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Have you ever wondered what brings foreigners to China and what do they do while they are here?你是否曾经好奇过究竟是什么风把老外吹到中国来的?他们来中国都干些啥?On the streets and lanes of China, we see increasing numbers of foreigners. Speaking various foreign languages or strangely-toned Chinese, they have become part of our life. It is now quite common to see blond hair on the people walking along the street. The sight of a foreign face is no longer a novelty.如今越来越多的外国人游走在中国的大街小巷。他们说着各种各样的语言,有时也带着奇怪的口音说说中文,慢慢地这些人就成了我们生活的一部分。如果在大街上看到一个金发老外,已不足为奇。人们对那一张张洋化的脸庞也已司空见惯。But foreigners remain a tiny minority in China. Few people know them well. Many ask themselves: What brings foreigners to China, and what do they do while they are here?但老外仍然是中国的少数群体。国人对他们知之甚少,然后就会好奇:到底是什么风把他们吹到中国来的,他们在中国又干些啥?Xia Yuan, a beautiful girl from Ukraine, works in the Beijing Emirates Town Office. She is in charge of the marketing department and she now lives in Beijing. She studied Chinese for two years before she came to China, and she now speaks fluent Mandarin. Unless you can see her in person, you might not even realize that this is a foreigner speaking Chinese. She wants to find a handsome Chinese boy as a boyfriend. She is currently studying Chinese.夏园是一位美丽的乌克兰女孩,目前就职于北京阿联酋工作室,主要负责市场部,现居北京。在来中国之前,她已经学了两年的中文,现在说得一口流利的普通话。除非你是亲眼见了,否则你一定不会相信竟会有老外把中文说得这么顺溜。夏园渴望邂逅一个英俊的中国男友。现在她还从未停止中文的学习。Ding Luo, Italian, is the general manager of Alcatel in China. Some years ago he lived in Chengdu, and he often accompanied us to the poorer areas of Sichuan to help the kids, donating computers, clothes and bags to them. He sometimes drove his Mercedes, and ate with us at street stalls. In those days there were fewer foreigners, and the stall owners made him very welcome.丁诺,意大利人,现任阿尔卡特中国地区总裁。几年前他居住于成都,那时他常常随我们去四川贫困地区救济儿童,给他们捐赠电脑、衣物和书包。有时他也会开着他的梅赛德斯和我们在街边畅饮开怀。那时,老外在国内还是稀有物种,小摊点的老板特别欢迎他。Whenever he encountered a problem, he would say ;I don#39;t understand Chinese; and take out a card carrying his name and work place, and his secretary#39;s phone number, all written in Chinese.丁诺每每陷入交流困境的时候,他便会说:“我不会中文,”接着就会把印有他的名字、工作地址、秘书电话的中文名片递给对方。Certainly, among these foreigners in China, many are consular officers who work in embassies or consulates. Countries with diplomatic ties with China regularly dispatch representatives to China.当然,这些老外中也不乏在大使馆或领事馆工作的领事官员。毕竟与中国建立外交关系的国家会定期派遣代表到中国来。Foreigners have all sorts of jobs in China: foreign students, volunteers who work in the poorest areas in China, ordinary workers, bosses… some are hired just to make their employer look good! But it seems that it#39;s not easy for a foreigner to become a Chinese citizen or get a Chinese Green Card.老外在中国从事的职业形形色色:有留学生,平困地区志愿者,普通职员,老板......也有一些公司招聘外国员工仅仅为了充当门面!可要想成为中国居民或拿中国绿卡却非易事。When some foreigners find themselves in trouble, they even beg for money: ;I love China. I want to stay in China. But I don#39;t have enough money… please help me.;当一些老外陷入困境的时候,他们甚至会上街乞讨:“我爱中国。我想留在这里。但却身无分文......请帮帮我。”