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If, in the course of today, you use a mobile phone, drive a car or watch TV, or if you find your children playing with their robot pet, the chances are that at least one of these objects will have been made in Korea. As we all know, Korea is one of Asias ;tiger; economies, provider of high technology to the world. We tend to think of it as a new player on the global stage - but that of course is not how Koreans see themselves, for Korea has always been pivotal in relations between China and Japan, and it has a long tradition of technological inventions. It was Korea, for example, that pioneered moveable metal type, and it did it so well before it was invented in Europe. Besides its technology, the other thing that we all know about Korea today is that, since the end of the Second World War in 1945, it has been bitterly and dangerously divided between a communist north and a capitalist south.手机、电视、汽车,如果你使用这些产品,或者和你的小孩子一起玩耍的机器宠物,很可能其中至少有一件来自韩国。韩国是亚洲经济四小龙之一,一个高科技产业国家。人们可能会把它当作国际舞台上的新成员,但他们自己可不这么认为。朝鲜半岛一直在中日关系中扮演重要角色,他们在科技创新方面也有悠久的历史。比如,他们最早创造了金属活字,远早于欧洲。除科技外,大家对他们 最熟悉的一点,可能是自一九五三年朝鲜战争结束以来,朝鲜半岛就被迫分为两个国家,北边的共产主义朝鲜和南边的资本主义韩国。Todays object takes us to Korea around the year 700 AD, to a state, newly unified, that was enjoying great prosperity. To a moment in its history that is inevitably now differently by north and south, but is still central to any modern definition of Korean identity.这片瓦当来自公元七百年左右的新罗,当时这个刚统一不久的国家正处于经济繁荣时期。这段历史如今在朝鲜和韩国有着不同的解读方式,但它仍然是全体朝鲜人现代民族认同感的核心。201510/403395Reefs are disappearing.珊瑚礁正在消失。Staghorn coral are one of the dominant building blocks of coral reefs all over the world, but now theyre in trouble.鹿角珊瑚是世界上主要的珊瑚礁,但现在它们遇到了麻烦。A collection of new studies show staghorn coral are in major decline because they cant handle the warmer, more acidic ocean waters that result from human pollution.一些新的研究表明,鹿角珊瑚的数量在大幅下降,因其不能适应人类污染造成的更温暖、更酸性的海水。The most visible effect is bleaching. When water conditions get too stressful, corals lose the algae that give them their color. If it keeps up for too long, the corals die.最明显的影响是漂白。当水质条件受到影响,珊瑚失去表面颜色的藻类。如果保持时间太长,珊瑚就会死亡。Recent surveys suggest 93 percent of corals in Australias Great Barrier Reef are bleaching to some degree.最近的调查显示,在澳大利亚大堡礁的珊瑚中,有百分之93的珊瑚在一定程度上正在漂白。Researchers warn staghorn reefs near the mouth of the Amazon River are also at risk. Nearby oil drilling presents a ;major environmental challenge.;研究人员警告,亚马逊河口附近的鹿角珊瑚礁也存在风险。附近的石油钻井提出了“重大的环境挑战。”But recovery is still possible. Scientists say tighter controls on runoff and dredging would give corals a better chance in todays warmer waters.但恢复仍然是可能的。科学家们表示,在如今更温暖的水域中,严格控制径流和疏浚能给珊瑚更好的生存机会。译文属。201604/439981栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201602/416303

How could he possibly know what that song meant?他怎么可能了解那歌中的含意?He sang it like he had written it.他唱得好像是自己写的歌一般l sing Whos lovin You, orpart ofit, in my live concerts我曾在演唱会上演唱Whos Lovin Youand many times, young people have come up to me after the concert and said,许多时候 演唱会结束后 都会有些年轻人跟我说Oh, l didnt know you sang Michael Jacksons song. 我不知道你会唱迈克尔·杰克逊的歌A kid, 11 years old, singing that song with that much emotion? It was incredible.一个11岁的孩子 以那种情感唱出这首歌? 不可思议Unbelievable.太不可思议了He seemed as if he was an old soul,他体内彷佛住了一个老灵魂that he could take a song like Whos lovin You可以将Whos Lovin You这种歌and he could actually interpret those lyrics当中的歌词诠释地那么到位in a way that made you believe让你真心相信that he had those experiences, when actually he was 10 years old.他曾经有过类似经历 可是他才十岁lf you didnt know he was a kid, youd have thought he was an old man.若不知道他是个孩子 还真以为是个老头子呢But he was singing it from his heart.但他是发自内心的演唱You know, Michaels life was kind of paradoxical to me,我觉得迈克尔的一生中有许多的矛盾because when he was a child, he was a man.因为他是个孩子时又像男人so when he was a man, he got the chance to be a child and he took it.但当他成年后有时却像个孩子201509/396716

