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Man, how did you start playing the blues, though, man?孩子,你是怎么开始弹布鲁斯的?I dont know. It made me feel nice. So I just decided to bring it on.我不知道,它让我感到很舒。所以就这么开始了。The blues made you feel nice?布鲁斯让你感到舒?Yeah, cause its calm and relaxing, and it just makes my head feel good.它让我感到安静舒,让我的头脑清醒。Really? You know... my father was a huge, huge blues man. Yeah.真的?你知道我爸爸是布鲁斯铁粉。很好。And we had to listen to it, too.我们不得不听他的音乐。Thats good. I like that. Well, I was the most depressed 8-year-old at the school.我很喜欢。说实话,我是学校里最“布鲁斯”忧郁的八岁少年。I aint got nobody我一无所有Im so all alone我孤独难耐Somebody left me人们离开了我Sitting here at home独自一人在家I aint got no daddy我没有父亲No mama, too我没有母亲So all I do is sing the blues to you我只有唱布鲁斯给你Im so sad我悲痛伤感And you into it, aint you, man? You love that.你沉入其中了,年轻人,你喜欢这个?That, like, did something to you?它真的起了一定的作用?Youre a good singer. What? This boy.你唱得真不错。什么?这孩子。Boy, you ought to let me go. Im trying to tell you, man.孩子,说真的,你应该让我走。我告诉你。Hey, man, so tell us about your tribute to B.B.King.说一下你对B.B.King的喜爱。Well, it all started off with me going into my bedroom, putting on a onesie.从我进入卧室的那一刻开始,穿着我的休闲连体衣。You put on a onesie? Yeah.你穿着休闲连体衣?是的。Cause Im comfy when I play.穿着它弹琴会让我感到舒。A onesie is comfy when you play? Yeah. Wow.穿着它弹琴会让你感到舒?是的。喔。So you just put a backing track on, played it to make B.B.King feel better,打开伴奏,开始弹奏B.B.King的歌曲,这会让他感到高兴,but then sadly, the next week, he passed away.但第二周就收到他去世的消息。But his, his daughters rang me up.但他的女儿给我打了电话。And they let me play with B.B.Kings all star band in Memphis.他们让我与B.B.King的全明星乐队一起演奏,在孟菲斯。Really? Yeah. My man.真的?是的。天啊。Thats really good, man.这太棒了。What are you gonna do in the future? Whats that look like for you?你未来想做什么?你未来会有怎样的计划?Um, I just wanna carry on what Im doing, and hopefully itll kick off.我希望继续做我正在做的事情,希望它真的能够实现。I dont wanna give up when Im a teenager. I wanna carry on.我不想放弃,我还是个青少年,我想继续下去。Yeah, man. Lets make it happen.对!让它实现!Come on, kids. Do it! Yeah!来吧,让我们尽情地做吧!Hey, folks, do you wanna hear Toby play?朋友们,想听托比的演奏吗?He fell in love with the blues when his grandma gave him a ukulele.奶奶送给他的一把四弦琴让他爱上了布鲁斯。Hes 11 years old. Give your love for Toby!他才只有11岁。为托比献上掌声!Yeah, show your love for Toby!为托比的精表演鼓掌!Man, youre out of sight. Give me some of that, boy! That thing right there.孩子,我们看不见你了。你站在那里去。201706/513851

栏目简介:National Science Week in Shanghai continues and in todays InTouch segment my colleague Chen Xuan tries some interactive exhibits at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum in Pudong.201704/499923

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464429


