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意大利小三电话骚扰正室被罚300欧元 -- :31:37 来源: 意大利小三电话骚扰正室被罚300欧元Italian woman who revealed affair to lover's wife fined harassmentAn Italian woman who made anonymous calls to her lover's wife to tell her of their affair has been told she must pay a打车软件会为我们带来“智能出租车”么? --31 :: 来源: 打车软件出现的目的是让我们的出行更加便捷随着各类软件的不断发展,英国一份报告指出,未来打车软件会更加智能,有望与社交网站实现同步,从而为乘客提供更加智能的务未来将是智能出租车的时代  As taxi apps become smarter, experts predict they will sync with social networks and calendars to provide an even more efficient and tailored service to their passengers. Here comes the rise of the smart taxi.  随着打车软件愈发智能,专家预测,今后的打车软件将可与社交网站和用户日历实现同步,以为乘客提供更加便捷且个人化的定制务智能出租车将崛起  TVs in the back of cabs could automatically change channel based on a user’s likes or dislikes, example, or drivers could anticipate when and where a passenger will need a ride – even bee the customer does.  比如,出租车椅背上的电视可能会自动照乘客的喜好切换频道,而司机有可能比乘客更早知道在什么时间、什么地点会接到乘客  The app will know when you are leaving a client meeting and send a taxi to meet you.  打车软件会知道你什么时间会结束客户会议,然后把出租车派到你面前  And as wearables increase in popularity, waving a hand to hail a cab will easily be detected by an electronic ring or wristband.  随着各种可穿戴设备的普及,招手叫出租车的意图可以很容易被电子戒指或腕带捕捉到  Within the next five years, as self-driving technologies become more mainstream, futurologists predict that many cars will converge with the high street.  未来五年,无人驾驶技术更趋主流的时候,未来学家语言,很多汽车都会与高街商家实现聚合  In addition to carrying passengers, self-driving cars, as well as traditional taxis, may also become delivery drivers.  除了搭载乘客,无人驾驶汽车和传统的出租车都可以成为递送员  This means people could order a taxi to collect dry cleaning, example, or deliver medicine using a single app.  这就意味着,人们通过一个简单的软件就可以叫辆出租车去帮他们拿洗好的衣,或者上门送药

北京又现“毒跑道”,事件正在展开调查 -- 1::9 来源: 近日,位于西城区白云路二号的北京第二实验小学白云路分校学生家长反映,很多孩子近期出现流鼻血、眼睛血丝等状况,怀疑与学校翻新的操场有关此事引起了社会极大的关注 Beijing authorities have ordered the inspection of all school running tracks and synthetic sports fields in the Chinese capital, state media said.据北京官方媒体报道,北京政府已下令对首都所有学校的跑道和综合运动场展开调查It comes after parents at one primary school reported that their children suffered nose bleeds, allergies and dry eyes after using the sports track.一所小学的学生家长发现孩子在操场活动后,出现了流鼻血,头晕和眼睛血丝等症状,此事件才被曝光Tests showed toxic substances present on the track, reported the Xinhua state news agency.据新华社报道,检测显示跑道所用材料中含有有毒物质There have been reports of several similar cases in recent years.近年来,已出现多起类似的报道’My son still has to go to this school’“我的儿子仍然得去上学”All construction of new school athletic tracks has also been suspended, according to a statement by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission on Thursday.星期四,北京市教委发布了一项声明,要求所有在建或待建操场暂停施工However, this has done little to ease parents’ concerns who protested against the safety standards last week.然而,这并不能安抚家长们的担忧,他们上周对跑道的安全标准提出了抗议"I can’t stop worrying because this is just an order to examine all school tracks," Li, who participated in the protest told the B.参加抗议的一位李姓家长告诉B:“我真的很担心,因为现在政府命令对所有的学校跑道展开调查”Her 8-year-old child attends the Baiyunlu campus of the Beijing No. Experimental Elementary School.她8岁的孩子就在北京第二实验小学白云路分校就读Another parent who did not want to be named said: "They haven’t decided to remove the current one that’s causing the sickness. My son still has to go to this school every day."另一位不愿透露姓名的家长说,“他们并未铲除引起孩子们身体不适的这块跑道我的儿子每天还得去上学”Netizens alike have been expressing anger at the health and safety standards present in schools within the city.网友们也表达了对北京市学校健康和安全标准的愤怒On Chinese micro-blog Weibo, #ToxicSchoolTrackResurfaced and #ToxicSchoolTrack were trending, as users complained about poor standards.在中国的微上,#毒跑道再现和#毒跑道 被大量转发,网友们都在抱怨其“低合格标准”One user said: "These people would do anything to gain profit. They are poisoning our next generation."某网友说,“这些人为了获利简直丧尽天良他们是在毒害我们的下一代”Another post mentioned that "similar cases had happened recently", but that none of the "responsible parties were punished".另一位网友提到“最近已发生过类似的事件”,然而没有任何“相关责任人受到处分”The Education Commission has ordered that the track be covered in protective coating, and promised to track down those responsible, said the Global Times.据环球时报报道,教委下令在跑道上刷上保护涂层,并承诺追踪责任人However, more attention must also be paid to other schools outside Beijing, said Li demanding that the Ministry of Education "set up a special team to investigate all sports fields and ban problematic contractors from building school tracks around the nation".然而,对于北京市外的学校也应当给予更多的关注,这位李姓家长说,她希望教育部能“成立一个专门小组对所有的操场展开调查,并取缔国内修建操场的问题承包商的资格”Similar cases have occurred in provinces like Changzhou, Sichuan and Jiangsu.在常州、四川和江苏等省市已发生过类似事件Last November, authorities in Shenzhen tore up an athletics track after tests showed it contained more than 0 times the permitted level of methylbenzene, a toxic chemical, according to the Beijing Bulletin.据北京快报报道,去年月,深圳某跑道检测结果显示,甲苯水平超标0多倍,它是一种有毒的化学物质最后有关部门铲除了该跑道In what was reported to be an even more severe case, nearly 500 Chinese students allegedly developed dermatitis, blood abnormalities, leukaemia and lymphoma at a school in Changzhou in April, thought to be a result of air, soil and water toxins.今年四月份,在常州某学校的一起更严重的事件里,据报道有近500名学生出现了皮炎、血液异常、白血病和淋巴瘤等不适症状,怀疑是空气、土壤和水中毒的结果The school is located next to a mer industrial site.该学校旁边原来是一个工厂

你咋不上天:印度欲一天植树5000万棵! -- 3::3 来源: 开挂民族日植树5000万棵,欲破吉尼斯世界记录,这简直是要上天的节奏?! LUCKNOW, India (AP) — Hundreds of thousands of people in India’s most populous state jostled space Monday as they attempted to plant 50 million trees over hours in hopes of shattering the world record.勒克瑙,印度(美联社)——印度人口最多的北方邦,成千上万的人们都上赶着把周一这天腾出来,因为他们想在小时之内植树5000万棵,以期打破吉尼斯世界纪录Officials in Uttar Pradesh distributed millions of saplings to be planted across the state to help India’s efts to increase its est cover, and to get into Guinness World Records the most trees planted in a day. The current record is 87,75, set in Pakistan in .北方邦的官员分发了数百万的树苗来种植,横穿整个国家,以增加印度的森林覆盖面积,同时进入单日植树最多的吉尼斯世界纪录目前的最高记录是巴基斯坦在年创下的8775棵More than 800,000 people, including students, lawmakers, government officials, housewives and volunteers from nonprofit organizations, headed out Monday to plant the saplings at designated spots along country roads and highways, rail tracks and est lands.超过八十多万的学生、议员、政府官员、家庭主妇和非政府组织志愿者,腾出周一一天的时间来把树苗种植在马路边、铁路边和林地等预先划定好的区域Uttar Pradesh’s top elected official, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, said that planting 50 million trees would sp awareness and enthusiasm about afestation and environmental conservation.北方邦的官员,首席部长雅达夫说:通过种植5000万棵树,希望能把造林绿化和环境保护的认识和热情推广出去“The world has realized that serious efts are needed to reduce carbon emissions to mitigate the effects of global climate change. Uttar Pradesh has made a beginning in this regard, ” Yadav told volunteers in the city of Kannauj, 50 kilometers (5 miles) southwest of the state capital, Lucknow.