Time for the SHOUTOUT. Two people who signed the U.S. Constitution later became presidents. Who were they? If you think you know it - shout it out. “大喊”时间到了。以下哪两位签署美国宪法后成为了总统。他们是谁?如果你知道,大声喊出来。Was it :A) John Adams and James Madison B) George Washington and Thomas Jefferson C) George Washington and James Madison D) Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson是:A)约翰·亚当斯和杰姆斯·麦迪逊 B)乔治·华盛顿和托马斯·杰佛逊斯 C)乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊D)托马斯·杰佛逊和安德鲁·杰克逊。You go three seconds - GO!你有三秒种-开始吧!The two signers of the Constitution who`d later become presidents were George Washington and James Madison. That`s your answer and that`s your SHOUTOUT.两位签署宪法随后成为总统的是乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊。这就是你的,这就是你的大喊。It was on this date - back in 1787 that 39 people plus a secretary signed the U.S. Constitution. What Constitution Day does is commemorate the event and the document that defined fundamental law in America. Ok, you knew that. But let`s see what else you know about the document in our official Student News Constitution Day quiz.就在1787年的今天,由39人和一位秘书组成的团队共同签署了美国宪法。宪法纪念日就是纪念这一事件以及定义美国基本法的文件。好的,你知道了。加入我们官方学生新闻宪法纪念日测试,看看你是否还知道有关宪法的其它事情。It`s Constitution Day. On this date in in 1787, 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that today is the oldest written Constitution still used by any government. We are finding out how much you know about the U.S. constitution starting with some fun TRUE or FALSE questions.今天是宪法日。在1787年的今天,39名参加宪法会议的代表签署了这一是最古老的书面文件,目前任何政府都在使用。就下列问题回答对还是错,看看你有多了解美国宪法。All right. Number one - the word democracy appears in article 1 of the U.S Constitution. Answer - FALSE. The word democracy actually doesn`t appear anywhere in the document.好的,第一个问题,美国宪法第一条出现了“民主”这个词。是错误的。实际上民主这个词没在宪法中出现过。Next, Benjamin Franklin was the oldest person to sign the constitution. This is TRUE. He was 81 and in declining health. So he needed someone to sign it. It said, as he was signing it, tears were streaming down his face. Three - some delegates of the constitutional convention refused to sign the constitution. Answer - TRUE! Of the six delegates who did not sign, three of them Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to do so. Partly because the constitution did not have a bill of rights. Those amendments guaranteeing individual liberties were proposed two years later.接下来,本杰明·富兰克林是签署宪法中年龄最大的。是正确的。富兰克林时年81岁,身体状况每况愈下。所以他需要别人来签署。据说,当他签署宪法时老泪纵横。第三个问题,一些会议代表拒绝签署宪法。是正确的。拒绝签署宪法的六人中,三人是埃德蒙·伦道夫、弗吉尼亚州的乔治梅森即马萨诸塞州的埃尔布里奇·格里。拒签的部分原因是宪法没有包含一项权利。这些保个人自由的修正案于两年后提出。Since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, how many additional amendments have been added to the constitution? Is the answer, 7, 10, 12, or 17? If you said D- 17, you got it. That last amendment, the 27th says that a pay raise for members of Congress cannot take effect until after an election.自1791年人权法案正式批准后,宪法还加入了多少次额外的修正案。是7、10、12还是17次。如果你说17次,那你正确了。最近的一次即第27次修正案中规定,国会人员直到大选后才能加薪。Now, which branch of the U.S. Government is mentioned first in the Constitution? Is it the legislative, judicial or executive?. Answer: A. The Legislatives branch`s powers are laid out in article one of the constitution. This is the branch that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate and it`s charged with making the laws that govern the country.现在,美国政府的哪个部门首次在宪法中被提及?是立法部、司法部还是行政部?是立法部门。立法部门的权利位于宪法的第一篇,包括众议院和参议院,负责制定管理国家的法律。Finally, where can you find the original copy of the Constitution? Is it in Fort Knox Kentucky, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution or The National Archives? Answer D. The National Archives building in Washington D.C. To preserve the quality of the document it is kept at 67 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity and you can say that fascinating fact constitutes our Constitution Day quiz.最后,你可以在哪里找到宪法的原始副本?是肯塔基州诺克斯堡、国会图书馆、史密森学会还是国家档案馆?是D。国家档案馆建于华盛顿特区,其中的文件保存在67华氏度及百分之40的湿度下。宪法纪念日的测试包含了令人着迷的事实。译文属。 /201509/399563