People had been looking for this in a way ever since Darwin, ever since 1859.可以说自从1859年,从达尔文开始,人们一直都在寻找这只动物This transition is the one that so intrigued everybody going from the water to the land and no evidence of it这种演化使所有人都很感兴趣,从水里到陆地上,但是没有一点据and then boom, they found it. Terribly, terribly exciting, really very, very important.后来他们找到它了,就像一声惊雷,真的非常非常兴奋,非常非常重要It fell to Jarvik to analyse and describe the new discovery.Jarvik打算分析和详述这一新的发现This meant years of digging the fossilised bones out of the rock这意味着需要花上数年把骨骼化石从岩石中清理出来and then trying to reconstruct the anatomy of this strange creature.然后再尽可能重现这只奇怪生物的解剖结构Jarvik was a brilliant anatomist, but he was also painstaking.Jarvik是出色的解剖学家,可是他还是干得十分辛苦He started in 1948, but did not finish until 1996.他的工作开始于1948年,但直到1996年仍未结束In those 48 years no one else was able to analyse the fossil.在这整整48年中,其他人都没能研究这块化石To be honest it shouldnt take that long I mean frankly.老实说,他不应该拖得这么久,我是实话实说I mean you have to be really sort of anal to take that long to describe anything,花这么长时间分析一样东西的确有点说不过去,especially when the world is just hanging on this.尤其是全世界都在期盼。But Jarvik did produce two preliminary papers. These did confirm that existing theory.不过Jarvik还是发表了两篇初级论文,它们也实了现行的理论Ichthyostega was an Identikit land walking tetrapod with five fingers and toes.鱼石螈被指认为一种具有四肢和五趾的陆行动物The mystery of how we got our legs was solved.我们如何长出腿的谜团终于解开了After eusthenopteron the fish had struggled on its fins onto land.真掌鳍鱼用鳍挣扎着爬上陆地后,It had evolved into ichthyostega, the first tetrapod with legs.它们进化成了鱼石螈,一种有腿的四足动物。It was just as science had predicted.这和科学家们的推测完全一致。201701/489985

【视频讲解】When it comes to wine, the concept of ;terroir; is sort of a nebulous thing. Terroir is sometimes translated as the wines character.就葡萄酒而言,风土条件这个概念极其模糊。风土条件有时会转变成葡萄酒的品质。Terroir 水土综合特性What the French call terroir -- a term that refers to the soil of a given region but also includes the cultural knowledge of the people who grow and process grapes -- is crucial.法国人称为“terroir”——指特定地区土壤的一种说法,其中也包括种植和加工葡萄者的文化知识——的风土条件是关键。nebulous1. 星云的:关于或类似星云的2. 朦胧的; 模糊的,The notions we children were able to form of the great world beyond were exceedingly nebulous. 我们这些孩子对外部世界所能形成的认识是非常模糊的。Translate 转变Reforming the stagnant economy requires harsh measures that would translate into job losses. 改革停滞的经济需要严厉措施,而这将造成失业。Heres how my friend Valerie, a wine importer, explained it: ;I would say terroir is a specific set of natural elements that all come together in harmony to produce a very specific outcome.我朋友瓦莱丽是一名葡萄酒进口商,她是这样解释的:“我认为风土条件是一组特定的自然元素,所有元素和谐地组合在一起,会产生非常具体的结果。Specific1. 特定的 (部位、问题、主题等)(You use specific to refer to a particular exact area, problem, or subject.)There are several specific problems to be dealt with. 有好几个特定问题要解决。2. 确切的 exactShe declined to be more specific about the reasons for the separation.她拒绝给出导致分手的更确切的原因。3. 针对…的Send your resume with a cover letter that is specific to that particular job.将你的简历和专门为那份工作而写的附信一并寄送。The soil, the exposure to the sun, the drainage, the proximity to water, the fog, all of these things, they all come together in an expression that we find beautifully in the grape.;土壤、暴露在阳光下、排水系统、临近水域、雾气等,所有这些元素结合在一起,可以说我们在葡萄里发现了美好之处”Proximity 接近,邻近:临近或相临的状态、性质、感觉或事实;接近:“Swifts major writings have a proximity and a relevance that is splendidly invigorating”(M.D. Aeschliman) “斯威夫特的主要作品有一令人非常激动的亲切感和现实意义”(M.D.