“全世界都意识到需要采取实际行动减少碳排放,从而减缓全球气候变化北方邦在这方面行动了起来”亚夫达在北方邦首府勒克瑙西南部50千米的根瑙杰对志愿者如是说India’s government is encouraging all 9 states to start tree-planting drives to increase the country’s est cover as part of commitments made at last year’s climate change summit in Paris. The government has designated more than . billion tree-planting across the country, in keeping with its pledge to push India’s est cover to 95 million hectares (35 million acres) by .印度政府正在鼓励9个州开始植树造林,以增加该国的森林覆盖,作为去年在巴黎举行的气候变化首脑会议作出的承诺的一部分政府已指定超过6亿美元用于在全国种植树木,以秉承其推动印度的森林覆盖面积到年达到9500万公顷(亿3500万英亩)的承诺In Lucknow’s Kukrail Reserve est, eighth-grader Shashwat Rai said he was planting a "peepal," using the local name the fig species Ficus religiosa.在勒克瑙库瑞尔自然保护区森林,八年级的学生肖伟特锐说,他是在种植一个“家园”,用的是当地的榕树菩提树的名字I’ve in a book that this tree releases maximum oxygen, Rai said. "There is so much pollution in the city, we need trees that produce oxygen."“我在一本书中读到,这种树能释放最多的氧气,”锐说,“我们的城市有太多的污染,我们需要树木来为我们提供氧气”Shashwat said he would be checking on the tree frequently. "I don’t want this plant to die," he said.肖伟特说,他会经常来看望这些树“我不想这些树死掉”他说The long-term survival of trees planted in such mass campaigns remains a concern, officials said.政府官员说,这种大规模种植的树木的长期生存仍然是一个值得关注的问题Senior est official Sanjeev Saran said the sites where the trees have been planted would be monitored through aerial photographs taken at regular intervals to check how many of the saplings were thriving.高级森林官员萨兰说道:在已种植树木的地区,将通过航拍照片的方式定期检查有多少树苗在茁壮成长Usually, only 60 percent of saplings survive, with the rest succumbing to disease or lack of water, officials said.通常情况下,只有百分之六十的树苗能存活下来,剩下的死于病害或者缺水,官员们补充道Meanwhile, auditors from Guinness World Records were moving around in the state to check on the numbers. "We are trying to maintain full transparency," Saran said.与此同时,来自吉尼斯世界纪录的审核员们为了核查数量,在这个国家一直奔波着萨兰说:“我们都在努力的保充分的透明度”They are out in the field and are supervising the plantation drive, he said. "We do not know who they are or where they are at this point in time. They are working incognito, and this suits us."“他们一直在外面监督种植园的驱动器,”他说,“我们不知道他们是谁,也不知道他们现在在哪,他们正在微私访,这正对我们的味儿”Last year, Uttar Pradesh entered Guinness World Records the largest distribution of saplings by donating more than 1 million trees that were planted at locations in the state.去年,北方邦因最大面积的树苗分布进入世界纪录,也就是在国家的个地方种植了超过0万棵的树苗

  羡慕别人生出双胞胎?科学家告诉你其中的奥秘 -- 19:56: 来源: 看到双胞胎宝贝,没有人不喜欢吧?多么盼望自己也能生出一对双胞胎呀今天小编就来告诉你,生出双胞胎的奥秘是什么Twins, and the reasons behind why some people have them and others donrsquo;t, has fascinated scientists centuries.双胞胎本身,以及为什么有的人能生出双胞胎有的人却不能,几个世纪以来一直是科学家感兴趣的问题They are relatively common - occurring once in 0 pregnancies - and while the cause of non-identical twins has been linked to genetics, the genes involved had not been identified until now.双胞胎近年来相对更加普遍了;;每0个产妇中就有1对以上双胞胎;;已经有据明异卵双生与遗传因素有关,但至今还没有人成功鉴别出自发性异卵双生的基因Researchers have pinpointed two gene varians related to twinning, and one can play a major role in the age of a girlrsquo;s first period, age at menopause and infertility.研究人员发现了两个与双胞胎有关的基因变异,其中一个基因对女孩的月经初潮年龄、更年期年龄与生育能力起着非常重要的作用The breakthrough was made by Dr Hamdi Mbarek and Professor Dorret Boomsma from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.阿姆斯特丹大学的Hamdi Mbarek士和Dorret Boomsma教授发现了这项重大突破The department established the Netherlands Twin Register nearly 30 years ago and questions about the etiology of twinning are among the most frequently asked by the participants.这个学院早在约30年前就建立了荷兰双胞胎注册中心,参与者询问频率最高的就是与双胞胎原因相关的问题The first gene variant is close to the gene coding the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, called the FSHB gene.第一个基因突变与分泌卵巢激素的基因密码相近,被称为FSHB基因This hormone is released by the pituitary, the small brain region that governs almost all major hormonal events in the body这个激素是由脑垂体分泌的,它是小型的大脑器官,统治着几乎人体所有主激素的分泌This gene also has significant effects on fertility measures, including the age of a girlrsquo;s first menstruation, syndrome, which is a major cause of infertility in women.这个基因对生育能力以及女性月经初潮时间和多囊卵巢综合症有显著影响多囊卵巢综合症是女性不的主要原因The second variant relates to the so-called SMAD3 gene and is likely to be involved in the way the ovaries respond to follicle stimulating hormone.第二个突变与所谓的SMAD3基因相关,它可能与卵巢对卵泡刺激素的反应方式有关Both variants result in the multiple follicle growth needed the development of non-identical twins.这两个突变都会导致多重卵泡的生长,这是异卵双胞胎的基础条件Non-identical twins, medically known as dizygotic, develop from two separate eggs from separate follicles fertilised by separate sperm cells.异卵双胞胎,医学上是这样定义的:两个不同卵泡中单独的两个卵子,和两颗精子结合发育而成Whereas identical twins develop from one embryo that splits in half, dizygotic twinning thus starts with a multiple ovulation.与之相反,同卵双胞胎是由一个卵细胞一分为二发育而来的,异卵双胞胎的起因是超数排卵The researchers studied a sample of 1,980 mothers who gave birth to spontaneous dizygotic twins. The mothers were carefully selected to only include mothers who did not receive fertility treatments, such as IVF, which can also lead to twin pregnancies.这项研究总结了1980名自发异卵双胞胎母亲案例,这些人经过严格挑选,没有接受过试管受精之类的生育治疗,因为试管受精也会导致生育双胞胎Their genetic profiles were compared to those from a large group of people who were not related, either as mothers or as family members, to dizygotic twins.再将这些人的基因档案与大量的非异卵双胞胎母亲或异卵双胞胎的家属的人群作比较The findings were then were replicated using the deCODE group in another large population study in Iceland.冰岛的deCODE研究团队在对另一更大规模的人群进行研究时,也发现了同样的结果The relative chance of a mother having dizygotic twins is increased by 9 per cent if she has one copy of the twinning gene - or alleles - at both locations in the genome.如果一个母亲有在染色体两个参与位置有一个双生基因(或等位基因)的单拷贝,她生育异卵双胞胎的概率就会增加9%Discovery of the main genes behind the mystery of spontaneous dizygotic twinning was long awaited, and is of great scientific interest and clinical importance,rsquo; said Professor Boomsma.Boomsma士表示,;人类早就希望能解开自发性异卵双胞胎的秘密,这一直是科学界和临床研究中重要的课题;However, there are still more genes to be found that influence spontaneous dizygotic twinning.不过,还有很多与自发性异卵双胞胎有关的基因有待发现The findings appear in the international scientific journal The American Journal of Human Genetics.这个研究结果已经发表在国际科学期刊《美国人类遗传学上

