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美国失业率创27年来新高 US jobless rate highest in 27 years 相关文本:The US unemployment rose above 10 percent in October for the first time in 27 years. In California, where unemployment is higher than the national average, thousands desperately seek work each day. And for some, losing a job also means losing their home.Waiting in line, resumes in hand it has become a common sight across America.In Anaheim, California, hundreds crowd a local job fair, hoping this will be where they meet a future employer. The odds aren't good.Barbara Lynn Tuthili, Job Hunter, said, "I got laid off last January and I've been looking on the Internet everyday. I have eight employment agencies also looking for me and I'm getting no where."For some, like Louie Zepeda, life quickly spiraled downward after they became unemployed. He ended up on Los Angeles' skid row.Louie Zepeda, Job Hunter, said, "I had a job with a local communications company and I lost the job, and unfortunately, things went downhill. I could not find something else, so money ran out and I ended up here, I was evicted and I ended up here."And while there are some jobs available, businesses are not willing to hire someone who is homeless.The US Labor Department is scheduled to release the jobless figures for November. But most experts believe the number will not be an improvement on October's 10.2 percent -- the highest in 27 years.US President Barack Obama is urging corporate America to help tackle the nation's unemployment. He has also hinted at federal tax credits and aid to states to ease jobless woes.12/91095布琳.布朗致力于研究人与人的关系--我们感同身受的能力、获得归属感的能力、爱的能力。在TEDx休斯敦一次富有感染力的幽默谈话中,她跟我们分享了她的研究发现,一个让她更想深入了解自己以及人类的发现。201208/197198A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by hippo in Lake Naivasha on Sunday night, the Chinese embassy in Kenya confirmed to Xinhua on Monday.一名中国游客于周日在奈瓦夏湖遭到河马袭击并死亡,新华社周一得到中国驻肯尼亚大使馆方面的确认消息。According to the Chinese embassy, the female tourist was walking back to her room after dinner when she was attacked by a hippo in the hotel at around 8 p.m. local time. The victim was then rushed to a nearby hospital, but bled to death.据中国驻肯尼亚大使馆消息,当地时间晚上约8点,该女游客晚饭后步行返回房间时在酒店遭到河马袭击。该名伤者随后被紧急送入附近医院,但因流血过多而死亡。This is the first incident about hippo hurting Chinese tourist in Kenya.这是肯尼亚发生的首例河马袭击中国游客的事件。201304/236810

Dust, fingerprints, and smudges are all attracted to a laptop screen, so get a better view with a cleaner screen.You Will NeedYour computer's user manual Cotton balls or a cotton cloth Distilled water Isopropyl alcohol A spray bottle White vinegar (optional) Step 1: Read computer manual(仔细阅读电脑使用说明书)Read your computer’s manual for cleaning product restrictions before you clean your screen.Step 2: Wipe the screen(用棉布轻轻擦拭屏幕)Turn off your monitor. Wipe the screen softly with a dry cotton ball or dry cotton cloth to remove any dust.Step 3: Mix solution(将蒸馏水和醋参半,放入喷雾瓶瓶中)Mix a solution of 50 percent distilled water with 50 percent isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle.You can also use 50 percent vinegar and a 50 percent distilled water solution.Step 4: Spray cotton ball(用自制的溶液喷在键盘上)Spray the cotton ball or cotton cloth with the solution.Do not spray the solution directly onto the computer screen.Step 5: Wipe the screen(沿着圆形弧线擦拭屏幕)Wipe the screen gently, in a circular motion.Step 6: Enjoy your clean screen(收工)Enjoy your clean screen.201002/97047