Some foreigners come to China from different countries to teach English. Some come to China to experience Chinese culture; they#39;re not looking for big money. They hold the view that they are well-off as long as their employers pay for their round-trip tickets, and they have a secure livelihood, a chance to learn Chinese, and the opportunity to travel around China during vacations and enjoy different local customs. After a few years, when they finish their travels, they move on to another country. There are also some foreigners who really fall in love with China and don#39;t want to leave. This is especially true for foreign men who meet a beautiful Chinese girl - they want to get married and settle down in China.也有一些老外从世界各地来,到中国教英语。他们有的是为了感受中方文化;并非想着来中国赚大钱。在他们认为,只要雇主提供往返机票,保障他们的居住安全,再加上他们有机会学习中文并且在假期游遍中国,享受多的地方习俗,就已经是高待遇了。数年后,当他们完成了中国之行,就会到另一个国家继续他们旅行。有些老外也会真正地爱上中国,不想离开。当外国男人爱上美丽的中国女孩时,这种情况就更是离不开了--他们就会希望在中国结婚,安定。Many foreigners love Chinese culture. They travel around or make short visits, taking lots of photos in China. They often speak no Chinese. But more and more foreigners in China now speak fluent Chinese and marry Chinese partners.很多老外都喜欢中国文化。他们游遍中国,或进行短暂拜访,用相机尽数记录中国的大好河山。有人对中文一窍不通,也有越来越多的人说得一口流利中文并且找到中国伴侣。Dashan, a foreigner who does speak Chinese with fluency and has married a Chinese girl, has been a well-known figure in social media for several years. He now acts as a bridge for cultural communication between Canada and China.大山,一个把中文说得转溜,抱得中国美人归的老外,多年来一直是社会媒体界的名人。现在他正扮演中加两国的文化桥梁一角。Some of the foreigners I know used to be overseas representatives of their companies or their countries#39; embassies in China. Gradually they became familiar with China, and established good contacts here, so they went on to set up their own businesses or become the chief representatives of their companies.我就认识那么一些外国人,最初作为公司代表或者国家大使出使中国。后来就渐渐爱上中国,在中国建立良好的人脉,最终开创出自己的事业,或者成为公司的总代表。Ouyang Fei, who once worked in the Consulate of Canada in Chongqing, later went into business. I wonder how he#39;s doing now.欧阳飞,曾在加拿大驻重庆领事馆工作,后来下海经商。我很好奇他近况如何。A growing number of countries are establishing trade deals with China, and the companies of these countries will send people to China to attend exhibitions or set up their offices in China.越来越多的国家与中国建立了贸易关系,各国的公司也陆续派遣人员到中国来参加展会或是成立在中国的工作室。Gao Weiwei, a Chinese American and media worker. The views expressed herein are those of the authors.本文作者:高伟伟,美籍华人,媒体工作者。以上仅为作者个人观点。 /201308/253669宁德看弱精到哪家医院A competition which subject is on giving up drinking is proceeding. One of lecturers says excitedly, ; Alcohol can break down conjugal(婚姻的) relation, even cause your wife to leave you… ;A man shouts out at the news, ;Give me another bottle of Brandy.;以戒酒为主题的演讲比赛正在进行,一个演讲者动情地说:“酒精可以破坏夫妻关系,甚至导致妻子离开自己的丈夫……”这时一个男人大声喊:“再来一瓶白兰地!” /201307/247688闽清县排卵监测那个医院好南平不孕不育