  现实版睡美人:嗜睡症?英女子每天睡小时 -- :51: 来源:   Teenagers are known their ability to sleep hours on end.  人在青少年时期总能一连睡上好几个小时  But one young woman suffering from a rare condition gets up to hours of shut-eye a night.  但是英国一年轻女子太能睡了,她每天要睡个小时  Beth Goodier, , suffers from Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also known as 'Sleeping Beauty' syndrome.  这名年轻女子名叫贝丝·古迪尔,今年岁,她患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,即俗称的睡美人症  The neurological condition - which began when she was - means she sleeps, on average, 18 hours a night.  贝丝在岁患上此病的,那时候开始她平均每晚要睡18个小时  When an episode strikes, typically every five weeks, she can sleep anything between one and three weeks - and requires hour care.  睡美人症通常每隔5周发病一次在发病期间的1到3周时间里,古迪尔随时可能睡着,需有人小时看护  Even when she wakes, she can be in a child-like state, confused and not able to tell the difference between reality and dreams.  发病期间,即使醒着的时候贝丝也处于一种类似孩童的状态,迷迷糊糊的,分不清现实与梦境的差别  It's thought only around 1,000 people worldwide suffer from the disorder, 70 per cent of them male.  据统计,目前全球约有00人患有克莱恩-莱文综合症,其中70%为男性患者  It is not clear what causes it and there is no cure.  目前并不清楚该症的成因,也没有有效的治疗方法  Miss Goodier, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, appeared on B Breakfast this morning to discuss her situation, which triggers episodes every five weeks.  贝丝,来自英国大曼彻斯特斯托克波特,1日早晨来到B早间新闻,向大家讲述了她的病情  Discussing her frustration at the situation, she said: 'I spend half of my life in bed. The onset most people is adolescence, when you are at college, university, getting a job, finding out who you are.  谈到该病所带来的困扰时,贝丝说:“我一生中有一半时间都花在睡觉上,而大多数同龄人都在上大学、找工作、思考探索‘我是谁’的问题”  Mrs Goodier, who has been ced to give up work to care her daughter, explained the family tries to make the most of the time between the episodes.   贝丝的妈妈古迪尔女士不得不辞去工作在家专门照顾女儿,她说全家都希望能好好利用贝丝不发病的时间   Kleine-Levin Syndrome has had a devastating effect on Miss Goodier's life, stopping her from moving out of home or attending university, the B website reports.   克莱恩-莱文综合症严重影响了贝丝的生活,使她无法迈出家门、无法上大学   Because the condition causes her to often be in a child-like state when awake, she must be supervised by her mother.   发病期间,因为醒着的时候会处于类似小孩的状态,所以贝丝需时刻被母亲看护着   During such an episode a sufferer may be irritable, childish, disorientated and want to eat excessive amounts of food.   且在这种状态下,患者会表现的易怒、幼稚、无判断力,并有暴食的倾向   The disease tends to strike at a key time of life - during adolescence - and sometimes begins after an infection or illness.   克莱恩-莱文综合症常会在人生的关键时期---青少年期间发病,有时会在患某种疾病之后患上此病   Episodes can come on very quickly and last between a few days to a few weeks.   该病症发病速度很快快,且发病一次会持续数日到数周   There is no known cure the sleeping disorder, and the main treatment is watchful waiting at home by loved ones.   目前克莱恩-莱文综合症还没有有效的治疗方法,病人只能呆在家里,主要依靠家人看护   Miss Goodier added: 'I want to be able to do something productive in the time when I'm well.I want to productive society.'   贝丝表示:“我希望在我不发病的时候能够多做些有意义的事情我希望自己能对社会有用”   However she hopes by talking about her illness, she can raise awareness. 'There are Facebook groups, which have really helped. '   但同时贝丝也希望通过在节目上讨论病情能够引起大家的关注“在Facebook上创建讨论组,这有很大帮助”。

  “这是性犯罪”:詹妮弗.劳伦斯首次回应艳照泄露事件 -- 1:: 来源: “这是性犯罪”:詹妮弗?劳伦斯首次回应艳照泄露事件 'It is a sex crime': Jennifer Lawrence speaks out the first time about nude photo leak Jennifer Lawrence is making no apologies about keeping naked pictures of herself on her computer.But the -year-old actress is hitting back at the hackers who stole the provocative shots in Vanity Fair's November issue.Jennifer spoke about the incident the first time by calling the photo theft 'a sex crime.''It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime,' she told the publication. 'It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change.'She has said anyone who viewed the pictures should ‘cower with shame’.The Hunger Games star indicated that she took nude selfies her boyfriend at the time and although she didn't name him in the interview the special someone is believed to be actor Nicholas Hoult.The couple met while co-starring in ’s X-Men: First Class and in one interview Miss Lawrence said that they liked having a long distance relationship as it meant they could keep their independence.Miss Lawrence and Hoult were at one point tipped to marry but broke up over the summer. Nobody the actor was available comment.She is dating Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who has separated from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow.'I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship four years,' she told the magazine. 'It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.'Then the unthinkable happened: hackers broke into her iCloud and posted the photos online on August 31.The FBI and Apple, which runs iCloud, are investigating the hacking in which dozens of celebrities’ s were infiltrated.Naked pictures of stars such as singer Rihanna, model Kate Upton and actress Kirsten Dunst were put online by hackers linked to the notorious online um chan.The hackers also managed to steal pictures of Kim Kardashian, Aubrey Plaza, Hayden Panetierre and Vanessa Hudgens in similar compromising positions.Also among the victims was British model Cara Delevingne.The actress, who won an Oscar her permance in Silver Linings Playbook, said she did not know what effect it would have on her career at a point when she had just become a huge star.'I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career,' Jennifer described her initial reaction to the news.'Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked this,' she said.‘It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity.’'It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.'When the photos were first leaked over the internet, the American Hustle star sat down and tried to compose a statement but the right words were hard to find.'Every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry ,' Jennifer told Vanity Fair.She added: 'Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me.'Even people who I know and love say, "Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures." I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.'Another big consequence was that Miss Lawrence had to tell her father Gary, a construction worker, that naked images of her were being viewed by millions of people online.Miss Lawrence said he took the news far better than she expected.She said: ‘I don’t care how much money I get The Hunger Games, I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it.’詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)首次就艳照被窃事件表态,她表示,“这不是丑闻,而是性犯罪”劳伦斯并未因电脑存放艳照而对外致歉,她愤怒抨击窃取其私照的黑客,并认为法律需要得到修正以让侵犯隐私者如同性侵害者一样受到起诉,“这是性侵害这种行径让人作恶法律需要改变,我们也都需要改变”劳伦斯表示,任何看过那些照片的人都该“为此感到羞愧”这位因《饥饿游戏而名噪四方的影星称,她是为了那时的男友而自拍裸照劳伦斯没有说名字,但被确信是指演员尼古拉斯·霍尔特(Nicholas Hoult),二人因年电影《X战警:第一战结缘劳伦斯和霍尔特曾感情良好几近结婚,却于今年夏天分手如今她正与酷玩(Coldplay)乐队主唱克里斯·马汀(Chris Martin)交往“我当时已经和男友交往了四年,我们关系非常好,有爱,和谐我们是远距离恋爱,你或者选择让你的男朋友看A片,或者选择让他看你”但是意想不到的是,黑客入侵她的iCloud,并于8月31日把窃取到的照片传到网上除劳伦斯,歌手蕾哈娜(Rihanna)、模特凯特·阿普顿(Kate Upton)、演员克尔斯滕·邓斯特(Kirsten Dunst)等多名女星的艳照也被黑客传到了臭名昭著的网上论坛chanFBI及苹果公司正在调查此事最初劳伦斯非常伤心害怕,“我不知道这会对我的事业带来什么影响”,“这超出我能承受的,我想不到自己竟被如此隔绝于人性之外”但随后她的悲伤变为愤怒:“这是我的身体,应该由我做主,但如今这一切不是我意愿的,我对此深恶痛绝我不敢相信我们竟活在这样的世界里”艳照最初泄露的时候,劳伦斯曾想拟具一份声明,但却不知怎样表达“所有要付诸笔头的一切都让我流泪愤恨我本要写封道歉信,但我不知道我有什么需要道歉的”“事实仅仅是我们都可能在性方面被利用和侵害,某些人借此大赚一笔我无法忍受”除了许多亲友看了她的艳照让她不悦之外,劳伦斯还得把这件事告诉她的父亲,她表示,如果可以选择,她宁愿不要拍《饥饿游戏赚那么多钱,也不要给父亲打那样难堪的电话(58en bruce 编辑)