声明: 该节目由可可原创。备注:本期视频选自B记录篇《英国史》之《女王的一生》。精视觉:;精解说: The celebrations at her coronation were carefully designed她的加冕仪式经过了精心的设计,to show off the young queen as the paragon of virtue.竭力将这位年轻的女王打造成美德的典范。This charade of piety, though,但这种虚伪的虔诚was hardly enough to compensate for the misfortune ofhaving another woman on the throne.几乎不能够补偿女性在执政中所遭受到的不幸厄运。All the same, the skeptics must have been reassured尽管如此,伊丽莎白使质疑者们放下心来by Elizabeths precocious self-possession, the air of controlled energy就靠她的镇定自若和驾驭能力she exuded in public right from the start.从一开始在公众场合流露出来。You might suppose您可能会觉得that her first appearances at the council would have been an ordeal,她在议会的首次亮相一定是备受嘲讽。but what the councilors saw was但据说当时她给议员们的印象not some girlish ingenue,并非是什么天真无邪的少女,but someone who seemed full, it was said, of manly authority.而是一位极富男权威望的国王伊丽莎白的所作所为。201211/210696Today in History: Tuesday, December 11, 2012历史上的今天:2012年12月11日,周二On Dec. 11, 1961, A U.S. aircraft carrier carrying Army helicopters arrived in Saigon - the first direct American military support for South Vietnams battle against Communist guerrillas.1961年12月11日,美国航母携带军队直升机抵达西贡——这是帮助南越对抗共产主义游击队战争的第一次直接军事持。1816Indiana became the 19th state.1816年,印第安纳成为美国第19个州。1936Britains King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Warfield Simpson.1936年,英国国王爱德华八世为了迎娶美国离婚者辛普森而退位。1941Germany and Italy declared war on the ed States, which responded in kind.1941年,德国和意大利对美国宣战,美国以同样的方式回敬。1946UNICEF (the ed Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund) was established.1946年,联合国儿童基金会(联合国国际儿童应急基金)成立。1972Man landed on the moon for the last time during the Apollo 17 mission.1972年,阿波罗执行第17号任务,这是人类最后一次登陆月球。1981The U.N. Security Council chose Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru to be its fifth secretary-general.1981年,联合国安理会选择秘鲁的哈维尔·佩雷斯·德奎利亚尔担任第五任联合国秘书长。1994Russian troops rolled into breakaway republic of Chechnya in a failed bid to restore Moscows control over the region.1994年,俄罗斯军队大批进入分裂的车臣共和国,但未能恢复莫斯科在该地区的控制。1997More than 150 countries agreed at a global warming conference in Kyoto, Japan, to take steps to control greenhouse gas emissions.1997年, 150多个国家同意在日本京都,召开全球变暖会议,采取措施控制温室气体的排放。1998The House Judiciary Committee approved three articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton.1998年,众议院司法委员会批准了反对比尔·克林顿的三个弹劾条款。2000Shortstop Alex Rodriguez agreed to a 2 million 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers, the most lucrative sports contract in history at the time.2000年,游击手亚历克斯·罗德里格斯同意一项以2.52亿美元与德州游骑兵队签署10年期协议,这是当时史上最昂贵的体育合同。2002A congressional report found that intelligence agencies before Sept. 11, 2001, were poorly organized, poorly equipped and slow to pursue clues that might have prevented that days terrorist attacks.2002年,国会一份报告发现在2001年9月11日前情报机构组织缺乏,装备薄弱并且追踪线索进程缓慢,本可能阻止这一天的恐怖袭击。2008Bernard Madoff was arrested, accused of running a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. (He later pleaded guilty and is serving 150 years in prison.)2008年,伯纳德·马多夫因运营一个价值数十亿美元的庞氏骗局被捕。(他后来认罪,被判150年监禁。)Tiger Woods announced on his website that he was taking an indefinite leave from golf to try to save his marriage to Elin Nordegren. (The couple divorced in August 2010.)年,老虎伍兹在其网站上公布,他将永远告别离开高尔夫试图挽救他和艾琳的婚姻。(这对夫妇在2010年8月离婚。) /201212/213568