For years, we’ve been hearing about the unhealthy lifestyle that many Americans are living. Now, we have an idea of just how many people that describes, and it’s not good.多年来,我们一直听到许多美国人不健康的生活方式。现在我们有一个想法,探究到底有多少人。情况并不太好。Less than 3 percent of Americans are living the way they should, according to the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.根据医学杂志梅奥临床学报,不到百分之3的美国人过着健康的生活方式。In order to be considered healthy, the study said participants need to exercise 2.5 hours per week, eat a healthy diet, have a body fat percentage under 20 percent for men and 30 percent for women and avoid smoking.研究表示,要达到健康标准,参与者每周要运动2.5小时,吃健康的饮食,男性低于百分之20女性低于百分之30的身体脂肪比例并且禁止吸烟。But that proved to be a lot to ask. Less than 3 percent of people accomplished all four requirements regularly. Most people were able to get one or two, but 11 percent of participants did all four things they probably shouldn’t.但还是有许多的问题。不到百分之3的人定期完成所有四项要求。大多数人都能达到一项或两项,但百分之11的参与者做了所有四件事。Nearly three-quarters of Americans were able to avoid cigarettes, but most people failed to meet the other three parameters, especially body fat percentage. Fewer than one in 10 Americans had what’s considered a healthy amount of body fat.近四分之三的美国人都能不抽烟,但是大多数人却不能满足其它三个参数,特别是身体脂肪百分比。在10个美国人中不到1人有被认为的健康身体脂肪含量。And that can spell disaster, since each of those four factors can contribute to the number one cause of death in America: heart disease.这会招致灾难,因为这四个因素中的每一个都会导致美国第一死亡原因:心脏病。But even if it seems tough to accomplish everything on the list, researchers said adding even one healthy behavior to your routine can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.要完成所有的事情似乎很难,但研究人员表示,日常增加一个健康的行为都可以减少你患心血管疾病的风险。译文属。201603/433118

They might use chemicals in their skin to generate their own light,它们可能用其外表的化学物质自己发光as many deep-sea creatures do back home.就像地球上的很多深海生物一样They might even swim in school-like colonies,它们甚至可能像鱼群一样群居just as aquatic animals do on earth.就像地球上的水生物一样But even if advanced animals do live inside Europa,但是即使木卫二内部真有高等动物存在I think theyre unlikely to be trying to make contact with us anytime soon.我认为它们在短期内不会尝试与我们联系Theyd exist cocooned in an icy shell 15 miles thick,它们被紧紧包裹在15英里厚的冰层下so theyd be blissfully unaware of the universe beyond.所以它们意识不到宇宙的存在,无忧无虑To find them, wed need to send a mission here,要找到它们,我们得派遣飞船来这里which would be even more risky and expensive than visiting Mars.这将比访问火星更加冒险而昂贵I hope one day we will discover Europas secrets.我希望有一天我们能够揭开木卫二的秘密But before then, its worth continuing our journey但在那之前,我们仍值得继续to search for aliens with a wider outlook.以更宽的视野探索外星生命I think we need to leave our solar system and我认为我们需要离开太阳系voyage into the vastness that lies beyond.探索在那之外的广袤星空Stars surround us in the universe, but until recently,宇宙中有无数颗恒星在我们周围,但直到现在no one knew how many had planets in orbit around them,也没人知道究竟有多少恒星拥有行星let alone if any of those planets could support alien life.更不用说有多少行星上面可能存在生命Finding out is tough, because stars are big and blindingly bright.弄清这些很困难,因为恒星很大很耀眼Planets are tiny and dark.而行星很小很暗淡Spotting them requires technology on an enormous scale.观测它们需要巨大倍数的望远镜技术The binocular keck telescope in Hawaii,夏威夷的Keck双筒望远镜with its twin 30-foot mirrors,每个镜头有30英尺长is one of the most powerful land-based telescopes ever built.这是迄今为止陆地上最强大的望远镜之一But even this vast machine cant see distant planets.但即使是这个强大的家伙也看不到遥远的行星Instead, it looks for stars that wobble然而,它可以观测到一些飘摇不定的恒星-- the telltale sign of an unseen planet in orbit.这种迹象标明有颗看不见的行星围绕着它A hammer thrower demonstrates the principle.链球运动员就能解释这个原理As he spins, the hammer pulls on his body当他旋转时,链球拽着他的身体and he wobbles from side to side.他从一侧摇晃到另一侧The same thing happens as a planet swings round its star.同样事情也会发生在被行星围绕着的恒星上Planets also reveal themselves if they pass between their star and us.行星如果运行到其恒星与地球之间,也会现身The planet causes regular dimming,行星可导致恒星规律的变暗 and from the timing, we can even determine通过计时 我们甚至可以计算出if its inside the stars ;goldilocks; zone.它是否在恒星的;金发姑娘;地带内201506/378330

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