福州妇保医院输卵管检查费用福州输精管接通哪家比较好Menswear is a retail segment on the rise, but some cities have been quicker to embrace new style trends than others.在零售市场上,男装的销售正在走俏。而有些城市的男人显然更乐于追逐时尚。Custom suitmaker Arden Reed found the best-dressed cities in America when it comes to men#39;s fashion, looking at regional Google search results for ;men#39;s style; and their own figures on apparel expenditures per person.定制西设计师亚顿-里德通过在不同城市中用谷歌搜索“男士时尚”的关键词,并且结合自己所拥有的关于不同地域男士在装上的花费,得出了全美男士着装最佳的城市。America is changing. The advent of Mad Men, Suits and White Collar has created a more style conscious man.美国正在变化。随着美剧《广告狂人》、《金装律师》、《妙贼警探》的热播,男士们对时尚也越来越敏感了。Looking for “Men’s Style”搜索“男士时尚”Search results for “Men’s Style” has increased over 20% in the last two years搜索“男士时尚”,所得到的结果比两年前增加了20%Menswear Purchases are growing 30% faster than womenswear男装销售的增长要比女装快30%Most Stylish Cities男士最会穿的城市We checked search results for “Men’s Style” regionally within the ed States and backchecked our figures with apparel expenditures per person. This allowed us to come up with the best dressed cities in America for men.我们查阅了在美国不同地区输入关键词“男士时尚”的搜索结果,并和我们自己的人均装消费记录做了对比。得出了全美男士着装最佳的城市。No.1: New York第一名:纽约No.2: Los Angeles第二名:洛杉矶No.3: San Diego第三名:圣地亚哥No.4: Chicago第四名:芝加哥No.5: Seattle第五名:西雅图No.6: Boston第六名:波士顿No.7: Denver第七名:丹佛No.8: San Francisco第八名:旧金山No.9: Washington第九名:华盛顿No.10: Phoenix第十名:凤凰城Who are these men?这些男士都是谁?62% more salary per year than the average62%的男士年收入高于平均水平40% more likely to have a bachelor’s degree40%的男士拥有学士学位42% more likely to have never been married42%的男士从未结过婚Spend 22% more on apparel than the average American这些男士在装上的花费要比美国人均装花费多22%The worst dressed cites男士最不会穿的城市We also wanted to take a look at which markets were the worst dressed. We took the best correlating metric to be the cities with the most searches for a certain bedazzled shirt brand. The top three ranked as follows: Las Vegas, Irvine, Richardson.我们也想看一看那些男士最不会穿衣的城市。我们采用了关联度最大的衡量标准,即那些低档的男装品牌在哪些城市中被搜索得最多。我们也得出了三个穿衣最平庸的城市,它们依次是:、尔湾市和理查森市。 /201302/225657福州孕前检查医院排名Dress like Kate Middleton! Maternity Looks You Can Wear More than Once,” (Vogue); “Duchess Kate’s royally chic bump style” (People); “Four of the hottest maternity looks Kate is expected to favour during her pregnancy!” (Good Morning America); “The Ten Best-Dressed Pregnant Women” (Vanity Fair).“就穿凯特王妃(Kate Middleton)那样的衣!妇装看起来可以穿不止一次,”(《Vogue》杂志);“凯特王妃的时髦妇装突显王室风范”(《人物杂志》(People));“凯特王妃怀期间有望穿的四款最潮妇装!”(Good Morning America节目);“10款最佳妇装”(《名利场》杂志(Vanity Fair))。There’s no question maternity fashion is making headlines on both sides of the Atlantic. With fashion darlings the Duchess of Cambridge, Fergie, Kim Kardashian and Margherita Missoni all becoming pregnant at about the same time, how to dress your bump has become the most popular style subject of the moment, with the mothers-to-be rising to the occasion.毫无疑问,妇时装如今成了欧美各大媒体争相报道的焦点。随着凯特王妃、黑眼豆豆(Black Eyed Peas)女主唱菲姬(Fergie)、金#8226;卡戴珊(Kim Kardashian)、玛格丽塔#8226;米索尼(Margherita Missoni)等时尚宠儿几乎在同一时刻怀,如何着装成了当前最流行的时尚话题,以便让准妈妈应付自如这个问题。On her first visibly pregnant outing, in February, the Duchess, whose baby is due in July, wore a Max Mara grey wrap dress. More recently she has taken to covering up in coats, like the pale green tweed Mulberry number worn for an engagement at Windsor Castle. Kardashian, meanwhile, has been seen in Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lanvin and Saint Laurent, while Fergie sported a black tux to an event in Brazil, followed by a clinging rhinestone-bedecked mini with a long train earlier this month. Missoni has been wearing, well, Missoni.