There was excitement across the world amongst fans of Britains royal family on Monday, with the announcement that Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting their first child.这个周一,有一个令所有英国王室迷兴奋不已的消息,那就是王室宣布威廉王子和凯特王妃正在期待他们的第一个孩子降生。St. Jamess Palace said on Monday that the Duchess of Cambridge—formerly known as Kate Middleton—has a severe form of morning sickness and is currently in a London hospital.圣詹姆斯宫在周一宣布剑桥公爵夫人,即凯特王妃,晨呕严重,目前正在伦敦医院住院观察。 The pregnancy is in its ;very early stages,; with the 30-year-old duchess expected to stay in the hospital for several days. Cabinet Office officials have said that whether boy or girl, the child will be next in line behind William in the line of succession to the throne.据诊断,凯特王妃正处在怀初期,这位30岁的母亲将在医院观察几天。内阁官员表示,无论此次威廉王子与凯特王妃所生为男婴还是女婴,孩子都将是继威廉王子之后的王位继承人。201212/212203Every summer, over 40 million penguins每年夏天 超过四千万只企鹅take to the Southern Ocean to feed.涌入南冰洋觅食Theyre joined by thousands of whales.随之一起的还有数千头鲸鱼Minkes are the most numerous.绝大部分是小须鲸They all come here to harvest the richest ocean on Earth.它们来到这地球上最丰饶的海洋Southern humpbacks南方的座头鲸have travelled 4,000 miles from the equator从赤道出发 长途跋涉四千英里to get here in time for the Antarctic summer.以赶上南极的夏天Each year, the sea ice that surrounds Antarctica melts,每年 环绕南极的海冰融化时effectively halving the size of the continent大洲的面积将会减半and exposing rich waters around its coastline.沿海岸线的丰饶海水重见天日Its the most spectacular seasonal change这是我们地球上occurring anywhere on our planet.最壮观的季节转换The remnants of the sea ice are occupied by sunbathing seals沐浴着阳光的海豹慵懒地躺在浮冰上that have been here all winter.整个冬季它们都在这But new arrivals are following the retreating ice edge.但随着冰雪融去 有新客到访And they have come here to hunt.它们来此捕食 /201301/222611

Considering the prevalence of heart disease among older Americans, it makes good sense for those wishing to make healthy life choices to focus on reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.鉴于心脏病在美国老年人中非常普遍,希望做出健康的生活选择的人们应该集中精力降低心血管疾病的风险,这非常重要。You Will Need你需要Calorie counting计算卡路里Physical activity体育活动Healthy diet健康饮食Limited alcohol consumption限制酒精摄入Avoidance of tobacco禁止吸烟Nutrient-rich foods (optional)营养丰富的食品(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Burn up calories1.燃烧热量Try to burn as many calories as you consume each day. Watch your diet, and adjust your level of physical activity to match your calorie intake.每天努力燃烧尽可能多的热量。注意饮食,调整体育活动水平来配合能量摄入。Step 2 Eat foods from all food groups2.饮食多样化Eat foods from all the food groups. Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole-grain products, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. Have fish twice a week.饮食多样化。包括足够的蔬菜,水果,全谷食品,脱脂或低脂奶制品。每周吃两次鱼。Eat nutrient-rich foods. Dont depend on high-calorie foods and beverages for your daily allotment of calories.食用营养丰富的食物。不要依赖高热量的食物和饮料来提供每天需要的能量。Step 3 Drink in moderation3.适量饮酒Drink in moderation, if at all. Low doses of alcohol can reduce your risk of heart disease, but this benefit does not offset the risks of liver disease, high blood pressure, behavioral problems, and premature death if you over-consume.如果必须饮酒的话,一定要适量。少量酒精可以降低患心脏病的风险,但是这种益处抵消不了患病风险,例如肝癌,高血压,呼吸系统疾病,如果饮酒过量的话,还可能会过早死亡。Step 4 Avoid tobacco4.不要吸烟Avoid tobacco like the plague. Tobacco use claims about five million lives a year worldwide.杜绝吸烟。每年,全世界有500万人因吸烟去世。Step 5 Live longer5.更加长寿A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best defense against heart disease, so make healthy choices and live longer.健康的饮食和生活方式是预防心脏病的最佳方法,所以做出健康的生活选择,达到更加长寿的目标。Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the ed States.心脏病是美国头号死亡杀手。