  阿里影业召开战略发布会 --18 :55:6 来源: 阿里影业的前身是文化中国公司,于年为阿里巴巴集团所收购在成立不到两年的时间里,阿里影业依托母公司阿里巴巴在互联网的影响力,推出了大量影视剧项目在最近召开的战略发布会上,阿里影业更是一下发布了部影片和两部电视剧的制作计划 Alibaba Pictures has unveiled the development and production pipeline it hopes will establish it as a major player in the Chinese film biz and beyond. Announced at the Born to be Different strategic conference in Shanghai, Alibaba Pictures’ production slate includes features. Among the titles planned are Storming 30 Years, Zhengtu, No Other Love, and two TV programs, Ge Jin Tao Hua and The legend of Zu . Other projects include Sword of Legends , Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Asura, as well as Qi Huan Zhi Lv and Qing He Male College.阿里影业建立起一条影视创新生产产业链,寄望以此奠定自身在行业内龙头老大的地位在上海举行的"生来不同"战略发布会上,阿里影业公布了部影片和两部电视剧的拍摄计划,《激荡三十年、《征途和《没有别的爱、《古剑奇谭、《三生三世十里桃花、《阿修罗《奇幻之旅和《青禾男高位列其中,两部电视剧分别为《歌尽桃花和《蜀山战纪.These announcements come a day after Alibaba Pictures confirmed Renny Harlin would be directing Legend of the Ancient Sword the company.一天前阿里影业刚刚宣布兰尼·哈林成为《古剑奇谭电影版的导演Alibaba Pictures also announced a raft of new partnerships as it intends to turn its online dominance into a creative ecosystem its collaborations to thrive. Alibaba Pictures aly has ample capital, in addition to a wealth of user and consumption data. It has developed its own Internet-based promotion and distribution system, as well as its investment and financing system. These all serve to spur Alibaba Picture’s content development and production.阿里影业同时宣布同多家公司达成伙伴关系阿里影业寄望将线上优势转化为促成上述商务合作成功的创意平台目前的阿里影业不仅具备充足资金,同时还有海量的用户数据和消费数据,以及互联网宣发体系和投资融资体系,这些都有助于阿里影业的内容研发与制作提速The partners announced by Alibaba Pictures range from well-established movie production houses, up-and-coming companies with strong capabilities, to stars of tomorrow who possess tremendous potential. The list includes HS Gala Pictures, Ruyi Films, Ningxia Film Group, Zhenjian Pictures, Filmko Pictures, Hehe Pictures, Cheng Xiang Films, Black Ant Flim, Straw Bear Film Production, Phoenix Legend Films and Sun Entertainment Culture, as well as GiantInteractive Group and Blue Lion from the Internet and cultural sectors.阿里影业的合作公司既有根基稳固的老牌劲旅,也有声名鹊起的实力派公司,更有潜力无穷的明日之星,包括华视盛典、儒意影业、宁夏电影集团、真鉴影业、星皓影业、和和影业、呈祥影视、黑蚂蚁影业、稻草熊影业、凤凰传奇影业、太阳,以及从互联网和文化领域跨界而来的巨人网络、蓝狮子文化Alibaba Pictures was borne out of the acquisition of a majority 60% stake by online retail giant Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group in March 0 million as the e-commerce entrepreneur sought to add as much value to his group as possible ahead of the ultimately blockbusting IPO last September. The newly monikered company has gradually been working towards expanding its operations since its launch. In January last year, it announced it had brought on-board celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar Wai (In The Mood Love) to produce its first film Bai Du Ren, written and directed by Zhang Jiajia and starring Wong Kar Wai regular Tony Leung (6).电商巨擘阿里巴巴集团于年9月正式上市上市前,阿里巴巴于年3月收购了文化中国60%的股份,将其更名为阿里影业,增加了自身资产规模更名后的阿里影业自成立之初便一直寻求扩大经营规模去年1月,阿里影业宣布了电影《摆渡人的拍摄计划,曾执导电影《花样年华的知名导演王家卫担任制片人,原著作者张嘉佳任编剧和导演,梁朝伟主演In March last year, Ma announced Alibaba had also acquired an 8.8% stake in Enlight, one of China’s leading film and TV production companies, valued at 380 million dollars. Shares in Alibaba Pictures soared after its parent company — at one point valued at more than Walmart — announced it was considering an asset injection in the film and that it was planning to fold its online movie-ticketing business as well as its movie production crowdfunding business into Alibaba Pictures.去年3月,马云宣布阿里巴巴以3.8亿美元收购了光线传媒8.8%的股份当时阿里巴巴集团的估值一度超越沃尔玛,自其宣布向阿里影业注资,并将在线订票业务和电影制作众筹业务移交给阿里影业后,后者的股价飙升Alibaba Pictures has also been ramping up its investments in Hollywood content. Its first English language investment was Paramount’s Tom Cruise secret agent pic Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. Alibaba Pictures is reteaming with Paramount via investments in two of the studio’s summer tentpole films — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows and Star Trek Beyond. The production arm of Jack Ma’s e-commerce giant has also announced plans a partnership on an unspecified film from Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso).阿里影业增加了对好莱坞电影市场的投资,投资的第一部英文电影是派拉蒙出品的《碟中谍5,此外二者还合作了《忍者神龟:破影和《星际迷航:超越星辰两部暑期档大片阿里影业还宣布将和意大利导演吉赛贝·托纳多雷合作拍摄一部电影,电影名称尚未对外公布Those deals came shortly after Alibaba Pictures said it would team with Skydance (which also had a hand in M:I5 and is in Star Trek Beyond) on The Flying Tigers, a film about the volunteer group of U.S. Army Air Corps, Navy and Marines that defended China against Japanese ces bee America entered World War II. Further setting its sights beyond China, Alibaba also previously set a deal Korean action title, Real.公布上述计划前,阿里影业对外宣传将携手Skydance(同样是《碟中谍5和《星际迷航:超越星辰的制作方之一)拍摄电影《飞虎队,该片讲述了来自美国海陆空三军的志愿军在美国参加第二次世界大战前是如何携手中国军民抗击日本侵略的阿里影业甚至参与了韩国动作片《Real的制作“The spirit of the Internet encompasses openness, freedom, collaboration and sharing,” said Alibaba Pictures CEO Zhang Qiang. “As a company committed to creating an integrated platm the entertainment industry value chain, Alibaba Pictures hopes to become the platm which links up various resources and runs on the basis of Internet techniques and models, to increase efficiency and reduce risks in the research and production of movies. At the same time, the Company aims to better serve both up- and down-stream partners in the movie and television entertainment industry, so as to create a healthy ecosystem the sector, attracting more corporates and talent to participate.”“开放、自由、合作和分享正是互联网精神,”阿里影业CEO张强表示“阿里影业致力于整合产业价值链,将其打造成以互联网技术模型为依托的海量资源平台,提高资源配置效率,降低运营风险同时,阿里影业决心为影视业上下游合作商提供更好的务,建立起一个运营状况良好的生态系统,吸引更多的企业和人才加入我们”安吉丽娜·朱莉在伦敦政治经济学院教授硕士课程 --9 :3: 来源: 安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任硕士课程的做客教授 Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is to join the London School of Economics as a visiting professor on a new masters course.好莱坞女演员安吉丽娜·朱莉即将加入伦敦政治经济学院,担任一门新的硕士课程的做客教授The LSE said the course will be run by its Centre Women, Peace and Security, launched last year by Ms Jolie and Lord William Hague.伦敦政治经济学院说,该课程将由其妇女,和平与安全中心运行,这是由朱莉女士和威廉·黑格爵士启动于去年启动的The pair co-founded a global initiative to tackle sexual violence in conflict zones in .两人于年共同创立了一项全球倡议以解决冲突地区的性暴力问题It followed a film Ms Jolie directed depicting the Bosnian war.此前,朱莉女士于年导演了一部电影,讲述波斯尼亚战争的故事Her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, was set against the backdrop of the 199-95 Bosnian war in which an estimated ,000 women were believed to have been raped.她的导演处女作《血与蜜之地以199至1995年的波黑战争为背景,期间估计有000名妇女被强奸"It is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women’s rights and end impy crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict," Ms Jolie, a special envoy the UN refugee agency, said.“扩大如何提高妇女权利的讨论,以及结束严重影响妇女的不罚之罪,比如在冲突中的性暴力,是至关重要的,”作为联合国难民署特使的朱莉女士说"I am looking ward to teaching and to learning from the students, as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the UN."“我很期待教育学生和向他们学习,并且分享我于政府和联合国共事的经历”The mer eign secretary Lord Hague will also be joining LSE as a visiting professor.前外交大臣黑格爵士也会以做客教授的身份加入伦敦政治经济学院丈夫最不想听妻子唠叨的九句话 -- 18::56 来源:chinadaily You’re bound to say some tone-deaf things to your spouse every so often ― but there are some phrases you should absolutely never say. 