今年二月,怀(预产期为今年七月)后首次公开外出时,凯特王妃身穿一款灰色Max Mara裹裙。就在前一阵子,她喜欢上了全身上下穿外套,类似在温莎城堡(Windsor Castle)订婚时自己所穿的那款玛百莉(Mulberry)淡绿色花呢装;与此同时,卡戴珊身穿华伦天奴(Valentino)、菲拉格慕(Salvatore Ferragamo)、朗万(Lanvin)以及圣洛朗(Saint Laurent)等时装外出;而菲姬则身穿黑色礼出席在巴西举行的某个活动,随后又在本月初身穿一件人造钻石点缀、后面拖着长长裙摆的紧身迷你裙出现在公共场合。米索尼则一直穿着自己旗下的品牌(预料之中)。All are following the lead of former French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who wore a Chanel haute couture white tweed dress and black jacket while pregnant, in adapting non-maternity wear to their new situation.她们均在争相效仿法国前第一夫人布吕尼(Carla Bruni-Sarkozy),在怀期间身穿常规时装。布吕尼怀期间,就穿着白色香奈儿(Chanel)高档花呢连衣裙与黑色短上衣。Indeed, this has become such a trend that you’d think it might give the fashion world ideas. According to the maternity wear line Séraphine, in the UK there are about 800,000 births a year and, on average, women spend #163;130 on maternity clothes (a total of #163;108m), while in the US, with just under 4m births a year, spending is around 0m (an average spend of 0). And yet maternity dressing is the last great unexplored frontier in style. High fashion brands have gone into children’s clothes, wedding gowns, lingerie, sportswear, even linens. Many pregnant women clearly don’t want to surrender style any more but, when the topic is raised, catwalk stalwarts respond with an awkward silence.勿庸置疑,这已成蔚然成风,因此诸位或许觉得会给时尚界某些启示。据装品牌Séraphine统计,每年英国约有80万婴儿出生,平均每位妇花在装上的费用为130英镑(全国总计1.08亿英镑);而在美国,尽管每年的新生儿不到400万人,但总花费约为8亿美元(每个妇平均花费200美元)。然而,妇装却是时装界最后一座有待开发的“富矿”。高级时装品牌早已涉足童装、婚纱、女式贴身内衣、运动装、甚至家庭日用纺织品领域。很显然,许多妇不愿轻易放弃时装,但一旦提及妇装的话题,时尚拥趸们却以尴尬的沉默来回应。Diane von Furstenberg (whose wrap dress many would argue is perfect for maternity), Jason Wu and Temperley London all politely declined to take part in this piece, for example. “It is not a story that we feel is the right fit for us. We don’t do any maternity wear, and our relationship with the Duchess of Cambridge is an important one we never comment on,” said Temperley London.比方说,黛安#8226;冯#8226;芙丝汀宝(Diane von Furstenberg,许多人觉得其裹裙当装穿再合适不过了)、吴季刚(Jason Wu)、Temperley London等品牌均委婉地拒绝踏足这个领域。“我们觉得这个领域不太适合我们,我们不开发任何妇装,我们与凯特王妃的关系十分重要,对此从不作任何,”Temperley London说。Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, believes pregnancy has an image problem. It lacks “the glamour and sleekness of the ideal female figure. Pregnancy involves a profound change in the female silhouette, and a change which superficially resembles obesity. That is something that is very difficult for designers.”纽约时装技术学院(the Fashion Institute of Technology)物馆馆长瓦莱丽#8226;斯蒂尔(Valerie Steele)认为怀后会涉及形象问题,因为它没有了昔日“女性完美身材的魅力及柔滑。怀后,女性形体必然发生巨大变化,外表感觉犹如患了肥胖症。所以设计师感觉左右绌。”Steele recalls how during her own pregnancy, while searching for something stylish, she was mulling over Issey Miyake’s Plantation line, in particular a loose, cotton dress that was breezy and classic 1980s, when “someone in the store looked at me and asked, ‘Is it twins?’” – the implication being Steele looked fat. “I ran out of the store crying,” she says. Still, she adds, “It seems like a missed opportunity” for designers.