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/230073How To Kiss For The First TimeDon't let nerves ruin your first kiss. Follow VideoJug's guide to the perfect kiss, and kiss for the first time the way you always imagined.Step 1: Imagine(想象)Don't worry. We've all got an in-built ability to kiss - even primates do it. So it's a natural phenomenon, a bit like breathing, that is difficult to get wrong, and takes a surprisingly little amount of thought. Evolution and Mother Nature are on your side - a powerful combination, when all that's going against you are a few nerves, and maybe bad breath. Get yourself in the right frame of mind. Instead of dwelling on potential problems, imagine everything going really well. And when the big moment arrives your positive thinking will take over.Step 2: Make it happen(开始吧)Shyness is a natural part of your first kiss, and this will only be made more embarrassing by having an audience. Do what you can to escape sniggering friends and find some privacy. If you're so shy you find it difficult to even be near the person you secretly like, think of various kissing related games, such as 'spin the bottle' - where you spin a bottle on the ground, and whoever it points at, you must kiss. Or play Sardines, which doesn't involve kissing, but gives you the chance to seek out the person you want to kiss and hide with them. If it's December, use Christmas to your advantage and grab some mistletoe.Step 3: The signs(迹象)Try not to worry about rejection, because by looking for certain signs, you can decipher the other person's feelings. If they're gazing into your eyes and smiling, there's a good chance they'll be receptive to a kiss. Teasing, making jokes, and giving you a lot of attention are also good signs. If you want someone to kiss you, give them a clue by flirting and getting close physically. Find an excuse to touch them. If they're still reticent, simply tell them you want to kiss them. Even if they're not interested, they'll be flattered, and it's very unlikely they'll run away screaming.Step 4: If things go wrong(出错了怎么办)So your confidence hasn't failed you, but what if your technique does? Well hopefully it won't if you've watched VideoJug's 'How to Kiss Someone Passionately'. But as it's your first time, things may not go exactly according to plan. So you might find you end up banging teeth, or getting a bit too sloppy.If any of this happens, just laugh it off... and if the other person is cruel about it, they're probably not worth kissing anyway.201106/140285的面积很小,却是世界上人口最稠密的地方之一;它是一个国际化的都市,最传统的和最现代的事物融合交错。是座中西糅合的城市,既有传统风格的展现,也有时尚现代的张扬。 The historical center of Macao provides a unique testimony to the meeting of aesthetic, cultural, architectural and technological influences from East and West. Today we take a look at this area, that was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.The historical center of Macao boasts architectectural styles that are both western and eastern, such as the Ruins of St. Paul's, the Senado Square, and the Kaun Tai Temple. Of particular interest is the A-Ma Temple, established in 1488. The Temple is dedicated to the goddess of seafarers and fishermen, Matsu. The name Macao is thought to be derived from the name of the temple.Western churches are also seen in Macao, such as the St. Joseph Seminary Church, an excellent venue for concerts during the annual International Music Festival.Roaming around the historical center of Macao, you'll also find the Residence of Zheng Guanying, a pioneering thinker and reformer in China. The frescos on the walls of the Chapel of Our Lady of Guia reflect the essence of traditional drawing techniques in China.In 2005 Macao's historical center made it onto UNESCO's cultural heritage list, making it the 31st designated World Heritage Site in China. Based on the vibrancy of international trade, the area bears witness to one of the earliest and longest-lasting encounters between China and the West.12/92052

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