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龙岩检查输卵管造影专科医院南平哪里人工授孕福州哪家医院测卵泡好 Billionaires have been on a real estate buying spree. Stateside, they’ve broken records on huge home purchases in every major housing market from Woodside to Malibu to Aspen to Chicago to Miami to New York. And internationally, massive sales in London, Singapore and Hong Kong have garnered worldwide attention.亿万富豪们掀起了一股购买房产的狂潮。在美国,从伍德赛德、马里布、阿斯彭、芝加哥、迈阿密到纽约,他们在各个主要的住宅市场上打破了一个又一个豪宅购买纪录。国际上,伦敦、新加坡和香港房地产市场的火爆销售情况吸引了全球的关注。“Global billionaire activity in world real estate markets has been so intense over the last seven years that it has led to a doubling of property values in this sector, ” says Savills, a global real estate firm, in its annual World Cities Review report. The report found that major cities’ super luxury housing markets, referred to as ‘billionaire markets’, have grown at a much faster clip than mainstream markets of the same cities. The largest value increases have been clocked in China and Asia, thanks to the emergence of new wealthy classes and rising commodity prices.“过去7年来,各国亿万富豪在全球豪宅市场中的表现如此活跃,致使这一领域的房产价格翻了一倍。”全球知名的房地产公司第一太平戴维斯(Savills)在其发布的《全球城市回顾》(World Cities Review)年度报告中表示。该报告发现,主要城市的超级豪华住宅市场,即“亿万富豪市场”的发展速度大大超过了同一城市中主流住宅市场的发展速度。价格上涨最快的地区为中国和亚洲,原因是这些地区新晋富人阶层的兴起以及商品价格的上升。The city peddling the most expensive luxury real estate on the planet is Hong Kong. Luxury housing on the Chinese island territory averaged #163;7, 200 per square foot, or nearly , 000 per square foot, in 2012. The average property size of a local “billionaire property” on the island is 5, 200 square feet, making the average luxury home valued at more than million. The record for the city’s most expensive deal is held by a house on Deep Water Bay Road that fetched #163;8, 200 (or about , 000 at the time of sale) per square foot in 2011.全球豪宅价格最贵的城市非香港莫属。2012年,这座由中国管辖的岛屿城市中,豪宅的平均价格为每平方英尺7,200英镑(约合1.1万美元)。香港本地“亿万富豪房产”的平均面积为5,200平方英尺,平均每套房产的价值超过了5,700万美元。这座城市里最贵的房产交易纪录由2011年位于深水湾道的一处住宅创造,成交价为每平方英尺8,200英镑(出售时约合1.3万美元)。The second priciest place for high-end homes is actually another Asian city: Tokyo. Average home size in Japan‘s capital city is an expansive 16, 000 square feet, for an average #163;5, 000 (or , 600) per square foot. In other words an opulent mansion-sized home in Tokyo totes a market value of 1.6 million.高档住宅价格第二贵的地区是另一个亚洲城市:日本首都东京,平均住宅面积达到了奢侈的1.6万平方英尺,平均价格为每平方英尺5,000英镑(约合7,600美元)。换句话说,东京一套宽敞气派的豪宅的市场价格为1.216亿美元。London, where a terraced house recently traded for close to 0 million, ranked third on Savills’ list, with an average price per square foot of #163;3, 500 (or about , 300). The average billionaire abode, averaging 7, 900 square feet, costs million.在伦敦,最近一套连栋住宅以1.2亿美元成交,是第一太平戴维斯房价排行榜上的第三昂贵豪宅,平均价格为每平方英尺3,500英镑(约合5,300美元)。亿万富豪住宅的平均面积为7,900平方英尺,平均价格为4,200万美元。Home prices have ballooned 107% in London’s ultra-prime market since 2005, despite the global economic downturn. In general, though, price appreciation has been the most dramatic in emerging markets like Singapore and Mumbai, where prices have surged 232% and 176% respectively since 2005. Their dramatic upticks are due in large part to the fact that both grew from relatively low base values.2005年以来,虽然全球经济形势持续低迷,但伦敦超豪华房产市场的房价已经暴涨了107%。总的来说,房价上涨最快的是新兴市场,例如新加坡和孟买,2005年以来,这两个地区的房价分别暴涨了232%和176%。如此惊人的涨幅大部分可归结为两个地区原来的基础值较低。Interestingly, New York City’s super luxury market, despite large ticket purchases like Ekaterina Rybolovleva’s million 15 Central Park West penthouse and Steve Wynn’s million Ritz Carlton penthouse, only ranked 6th on Savills list, behind Paris (No. 4) and Moscow (No. 5). Average price per square foot in the Big Apple was #163;2, 700 (or about , 100) in 2012. Still, that’s 47% higher than the sales prices commanded during the 2005 heights of the U.S. housing bubble.有趣的是,尽管纽约的超豪华房产市场达成了几笔天价交易——例如叶卡特琳娜·雷波诺列夫娃(Ekaterina Rybolovleva)花8,800万美元购入中央公园西15号的顶层公寓,以及史蒂夫·韦恩(Steve Wynn)花7,000万美元购入丽思卡尔顿顶层公寓——但它只在第一太平戴维斯的榜单上名列第六,排在巴黎(第4)、莫斯科(第5)之后。2012年,纽约市每平方英尺的豪宅均价为2,700英镑(约合4,100)美元。这仍比美国2005年楼市泡沫高位时的销售价格高出了47%。