斯蒂尔回忆自己当初怀、四处找寻时装时,曾对三宅一生(Issey Miyake)的Plantation系列装看个没完,尤其是具有上世纪80年代风格的那件经典款欢快宽松的棉布裙。当时“店内员工看着我说,‘您怀的是双胞胎吗?’”——言下之意就是斯蒂尔看上去太胖了。“我当时是哭着冲出店门,”她说。尽管如此,她补充道,“感觉设计师错失了良机”。Susan Lazar, a New York designer for 20 years, who now creates the popular Egg Baby line and does occasional maternity wear (simple jersey dresses and accessories) says she believes designers avoid maternity because it has such a short lifespan. “No woman wants to wear their maternity clothes after the baby arrives,” she says. “You want to burn them.”苏珊#8226;拉扎尔(Susan Lazar)是纽约时装设计师,从业已有20年,如今创立了自己的知名品牌——宝贝蛋(Egg Baby),自己偶尔也会设计妇装(简约型针织连衣裙及相应配饰)。她说自己觉得设计师不愿设计妇装的原因是它实际穿的时间太短。“生完孩子后,就没有女人再想穿妇装,”她说。“就想把它付之一炬。”There’s also the practical issue of patterns. “Maternity patterns are different from regular clothes because the belly picks up the front and, of course, you need larger waistbands,” Lazar says. She points out that launching a maternity line would require real investment, which might not be worth it as long T-shirts, leggings and layering remain popular as pregnancy wear. In fact, she says, many women can almost get away with buying entirely non-maternity basics until the last trimester. “It’s not really necessary to buy a maternity wardrobe, so designers don’t bother making one,” she says.此外还有式样的实际问题。“妇装式样与平常衣不一样,原因是怀后肚子会变大变突,必然要系更长的腰带,”拉扎尔说。她指出推出妇装需要很大投入,当长款T恤、裹腿、叠层装依然也能象装一样受人欢迎时,投资妇装就很不划算。她说,事实上,许多女性几乎一直穿着常规装,直至最后三个月才换上装。“实在没必要去大量添置妇装,所以设计师不愿为此劳神费心,”她说。Los Angeles stylist Nicole Chavez worked with then-pregnant Kristen Bell for this year’s Golden Globes and put the actress in a loose-fitting (non-maternity) Jenny Packham dress for the event. As a rule, she emphasises non-maternity wear for her clients, including Jessica Simpson, whom Chavez has dressed throughout both her pregnancies partly in Dolce amp; Gabbana (it has a lot of stretch in the fabric, she notes).洛杉矶时装设计师妮可#8226;查韦斯(Nicole Chavez)与当时身怀六甲的影星克里斯腾#8226;贝尔(Kristen Bell)合作,为她设计了参加今年金球奖(Golden Globes)的礼,让对方穿宽松款珍妮#8226;帕克汉(Jenny Packham)时装(并非妇装)参加了颁奖典礼。她通常会强调自己的客户必须穿非妇装,其中就包括珍妮#8226;帕克汉本人自己。在珍妮本人两次怀期间,查韦斯还时不时让她穿杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp; Gabbana)时装(她指出该品牌的面料伸缩性非常好)。“She is a curvy girl and quite petite, so it was important to show her bump,” says Chavez. Issa is also a favourite non-maternity line for maternity wear, because the signature V-neck is flattering on an ample bust and the pleating at the waist flattering to a baby bump.“珍妮#8226;帕克汉曲线迷人、身材娇小,所以显出其隆起的腹部非常关键,”查韦斯说。把常规裙装当装穿,埃萨(Issa)也是理想的选择,因为标志性的V字领让本已丰满的胸部显得更为傲人,裙在腰部打褶,让身怀六甲者的腹部显得更加楚楚动人。Still, given the marketing boost the current crop of pregnant style-setters can bring, it would be good to see a brand respond. It could, after all, give birth to a whole new creative niche.尽管如此,鉴于当前这一身怀六甲的引领时尚者所引发的市场营销效应,时尚品牌对此有所回应自然再好不过。毕竟,它能催生时装界一个全新的细分创意行业。 /201305/241299福州做输卵管疏通

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