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福州市做人流哪里最好南平那个医院孕前检查极端行为:日本一名男子拥有16个孩子,还想要更多Interpol said it has launched amultinational investigation into what Thailand has dubbed the ;BabyFactory; case: a 24-year-old Japanese businessman who has 16 surrogatebabies and an alleged desire to father hundreds more.国际刑警组织称,该组织已经对泰国的“婴儿工厂”发起了国际调查:一名24岁的日本商人拥有16个宝宝,据说,他还想要上百名宝宝。Police raided a Bangkok condominium earlierthis month and found nine babies and nine nannies living in a few unfurnishedrooms filled with baby bottles, bouncy chairs, play pens and diapers. They havesince identified Mitsutoki Shigeta as the father of those babies — and sevenothers.本月早些时候,警方突袭了曼谷的一个公寓,他们在没有装备的房间里发现了9个宝宝和9个保姆。房间里都是婴儿用的奶瓶、由弹性的椅子、游戏场和尿布。目前,他们已经确认这些孩子——以及另外7个孩子的父亲是MitsutokiShigeta。;What I can tell you so far is that I#39;venever seen a case like this,; Thailand#39;s Interpol director,police Maj. Gen. Apichart Suribunya, said Friday. ;We aretrying to understand what kind of person makes this many babies.;泰国国际刑警组织的负责人、警员Maj. Gen. Apichart Suribunya周五说,“我目前能说的就是,我们从未遇到过这样的案件。我们想知道是什么样的人会养这么多的孩子”。;We are looking into two motives. Oneis human trafficking and the other is exploitation of children,; saidpolice Lt. Gen. Kokiat Wongvorachart, Thailand#39;s leadinvestigator in the case. He said Shigeta made 41 tripsto Thailandsince 2010. On many occasions he traveled to nearby Cambodia, where he brought four ofhis babies.作为此案的领衔调查员,泰国警员Lt. Gen. Kokiat Wongvorachart说, “我们正对两种动机展开调查。一种动机是贩卖人口,另一种是剥削儿童”。他说,自2010年,Shigeta曾41次往返于泰国。很多时候他会去邻国柬埔寨,他从那里带回了4个孩子。Shigeta has not been charged with any crime. He is trying to get hischildren back — the 12 in Thailandare being cared for by social services — and he has proven through DNA samplessent from Japanthat he is their biological father. He quickly left Thailand after the Aug. 5 raid onthe condominium and has said through a lawyer that he simply wanted a largefamily and has the means to support it.Shigeta并未获得任何的罪行指控。他试图要回自己的孩子——12个孩子现在正由社会务机构照顾——他已经通过日本寄来的DNA样本实自己就是孩子们的亲生父亲。自8月5号警方突袭了他的公寓后,他很快就离开了泰国,他借律师之口说他只是想要一个大家庭并且自己也有能力撑这个家庭。Kokiat said Shigeta hired 11 Thai surrogatemothers to carry his children, including four sets of twins. Police have not determinedthe biological mothers, Kokiat said.Kokiat说,Shigeta雇用了11名泰国母亲给自己生孩子,其中包括4对双胞胎,警方还未确定孩子们的亲生母亲。;As soon asthey got pregnant, he requested more. He said he wanted 10 to 15 babies a year,and that he wanted to continue the baby-making process until he#39;s dead,;said MariamKukunashvili, founder of the New Lifeclinic, which is based in Thailand andsix other countries. He also inquired about equipment to freeze his sperm tohave sufficient supply when he#39;s older, she said in a telephone interview from Mexico.新生命诊所的创建人Mariam Kukunashvili 说,“一旦这些女人怀,他就想要更多的孩子。他说他每年想要10至15个孩子,他想要将这种生产孩子的程序进行下去,直到自己生命结束”。新生命诊所以泰国和其他6个国家为基地。Mariam Kukunashvili在接受来自墨西哥的电话采访时说,他还要求提供设备冷冻他的精子,这样他老的时候才会有足够的精子供应。As for Shigeta#39;smotives, Kukunashvili saidhe told the clinic#39;s manager that ;he wanted to win elections and coulduse his big family for voting,; and that ;the best thing I can do forthe world is to leave many children.; Kukunashvilideclined The Associated Press#39; request to talk to the clinic manager.谈及Shigeta的动机,Kukunashvili说,他对诊所经理说,“他想要赢得大选,这样他就可以领用自己的大家庭进行投票了”。他还说,“我能为世界做的最好的事情就是留下很多孩子”。 Kukunashvili拒绝了美联社想要与诊所经理进行对话的请求。 /201408/324366福州做人工授孕价格 What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your desk? For many of us, checking email or listening to voice mail is practically automatic. In many ways, these are among the worst ways to start a day. Both activities hijack our focus and put us in a reactive mode, where other people’s priorities take center stage. They are the equivalent of entering a kitchen and looking for a spill to clean or a pot to scrub.当你来到办公桌面前,第一件事做什么?对于我们大多数人来说,看邮件或者听语音信息几乎是自动的。从某些层面来讲,这些大致是开启新的一天最糟糕的方式。这些动作分散我们的注意力,并且把我们扯进一种反动的模式当中,而此时别人采取的优先措施就占据了优势。这就相当于走进一间厨房,找一把勺子或者一个壶来当抹布擦。