“Billionaire activity has been concentrated on high-end urban centers rather than leisure properties in the surrounding countryside or regional sunbelts, ” says Yolande Barnes, head of world research at Savills. ”This reflects a global preference for urban locations as these billionaires need to be located in cities where they can do business.”“亿万富豪的注意力集中于市中心区域的高档住宅,而非郊外或阳光充足地带的休闲度假物业。”第一太平戴维斯全球市场研究主管约兰德·巴恩斯(Yolande Barnes)说。“这反映出全球市场对于市区住宅的偏好,因为这些亿万富豪们需要居住在市区以打理其业务。”Despite last year’s robust billionaire buying activity — or rather, because of it –Savills believes the world’s most expensive markets could experience a slowdown in sales this year, since ultra wealthy home buyers have “nearly fully invested in key cities”. It means the frenzied sales activity that has invaded so-called safe-haven cities like New York, London and Hong Kong could begin shifting to new locations.虽然去年亿万富豪们频频出手——或者说,正是因为如此——第一太平戴维斯认为全球最昂贵住宅市场今年的销售情况会放缓,因为超级富有的住宅买家们“几乎在各主要城市都充分进行了投资。”这意味着席卷了纽约、伦敦和香港等所谓避风港城市的销售浪潮可能会开始向新的地点转移。 /201304/233522福州市输精管接通去那比较好

福州仓山区做造影到哪里好针对气温降低,流感人数增多等问题,近日辽宁中医药大学附属医院康复医学科主任路力介绍了十二招预防感冒小诀窍。 1、经常洗手。Wash hands often /200911/89073南平那个医院做人工受孕 Getting girls to groove on scienceAt Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit last week I facilitated a conversation called "Making Science Cool." Specifically, we gathered to talk about making science cool for girls and young women as they contemplate areas of study and potential careers. The discussion was led by Marissa Mayer, vice president search products and user experience for Google (GOOG), and Maria Siemionow, director, plastic surgery research at Cleveland Clinic. (Dr. Siemionow is perhaps best known for leading the surgical team that performed the first face transplant.) For an hour more than a dozen women, including some pretty impressive scientists and engineers, shared their thoughts on how to make the sciences more appealing to girls. It turns out girls, young ones at least, rather like science. Sally Ride, the first American woman to fly in space, weighed in with some interesting statistics. Ride noted that in fourth grade 68% of boys and 66% of girls report that they "like" science. (Many of the stats used by Ride, and citations, can also be found in this handbook, produced by Ride's company, Sally Ride Science.) Yet by eighth grade, twice as many boys as girls show an interest in science careers. The reason, Ride and the other participants agreed, has nothing to do with aptitude — and everything to do with society's attitudes. Girls get the subtle message that science is for boys, and that certain careers are more appropriate for girls. Where are the role models in popular culture? More than one woman suggested the lack of role models in media and entertainment didn't help. Where, one asked, were the women scientists on television and in movies? If Disney's Hannah Montana had a secret life as a physicist — or if Zac Efron's character in the "High School Musical" movies had a crush on a girl in a lab coat — quipped another speaker, girls' interest in the sciences would go through the roof. What's the big deal if science doesn't appeal to girls? It means fewer adult women in science fields, of course. (I'm not a scientist, but I understand cause and effect.) According to Ride's handbook, women make up 49% of the college-degreed workforce, but only 25% of the science and engineering workforce. Google's Mayer said that as she prepared for the science discussion, she started taking notice of the number of work meetings she attended at which she was the only woman in the room. The answer? A lot. The roundtable participants moved into solutions mode, offering examples of educational programs and mentorships aimed at helping girls and underprivileged kids get exposure to sciences and scientists. Ride's company offers science camps just for tween girls. Exxon Mobil (XOM) hosts an annual Girls in Engineering Festival in Houston at which girls meet women scientists and participate in team- and