你一定经常唠叨一些话,但你的配偶对此置若罔闻不过有些话最好还是不要再讲了We asked couple therapists to share the most annoying things men report hearing from their spouses. Of course, it goes both ways. 我们向一些情感诊疗专家咨询了这些丈夫最不想听到的话反之亦然1. “Nevermind, I’ll just do it myself.” 1.“没事,我自己来”Marriage pro tip: When you ask your spouse to call the plumber to fix the sink, give him a chance to do it. Rolling your eyes and saying, “nevermind, I’ll do it myself” may result in you getting your sink fixed sooner, but it’s also likely to rub your spouse the wrong way. 婚姻小贴士:在你需要丈夫帮忙打电话叫水管工来修洗碗槽时,不妨直接让他来修理,别对他翻个白眼说“算了,我自己来”也许这样做洗碗槽可以很快修好,但夫妻关系很可能会产生裂痕“Chances are, he wants to help you and make you happy,” said Anne Crowley, an Austin, Texas-based psychologist. “It’s a frustrating phrase a husband to hear because it suggests you don’t think he’s capable of completing the task and don’t need him.” 美国得克萨斯州奥斯汀市的心理学家安妮?克劳利指出:“他说不定很想帮助你,顺便讨你欢心但如果你直接和他说你不需要,会让他顿感挫败,让他觉得你在质疑他的能力,甚至你根本不需要他”. “You should have known.” .“你应该懂我的意思”You’re setting yourself up disappointment if you expect your hubby to decipher every last gesture and statement you make, said Ryan Howes, a clinical psychologist based in Pasadena, Calinia. 美国加州帕沙迪纳市的临床心理学家瑞恩?豪斯认为,如果妻子期待丈夫能通过自己的每一个手势和每一段话语来读懂自己的心,一定会大失所望“Women become upset when their husbands can’t between the lines or their minds but guys are notoriously poor mind ers,” he said. “Wives will save themselves a lot of grief if they can come to accept this and just ask what they want.” 豪斯说:“妻子会因为丈夫听不出自己的弦外之音或是看不透自己的小小心思而伤心但男性本来就不擅长读心术如果女士们都能接受这一点,说清自己到底想要什么,也就不必为此太难过”3. “Do you think she’s hot?” 3.“你觉得她好看吗?”Do you really want to know your husband’s thoughts about an attractive woman? Probably not ― plus, you’re putting your spouse in an uncomtable, no-win situation, said Kurt Smith, a therapist who specializes in counseling men. 你是真的想知道丈夫如何看待那些窈窕淑女的吗?恐怕不是这样的男性咨询方面的治疗师库尔特?史密斯认为,这么问只会将你的另一半置于无所适从的双输境地“Most men have aly identified the pretty women in the room; if he’s trying to respect you then he should be aly trying not to look, so you pointing her out will only make him more self-conscious, uncomtable and unsure of what to do to not upset you or hurt your feelings,” he said. 史密斯说:“谁是这屋子里的漂亮女人,丈夫们大多心中有数;但为了表示对妻子的尊重,他们会尽量不去看这些漂亮女人如果妻子非要指着某一位询问丈夫的看法,只会让他变得更加局促不安、心神不定,不知道如何做才能不让你失望,不伤害你的感情”. “We need to talk.” .“我想我们该好好谈谈了”No four words strike fear into a married man’s heart quite like “we need to talk.” Opt something less ominous sounding the next time you bring up an issue, said Marcia Naomi Berger, a therapist and author of Marriage Meetings Lasting Love: 30 Minutes a Week to the Relationship You’ve Always Wanted. 没有什么话比“我想我们该好好谈谈了”这句更令丈夫们心惊胆战的了下次谈话的时候还是选一个更加吉利的开头吧,著有《婚姻会议使爱情持久:每周30分钟,给你想要的爱情一书的治疗专家玛西亚?内奥米?伯格如是说道“The phrase ‘we need to talk’ is often a signal that the wife has complaints or criticism about the husband,” she said. “He assumes he somehow failed you and withdraws, creating a disconnect, which is the exact opposite of what you were trying to accomplish.” 她表示:“当妻子说出‘我想我们该好好谈谈了’,意味着她对丈夫有了诸多抱怨与意见丈夫会猜测他可能哪里得罪了妻子,于是消极对待,主动失联,让妻子根本没办法和他谈下去”5. “Man up.” 5.“能不能有点男人样”Seriously? There’s no right or wrong way to be a man. your spouse’s sake, let your gender expectations go and try to have a civil conversation. 开玩笑,像不像个男人根本没有确切的标准为了你和丈夫之间的感情,你最好还是放下有关性别的言论,换用其他更为礼貌的话语“Telling your spouse to ‘man up’ is a brutal attack on his core identity,” Howes said. “It’s a statement loaded with contempt and shame and could create relationship damage that will be difficult to heal.” 豪斯说:“对你的丈夫说‘能不能有点男人样’是对他男性身份的强烈冲击这句话满含蔑视与羞辱,会对你们之间的感情造成难以弥补的伤害”6. “Pick up after yourself. I’m not your mother.” 6.“就不会自己收拾收拾?我又不是你妈”There are better ways to encourage your spouse to put his dirty socks in the hamper than telling him you’re tired of feeling like his mom. 与其向丈夫抱怨自己为他操碎了心,不如直接让他自己把脏袜子放进洗衣篮里“Many men are sensitive about their relationship with their mother, so suggesting he still wants or needs his mom is not a way to encourage him to change behavior you don’t like ,” Smith said.史密斯说:“许多男人对自己和母亲的关系很敏感,所以就算你嫌弃他现在还跟个孩子一样需要母亲照顾,他也不会有所改变”7. “You never, you should have, you ought to...” 7.“你不能这样,你本来可以这样,你应该这样……”Sorry, but chiding your spouse about how he never does the dishes (or takes out the trash or drives the kids to school) isn’t likely to inspire change, Berger said. 很遗憾,责骂丈夫从未洗过碗(或者倒过垃圾甚至开车送孩子上学)可以说是徒劳无功的,伯格这样说道“It’s much better to say, ‘I’d appreciate it if you would empty the dishwasher tonight,’ example. And when he does, thank him and you can expect more help in the future,” she said. 她解释:“你最好这样说,‘如果你今晚能把碗洗了的话,我会很开心’诸如此类一旦他同意了,别忘了谢谢他,这样说不定下次他还愿意帮你干活”8. “You’ve put on a few pounds lately, huh?” 8.“喂,你最近是不是又胖了?”Instead of pointing out changes in your spouse’s appearance, be supportive and tell him you’d love if he joined you at your cycle class sometime, said Becky Whetstone, a Little Rock, Arkansas-based therapist. 美国阿肯色州小石城的治疗专家贝基?怀特斯通认为,与其对另一半的外貌变化指指点点,不如以爱之名,劝他和你一起去上健身课“Insinuating that his body is not like it once was will shrink his confidence ― and he’ll probably up his calorie intake just to spite you!” “含沙射影地嘲笑他的身材大不如从前会打击他的自信心,他可能会继续摄入更多的卡路里,这么做只为激怒你!”9. “You’re going out with the guys again?” 9.“你又准备出去和你的狐朋友鬼混?”Don’t look at Fantasy Football meet-ups and golf trips as threats to your marriage. It’s quite the opposite, actually; some time apart will likely do your relationship good, Howes said. 豪斯建议,别总担心梦幻足球线下聚会和高尔夫球旅行会威胁到你们的婚姻幸福,其实情况恰恰相反俗话说得好,小别胜新婚“Yes, sometimes a guy’s night is just an excuse to drink and fart but many guys these are crucial times to connect, seek advice, get support and express some important emotions,” he said. “Wives who feel threatened by this or bid their husband from attending may be cutting off a vital support system.” 他表示:“当然,丈夫们所谓的夜生活有时不过是想找个地方酗酒和发泄的借口,但大部分情况下,这是找朋友谈天说地,寻求建议,获得持,倾吐心声的重要时刻要是妻子们对此心有疑虑或阻止丈夫出门,可能会丧失重要的外援团”The biggest bonus of guy time, according to Howes, “There’s a good chance he’ll actually be a better husband if he can compare notes with other husbands and dads.” 关于这种朋友聚会带来的最大收获,豪斯是这样解释的:“在交流中,丈夫可以向其他同为人夫为人父的朋友们取取经,帮助他成为一个更好的丈夫”英文来源:赫芬顿邮报翻译:朱安琪(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