A better approach is to begin your day with a brief planning session. An intellectual mise-en-place. Bourdain envisions the perfect execution before starting his dish. Here’s the corollary for the enterprising business professional. Ask yourself this question the moment you sit at your desk: The day is over and I am leaving the office with a tremendous sense of accomplishment. What have I achieved?一个更好的方法是以一种有简要计划的方式来开启新的一天。一个脑力劳动者的准备工作。布尔登想象着在他开始烹饪自己的餐点前有一个完美的准备。下面是推广到上进的商务人士。当你坐到办公桌面前的时候,对自己这么说:今天就这么过完了,我带着极大的满足感离开这个办公室。我完成了什么工作?This exercise is usually effective at helping people distinguish between tasks that simply feel urgent from those that are truly important. Use it to determine the activities you want to focus your energy on.这一系列动作旨在帮助人们从简单且不那么重要的任务中抽离出来通常很有效。用这种方法来决定哪些是你想要花精力集中做的事。Then—and this is important—create a plan of attack by breaking down complex tasks into specific actions.然后——当然这个也很重要——制定一个施行计划将任务分解成明确的行动。Productivity guru David Allen recommends starting each item on your list with a verb, which is useful because it makes your intentions concrete. For example, instead of listing “Monday’s presentation,” identify every action item that creating Monday’s presentation will involve. You may end up with: collect sales figures, draft slides, and incorporate images into deck.效率大师大卫#8226;艾伦推荐用一个动词开头来记录每天的的事情,这样很有用,因为它可以让你的计划具体起来。比方说,不写“礼拜一的报告”,而是标明做礼拜一的报告涉及到的每个步骤。最后你可能是这样写的:搜集销售术语,制作幻灯片,把照片放到展板上。Studies show that when it comes to goals, the more specific you are about what you’re trying to achieve, the better your chances of success. Having each step mapped out in advance will also minimize complex thinking later in the day and make procrastination less likely.研究标明,涉及到目标实现时,你越是明确自己试图要达到的目标,就越有机会成功。事先把每一步都想好,还能减少后续复杂的思考,也能缓解拖延。Finally, prioritize your list. When possible, start your day with tasks that require the most mental energy. Research indicates that we have less willpower as the day progresses, which is why it’s best to tackle challenging items – particularly those requiring focus and mental agility – early on.最后,分清主次。如果可能的话,用最耗费脑力的事情来开启一天的工作。研究表明一天当中,随着时间的推移,我们的精力越来越差,这也是为什么最好尽早处理那些有挑战的工作,特别是那些要集中注意力,脑子要转得快的工作。The entire exercise can take you less than 10 minutes. Yet it’s a practice that yields significant dividends throughout your day.整个过程要不到10分钟。然而却是一个让你一天有所建树的的过程。By starting each morning with a mini-planning session, you frontload important decisions to a time when your mind is fresh. You’ll also notice that having a list of concrete action items (rather than a broad list of goals) is especially valuable later in the day, when fatigue sets in and complex thinking is harder to achieve.用一个个小小的计划来为每一天拉开序幕,当你的大脑清醒时,一次性理清重要的事情。你还会注意到有一份明确的行动计划(而不是泛泛的目标清单)后续在一天中,当倦意来袭,复杂的思考难以做到的时候会格外有用。Now, no longer do you have to pause and think through each step. Instead, like a master chef, you can devote your full attention to the execution.现在,再也不用一边做一边停下来想下一步该做什么了。取而代之,像主厨一样,你可以把你的全部注意力都集中到执行上面去。 /201409/329854闽清县输卵管检查哪个医院好

龙岩那些医院检查阳痿龙岩人民医院做复通手术多少钱 Japanese Company Creates Creepy HuggingChair for the Lonely日本公司为孤独人士创造了拥抱椅Nothing compares to the warm hug of a realperson, but when there#39;s no one else around, this nifty little Japanese invention can do the job quite well. It#39;s called the #39;tranquility chair#39;– its back is shaped like a giant human doll with a friendly face and long arms thatcan wrap around you in an affectionate embrace.没有什么东西可以比得上被人拥抱时的那种感觉,但是当我们身边没有这样的一个人时,日本这个漂亮的小发明就派上用场了。这种东西叫做“平静椅”——椅背看起来就像是巨型的人类娃娃,面部表情友好,有长长的手臂,可以充满爱意的抱住你。The chair is the brainchild of Japanese company UniCare – they#39;re selling the product for 46,000 yen (9) at the International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo. ;It makes you feelsafe,; said a UniCare spokesperson. ;Anyone can use it, but it is designed forolder people.;这个椅子是日本UniCare公司的产品——在东京巨型的家庭护理和康复展览会上,这款产品的价格是46000日元,相当于419美元。“它让你有安全感,任何人都可以使用,但这是为老年人设计的,”该公司发言人说。Given that a quarter of Japan#39;s population is current lyover the age of 65, and the number is expected to rise to 40 percent in coming decades, the tranquility chair is really quite apt for the Japanese market. Thecompany has come up with a host of similar products, like #39;Life Rhythm Dolls#39;that are programmed to remind owners to take their medicine or go to the toilet.