埃斯奇里曼)in an expression 从某种意义上说Demonstrators have defaced and destroyed posters of Obama in an expression of dissatisfaction with U.S. policy in the region.抗议者损坏甚至是破坏奥巴马的海报,也就说对于美国政治的不满!Some of those factors might be hard to measure. But heres a new one that might contribute a quantifiable essence to terroir: the grapes microbiome.有一些元素可能很难去衡量。但是有一个可以影响土壤的可量化本质的新元素——葡萄的微生物群。Essence本质(the essence of something is its basic and most important characteristic that gives it its individual identity )The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted.咨询的本质是倾听并把那些被咨询者的观点考虑进来。Contribute 是 (造成某情况) 的一个原因( cause lead)The report says design faults in both the vessels contributed to the tragedy. 报道称两艘船在设计上的缺陷是造成悲剧的原因。;It certainly could be that the ;house microbiome; influences the wines in overt or subtle ways that we dont understand yet.; David Mills, a microbiologist at U.C. Davis. Mills worked with the Far Niente and Nickel amp; Nickel wineries in Californias Napa Valley.“微生物群”会以明显或隐蔽的方式影响葡萄酒,只不过我们现在还不理解这种方式。这是戴维斯加州大学的微生物学家大卫#8226;米尔斯的看法。米尔斯曾在加利福尼亚州纳帕山谷的法尼恩特酒厂和尼克尔与尼克尔酒庄工作。Overt1. 明显的Although there is no overt hostility, black and white students do not mix much.虽然没有明显的敌意,但黑人学生和白人学生还是交往不多。2. 公开Experts worry the young Kim may now seek to boost his standing within the military with an overt show of violence.另外还有专家担心,金正恩现在可能会通过公然展示其暴力倾向,来巩固他在军方的地位Subtle1. 不十分明显的;深奥的:gt; 微妙“subtle smiles resulting from subjectively humorous experiences unguessed by the world at large”(Josephine Dodge Bacon)“来自于个人幽默的经验所发出的微笑是不为世人所能想象的到的令人费解的微笑”(约瑟芬#8226;道奇#8226;培根)2. 技艺精湛的,聪明的:以技能或才智为特征的;聪明的:“a journalist whose subtle views on the hard issues of our time are rooted in a tough mind and a demanding ethical sensibility”(New Republic)“一位就我们时代的一些难题有敏锐见解的新闻记者,他的敏锐的见解根植于不屈不挠的精神和苛求的道德的敏感性”(新共和国)The winemakers took five samples of Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon fermentations as the juice transformed to wine. Then Mills and his colleagues ran microbial and chemical tests on those time-dependent samples.葡萄酒生产商将夏敦埃酒和卡百内红葡萄酒的五个发酵样品作为汁液制成葡萄酒。然后米尔斯和同事对这些依赖时间的样品进行了微生物测试和化学测试。Ferment1. 发酵 》 2. 骚乱It is worth noting that Iran‘s current revolutionary ferment arose from the unlikeliest of sources。最值得关注就是,伊朗当前的革命骚乱来自于“最不可能”原因Transform 使…变形:明显地改变…外观或形式:“A thick, fibrous fog had transformed the trees into ghosts and the streetlights into soft, haloed moons”(David Michael Kaplan)“浓密厚重的雾使树木看起来象鬼魂,街灯看起来象是带着柔和光晕的月亮”(戴维#8226;迈克尔#8226;卡普兰) They found that the bacterial and fungal species on the grapes corresponded to a certain chemical fingerprint—a mix of metabolites—in the finished wines.他们发现,在成品葡萄酒中,葡萄上的细菌和真菌物种与一个特定的化学指纹图谱相对应,其对应的就是代谢物的混合体。correspond to 相类似;相关;相对应;Racegoers will be given a number which will correspond to a horse running in a race.观看赛马的观众将领到一个与参赛马匹相对应的号码。Metabolite 代谢物 《 metabolism新陈代谢If you skip breakfast, your metabolism slows down.你如果不吃早饭,新陈代谢速度会减慢。