  大学生如何拥有好睡眠 -- :: 来源: 越来越多的睡眠问题出现在年青人身上美国某些高校针对学生的睡眠问题,专门开设睡眠课,帮助学生拥有高质量睡眠看完本文,你是不是也想上上睡眠课呢?Multiple studies have shown adequate sleep college-age students is about eight hours a night, yet as many as 70 percent of college students donrsquo;t get that much shuteye.很多研究表明对于大学生来说每晚8个小时的睡眠是最佳时间,然而高达70%的大学生并没有睡足8小时Experts and students agree the trend is not good ; and therersquo;s plenty of research to back up that claim. In response, some institutions are putting sleep on the curriculum with classes designed to teach students the basic neuroscience behind sleep and how it affects both physical and mental functions of our well being in our daily lives. Itrsquo;s a growing trend that includes the University of Missouri, Stand University, and New York University.专家和学生们都赞同这并不是一个好趋势;;这已经得到了很多研究的明鉴于此,一些学校开始开设睡眠课,教授学生与睡眠有关的神经系统科学的基本知识,以及睡眠如何从生理和心理上影响我们的日常生活While some of the classes are recent ; NYU first started offering their sleep course in ; others are older. Standrsquo;s course, ;Sleep and Dreams,; was one of the first of its kind in the country and has been offered since 1970.一些睡眠课是近几年来才开设的,如纽约州立大学于年开设睡眠课;而另一些则年代相对久远,如斯坦佛的;睡眠与梦;,就是此类课程的先行者,自1970年就已经开设Students want to learn about sleep学生希望学习睡眠知识;Sleep behavior is inherently interesting. Students want to learn about it ; even though they do it every night, itrsquo;s a mystery to them,; said Dennis Miller, an associate professor in the department of psychological sciences at the University of Missouri who teaches a course called ;Sleep and Sleep Disorders.; ;Students learn a lot about themselves through the class; they gain insight into their own sleep behavior and about managing their daily lives better.;;睡眠行为本身就很有意思学生们希望学习相关知识;;即便他们每天都要睡觉,但睡眠对于他们来说仍是一个谜团,;密苏里大学心理科学院的副教授丹尼斯;米勒说目前,他教授一门名为;睡眠与睡眠紊乱;的课程;通过课堂学习,学生们可以对自身有更多的了解,通过了解自己的睡眠行为,从而更好地管理自己的日常生活;Missouri offers the sleep class as an online course to any undergraduate student enrolled at the school and students enrolled in one of the universityrsquo;s web-based Mizzou Online degree programs. The course is designed to teach students about the science of sleep, as well as its applications to studentsrsquo; daily lives, Miller explained. Students learn what happens to the brain and the body when we sleep, what common sleep disorders are, and how sleep disorders are managed and treated.密苏里大学则为本校的在校学生提供在线睡眠课程,学生可以在;密苏里哥伦比亚大学在线;的学位课程上选修此门课程Students learn about sleep science, hygiene, evolution, and dreams学生学习睡眠科学、睡眠卫生、睡眠演变以及睡眠与梦的相关知识NYUrsquo;s sleep course, ;While You Were Sleeping; was inspired in part by the success of the course at Stand, said Jess Shatkin, a professor of child and adolescent psychiatry and pediatrics at the NYU School of Medicine. In addition to covering the science of sleep and how students can better manage their own sleep, Shatkinrsquo;s course also touches on the evolution of sleep, sleep disorders and treatments, and dreams, he explained.纽约州立大学的睡眠课,名为;睡眠状态下的你;该校医学院儿童青少年精神病学的教授杰斯;沙特金说,这一课程开设一部分原因是因受到斯坦佛课程的启发沙特金解释,他的课程除了教授基本的睡眠科学以及帮助学生更好地管理自己的睡眠之外,还讲授睡眠演变、睡眠紊乱和治疗以及睡眠与梦境相关知识;I wanted to build a class that was solid academically, but still fun,; Shatkin said. The course is structured so that students first learn about the science of sleep, then they learn about what happens to the body during sleep and the consequences of going without. Then, later in the course, they learn about sleep hygiene ; and everything they can do to actually get better sleep, he said.;我希望这门课不仅学术性强,而且非常有趣,;沙特金说他解释,课程的设置是先让学生了解睡眠科学,然后让他们知道人处于睡眠状态时身体的状况以及不睡的后果本门课的后阶段则教授睡眠卫生,以及如何拥有高质量睡眠;We talk about everything from caffeine use and the role of exercise to what temperature your bedroom should be,; Shatkin explained. ;And we teach relaxation exercises ; meditation and breathing techniques ; to help them fall asleep.;;我们谈论各个方面,从咖啡因的摄入、运动的作用到卧室的温度,;沙特金解释说;我们也会教授一些放松练习;;冥想和呼吸技巧;;帮助学生更好入睡;;I learned basically everything about sleep;;我学到了所有的睡眠基本知识;Cynthia Haddad, who graduated from NYU in and took the course over the summer of , signed up because it was cross-listed under a minor she planned to pursue.纽约州立大学届毕业生辛西娅;哈达德在年夏天报名学习了学校的睡眠课,因为这是一门向未成年人开设的跨学科交叉课程,正是她计划要学习的;I learned basically everything about the significance of sleep,; Haddad told HuffPost. ;We learned about how sleep affects our bodies. ; We learned about how sleep affects us in our waking hours ; the brain, the body, emotionally.;;我学到了一切关于睡眠重要性的基本知识,;哈达德告诉赫芬顿邮报 ;我们了解了睡眠如何影响我们的身体;;也了解了睡眠如何影响我们的日常;;大脑、身体以及情绪;The course absolutely changed my sleep habits睡眠课完全改变了我的睡眠习惯;The course absolutely changed my sleep habits,; Haddad added. ;I learned the following and try to keep to these rules: Do not use devices up to an hour bee bed; no caffeine past noon; and use the bed only sleep and sex ; so that when you get into bed, your body knows it wants to sleep.;;睡眠课完全改变了我的睡眠习惯,;哈达德说 ;我学会了以下规则并尽量遵从:睡前一小时不要使用电子设备;午后不摄入咖啡因;床只为两个目的:睡觉和性生活;;这样当躺上床时,你的身体就知道你要睡觉了;Students sleep minutes longer学生平均每晚多睡分钟Haddad was not the only one who slept better after the course. To determine how effective the lesson plans were in actually improving sleep quality among students in the course, Shatkin and his colleagues compared sleep quantity and quality between NYU students enrolled in the class in the fall semester and NYU students enrolled in coursework other than the sleep course. They found sleep the students taking ;While You Were Sleeping; did, in fact, improve.哈达德不是学完该课程后唯一一位睡眠有所提高的学生为了探究该门课程是否真的能有效提高学生的睡眠质量,沙特金和他的同事们对比了本校年秋季学期学了此门课程和未学习此课程的学生的睡眠时间和睡眠质量他们发现选修了睡眠课;睡眠状态下的你;的学生的睡眠确实提高了Students enrolled in the sleep course slept minutes longer per night on average two months after taking the course compared with their sleep bee the course, and the students fell asleep nine minutes faster per night after the course, according to the findings, which were presented at the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatryrsquo;s annual meeting last year. And better sleep hygiene all of the students was associated with fewer depressive symptoms ; meaning the results imply that the course, by improving sleep, could also help decrease depression and anxiety, Shatkin said.调查结果显示,选修了睡眠课的学生在学习此课程两个月后,较学习之前相比,平均每晚多睡分钟,每晚早9分钟入睡这一结果也被公布在《美国儿童青少年精神病学会去年的年度会议上夏特金表示,对于所有学生来说,更好的睡眠卫生与更少的抑郁症状有关;;这表明,本次调查结果暗示,本门课程通过改善睡眠,也有助于减少抑郁和焦虑希甲球员阿兰·普利度在墨西哥遭绑架 --30 ::35 来源: 墨西哥籍希甲足球运动员阿兰·普利度在墨西哥北部边境州被绑架,疑似与毒贩有关 Mexican footballer Alan Pulido has been kidnapped in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, officials say.据官方透露,墨西哥籍足球运动员阿兰·普利度在靠近北方边境的塔毛利帕斯州被绑架The 5-year-old striker was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday near his home in Ciudad Victoria after leaving a party.此前曾有报道称,被绑架前这名5岁前锋曾离开了一场聚会,随后周日的时候,他在自己位于维多利亚城的家附近被绑架He plays the Greek team Olympiakos and has made several appearances Mexico’s national team.阿兰·普兰度目前效力于希腊球队“奥林匹亚科斯”,他之前在墨西哥国家队上也有过几次露面Mexico has the one of the world’s highest kidnapping rates, with government figures saying some 1,000 people are taken every year.墨西哥是全世界绑架率最高的几个国家之一,其官方数据显示每年都有近00人被绑架Others argue that the true figure could be almost times as high.还有人认为被绑架人的真实数量是这一数据的倍Criss-crossed by drug smugglers泛滥成灾的毒品走私Local media reports said Pulido had been leaving a party with his girlfriend late on Saturday night when their car was surrounded by several trucks.墨西哥当地媒体曾有过报道,称普利度和其女友在周六深夜的时候离开了一个聚会,当时他们的车被几辆卡车给围了起来Six masked men reportedly took the striker away "by ce" while his girlfriend was left unharmed in the car park where the incident took place.据报道,六名蒙面男子“强行”将普利度带走,而他的女友并没有受到伤害,被留在了案发现场的那个停车场Tamaulipas is one of Mexico’s most violent states, and Mexico recently deployed more security ces to tackle cartels operating in the area.塔毛利帕斯是墨西哥暴力案件最频发的一个州之一,最近墨西哥政府部署了更多的安全部队来打击掌控该地区的卡特尔组织(毒贩)Dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks in the border state, which is criss-crossed by drug-smuggling routes to the ed States.最近几周,塔毛利帕斯州有数十人被杀塔毛利帕斯是墨西哥北部边境城市,境内有很多通往美国的毒品走私线路Pulido joined Olympiakos last July and finished the season with six goals in games.普利度于去年7月份加入奥林匹亚科斯,本赛季他参加了场比赛,一共打入了6记进球