skill-building exercises. Some of the freshest ideas were more grassroots. Laurie Yoler, managing director of GrowthPoint Technology Partners, says she hired a scientist from a local science museum to teach a class and do experiments with her kids and their friends. Every weekend her garage becomes a lab, with 8 to 12 kids participating, she says. ("The kids in my garage ended up designing, testing and then building a huge trebuchet and launching watermelons in a nearby park," Yoler tells me in a recent correspondence. How's that for cool?) After the roundtable discussion, Yoler confided to me that her son much prefers to hang out with the girls who come to the labs than, say, those who aren't as serious about science. Sounds like a potential plot for the next installment of "High School Musical." /200909/85394福州做人授需要多少钱

福建检查激素六项哪里好ARE heatwaves more common than they used to be? That is the question addressed by James Hansen and his colleagues in a paper just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Their conclusion is that they are-and the data they draw on do not even include the current scorcher that is drying up much of North America and threatening its harvest. The team#39;s method of presentation, however, has caused a stir among those who feel that scientific papers should be dispassionate in their delivery of the evidence. For the paper, interesting though the evidence it delivers is, is far from dispassionate.热浪来袭真的比以前更加频繁了吗?詹姆斯#8226;汉森与他的同事试图在《美国国家科学院院报》上发表的一篇新文章中回答这一问题。他们得出的结论是,情况的确如此,而且得出这一结论的依据这还不包括最近北美的酷热天气。现在那里的大部分地区已经干旱无比,当地农作物的收成也因此受到了威胁。然而,詹姆斯#8226;汉森与他的同事所采用的展示方案却在一群人中引起了骚动。这些人认为科技论文在表述据时应客观公正,但有意思的是,该文章在表述据时却远未做到不偏不倚。Dr Hansen, who is head of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, a branch of NASA that is based in New York, is a polemicist of the risks of man-made global warming. Despite his job running a government laboratory, he has managed to get himself arrested on three occasions for protesting against those he thinks are causing such climate change. He clearly states in the paper#39;s introduction that he was looking for a way of conveying his fears to a sceptical public.总部在纽约的戈达德太空研究所(GISS)是美国国家航空航天局的一个分部门,该研究所的负责人汉森士能言善辩,他声称人为因素导致的全球变暖将给人类带来危害。尽管汉森士主管政府实验室,他却参加过抗议活动,以此来反对那些他认为将造成此类气候变化的行为,而他也因此;如愿;被警察逮捕过三次。汉森士在他的文章序言中明确指出,他正在寻找一种方法,以此让那些对他的观点持怀疑态度的公众体会到他的焦虑。Some of that scepticism is connected with the fact that although changes in the climate will inevitably result in changes in the weather, ascribing any given event-such as a local heatwave-to climate change is impossible. Dr Hansen has therefore tried to go beyond the study of individual causes by demonstrating that what was once unusual is now common.尽管气候变化将不可避免地导致天气变化,但不能将所有特定事件(如地方性的热浪)都归因于气候变化,而公众的怀疑态度中有一部分就与这一事实有关。因此,汉森士通过论过去人们眼中的异常天气如今已是十分常见,试图使他的研究不仅仅局限于个别原因。Longer, hotter summers夏天愈加漫长炎热了To do so, he and his colleagues took 60 years#39; worth of data (the period from 1951 to 2011) from the Goddard Institute#39;s surface air-temperature analysis. This analysis divides the planet#39;s surface into cells 250km (about 150 miles) across and records the average temperature in each cell. The researchers broke their data into six decade-long blocks and compared those blocks#39; statistical properties.为此,汉森士与其同事从戈达德研究所收集了60年(从1951年至2011年)地表气温分析数据。这些分析材料将地球表面分成了一个个宽250公里(约150英里)的区块,并记录了每个区域内的平均温度。研究者将这些数据按十年一组分成了六个时间段,并对这些时间段内的统计特性进行了比较。They looked in particular at the three months which constitute summer in the northern hemisphere (June, July and August). First, they created a reference value for each cell. This was its average temperature over those three months from 1951-80. Then they calculated how much the temperature in each cell deviated from the cell#39;s reference value in any given summer. That done, they plotted a series of curves, one for each decade, that showed how frequently each deviant value occurred.研究者特别关注了北半球夏季三个月(六月、七月、八月)的温度。首先,他们计算出了1951年至1980年每一个区块夏季三个月的平均温度,并将这些数据作为每个区块的参考值。接着,研究者又计算在任意指定的夏季内每个区块内的温度分别与各自的参考值存在多少偏差。