;And we also were able to use this to predict and make a model, where we might be able to predict the kind of metabolites that show up in a wine.; They did not do sensory tests in this study—no smelling or tasting.“我们也能利用这个来进行预测并做出模型,我们也许能预测出现在葡萄酒中的代谢产物的类型。”在这项研究中,他们没有进行感官测试,没有闻气味,也没有进行品尝。show up 出现;露面;They show up wherever the work is difficult.哪里工作艰苦,他们就出现在哪里。show, display, expose, parade, exhibit, flaunt这些动词的意思是将某物展示给人看。Show 是最普通的一个:“She hated to show her feelings” (John Galsworthy).“她厌恶流露她的情感” (约翰#8226;高尔斯华绥)。Display 经常暗示展示某物以获得最大利益的一种尝试:“Few ‘letters home’ of successful men or women display the graces of modesty and self-forgetfulness” (H.G. Wells).“事业有成的男性或女性很少写信回家,这显示出廉逊与忘我的美德” (H#8226;G 威尔士)。Expose 通常涉及揭露某事或使其从隐蔽处显露出来:His comment exposed his insensitivity.他的意见暴露了他感觉的迟钝。Parade 经常暗示一种自命不凡的或爱卖弄的展示:“He early discovered that, by parading his unhappiness before the multitude, he produced an immense sensation” (Macaulay).“他很早就发现通过向众人诉说他的凄苦产生了巨大的轰动” (麦考利)。Exhibit 通常暗示吸引观看的公开展览:“The works of art, by being publicly exhibited and offered for sale, are becoming articles of trade” (Prince Albert).“这些艺术品通过公开展览和标价出售,已变成了贸易品” (普林斯#8226;阿尔伯特)。flaunt 暗示一种不害羞的、充满自豪的,通常傲慢的展示:“Every great hostelry flaunted the flag of some foreign potentate” (John Dos Passos). “每一个大旅店上都招展着某一外国君主的旗帜” (约翰#8226;多斯#8226;帕索斯) But along with past research, the findings suggest that microbes do affect the wines terroir. The study appears in the journal mBio.连同过去的研究,研究结果表明,微生物的确会影响葡萄酒的品质。这一研究发表在《mBio》期刊上。Affect gt; affection 喜爱,喜欢Without their support and affection and love, I dont think we could have pulled it off.没有他们的持,喜爱和爱,我认为我们是无法完成任务的!Appear gt; appearance1. 外表; 外观She used to be so fussy about her appearance. 她过去过分在意自己的外表。 2. 表象We tried to meet both childrens needs without the appearance of favouritism or unfairness. 我们试图在没有偏爱或不公平的表象下满足两个孩子的需要。 Mills says microbes could help winemakers differentiate their wines from competitors...and diagnose trouble before fermentation even begins.米尔斯表示,微生物可以让酿酒师使他们的葡萄酒从竞争中脱颖而出。甚至可以在发酵开始前就诊断问题differentiate1. 区分A child may not differentiate between his imagination and the real world.孩子也许无法区分想像与真实世界的差别。2. 使有差别;使不同;I am trying to differentiate my work from others.我将要把工作做得与众不同。 ;I mean I can imagine a winemaker would want to know at the start of their fermentations, is it a good microbiota year or is it a not so good microbiota year? And maybe they can change their winemaking practice accordingly.; While we wine drinkers raise a glass to those terroir-forming microbes.“我的意思是,我可以想象一名酿酒师会在开始发酵之前就想知道这是一个好的微生物群年还是一个不太好的微生物群年?而且,也许他们可以相应地改变他们的酿酒方法。而我们葡萄酒饮用者则为这些形成风土条件的微生物群举杯。 microbiota 微生物区系Accordingly1. 相应(If you consider a situation and then act accordingly, the way you act depends on the nature of the situation)It is a difficult job and they should be paid accordingly.艰巨的工作,理应获得相当报酬2. 因此We have a different background, a different history. Accordingly, we have the right to different futures.我们拥有不同的背景、不同的历史。因此,我们有权获得不一样的前途。201706/515762

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