  苹果或将在十月发布新一代ipad --18 :3: 来源: 有消息称,苹果预计在月1日再次举行发布会活动,将正式公布新操作系统实际上线时间,同时或许发布新一代iPad与iPad mini系列机种,分别为第6代iPad及第三代iPad mini  Apple to unveil new iPads, operating system on October 1  Apple Inc is set to launch two new iPads and release the next version of its Mac operating system at its next event on Oct. 1, a Daily Dot report said, citing sources familiar with the matter.  The company plans to unveil the sixth generation of its iPad and the third edition of the iPad mini, as well as its operating system OS X Yosemite, which has undergone a complete visual overhaul, the Internet news website said.  Trudy Muller, a spokeswoman Apple, declined to comment.  The iPad is expected to have a 9.7 inch screen, while the new version of the iPad mini will have a 7.9 inch screen, Bloomberg earlier reported, citing people familiar with the matter.  A Bloomberg report said the Cupertino, Calinia-based company will launch its next generation of iPads around mid-October as Apple prepares the holiday season by boosting its product lineup.  Apple sold .3 million iPads in the quarter ended June, falling short of analysts' projections more than million.  Apple also unveiled its Apple Watch, two larger iPhones and a mobile payments service dubbed "Apple Pay" last week.(Reuters)

  巴西吉祥物美洲虎圣火传递后袭人,惨遭击毙 -- ::1 来源: 在近日巴西举行的生活传递活动上,一名以“吉祥物”身份出场的美洲虎被巴西军方射杀,此事件迅速引起了社交网络上的滔天怒火,人们不禁想到了不久前发生的美国动物园大猩猩被射杀事件 An Amazon jaguar has been shot dead by the Brazilian army after participating as a ’mascot’ an Olympic torch ceremony in Manaus.在巴西玛瑙斯的圣火传递活动中,一只作为“吉祥物”参加活动的美洲虎被巴西军方射杀During the event the female jaguar - called Juma - was just yards away from the lighting of the Olympic torch, where she was held by a chain around her neck.在活动中,这只名为“朱马”的雌性美洲虎距离点燃的奥运火炬只有数米之远,它脖子上绑着有铁链,不能到处走动Following the event she was taken to her zoo cage on a truck but managed to escape.活动结束后,它被装上一辆卡车运回动物园,但是它却逃脱了A team of vets tried to recapture Juma by firing tranquilizers but they failed to take immediate effect and she reportedly came close to attacking a soldier.一群兽医试图从新抓捕朱马,给它打了镇静剂,但是药物却没有立即起效,据报道当时它靠近并要攻击一名士兵The Amazon Military Command - whose symbol is a jaguar - said the animal was shot as a ’safety procedure’ to ’protect the soldier’.据亚马逊军事指挥部--他们的标志就是美洲虎--称,射杀这只美洲虎是为了“保护士兵”的“安全措施”The incident happened yesterday after the Olympic torch passed through the jungle city, where England played Italy in the World Cup.这起事件发生在昨日,奥运火炬刚刚在这座丛林城市里传递,在年世界杯的时候,英格兰和意大利曾在这座城市举行过比赛Juma was a jaguar at CIGS zoo, which is part of the army’s jungle warfare-training centre and where many of the animals have been captured by soldiers on patrol.朱马是CIGS动物园的一只美洲虎,该动物园是军方丛林作战训练中心的一部分,其中许多动物都是由士兵在巡逻过程中捕捉到的A guest who attended the event said: ’The jaguar was in a secluded spot, but everyone took pictures with her.出席活动的一个宾客说道:“这只美洲虎当时在一个隐蔽的地方,但是所有人都和她一起拍照”When the event was over, Juma was taken to her cage, which was in a truck. It was then she ran away.’“活动结束后,朱马被带回了它在一辆卡车上的笼子里,随后它便逃跑了”Physiotherapist Igor Simoes, who attended the event, added: ’The jaguar played with me and was on my back.出席该活动的物理治疗师伊戈尔·西蒙斯补充说道:“这只美洲虎还和我玩耍来着,它还趴在我的背上”’However, when she returned to the truck at the end of the ceremony, something happened and she got away.’“但是,当活动结束后它回到卡车上时,发生了什么事儿,然后它就逃跑了”A statement issued by Brazil’s Amazon Military Command said: ’Efts were made to capture the animal by firing tranquilizers. But even though the animal was hit, it still advanced towards a soldier that was stationed nearby.巴西亚马逊军事指挥部在一份声明中说道:“我们曾试图捕捉这只美洲虎,给它打了镇定剂但是尽管这只美洲虎被击中了,它仍然向驻扎在附近的一名士兵走去”’As a safety procedure and aiming to protect the soldier and the handlers, a pistol was used to shoot the animal. She died at the scene.’“出于安全考虑,并且为了保护这名士兵和在场的驯兽员们,我们使用手对这只美洲虎进行了射击,它当场死亡”The shooting of the jaguar was immediately met by an outpouring of anger on social media, with people accusing the army of acting ’irresponsibly’ and incompetently’.这起美洲虎射杀事件迅速在社交媒体上引起了滔天的怒火,人们指责军方的行为“不负责任”、“无能”One said: ’The cat was a victim of human stupidity.’有人说道:“这只猫咪是人类的愚蠢的受害者”Another comment : ’You could see from the event that the poor animal was so stressed out it should never have been there…this is the saddest thing’.另一则说道:“从这起事件中可以看出,这只美洲虎太紧张了,它本不应该出现在那儿,这是最悲哀的地方”The jaguar is aly an endangered species in the Americas, with a 30 per cent reduction over the same number of years.美洲虎已经是美洲的濒危物种了,在过去30年里,它们的数量减少了30%During that period, the jaguar population declined by at least per cent in the Amazon.在那期间,亚马逊地区美洲虎的数量下降了至少%The shooting comes just weeks after a gorilla, called Harambe, was killed in an American zoo after a boy fell into its enclosure.在这起射杀事件仅仅数周之前,美国动物园一只名叫“Harambe”的大猩猩也被射杀了,当时一名男孩曾掉进了它的笼子里The Olympic torch relay will pass through more than 300 towns and cities from the Amazon to Brazil’s southern border, arriving at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on August 5.奥运火炬传递将穿过从亚马逊地区到巴西南部边界的300多个城镇和市区,最终在8月5日的时候抵达里约热内卢的马拉卡纳体育场。

  颜值不够发型来补! 最炫发型(双语) --01 ::19 来源:sohu 还在追求黑长直?你out啦! 长发飘飘早已不是时尚圈的主打歌,帅气的短发,潇洒的波波头,来看看哪些颜值逆天的女明星通过改变发型改变人生! Let us recommend one of the ;coolest; hairstyle women, the shortcut, and again, in every sense of the word. Bee we begin, let's take a look at how some female celebrities transmed themselves by switching to this hairstyle. “假小子”过耳短发 NO.1 孙俪 Sun Li 孙俪是内地公认的短发女神,干净利落的齐耳短发似乎已经成为了她的标志帅气的短发配上她精致的五官,是不是比长发的她多了一丝性感成熟呢? Chinese mainland actress Sun Li is famous her speical short hairstyle. Compared with her mer image, short hairstyle makes her look much more sexy and mature. NO. 高俊熙 Gao Junxi 韩国模特高俊熙现在是公认的fashion icon,高挑的身材,大长腿,以及独特的时尚见解让她成为了粉丝的争相模仿的对象出道时期的她虽然长发飘飘,但并没有很高的认知度;自从改变风格,留起了齐下巴的短波波头,她可谓是大红大紫而去年在韩剧《她很漂亮中,极短的过耳短发使她再一次引领了潮流 South Koeran model Gao Junxi has been the fashion leader of her country due to her unique fashion eyesight and taste. On last year famous TV series, she changed her hair style much shorter than bee, and once again, she leads the fashion trend all over Korea, even all over Asia. NO.3 大表 詹妮弗劳伦斯 Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence 《饥饿游戏中的“大表”詹妮弗劳伦斯在中国也享有较高的人气,豪爽不羁的性格是她广受喜爱的一大原因而近期配合她男孩子般的性格,大表一改往常淑女风,剪掉了一头金发,换上了干净利落的短发短发的大表,是不是更加帅气了呢?撩起来完全不输男生吧! Jennifer Lawrence was firstly known by Chinese audience through her movie. Most Chinese fans like her so much because of her outspoken and straightward personality. Recently, Jennifer change her long blonde hair into shortcut, and it makes her look more handsome. NO. 终极女神来啦!奥黛丽赫本在《罗马假日中的经典造型 Last but not least, Audrey Hepburn in her iconic haircut in Roman Holiday. 说到女神,奥黛丽赫本是不得不提的一位,洋娃娃般的五官,公主般高贵的气质,都使她的形象在一代代人心中经久不衰而早在世纪,赫本就已经把过耳短发在她的经典之作《罗马假日中进行了完美的诠释 Back to th century, Audrey Hepburn had aly perfectly explained the short hair style in her classic movie. Compared to longer hair, the shortcut is less sweet, more chic, and most importantly, an easy way to cool down and totally low maintenance. 