目前日本人口有四分之一都已经超过65岁,在未来几十年,这一比例将达到40%,所以这款椅子还是相当适合日本市场的。该公司还拥有一系列类似的产品,比如“生命节律娃娃”,会提醒主人吃药或者上厕所。;They are comforting for people who live alone–they can talk to them and hug them,; the spokesperson explained. “Theyalso play old Japanese music, which is nostalgic for older people.;“这些都是用来安慰那些独自生活的人的——它们可以说话,还会拥抱。还可以播放日本老的音乐,这对老人来说具有怀旧的意义,”这名发言人说。Inspired by the studies of Professor Hidetata Sasaki, the hugging chair is designed to also help dementia patientsor people suffering from anxiety, fear or uncontrollable anger by helping themrelax.这款椅子还可以用来帮助那些痴呆症患者,焦虑症患者,恐惧症患者以及无法控制自己愤怒的人,让他们放松。 /201410/335928福州试管的医院

南平输卵管结扎医院排名Is this the world#39;s most gruesome foodmarket? Dogs, rats, bats and monkeys among the animals roasted WHOLE inIndonesia这是世界上最可怕的菜市场吗?在印尼,,老鼠,蝙蝠,猴子等等,被整只的拿去烤These are the shocking images of a gruesomefood market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers canpurchase whole flame-roasted animals.这些惊悚的照片,在这个市场里,被勒死,整只的拿去烤,客人可以随意购买。The Tomohon Traditional market in NorthSulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, slothsand even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etchedon their faces.印尼北苏维拉西岛的托莫洪集市销售整只的猴子,蝙蝠,猫,,猪,老鼠,树籁,甚至还有巨蟒,排列在桌子上,他们脸上痛苦的表情依稀还能看到。The macabre food stalls were witnessed byOman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easierto witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs incages awaiting their fate.这些惊悚的照片由现年44岁的阿曼摄影师兼客作家Raymond Walsh拍下,他描述说在这里看到死亡和残废的动物要比看到笼子里等待死亡的活生生的更好受些。Mr Walsh said: #39;It was typical of a lot oflocal markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Theonly difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.#39;他说:“在发展中国家,许多当地市场都具有这样的特点——许多食物,蔬菜和鱼。唯一的不同点在于出售的动物尸体有多少。”On his blog www.manonthelam.com, hedescribes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterpartslying on a table nearby.在他的www.manonthelam.com客中,他形容了令人痛心的一幕:一些活生生的被关在笼子里,而另外一些尸体就放在旁边的桌子上。#39;It was easier to stomach the entrails ofmonkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those livedogs awaiting their fate,#39; he said.“有猴子的内脏,一串串的老鼠肉,以及被斩首的猪,吃这些食物要比看那些在笼子里等待死亡的让人更好受些,”他说。#39;The other animals seem foreign but I havefriends who have dogs.#39;“看到其他动物被这样子弄还好,但是我有些朋友有养。”Although the market#39;s dead dogs may bedifficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different culturesand attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia.尽管市场中的死可能让西方人不忍直视,但是他也指出了东南亚地区对动物的不同文化和态度。#39;Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely aspets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it#39;s just howwe#39;re raised,#39; he said.“简而言之,西方人只把当成宠物。而印尼人把当成宠物和食物——这就是不同的文化在起作用,”他说。In the photographs, many of the animals arestiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces.在这些照片中,许多被烤后的动物都是僵硬和黑乎乎的,其脸上痛苦的表情令人难忘。#39;After they are killed the animals areroasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back,causing that #39;screaming#39; look,#39; Mr Walsh explained.“被杀死后,这些动物就被烤掉,皮毛被烧,皮肤变紧和翻转,所以看起来才那么痛苦,”他说。#39;How they are killed depends on the animal.Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobberedagainst a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,#39;he added.“不同的动物有不同的杀法。猫、猴子以及树籁被射死。蝙蝠和老鼠用树或者桌子撞死。猪则用尖锐的木头或者铁器刺死,”他说。#39;Wild boars are killed as they as they aretrapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs arestrangled with a rope,#39; Mr Walsh went on.“野猪落入陷阱后就被杀死。蛇则用刀划死或者把头砍掉。则用绳子勒死,”他说。When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walshsaid: #39;In a word, appalling. There#39;s something about the air that changes whenthere#39;s that much death around.#39;当被问到其味道如何时,他说:“一句话,叫人可怕。那么多的动物尸体在那里,周围空气都变了似的。”#39;It hangs heavy and it made me queasy andlight-headed at the same time... It#39;s the first time I#39;d ever encounteredanything like it,#39; he added.“过程相当慢且无聊,让我呕吐和头晕。。。这是我第一次看到这样的场景,”他说。 /201402/277815 南平二院哪个医生比较厉害福州晋安区妇科检查公立医院



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