的机遇those will be the best ones 就是最好的机遇those are the ones that can change your life 就是能够改变你的生活and those are the ones that can change the world 并改变世界的机遇So now I want to talk about YouTube 下面我要讲YouTubeDo you guys use YouTube? 你们使用YouTube吗I want to talk about how I first discovered it 我要讲讲我最开始是怎么发现它的and then almost lost it 最后又是怎么几乎失去它的Its a story about recognizing an opportunity 这个故事涉及到辨别机遇but also about facing failure 也涉及到面对失败I know its hard to believe, but in 2004 there was no YouTube 我知道这很难以置信 但在2004年确实没有YouTubeand on the Internet was rare 因特网上的视频也很少We were trying to figure out the right strategy for Google 我们正在寻找谷歌在to be in the online business 网络视频方面的正确路线Were trying lots of different things and nothing was getting traction 我们进行了很多尝试 但都没有奏效And one day, we decided we would allow users to upload their s to Google 有一天 我们决定允许用户上传自己的视频给谷歌We didnt tell users what would happen to their s 我们没有告诉用户 他们的视频会怎么样And we had no ideas what users would send to us 我们也不知道用户会上传什么视频It was an experiment in every sense 这只是一次实验201512/413810

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