而周迅周公子和安妮海瑟薇更是过耳短发的完美代言人 女神的头发可谓都是越留越短啊快下定决心加入女神的行列吧! 假小子式的短发hold不住?波波头来帮忙! 年度热门发型怎么能少了波波头! 无论是long bob,还是short bob, 总有一款适合你,帅气干练中又不失女人味,是增添颜值的利器 There is no doubt that BoB is one of the most popular hair styles of , no matter long bob or short bob, both can help you change your style and feelings. Here, we have compiled the most recommended bob shortcuts different facial contours. 圆脸子 Round Face 圆脸子最适合的长度其实是到下巴,这样的长度可以刚刚好的修饰脸部圆圆的轮廓,而大部分圆脸子却没有意识到这一点,总是用头发拼命遮住脸 The length most suited those with rounder faces is at the chin. Shorter lengths will accentuate the roundness of the face, which is most likely something people in this group would do anything to avoid. 天使面庞魔鬼身材的米兰达可儿完美示范了圆脸子最适合的发型 Supermodel Miranda Kerr is the perfect demonstration. Kerr looks less glamorous, but much younger with this haircut. 方脸子 Square Face 方脸子最大的苦恼就是方方的下颚了吧,遮住下颚可以显脸小,更可以柔和面部线条 Those with square-like faces usually have more pronounced jaws. To cover up the jaw and give a softer look. Both straight bob and wave bob can help you achieve this. 英伦玫瑰凯拉奈特莉虽然瘦的像一片纸,却长期被大方脸所困扰,straight bob完美帮她遮住了突出的下颚 Cover them up like Keira Knightley. 长脸子Long Face 长脸子最该避开的就是中分和黑长直!如果你是个瘦长脸的子,剪掉你的长直发,它只会使你的脸看着更长! The hairstyle to avoid those with long faces is the center-parted, straight and long hair. 真是无法想象这是同一个人好嘛! 没有了累赘的长直发,英国模特阿格尼丝迪恩完全就是脱胎换骨!长发的她看着完全老了十岁 British model Agyness Deyn looks much better with her hair short. Full bangs will help cover up the ehead and give an illusion of a shorter face. And with this shortcut, she looks more than ten years old younger. 最后,各位爱美的子不要再留恋你的长发!长发不一定会为颜值加分!改变发型改变人生啊! 当然,爱美绝不是女生的专利,想变男神的看过来全球最帅男神发型你out了吗? Photo Source: China Daily

  韩国爱心刘海走红网络 -- :0:50 来源: 韩国爱心刘海走红网络Wearing your heart on your fringe is the newest hairstyle trendHairstyle fans know the fringe frames the face, but a new trend is allowing young women to wear their hearts in their bangs instead.热衷于发型设计的潮人们懂得如何通过刘海来修饰脸型,但年轻女性间广为流行的最新发型是用刘海来展示爱心The fad has kicked off in South Korea, with young women and girls styling their fringe turning inwards to m upside down heart shapes.爱心刘海最先在韩国流行,年轻姑娘们将刘海向内弯成一个倒心形Called hateu aapmuhri - literally "heart-bangs hair' - it's thought to have been an influence on Kendall Jenner.韩文叫做hateu aapmuhri,也就是“爱心刘海”据信这一发型甚至还影响了肯达尔?詹娜(Kendall Jenner)The celebrity shared an image on Instagram of her tumbling locks styled into hearts which broke last month"s record with .9 million likes.肯达尔?詹娜在Instagram主页分享了一张照片,照片中她披散的长发形成了一个个心形图案,这张照片共有90万人点赞,打破了上个月的记录But young Korean girls have taken the trend to new levels, according to Kotaku, styling their fringes and sharing pictures online.不过据Kotaku的报道,年轻的韩国子们又将这股潮流发扬光大了,子们做出爱心刘海后会在网上晒出照片Apparently it"s not an 'everyday' style, more a viral attempt to have some fun with curling tongs, but these women look great with their fringes styled.显然,爱心刘海并不是个日常发型,更大程度上是大家一时兴起拿卷发器找点乐趣,但是这些子们的新发型看起来确实不错And thanks to the flurry of interest, young Korean men have been taking up the challenge too - with surprisingly effective results.在这股热潮的影响下,韩国的年轻小伙们也纷纷开始尝试这一发型,并且看到了令人惊喜的效果It remains to be seen if it"s something that UK posters will adopt online.究竟这一趋势能否感染英国的俊男靓女,再次掀起网络晒发型热潮,让我们拭目以待Vocabularyfringe:刘海lock:一绺头发curling tong:卷发器英文来源:镜报译者:白洁

  吃货拍照必备:社交网站美食拍照技巧 --01 ::38 来源:chinadaily Learn how to take pictures of food like a professional CREDIT: PETER DENCHA cursory scroll through Instagram on any given day is likely to return three types of pictures: selfies, sunsets and food. Lots of food. 不管哪天,在Instagram上走马观花地浏览都能看到三种照片:自拍,日落,和食物,有很多很多食物照片The untunate truth is that unless you've got a particularly good eye, even the most delicious meringue can end up looking a foamy mess under the merciless flash of a smartphone camera. 不幸的是,除非你有一双慧眼,即使是最美味的酥饼也能被残忍的智能手机拍照手法照的像泡沫一样糟糕Read on hints and tips from seasoned food photographer Hugh Johnson, who has shot Heston Blumenthal, Yotam Ottolenghi and Thomasina Miers' creations, to learn how your images can look as good as these. 读完下面这些来自经验丰富的美食摄影师休bull;约翰逊的提示和建议,来学习如何把照片拍的和这些一样好他曾负责给赫斯顿bull;布卢门撒尔,约塔姆bull;奥图蓝吉,托玛西娜迈耶斯的作品摄影1. Don't overcrowd the shot 1.不要让镜头太拥挤Don't try and capture too much in a single image, especially if it's going to be cropped and uploaded to Instagram anyway. Focus on a key area, such as the sheen of an egg yolk or a steak's pink centre, but not so closely a viewer won't be able to tell what it is. 不要试着在一个镜头里捕捉太多,特别是它将要被裁剪和上传到Instagram上关注重点部分,比如蛋黄的光泽或者牛排粉嫩的部分,但是不要太近以至于别人看不出它是什么. Consider the lighting .注意照明Using a flash in a dim restaurant will bleach your food of any defining features and splashes of colour. A plate will always look better in natural light, but when sunshine is out of the question, make sure you're focused on using as much of the available light as possible, or try and use the shadow to your advantage. 在昏暗的餐厅使用闪光灯能让你食物的特点和颜色变得明显餐具在自然光下会显得更好看但是当没阳光的时候,尽量使用更多的光,或者试着利用阴影的优势CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON3. Keep it steady 3.保持稳定Tuck your elbows closely into your sides to keep the camera as stable as possible and avoid blurring. Optical image stabilisation on smartphones including the HTC , LG G5 and iPhone 6s Plus can also help to keep this to a minimum. 肘部靠近自己来让照相机尽可能的稳固并且防止模糊智能手机例如HTC ,LG G5和苹果6plus的图像稳固功能能尽量减少这种情况CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON. Move things around .移动周围的物品Too many people ruin what would be a perfectly good shot by failing to consider the backdrop properly. Make sure all s and unruly napkins are out of sight, alongside any dirty cutlery or smartphones on the table, and let the food take centre-stage. 太多的人因为没能考虑合适的背景而毁了一张可能很棒的照片确保照不到菜单和凌乱的餐巾纸,还有任何脏的餐具或者桌上的手机,来让食品成为主角CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON5. Consider using a proper camera 5.考虑使用合适的照相机While smartphone cameras are increasingly capable, they don't all come with the array of functions and lenses as you can achieve with a DSLR. If you're serious about your Instagramming, changing lenses is helpful to achieve focus.手机的照相功能变得再多,它也不能完成你用一台单反就能完成的功能如果你对在Instagram上传照片真的很在乎,当景深不足时,为了实现聚焦效果,换个镜头很有帮助6. Use the widest aperture possible 6.使用最大光圈This will only apply to those using full cameras, but using the widest aperture available to you will ensure the maximum level of light, allowing the majority of focus on the eground. 这只适用于那些使用全功能相机的人,但是尽可能的使用最大光圈能够确保最大亮度,来让焦点尽量聚焦在前景上CREDIT: PETER DENCH7. Add oil or water 7.加点油或者水Adding oil or water to food, particularly salad or vegetables, adds an appealing glisten that works well on camera. This can help avoid the meal looking flat or like it's been sat out a few hours, which it might well have. 给食物加点油或者水,特别是沙拉蔬菜一类,加点诱人的光亮能给照片添色不少这能防止食物看起来单调,或者看上去已经放了好几个小时,尽管它已经这样CREDIT: HUGH JOHNSON英文来源:每日电讯报译者:朱卓(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning

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