这一步完成后,他们以十年为单位绘制了六条曲线,这些曲线显示出了每一个偏差值发生的频率。Since small deviations are common and large ones are rare, the result of plotting data in this way is a curve shaped somewhat like the cross-section of a bell. Such distributions can be modelled by a mathematical function known as the normal distribution-or ;bell curve;.由于小的偏差时有发生,而大的偏差则较为少见,因此用这一方法对数据进行描绘,得出的曲线形状就像一个钟的横截面。这样的分布状态可以用数学上的一个函数来表示,即正态分布,又称;钟形曲线;。Whether based on data or a mathematical ideal, such a curve always has two parameters. These are its mean (the value of all of the data points added together and divided by the number of points; this is also the peak of an ideal curve) and its standard deviation, which measures how wide the bell is. The standard deviation is calculated from all of the individual deviations of the data points.无论是基于数据还是理想数学模型,钟形曲线都有两个参数。一个是平均值(将所有数据的值相加,除以总数所得;同时也是这条理想曲线峰值的横坐标值),另一个是它的标准差(代表钟形曲线的;胖瘦;)。标准差可以通过计算所有数值的方差(再开方)得到。To see what was going on, Dr Hansen superimposed the actual curves for each decade from the fifties to the noughties on a normal distribution, which acted as a reference curve. To make all the curves comparable, he expressed the values of the actual deviations as fractions of a standard deviation, and their frequencies as proportions of their total number.为了弄清气候变化,汉森士以正态分布曲线为参照曲线,将其与六十年中每十年一条的实际曲线相叠加。为了使所有这些曲线具有可比性,汉森士将实际偏差值用其与所属样本标准差的比例来衡量,用数据发生偏差数与数据总数的比例表述其频率。As the chart (right) shows, there are two trends. First, the peaks of the data-based curves move right, over time, with respect to the reference curve. In other words, the average temperature is rising. Second, more recent curves are flatter. A flatter curve means a bigger standard deviation and a wider sp of results.如(右)图所示,钟形曲线表现出了两种趋势。第一,对照参考曲线,随着时间的推移,这种数据型曲线的峰值会向右移,也就是说地球上的平均温度在上升。第二,时间距离现在越近,曲线越;矮胖;,这也就意味着标准差越大,温度数据分布越广。If the mean of each curve were the same, such flattening would imply both more cold periods and more hot ones. But because the mean is rising, the effect at the cold end of the curves is diminished, while that at the hot end is enhanced. The upshot is more hot periods of local weather.如果每一条曲线的平均值相同,那么这种平滑过程也就意味着地球上的寒冷期和炎热期的出现次数都会增加。但由于这些曲线的平均值在增加,因此地球上寒冷期的出现次数会减少,而炎热期的出现次数则会增加。最终导致的结果就是各地出现炎热天气的次数越来越多。Moreover, the bell-curve method makes it possible to say just how much more hot weather there is. Dr Hansen defined extreme conditions as those occurring more than three standard deviations from the mean of his reference curve. In that curve, this would be an eighth of a percent at each end, which is more or less the value in the curve for 1951-61. Nowadays, though, extreme conditions (or, at least, those that would have been considered extreme half a century ago) can be found at any given time in about 8% of the world.此外,有了钟形曲线,人们还能判断炎热天气的出现频率比过去增加了多少。汉森士下了定义:如果在他的参考曲线中某一数值偏离其平均值达到或超过三个标准差,那么这就是极端天气。在参考曲线中(标准的正态分布曲线),左右两端数据中偏离均值超过三个标准差的极端数据应该恰好分别为0.125%(百分之一的八分之一),而1951至1961年这一时间段的极端数据分布情况大致上也符合这一特征。但现在世界上约有8%的地区在特定时间内都有极端天气(或者,至少在半个世纪前会被认为是极端天气)的出现。Local weather patterns do, of course, have local causes. To that extent, they are accidental. But Dr Hansen#39;s analysis suggests that claims there is more hot weather around than there used to be have substance, too.当然,各地天气模式的出现的确包含着地方性的原因。在这种程度上说,它们的发生是具有偶然性的。但汉森士的分析表明,各地的炎热天气的确比以往多这种说法也是有依据的。Nothing in his analysis speaks of the cause of that substance. That is deliberate. As he says in the paper, he wants the data to speak for themselves-though he is personally convinced that the cause is human-generated emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. But as the ed States bakes in what may turn out to be a record heatwave, he hopes he might now persuade those for whom global warming is, as it were, on the back burner, to agree that it is real, and to think about the consequences.但他的分析并没有涉及到这种依据的来源,而这也是汉森士有意为之。正如他在文章中所说,他希望数据能说明问题——尽管他本人相信气候变暖是因为人类排放二氧化碳等温室气体造成的。但现在,一股或许是有史以来最猛烈的热浪正在炙烤着美国。他希望他现在能够说那些跟过去一样搁置考虑全球变暖问题的人,使他们认同全球变暖现象的确存在并考虑其后果。 /201208/195399 福州做人授手术大概多少钱南平二院试管生男孩



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